I Am Seeking To Become A Piss Slave Forever

For most of my life, I have had the goal of becoming a full time sex slave. I have created this site to help answer questions, find potential masters, and chronicle the progress of my journey.

While there are many potential outcomes for the ultimate arrangement between my future master and myself, There are three elements which are essential. There must be plenty of Piss. I will dedicate my life to being a full time Slave. And my commitment will last Forever.


Living My Life As A Urinal

I would like become a human urinal for the rest of my life.

While it may be unfeasible for the actual act of being a urinal to be a 24/7/365 arrangement due to health issues, I know that it is possible to safely serve in that capacity for a good portion of my time.

This story serves as my inspiration.


Serving My Master 24/7

My primary purpose will be to fulfill my master’s needs

While I have very few limits, I also have a few needs to fill to make this a rewarding experience. I know that a potential master will have needs of his own, and hope we are able to work together to meet the needs of everyone involved.


One Choice. No Turning Back

I intend to make my service to my master a lifetime commitment. Once I agree to become his slave, I will be freely giving up my rights, and will forever be my master’s property.

I look forward to having a collar welded around my neck, which I will gladly wear for life.

This post should explain why I am seeking a lifetime arrangement.

How I Know This Is Right

My own personal quest for this life started long ago. I probably had my first internal feelings for this level of captivity and abuse when i was just a young boy of about 6 or 7. The feelings have come and gone over the years, but have NEVER gone away.

Turning Fantasy Into Reality

The fictional story of my first day as a slave, at least how I picture it happening. There is a major difference between fantasy and reality, but maybe both the fantasy aspects and the reality of life can live in the same space.

Ultimate Fantasy: The Bar Urinal

Not sure how we’d do it safely or legally, but spending an evening as the bar urinal is something I would like to try. I’d probably end up drinking the piss of hundreds of guys in a night, a very hot thought to me.

Day Two: Reality Sets In

One thing I am certain will happen is that on the first day that I become a full time slave, I will be very excited. The second day, however, I am relatively certain that I will have second thoughts. It doesn’t mean, however, that I made the wrong choice.

The Dice Game

My early long term experiences with bondage were very fulfilling, and I always wanted to try longer time periods. I came up with this game to keep an element of randomness in choosing how long I’d be confined.


Even in a situation where you are giving total control of the rest of your life to a master, there are still some things that cross the line. You have to trust your master to respect your limits.

Some Things I Hope To Achieve

More Information on What I Am Seeking

The links below lead to some specifics on my own personal goals. It is my hope that my future master can make some of them a reality while also finding a way to have his own needs met.

A Story of a Rubber Slave’s Forced Training

A Story of a Rubber Slave’s Forced Training

I followed Alan down the steps into the dungeon. We both wore jeans and t-shirts and I began to feel nervous as I saw the various rubber suits and restraints hanging from the walls, and the cage and sling and rubber bed in the semi-darkness of the room. “This is where...

The Lengthy Denial Section 2

The Lengthy Denial Section 2

The entire dynamic of the connection between you and James has vastly modified since that night time. For starters James stored the chastity cage on you repeatedly and he began dressed in the important thing, your key, on his necklace like a way accent or a mark of...

Plumbed In

Plumbed In

Al opened his blurry eyes feeling groggy and heavy, lifting a meaty, inked arm as much as scratch his in a while cropped head within the dimly lit room. “Fuck.” He whispered underneath his breath as he discovered simply how a lot his head was once throbbing. He was...

The Long Denial

The Long Denial

It has been, a frustrating week to say the least. When James suggested that he should try chastity play with you it was initially enjoyable. A few hours in it and being on edge during that entire time was a new experience and having James there to be there and provide constant company and light teasing.

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There were a number of small gifts from my boyfriend, but when I opened the cup, I was a little confused. It seemed like an odd gift. He had smiled, and said it was for a “chastity game” he wanted to play with me.

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I Had No Idea

I Had No Idea

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into.” Yes, that may seem like a strange way to start but let me try and explain to you what I mean. I am (or perhaps was) a normal 19-year-old just graduating high school and trying to decide where to go with my life.

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