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Monday morning sucked. The alarm went off at 6:15, and I realized it was a back-to-work day. The weekend was still fresh in my mind. It was all I could think about. I thought about texting John and saying thank you again, but I decided it was too early in the morning for that.

My entire body ached. I wasn’t in bad shape, but I wasn’t in good shape either. A few days in the gym here and there are OK for the occasional yard-work day, but not for three intense days as a slave.

I’d be remembering this weekend for a few days regardless of where my mind wanted to go. The body was going to keep reminding me of the various challenges I went through. I resolved to do more stretching exercises more often if I was going to continue submitting to John. Wait. IF I was going to continue? There’s a silly thought. Of course I was going to continue.

The workday was uneventful. Somehow I got through it and got home at a decent hour. My body was still revolting against me for what I had put it through. I made some dinner, relaxed for a while and then went to the gym. I decided I would stretch for about a half hour and then do some light cardio, hoping it would help my muscles slowly recover.

It was after nine when I got home. I went to the computer. There were a of emails to catch up on from the weekend. I guess I had hoped for an email or an instant message from John, but there wasn’t any there. Deep down I was kind of sad. We had what I thought was a great weekend, but no contact since yesterday. It didn’t look like he was signed on, either. Off to bed.

Tuesday went pretty much like Monday, except I felt a little better physically. Dinner and gym again happened after I got home. When I went to the computer tonight I had a message from John.

The message read, “Hey Dave, hope you are feeling all right. I think you are probably sore after the weekend. I’m sure it will wear off after a few days. You took a lot, so let the body heal before doing anything else strenuous. Let me know when you want to chat about the weekend. I’d like to hear your perspective, and I’d like to do it in person. Take care, John.”

I decided not to respond tonight to allow myself to think about the next steps. I did want to meet with him and talk about the weekend. There was some stuff that was really good about it and a couple of things that I think I need to let him know were past my ability to cope. He said he was going to push me, and he accomplished that.

The next evening I messaged John back.

“John, thanks again for an amazing weekend. You have no idea how much I appreciated the time and effort you invested in me. It was an incredible experience, and yes, I’d like to talk to you about it. I think it would be good to discuss how the weekend went before we engaged in another session, assuming you still want to torment me. Let me know when it’s good to get together and where. Thanks so much, Dave.”

Within five minutes I had a response, and the messages started back and forth. John let me know he was busy this next weekend and would leave it up to me whether to set aside a weeknight to get together after work for a couple of hours or if I wanted more time to chat he was good the following Saturday. I wrote back that I thought Saturday would be the better day. He asked if I wanted to meet someplace public like the coffee shop to chat on equal terms, or did I want to come back to the and be tied to the chair for a few hours.

I opted for the chair.

Big surprise there, right? John agreed and said it was up to me what to wear since I was going to be naked before entering the dungeon.

When that Saturday arrived I chose a pair of loose shorts, a jock strap and a tank top with flip flops and headed to John’s house. I knocked on the front door a little after one in the afternoon, and John quickly opened it and invited me in. He was wearing his bdu’s and nothing else. He put his hands out and embraced me in a hug before slightly pulling back and kissing me.

“Are you ready for a lengthy discussion?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” I responded.

John looked at me in the eyes and said, “You don’t have to call me Sir today unless you want to. I do want today to be simply about the weekend session so we can discuss it and see where we go from here. OK?”

I looked into his eyes and said, “Sir, thank you. Since we are going to do this in the dungeon I think it would be best if I continue to call you Sir since that is our relationship in that context. We agreed I would be tied to the chair, and if I may suggest would you be willing to blindfold me like that one time so I can concentrate on the conversation only.”

“OK, boy, if that’s how you want it. So be it. You really make me hard with your submission. Kick off the flip-flops and remove the tank top. You can leave them by the door. In fact, strip the shorts off, too. I’ll remove the underwear when we get downstairs to the dungeon door.”

I did as he instructed. When I dropped the shorts and he saw the jock strap, he commented, “Nice choice on the jock, boy.” I smiled at him when he said that.

“Turn around.”

I turned around, and he pulled my wrists behind my back and them. He must have had the cuffs in one of his pockets. He led me through the house and down the stairs toward the dungeon. When we got to the door he turned me to him and squeezed my balls through the jock with his hand. I winced a little and he smiled at my reaction. He stooped down and pulled the jock off. Next he took a out of his pocket.

“Will you do me the honor of wearing this chain while here today?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He took the chain and put it around my neck. From his pocket he pulled out a small padlock and held it up for me to look at keeping it in mid air for about ten seconds before taking it and positioning it in front of my mouth. I kissed the padlock and looked back into his eyes. He then used the padlock to secure the chain around my neck. The sound of the lock closing made me feel proud for some reason. John pulled me close and we kissed for a few moments. I was hard.

He opened the dungeon door and guided me in to the bondage chair, which was situated in the center of the space. Another chair was close by undoubtedly for John to sit in. John removed the handcuffs and then expertly tied me to the chair. When he was finished, he stood back and looked at me.

“That should keep you for a few hours. You are not being released until we are done talking about last weekend and a couple of other topics I want to pursue.”

He grabbed a blindfold that was sitting on the other chair. He put it on me, plunging me into complete darkness, and then our conversation began.

For the next couple of hours we discussed in depth those aspects of the weekend that worked for me and those that didn’t. I expressed that being left along in the standing and the cell were experiences that resonated with the headspace I wanted. The flogging, the gym bench and the box were incredibly intense for me, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to experience that kind of thing again but somehow I knew they were experiences that were necessary to appreciate the down times and the solitude of the cell and cage.

John told me the intense experiences were designed to challenge me on different levels, yet they all involved pain of some sort. The box was about the intense, small space confinement and how it tortured the body very differently than the overt pain caused by the flogging. The gym bench was an effort to put several aspects together from overt pain of the tit clamps to the physically challenging position of the body. Each was meant to be mentally challenging, as well, since he forced me to go through with them and it was as much about convincing me I could make it through as it was about him enforcing the situation.

John told me if I really wanted to experience a true bondage slave session I would have to give in to those aspects I didn’t enjoy. Part of being the bondage slave is to accept and cope with whatever the master does to the slave within the limits they have discussed.

John asked me about the sexual service he forced on me. I said I was OK with it even though we didn’t discuss it in detail prior to the weekend. We are both obviously attracted to each other, and having to service him was somewhat enjoyable except when he had me in the cell. I told him it felt cold and uncaring that time.

John told me he had achieved his goal then. He wanted me to understand there were definitely two sides to him. There is a caring dom side but also an impassionate, almost sadistic portion that he has and wants me to experience from time to time. He enjoys keeping me off balance, he said.

After some time John asked me what my ultimate experience would be like. I took some time to think about it and didn’t answer right away. John asked why I was paused in answering, and I expressed that I didn’t want to let the fantasy put me in a situation where the reality would be too hard for me to experience.

At that John took a hand and started to stroke my cock. He also leaned in and kissed me lightly over and over again. While still my cock, he said, “I want to know that fantasy. I want your cock to take control and give up what is in your head. Only after that has happened can we decide if it’s appropriate for you.”

John continued stroking my cock, and I started talking. I expressed a desire to surrender myself and be taken someplace remote for 10 days. The location would be a mix of dungeon, prison cellblock, interrogation chamber and BDSM compound. I would be at the mercy of several men who would be my captors for that 10-day period, putting my body through various BDSM experiences that would make them hard from me suffer by their hand. There would be no escape or safe word. I would be naked, shackled and confined the entire time, with a mixture of long-term bondage and confinement, punctuated by periods of interrogation, torment and suffering. I would also be subject to servicing these men on demand or be punished. Yes, there would be some limits to what could happen, but essentially I would be the bondage slave of three or four guys for 10 days.

When I was done speaking John stopped stroking me.

“Open your mouth,” John ordered. I opened my mouth and John shoved a ball gag into it and locked it on my head.

“I’m going to leave you for a time and let you think about the fantasy you just told me. When I come back I want you to tell me if you really want that experience and if so are you willing to do what is necessary to prepare yourself physically and mentally for it. Ten days as a bondage slave as you described is intense, and you need to understand what you are asking for.”

With that, John left me alone for a while to consider what I had just shared with him. The fact that he just asked me if I was willing to prepare myself for it told me everything I needed to know right then. He must have a means to do something like this, or he wouldn’t have me considering if this is what I want.

“Be careful what you wish for,” is immediately what came to mind.

John has the means to make it real.

Would I have the balls to ask for it?


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