My head was spinning. Here I was tied naked to the bondage chair, gagged, blindfolded and completely vulnerable. I had just confessed to John that I wanted to be a bondage for 10 days. He in return told me to think about if this is really what I wanted, as I would have to prepare myself to experience it.


I sat there and thought. In the back of my head I admitted this is the jack-off fantasy I’ve had for a few years. I never thought it could actually happen, so verbalizing it didn’t seem like it would have any consequences. Yet, the realization that possibly it could come true was humbling. Could I actually have the opportunity to experience something like what I imagined? Could I trust the guys I would surrender to? Could I physically and mentally get through it?

I heard the door to the dungeon open and then close again. I felt John’s presence near me as I heard his breathing.

He put his hands on my shoulders and started to rub them lightly. His touch felt good and calming. In some respects it made me feel safe. Slowly his hands moved down to my arms and then back up again towards my head as he lightly ran his fingers through my hair and behind my neck. I loved when he touched the base of my neck in the back.

I felt his hands on the blindfold and it loosened. As it was taken away a hand was over my eyes, shielding the light from directly hitting them and allowing my eyes to adjust. The hand slowly moved away and John was sitting in front of me on the other chair, still shirtless and in the bdu’s. He stared at me and finally cracked a half smile.

“Your cock has a wild imagination, Dave,” John said. “I thought you might have a fantasy about multiple-day bondage — but not to the extent that you just confessed to me. I’m going to remove your gag and we’re going to chat some more.”

John leaned in and took the gag off. I worked my mouth some to loosen up the muscles.

“Thank you, Sir,” I said.

“You’re welcome. I took the blindfold off because you and I need to continue this discussion while looking each other eye to eye.”

“Yes, Sir.”

John took a moment and then asked, “Are you really wanting to be taken prisoner as a bondage slave and used for 10 days without any way out?”

I didn’t answer right away, and John didn’t press. We just looked at each other, and I think he could tell I was mentally processing my thoughts. When I was ready I answered.

I said, “Yes, Sir. It is what I want to experience. I’ll be honest and say I don’t know if I’m ready for something like this, but I trust you and I know if it is you I am submitting to, I will be safe. It’s been a fantasy, and I know fantasy and reality are two different things. But I think I need to discover something about myself that I can only experience through this type of surrender.”

John took in what I was saying. It took a few moments for him to respond.

“Make sure you understand what you are asking for. You just finished a weekend, really two nights, that you found incredibly difficult and sometimes almost too much for you. Yet, you are now asking for a 10-day session that will be at least as difficult if not more so than what you just did. You realize this, right?”

“Yes, Sir, I do. And I know I’m in no shape or readiness to try anything like this now.”

“I’m glad you are aware of your limitations,” John said. “If you really want to do something like this, you are going to need to prepare your body and your mind. It’s getting to be dinner time. Are you up for going out to eat something and we can continue our discussion?”

“Yes, Sir, I’d like that,” I responded.

John started undoing the ropes and releasing me from the bondage chair. When I was free, I stood up and started stretching, since I had been in the chair for a few hours by this time. I started to walk forward a bit when John put his hand on my chest and said, “Stop.” This me off guard.

He looked at me and added, “Where are you going? I may have released you from the chair, but did you forget your place while in this setting?”

I realized what he was saying and felt bad for not remembering my place when in the dungeon. I knelt down, placed my hands behind my back and tilted my head down saying, “I’m sorry, Sir.” He ran his hands through my hair and told me to stand up and turn around. He cuffed my wrists using the handcuffs again and motioned for me to face him once they were on.

“I think I told you in the past that there would be consequences to pay for forgetting your place with me while in the dungeon. We’ll figure that out another time, but rest assured I won’t forget and you will be punished. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir, as it should be, Sir.” Great, now I get to think about how I’m going to be punished the next time I’m in the dungeon.

We walked toward the dungeon door and out into the stair landing area. He closed the door behind me and removed the . John handed me my strap and I put it on. I turned to face him and put my hands behind my back and lifted my head slightly.

John looked at me and said, “Yes, are you wanting something?”

I responded, “Sir, are you going to remove the collar?”

“I’d like you to wear it to dinner. Is that OK?”

I thought about it and the idea was appealing. The collar represented my submission to John, and I liked that. Then I remembered I had worn a tank top to his place, so the collar would be completely visible, padlock and all.

“Sir, the collar will be visible to everyone since I wore a tank top here. Will that be OK?” The question was more for my benefit than John’s. He sort of smiled at me.

“Dave, if you are apprehensive about wearing the collar in public I’ll take it off. I don’t want to embarrass you. We aren’t going any place fancy. I was thinking of the taco place not too far from here. So yes, some people will see you with the collar, but do you know them? Is it really that out of place or strange when you think of how some people these days?”

When he put it that way, I think he was right. Wearing the collar would not be all that intrusive to anyone. And I really didn’t think I would run in to anyone that I knew.

“I’d like to keep it on,” I said as I smiled at John. He leaned forward and kissed me.

We made our way upstairs and I got dressed putting on my , tank top and flip-flops. John put on a black beater, which accentuated his chest. He was still wearing the bdu’s and had a pair of black boots by the door that he put on. He looked so hot.

As we headed to the door, John stopped me and lifted his hand up and curled his index finger around the collar. He tugged on it and said, “Are you sure about leaving this on?”

I smiled and nodded my head yes to him. He smiled, kissed me, and out the door we went to dinner.

We got into John’s and he started driving.

“I have a for you when we get there, by the way,” John said.

I looked over at John and responded, “What kind of surprise, Sir?”

John had reached a traffic signal and stopped for the red light. He turned to talk to me and said, “I took the liberty of inviting someone to meet us for dinner while you were alone on the chair. I anticipated your answer of moving forward, and he’s someone who can help us with this fantasy of yours. I thought it would be good for the three of us to chat together. And he can help me punish you later for that mistake you made in the dungeon.”

I had a few thoughts on this. He knows me well enough to invite a guy along with us that is going to help keep me a bondage slave for 10 days. The guy is going to help punish me later tonight. Two-on-one sort of scared me, but I was asking for 10 days with these guys, so I had better be able to take whatever punishment John had in mind with just two of them for a few hours.

I told John, “Thank you for inviting your friend along, Sir. I didn’t realize we would start so soon on getting ready for something like this.”

“A good deal of preparation will be needed to make your fantasy a reality, if we are able to make it a reality. We might as well start the process now and find out. And since we are no longer in the dungeon and out in public, it’s not necessary to continue to call me Sir.” He smiled as he said that.

“Understood. Thank you, John,” I said and smiled. We had a good chuckle as John started driving again.

When we reached the taco place there was an amazingly handsome guy standing out front. John said, “There he is waiting for us.” We pulled in and got out. I was about to meet the second guy that I would submit to as a bondage slave.

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