It was getting late and almost time for bed so when Tony finished brushing his teeth he drank two full of and headed back to his bedroom where two boys waited on their knees, hands behind their backs and heads bowed. Each was in their mid twenties with very toned bodies and cute little mohawks.

Without acknowledging them he went into the walk-in closet that has been converted into the two boys home to continue getting ready for bed. He looked around to make sure all the necessary equipment was ready before whistling to the two boys to come in. Earlier one of them, while serving as their ’s urinal, had accidently let a little spill onto the carpet. But they beckoned quickly even though they knew it was time for punishment.

They entered and Tony motioned for them to sit in the two chairs facing each other. They quickly, without a sound took their seats. The wrist were each to the arms of the chairs as well as the ankle cuffs to the of the chairs. Two locks on D rings of each side made movement less than an inch, regardless Tony put on fist mitts to prevent any fiddling. Besides the wrist and ankle cuffs, the boys were always wearing collars; Tony made sure to latch these to the backs of the chairs. A belt was wrapped around each thigh right next to the crotch and strapped behind to the chair. This kept the legs from closing and prevented any movement of the groin or waist. The boys didn’t make a sound but when Tony wasn’t looking they glanced at each other with worried expressions. What was about to happen? It was a minor infraction usually punished with an extra week in , but their master had been very agitated lately and seemed intent on taking his anger out on them. Tony surveyed the two boys who he had ordered over the last hour to each consume a gallon of water.

This was their punishment for not drinking piss when told to. He used a ball stretcher on each with a length of rope going to a pulley in the ceiling and leading down to a clear bucket capable of holding 16 ounces each. The bucket was about a foot off the ground so the top was about level with the boys’ knees. A clear tube was slowly inserted a few inches into each boys cock and then a tape tightly sealed the ends to the cockheads. The other ends of the tubes were led to the buckets hanging from the others balls. The situation was not uncomfortable but there was a certain inescapable, hellish feeling about it that greatly unnerved the two boys. Tony was getting ready to get a good nights sleep, but these two were far from it.

Tube gags were put on each boy and securely fastened. The tubes were each led to their own buckets hanging from their balls. As the boys’ bladders began to feel pressure from the water drank earlier they began to understand their situation. Tony barely had to explain “you two are spending the night here. Any time one of you has to take a piss it will empty into a bucket hanging from the others balls. As the urine pours into your bucket, it will pull on yours nuts. The weight won’t be much,” he put a 10 lb weight into each, “but of this it will feel like it.” The boys groaned at the increased tension on their balls.

“The water you drank earlier is probably starting to beg to get out, you guys are allowed to piss at any time throughout the night. But keep in mind that it empties into each other’s buckets. The only way to relieve the pressure is to drink through the tubes in your mouths. I suggest you dink as quickly as you can because you don’t know when the other is in bad need of a piss. Neither bucket had better overflow or we try again tomorrow but with an extra half gallon drank before hand. I’d hate for you guys to have two sleepless nights in a row. I know you each probably have to go right now but hold on until I say so.” Tony left and came back a moment later with a pitcher of brown liquid. He poured the liquid into each bucket until they were about ? of the way full. “This coffee has cooled off and probably doesn’t taste good anymore, but I want you to be awake for this and it should increase the need to piss, plus add some extra taste.”

The boys groaned but began drinking the horrible cold coffee to give the other room to piss. They both had to relieve their bladders very soon and knew the other did too. While they drank, Tony pissed into the empty pitcher. Once he had finished he poured a half into each pitcher to mix the rancid taste with the coffee. Each bucket was nearing the top so the boys struggled to drink quickly for each other.

“I’ve been drinking quite a bit of water too so I’ve set an alarm for 4 hours. When I come in, whichever bucket has more in it, I’ll piss into. If it’s near the top you better start drinking because I’m not going to hold back and it better not overspill. Then I’ll drink some more water, get 4 more hours of sleep, and piss in the opposite bucket. From that point, I’ll leave you for 2 more hours while I’m at the gym. You have until that time to make sure both buckets are empty.”

One of the boys gave a whine of pity, hoping his master would not be this cruel. His bladder was aching and there was nowhere near enough room in the bucket for what he was holding yet. The taste of stale coffee and piss was gross as he sucked on his own bucket hanging painfully from his balls. Just the idea of the two of them being combined into a dual piss recycler was having its psychological effect on him.

“Don’t whine to me bitch. I don’t want this as much as you, but until you guys learn so drink my piss without spilling, this is the only way I know to teach you.” With that he shut the door and climbed into bed. If anyone else had been there, the light from the closet barely shining under the door was enough to see the grin on Tony’s as he listened to the first sound of piss trickling into a bucket, shortly followed by a second trickling.

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