Castration Bands Applied To Testicles

I first attempted to castrate myself when I was 19 years , but never had the “” to go all the way.

A good of mine was going to castrate me for my 40th , but he backed out.  Still it’s something I have always wanted to have done.

involves applying a tourniquet of sorts, often an extremely constricting band, around the neck of the scrotum in an effort to terminate all blood flow to the testicles and scrotum below the blockage. The most common approach is with a implement called an Elastrator, an inverted pliers-like tool used to apply a very small and extremely durable rubber band. This will cause tissue death and necrosis, possibly gangrene, and of course castration.

It is  highly painful.

Castration, or the offer of it, is something I would consider to be an “ultimate” offering of and subjugation by and to the “master,” or dominant.

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