Be Careful What You Wish For, You Just Might Get It

Steel Pod Chastity Device

I am less than 48 hours from having this chastity device locked on permanently.


I’m excited, and very nervous at the same time, and maybe you can give me some encouragement or advice.


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I am only a day or two away from having the only chastity belt I have never been able to escape from locked on me, and then literally welded closed. I am scared of the unknown, but at the same time, I can’t wait.

One of the first fantasies I ever had, long before I had a chance to meet many people in the gay community, or have the opportunity to explore porn online or in magazines, was having a chastity belt locked on, leaving someone else in control of how long I’d wear it.

20 years ago, I spent a bunch of money on various versions of the standard chastity belts you can find easily.  I discovered that I cold remove all of them so easily, that it essentially became useless to even bother. Then, one day, I was at Mr. S Leather in Los Angeles and they showed me the steel pod chastity device. Because it fully enclosed not just my cock, but my balls as well, once I tried it on, there was no way I could remove it. I purchased it, and had the opportunity to use it from time to time.

Long story short, eventually there came a point in my life where it was stolen, and I haven’t had the chance to experiences chastity belt I couldn’t escape from in years.

Flash forward a few years, and I began my search to find a master who could help me to enter a new life becoming a full time slave. Anyone who has ever tried to find someone online knows that not everyone is who they appear to be. After talking with hundreds of potential masters, I finally found what I believe to have been the perfect situation.

All the arrangements were made, he came to pick me up, and we ran some final errands By later that day, I would be collared, cuffed, chained, and spending every day serving as urinal and service hole for him and the 7 males slaves he’d acquired before me. I don’t know what exactly happened as we had finished out errands and now beginning to heard for his house, but I freaked out, and called it off at the last moment. I was probably a half hour from beginning my new life, and had I made it to that point, I would be past the point of no return. One of the reasons I had chosen that particular master was that I knew that he planned on helping me make the transition from “normal life” to “slave life”.

To this day, not being able to take that opportunity is one of the few things I regret in life.  I tried to reconnect with him a year or so later, but he wasn’t willing to take a second chance.

Since then, I have come across a couple of other opportunities, but those eventually fell apart. I have been sharing my journey with the friend who first introduced me to long term bondage, and eventually we came up with the decision to, in the nearest term possible, give me a start down a path that resembles what I am looking for.

I had developed a plan myself, actually, but it took him a long time to agree to do it. I didn’t realize at the time, but asking someone to lock a chastity belt on you is hard enough. When you are asking them to do so permanently is a lot more difficult. One of the biggest reasons he gave me for originally saying know was that he could not imaging being the person who caused me to never be able to touch myself again. He could not in good conscience sentence me to a fate of eternal blue balls.

One of the reasons I chose this particular friend, is that we have a unique connection that allows him to understand how my brain works, and even though I struggled to to explain how I wanted something that would be a night mare for many.

After he convinced me that he was actually willing to help me do this, we both decided that since one of many “reasons” I had given for choosing to do this was that it was me “punishing” myself for not following through with my commitment with the first potential master, and essentially being noncommittal with the other two, that this needed to happen as soon as possible. That was a couple of weeks ago.

Since I had to order this from the UK, I knew that it might take a couple of weeks to get the money together and then order it via international shipping which I knew  might take awhile. We set a deadline of June 15th for me to place the order,  With time needed to get it here came a July 1 deadline to make myself available to have it locked on.

I’m pleased to say that I was able to order it earlier than planned, so it is scheduled to arrive within the next 36-48 hours. Since I am currently unemployed due to COVID issues, I don’t really have a schedule I must adhere to, so once it actually arrives, it is HIS decision what the actually date and time will be for us to do this, but I fully believe that if arrived tomorrow morning, that I would be locked on me that afternoon.

While throughout this entire time that it has taken to get all the things together we will need to make this happen, I have still felt comfortable that it is the right thing for me, and that I can’t picture myself not following through, I would not be being honest with myself if I didn’t admit that there isn’t a certain amount of fear of the unknown.

My biggest fear is that I will back out at the last minute, and that I will regret it for the rest of my life.

I also know that after this, I will definitely look back at this as a day that changed my life and if at all possible, I want to make sure that, because it’s a literal life changing day, that I make sure that the events leading up to the actual moment the cage is locked allow me to know that I can allow myself to let him lock it on without hesitation.

I am putting this post out on all the places I normally post so that I can keep myself accountable for fulfilling my commitment to taking this step.

Also, I am hoping to hear from those who are currently experiencing either long term or permanent chastity to give me your thoughts. I already know that, anticipating this happening tomorrow, that I am going to spend some time “enjoying myself” today. Once this is locked on, the plan is to literally weld it closed at that point. I know that once this happens, there is no turning back.

Hopefully, through the efforts I am taking to get this post out so I can keep myself accountable by letting as many as possible know my plans, that my outreach finds the person I am destined to have as my master, and that we can start a relationship that is fulfilling for us both.

I plan to create a video of the time that this is locked on for the rest of my life, and I will post it as soon as i am able.

I look forward to hearing any advice that may be our there. Please comment wherever you feel appropriate, or on my blog on the actual post I have there on this.

Thanks in advance, and wish me luck!

There is nothing quite like a “real” chastity belt….

There is nothing quite like a “real” chastity belt.  I have a model similar to this, and I have to say my relationship to it is unlike any other toy I own. You could call it “love-hate”.

It screams raw masculinity, with its sports protective cup shape and the way it is made of heavy steel with ratcheting locks. It looks like a piece of athletic gear, and it doesn’t seem out of place on the shelf along with my football shoulder pads and hockey pants.

Weeks or months will go by without me thinking about it, but then I’ll spot it and suddenly I’ll have an intense craving to put it on.
It was constructed to custom fit not just my pelvis and waist, but the curved steel tube inside was made to match the thickness and length of my cock. I’ll long for that feeling of cold curved metal wrapping around my manhood, holding it in just the right way to prevent me from getting any further than half hard. The way my balls are tucked inaccessible inside grated metal pockets. That incredible sound of the locks clicking securely into place. I imagine how the whole contraption will feel held snug on my cock and fitting comfortably tight around my waist.

I’ll recall how after ten minutes or so the metal will adjust to my body temperature. How when I grasp that warm metal cup, no matter how I pull it or try to shift it around, it won’t move more than a few millimetres. How once it is locked on, nothing I do will provide me with any relief.

I’ll think of how much I love that feeling, and all of those ideas will draw me in, and I’ll find myself reaching for it, stripping nude, lubing up my half hard cock and sliding everything into place, and then locking it securely and handing the keys over to my partner.

After several hours of wearing it, I am still half-hard, dripping a steady stream of pre-cum.  I’m mad with desire and as horny as I can possibly be.  All I want is to be out of it. To have that infernal thing unlocked and to have my cock free to be completely hard…to feel.

But now it is too late. I’m denied. It is a prison I placed myself into and I’m at the mercy of someone who has locked the keys away in a safe, for a day or a week, or maybe longer. I know that eventually I’ll agree to do almost anything in order to feel the relief of my cock again.

And I absolutely hate it, and I swear I’ll never wear it again. But all the time I’m hating it, I’m still dripping.