Rubber Slave Gets His Hole Filled By A Machine

Slave Connected To Fucking Machine Machines like this have always intrigued me.  I wonder how long I’d be able to withstand something like this. I know the “correct” answer is however long I’m required to do so, but seriously… can someone let me know the longest they have been hooked up to a machine like this?

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Five Days Being Impaled By A Sex Machine

Five days… five long, tortuously frustrating days of being held captive and sexually teased… teased to the brink of blowing his churning load, but then… always denied. Jefferson pleaded for his captors to stop, but his pleadings only made them invent more insidious torments for his aching prick.

During each all-too-brief rest period, they offered him the chance to cum if he would only beg them to penetrate his virgin straight ass… and each time, Jefferson refused. There was no way he’d let the sick bastards put anything in his butt. It was a small victory, but they actually respected that… however, the cock torment and diabolical edging tortures soon began in earnest with even greater intensity.

By the fifth day, Jefferson was beyond insane with lustful cravings… he could barely focus, let alone think clearly. He was sobbing and pleading for mercy… begging for them to let him cum… and before he even realized it, the words just slipped out… ‘OK… j-just do it… j-just f-fuck me!! FUCK ME and let me cum!!’

They barely even had to make physical contact with his throbbing cock as Jefferson almost immediately began to hump his ass on the fuck stick drilling into his chute. As humiliated as he was by the violating pole, Jefferson felt the overwhelming sensations of the cum damn about to burst… Instead of begging them to stop, all he could do was scream like a bitch in heat… ‘HARDER! PLEASE FUCK ME DEEPER… HARDER!!’

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