Slave Collar With Thorns

This alluring collar is a sight to behold!

Lock it onto your partner to remind them that they are your most precious property.

Four D-rings serve as attachment points so that you can connect a leash, chains, cuffs, or any other BDSM accessories that will enhance your scene further.

The striking stainless steel will look and feel luxurious against the supple skin of your plaything.

This heavy collar is great for role players or lifestylers who are interesting in making an impression at home or at a play party.


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Permanent Collar

Permanent CollarSomething a little different. A permanent collar, made from one 15mm round stainless steel rod. Hammer beaten and forged into shape. The shackle will be forged directly to your neck, so there are no hinges. This is one solid piece of bar, which cannot be removed once fit, unless it’s cut off. There are serious risks associated with fitting permanent items and a waiver is required before any fitting. They offer 3 different finishes:
  • FIRE FINISH: A beautiful multi-color finish that the fire gives it. The color ranges between blues, purples, yellows, oranges, browns, greens all mixed in to one.
  • NEAR MIRROR: An almost mirror finish which really highlights all their trade mark hammer patterns left behind from the forging.
  • DULL POLISH: A dark grey shine given to their  products when they wire brush them straight from the fire.
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