We’d talked about it before we met, and again when we met at the coffee shop. Even so, I was still somewhat in disbelief that he was actually going to do it. But here I was in his bathroom, tied to the wall. I was envious of his bathroom. The huge walk-in shower. The urinal he’d had installed. Stainless steel everywhere. This was a man’s shower. And here I was standing against the shower wall, tied with my legs spread and my arms tied up and out at the ’10 and 2′ positions. The gag wasn’t uncomfortable, but it certainly made a good seal. He’d tested to make sure of that. After putting it on me, he’d held my nose and told me to blow. The first time, I’d been able to blow some air past it, but after he’d a few adjustments and tightened it a bit, I wasn’t able to push any air around it. The gag had a small penis-shaped head that inserted into my mouth, with good sized hole through it. Sticking out of the gag was a piece of half-inch thick clear tubing several feet long, with a small spring clamp in the middle of it, keeping it sealed. The other end of the tube was attached to the bottom of huge white funnel, clamped to the shower nozzle protruding from the ceiling, several feet above me. I’d left the method he would use to be his choice. He could use either an open-mouth gag, or a funnel and hose. Of course, the funnel and hose had the advantage that he’d be able to watch me while he did it. Not too surprisingly, he chose the funnel. He’d decided that it would be best without a blindfold so that I’d be able to watch everything, and he’d be able to enjoy the look in my eyes. He’d brought in a kitchen blender, and was setting it up on the counter next to the sink. That only took a few seconds. He’d also brought in a few other things. A couple real big plastic drink cups. The kind you get when you order the huge drinks at one of those corner convenience stores. I think everyone has at least one of those in their house somewhere. He had a spatula, too. I figured he’d use that to make it easier to give me as much as possible. He stopped for a moment, thinking. Then he looked at me, and said “Ok, I think we’re ready.” In just a few quick seconds, he’d taken off his clothes, and took them out to the bedroom. “Don’t wanna take a chance of getting them dirty.” He grabbed a towel, and carefully laid it out on the floor. Then set both plastic cups on the floor as well. He got down on the towel, so that he was kneeling, got as comfortable as possible in that position and picked up the cups. Looking at me, he smiled, “I’ve been holding onto it since yesterday when it looked like we were actually gonna to do this. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a big load for you” With one hand, he placed and held one cup under his ass, while the other hand held the second cup at his cock. A couple seconds passed, and he started to piss into the front cup. it was a pretty big bladder-full. As he finished up, I could tell that he was starting to push his bowels. I could hear small farts and sounds, and then heard shit slide into the other cup. He took a breath and pushed again. Again, I could hear the contents of his ass enter the cup. He kept pushing, I couldn’t hear any more, but was pretty certain that was only because the cup already had a good load in it. Then he pissed some more. After a couple of minutes, he seemed to be finished. Pulling the cup around where we could both see that it was at least two-thirds full of his shit, he chuckled, saying “Wow, I hope you’re hungry, because you’re going to swallow it all.” Standing up, he carefully picked up both cups, placing them on the counter by the blender. He poured half the piss into the blender. “Well, I guess we’ll be doing this in two batches.” Using the spatula, he began scooping his shit into the blender. When he felt he’d added enough, he put the lid on, and pulsed it a few times. That got it to start mixing. Then he turned it on and we both watched, him in fascinated interest, me in something closer to horror, as the piss and shit turned into a brown liquid, looking not to unlike a chocolate shake. A shit shake. Turning off the blender, he picked up the pitcher and climbed up on the short step stool he’d had pre-staged near me. He then carefully dumped the contents into the funnel. It immediately ran down the hose, stopping at the clamp. I though to myself “oh my god”. I knew that all he to do would be to reach up and flip the clamp off of the hose. The nasty concoction would immediately blast down the hose and into my mouth. I knew enough of physics to know that the funnel was high enough that gravity alone would force me to swallow it down. There would be no way for me to keep it from forcing it’s way down my throat. He stepped down, smiled, and said “Half way there.” Returning to the counter, he once again mixed the piss and shit concoction, using the remaining contents of the cups. A moment later, he was on the step stool, and dumped it all into the funnel. Stepping down, he smiled a sort of evil grin, taking a moment to admire the brown soup that was waiting in the hose, stopped only by the clamp. He placed the blender pitcher back on the counter and returned to stand in front of me. “Well, now it’s time, isn’t it? The time for you to do what you said I could force you to do. You’re going to swallow all of it. There’s no tuning back. Truthfully, once I had your arms and legs bound, there was no turning back. But now’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it?” As if it hadn’t already struck me that this was really going to happen, my mind was now in full recognition. I was horrified at the thought that he was actually going to go through with it. This was what I’d fantasized about. I knew that once it came down to it, I’d back out if I had a chance. That was why I’d made it clear that he needed to make sure that I was tied securely and to make certain that I wouldn’t be able to do anything to avoid it or even to beg for mercy. He’d need to make sure that I couldn’t back out. So here it was. I started shaking my head as if to plead “NO, PLEASE NO!” He just responded with that evil grin once again. “Yeah, you told me you’d want to back out. That’s too bad. It’s time. I want to watch you swallow it. I want to see the look on your face.” He reached up. My heart jumped. He grabbed the hose just below the clamp. I relaxed just a fraction, as I thought that perhaps he was just messing with my head, and may let me go. He carefully bent the hose over on itself until it kinked. Then he grabbed the clamp with the other hand, and pulled it off the hose! My mind started racing. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD He was going to release the kink in the hose, then it would all come flooding down into my mouth! But this was what I wanted. NO! I didn’t want to do this anymore! I made sounds and tried to plead with my eyes. He just watched me, still smiling. “How about if I just give you a little taste, hmm?” He carefully released the hose just a small amount, and the nasty concoction began to slowly travel down… ‘NO PLEASE NO!’ I thought. It was almost to my mouth, then it passed into the gag and I couldn’t see how far it was. It hit me. It began to flow slowly into my mouth. Oh god, it was horrible. The taste was disgusting. Lumps and chunks! I didn’t realize that the blender wouldn’t completely liquefy it and that there would be things that would remain basically intact! He forced me to take some of his shit and piss in my mouth, surely he wouldn’t actually go through with making me swallow it. I’d forgotten for a second that he was watching me. “It’s bad, isn’t it? Well, you better start chugging it down, because I’m going to let it go now.” My eyes must have nearly popped out of my head when he said that, because he started to laugh. Well, it was more of a giggle. The kind of giggle that occurs when you experience something truly wonderful. “Ok, well, let’s get you to start swallowing first, shall we?” He looked up and released a little more pressure on the hose. I was immediately introduced to a flow of shit soup. It was no longer the trickle. It was flowing into my mouth. I had to stop it. I tried to blow it out of my mouth, but it went nowhere. He’d done a good job sealing the gag against my mouth. The flow had stopped, but it wasn’t going anywhere. I held it there for a moment. I couldn’t blow any more. I had to stop to breath. I stopped for a moment to take a breath and was rewarded by even more shit in my mouth. What were those lumps? I found myself wondering for a second about what he’d been eating for the past couple of days. Suddenly, I realized my mouth was nearly full. I had to do something quick, or I may drown in shit. “Start swallowing.” Almost as if his words had struck a chord, I swallowed. It must have been an instinctive reaction to my mouth filling up. It was a big gulp. I swallowed the shit/piss mixture. More flowed into my mouth. I took another deep gulp. “Yeah, swallow my shit and piss. You like that, don’t you? Well, now that you’ve gotten started, let’s get this going.” He let go of the hose. The flow into my mouth became a flood. It was blasting into my mouth. I swallowed. It was just an instinctive reaction. I fully realized what was happening. What I was doing. What I was swallowing. It was horrible, disgusting, putrid. I swallowed again. I wasn’t keeping up. My mouth was filling too fast. I swallowed again. And again. I started swallowing the shit soup as fast as I could. I was keeping up now. He’d done it. He’d turned me into a toilet. His toilet. The receptacle for his shit and piss. The lumps. The chunks. The stench. I swallowed it. I swallowed again. He stared at me and smiled. Almost as if he was in shock or in awe. He giggled again. “Yeah! Swallow my shit! You’re my toilet now.” I swallowed again. And again. “Wow, look at you go. You love this, don’t you?” I became aware that my cock was raging hard. It struck me that I really was enjoying it. No, more accurately, I was LOVING it. I had no choice. I was gulping it all down as fast as I could. I was forced to swallow it, and I loved it. I kept swallowing. gulp. and swallowing. gulp. and swallowing. gulp. I lost track of the number of times I’d gulped down the awful mixture. I just kept swallowing. I had to keep it from drowning me. I became aware that I was starting to get full. Oh no! What if I can’t keep swallowing?! I’ll drown for sure. “Almost done.” I looked up. He was right. The top of the soup was now down into the hose. I couldn’t believe it. I’d chugged down almost all of the shit and piss shake that he made for me. It was still flowing. I swallowed a few more times. Then I found that the pressure was low enough that I could close up the opening to my throat and stop the flow. I was so thankful. “Swallow the rest.” I looked at him. He was just looking at me. “Swallow the rest, or I’ll make you swallow it.” My stomach was full. I just didn’t think I could do it. But I knew he’d force me to do it. I thought for a moment… He turned to the counter and grabbed one of the plastic cups. He filled it with water and climbed the step ladder. “Swallow the rest.” I stared wide-eyed. He poured some of the water into the funnel. Immediately, the pressure increased, and I was again forced into mostly involuntary swallowing. The last of the brown liquid passed through the gag, followed by mostly-clear water. I was able to stop the flow again. “All done. That was fun, wasn’t it?” I nodded. Yeah, it really was fun. I knew that I’d be back, and we’d do this many more times in the future. Heck, maybe he’d even have friends over to try out his toilet.  

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