My own personal quest for this life started long ago. I probably had my first internal feelings for this level of captivity and abuse when i was just a boy of about 6 or 7. The feelings have come and gone over the years, but have NEVER gone away. The feelings developed before I ever reached puberty and as such i simply did not understand them back then. Of course, I was raised a normal, happy, healthy boy with middle class privilege. The feelings became VERY strong in my early teens and then again in my early 20’s. I tried to take action on them then, but never met up with the right people to actually make it reality… probably came closer than i realized at times, but bolted from fear at the time.

Now I have reached a point in my life where i no longer want to dream and wonder what might have been. i have had too many false starts and second guessing myself. I now seek to make this a reality.

One Choice, No Turning Back

Bottom line for me is that I want this to happen… I want to choose to give control of my life to a who shall have complete control thereafter… I don’t want the option or choice to avoid it under ANY circumstances. Under the right circumstances, today may be the appropriate day to begin this new journey.

Once I agree to give up my former life to enter a new life of service I don’t want there to be any possibility of being able to escape or be rescued from what i have gotten myself into. It IS … no doubt; but for it to be it also has to have consequences… and those consequences MUST be ABSOLUTE!

I understand the consequences

I accept that this entails long term captivity and unconditional use without Options or Rights.

I have never expected that anything more than a solid chain anchored to the center of a floor attached to its steel collar and steel manacles and shackles attached to my arms and . I serve at the pleasure of my master, whom I have chosen to make all choices from here on.

I look forward to that first day when you take it to your basement , strip me down completely, attach the steel collar that I will likely wear continuously. That moment when you chain me by my collar to the floor and then slowly and with deliberate purpose draw my hands and lock them there with steel manacles… at that moment, I am completely vulnerable to YOU… at that moment, I is no longer anything but an object for your use and enjoyment.

I know that this is a 100% commitment; i cannot choose what parts of that control i want him to have and how much i want to retain.  It’s an all or none issue.  I know that in order to make this commitment i had to complete a soul searching process and accept every part of my being and personality.  I have grown to love the fact that i am inferior, and i crave being controlled.  I also accepted the fact that this stimulates me sexually and that alone is worth living as a .  Today on my knees i realized that this is where i belong yet again and that i need to be totally powerless.  The more de-powered i am the better i feel; the better  I cannot imagine living any other way than as a slave.

I clearly understood BEFORE the commitment is made, that I will be taken away to be and held in captivity for the remainder of my lifetime.

I both welcome and dread this future. my Master deserves absolute service and devotion without any limitations. i have specifically asked my Master to remove any possibility that i may escape or rescind my pledge to him and also specifically requested that he summarily ignore any pleading, or whining for my ultimate release. i know he is sincere and intends to honor those requests, so I will NOT escape this life that i am now committed to.


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