I say that my desire is to give myself completely to a who will take full control over my life with no limits.

In practice, however, we need to agree on some ground rules.I hope I do not come across as attempting to “dictate” how things occur, I just need to state my comfort level with various activities.

There is no way for me to list every possible scenario here, so I am hoping that the “spirit” of each will suffice.

Hard Limits

The following are completely off limits under all circumstances.

  • No Blood
  • No Diseases
  • Nothing Which Will Permanently Harm Me
  • No Bestiality
  • Nothing “Feminine”
  • No To Most Drugs (ask if you have questions)
  • No Needles

There are a of specific issues I must add which fall outside the scope above.These are primarily for health and safety concerns.

  • Ticking (this is a health issue for me, as under some circumstances I am unable to breathe while being tickled)
  • Breath Play
  • Bastianado, or similar foot abuse

Soft Limits

There are some issues which fall outside my comfort zone, but only because of lack of experience, I simply ask you to approach these areas with a gentle touch

  • Electro play
  • Piercings

Variable Circumstances

There are a few places, however, where I feel it’s appropriate to set some boundaries, for the safety of us both, situations where some things might be ok at one time and not another.

I need to trust that if you are making a life long commitment, that you will be doing everything in your power to ensure that I will never again be a free man. I would hope that, should you become unwilling or unable to keep me as your in the future, that you would attempt to make other arrangements to ensure that I remain the property of a suitable master for the rest of my life.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Finally, I would ask that you offer me no more than 3 “wildcard” limits.  There is no way we can foresee something several years down the line which I might be very uncomfortable with. This allows me a tiny bit of freedom to protect myself in the future.  Should I wish to add a fourth “wildcard” I must drop one of the three existing.