Every  dreams of the moment when his master attaches a  around his neck, and this is, for me, the moment of final commitment for me.

Once a collar has been welded closed around my neck, there is no turning back for me.

Because of the level of commitment involved, my master welding the collar closed around my neck is both terrifying, and the moment I look forward to more than any other.

With the collar permanently around my neck, I become the property of my master , no turning back.

Once the collar has been attached, my desires no longer matter. It doesn’t matter if I find the situation fulfilling (although I would hope my master would make an effort to do so on occasion).

I truly look forward to the moment when I can have a collar welded around my neck, making me the lifelong slave I wish to become.

There is one other attachment to my body, which, due to logistical reasons can not be , a locking butt plug. This gives master one more way to secure me, and the part of me that needs to be careful what I wish for wishes that this plug would remain inside of me virtually every moment. It would only be removed for bodily functions, and when my master wishes to use my butt hole for other purposes, then it would immediately be  back in. In this manner, this locking  would effectively become permanent as well.

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