Mark wagged his tail and grinned at his through the bars of the . “Okay, babe, I’m a naughty puppy.” The rubber tail felt strangely satisfying in his . All of this was so new to him, but his dick was rock hard.

Mark had never been very kinky – that was Bruce’s thing, and Bruce had a whole in the of their house devoted to it. But Mark had been noticing that Bruce had been spending a lot of time out hooking up lately, and was getting worried that the passion between the two of them was flagging. It had been months since they’d had sex. One night, he’d raised the subject with Bruce, and out of desperation, he told him he’d be willing to try some kink if Bruce wanted. They made plans to try it out, and now Mark found himself in pup gear, being led on a leash to a kennel and inside like his husband’s dog. He hated to admit it, but it was hotter than he expected – he could see why people enjoyed it.

Bruce smiled at him. “Bark, puppy.” Mark blushed. It still felt a little strange. He swallowed his pride and barked. “Woof! Woof!” Bruce grinned broadly. From his spot on all fours, Mark could see Bruce’s meaty cock straining against his leather jockstrap. He hadn’t seen his husband this aroused in ages. Bruce leaned down and pushed a rubber bone into Mark’s mouth, buckling the gag behind his head. “There, puppy – no more barking for awhile.” Mark felt drool trickle down his chin and his cock twitched. He couldn’t believe how how this was.

All of a sudden, he heard the front door open upstairs. He looked at his husband, confused and panicked. They weren’t expecting anyone. Bruce knelt by the kennel and looked at him with pity in his eyes.

“Sorry, boy. I’ve been seeing a new guy and things have been getting serious. I was about to break it to you, but then you suggested this, and I realized there’s a way we can all stay together.”

Mark tried to spit out the bone. This wasn’t anymore. He tried to argue but only succeeded in moaning and drooling. He lunged forward and his rubber tail wagged. Bruce stood up.

“I’ll let you calm down a bit before I try letting you out for a walk. Corey is upstairs getting rid of your clothes and stuff, and your collar is electric so you aren’t tempted to run away.” Mark choked back a sob, and Bruce reached in and scratched his hair. “I know it’s an adjustment, but you’ll be a good dog.” Bruce stood and turned toward the stairs, heading up to his new and leaving his new dog to whine in its kennel.


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