The following is a conversation I am having with a potential master. Names have been changed to protect this potential master’s identity.

I apologize for taking so long to get back to you.  I wanted to have the time to give a proper response.

If we are to give this proper consideration, we should arrange to meet at some point in the near future to ensure we have the proper chemistry.

It would be nice to have a to go with a name. If you could send a photo, it would be appreciated.

From the little I have gathered so far, you are a college student at ****. I live in Minneapolis, so we don’t live that far apart.  That gives us the chance to get to know each other to make sure we’re the right fit. What we are proposing here requires a serious commitment from both of us, so we need to make sure that we have a connection, and are on the same page.

I have absolutely no issues becoming a “pet” and would certainly be open for some play, and as for my “holes”, they would most certainly be open to you.  I imagine that when you are not using my for your pleasure, that you would lock a butt plug inside of me ( and from time to time, you would hook me up to a fucking machine ( Essentially, my hole would be continuously filled with either your penis, the butt plug, or the fucking machine.

As far as gear, given time, I will be able to provide most, if not all of it. I know that I will require a collar with a diameter of at least 18 inches, and as I am (literally) big boned, I will require larger wrist and ankle cuffs than you probably have.  I believe that is a potential source for these, as well as a cage.

Living my life 24/7 in a cage is probably unrealistic, but having access to one that you can lock me in from time to time will come in handy.

You mentioned that you currently have a housing contract (part of how I assumed you were a college student) and you would need to find appropriate housing. Given that you need to arrange that, plus the fact that I would need to obtain the needed supplies, attempting to meet an artificial deadline of New Years is probably unrealistic.

If I stay at my current job through Jan 1, I will get 2-3 weeks of paid vacation (which equals extra on my final paycheck) and if I continue through mid February, I will receive a bonus of several thousand dollars (more than enough to pay for the gear we will need) so it makes sense to wait until at least that time. It’s only a few weeks after the New Year, so we would no be delaying too much, and having the funds to purchase the proper gear will make the experience better for both of us.

I am anticipating that once we begin, that I would not have a job, so while you would be responsible for my expenses, if we have all of the gear before we begin, food would be my only expense, and my assumption was always that I would have a diet of primarily canned dog food, so food expenses should be less than $1 per day.

As an interesting side discussion, I have a background in web design, and always considered that it might be interesting to turn this into an opportunity for my master to make money to cover my expenses by turning my current blog into a sort of paid site in which visitors would pay to access live streams of my new life. For a monthly fee, they could witness the real, unedited life of a sex slave.

I hope that gives you enough to continue the conversation.  It would be interesting to hear your thoughts.


On Wed, Oct 2, 2019, 6:40 PM PF wrote:

It’s alright. Take your time and think of one’s you’d like to ask.

On Wed, Oct 2, 2019, 6:39 PM I wrote:

I’m sure I will have many, just haven’t had time to respond properly. Busy week at work

On Wed, Oct 2, 2019, 12:02 PM PF wrote:

Is there any other questions you have for me?

On Tue, Oct 1, 2019, 8:32 AM I wrote:

I will definitely be emailing you more later about this.

There is just something about your proposal that is very intriguing and worth discussing more.
I can tell that you have been on my plug, but I want to make sure that before we get too far into this discussion that you have seen my Facebook page oh, so you know what I look like.
looks will not be 100% important of course, because you can always simply put me in a if you do not find my face attractive,
I only bring this up because I have had a number of people be interested and then not attracted to me, and if I do not fit the physical type of what you were looking for, there is no point in us continuing our conversation.

PF Answers to Questions for my potential master

River FallsGear:
A collar, suit, a puppy . if you can as well.I want you to take on a new personality when you are with me. You aren’t who you once were if you come with me.

Daily Routine:
Very little. Maybe an occasional glance outside the window. You are my little secret and no one gets to use you besides me.

Contingency Plans:
I would have a key just at arms length for the instance that you have lost your master to matters beyond your control. I will have a contingency plan by talking to other masters so you can have someone take over if something goes wrong.

Requesting This Information:
In my eyes, you’re a different person when if you decide to come with me. I want to ask you, are you open to being more than a ? Will your holes be open?

Master Seeks:
I want you to be happy so I will assist where I can, but I want to have fun as well. Occasional pup play will occur. But I will gladly let you have your role as a piss slave for life.

Starting Time:
Soon. I would love to do your New Years date. Being close by you may be able to take a lease for an apartment I can frequent until I can get out of my housing contract.

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