Potential M writes:

I am busy setting up a real live , I thought you might be interested in joining, I am doing that together with a and we are just at the beginning

My response

I regret few things in my life, but one of the things I regret is that I once had the “” opportunity to make this into a .  It would have given me everything I ever asked for, with a master that I had really good chemistry with.

Unfortunately, I backed out at the absolute last minute.  Truth is, I just wasn’t prepared to take the final leap, plus he threw a of big surprises (like the potential involvement of children) at me last minute.

One of the things that made it work so well was that he had several slaves, with varying levels of commitment, but I would have had the chance to serve as slave to several guys, and my potential master had the ability to assign some of those slaves the duty of taking care of my more intimate needs (like emptying a waste bucket) and he didn’t have to worry about those things.

A slave farm would definitely mimic that arrangement.

Of course, we both have a million , many of which I have answered on my blog, but at the top of the list is probably time frame and location.

https://pissslave.com/its-time-to-make-a-decision/ will give you some insight into my thoughts.

Do you have a pic so I can put a face with a name? There’s a link to my Facebook profile of the page mentioned above.

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