It dawns on you, all this gear is hot, but can clearly be used to remove you from the world without a trace.  He stopped paying attention to you just as soon as the first of padlocks clicked.

Your limits, carefully stated, were tolerated as a means of getting you right here.  They are no longer relevant. It’s much to late to start thinking of all the precautions you did not take. as you were, you took your chances on meeting this .  You were not abducted.

You walked right in, led by your , and stripped for him. You knelt down before him and let him put on that steel .  That short glimpse of it was the last time you will see it, because it will be  around your neck and out of eyesight for a long time to come.

You are just now realizing that you have delivered yourself into hell, instead of that hot time you were hoping for.

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