I have been very to have a close help me explore various scenes, and by far my favorite has been the times he’s kept me locked inside a , sometimes for up to two weeks at a time.

I can top as well as bottom so even though this ad is geared toward the slave end, don’t let that stop you from contacting me with other interests. I’m also seeking watersports partners.

I found that even when he would “let me go” I tended to gravitate back into the cage, as that’s where I felt secure and happy. My life circumstances make this a perfect time to explore taking this experience to the next level.

That friend is not able to play any more, and I wish to take this experience to the next level. The hardest part is defining exactly what that level should be, so I devised a “game” which would help determine my next “sentence”. Of course, I also would need to find someone willing to keep me there…


The “game” is quite simple, and simply involves rolling a pair of to determine how long I’ll spend locked inside…

Odd (2+3 for example) equals weeks
Even (2+4) equals months
Pairs (2+2) equals years
Snake eyes (1+1) lock the door and throw away the key.

My preference would be a “” situation, but that is not a deal breaker. I am free to relocate anywhere in the US. Distance, however equals commitment. Moving 2000 miles for a 3 week stay just isn’t feasible for me.

While I definitely prefer , I fully assume that you will have your own ideas and I’m anxious to hear them.

The “scene” isn’t high on the list of important factors. Leather, , uniforms… I am open for anything (almost).

I may be spending the rest of my life in a 3 x 4 x 5 cage (with space between the bars to enable me to stretch of course), Perhaps you have a large and you desire to lock a and around my neck and attach the chain to the wall or ceiling. Circumstances may require multiple locations even.

As long as I am physically prevented from leaving, I will be perfectly content.

While there are multiple reasons for seeking a longer term commitment, I talked a guy in a similar situation who convinced me that long term is best for me. He says that if you know you are under your masters control for a limited time (no matter the length) that there is always a piece of you thinking of what you will do when you have been unlocked. (He has been locked inside a cage for 15 years, and is only released for a of hours per month. I was able to chat with him, as he runs a blog from inside).

He said that if, however, you know from the very beginning that the “click” you hear as your master places the final lock in its place which binds you forever is the sweetest sound you’ll ever hear & that the only thing you think about is how to please your master. Serving for the next 10 minutes, days, weeks, or years then going away just isn’t the same.

While I’ve always been interested in a lifetime arrangement, he convinced me it was the right thing for me. That level of commitment, where I literally devote the rest of my life to someone (who ironically has the preserve joy of not letting me leave, even if I wanted to) is why I’m seeking this opportunity.

Again, a lifetime commitment is not a requirement, just a plus.

What will intrigue me and cause me to respond back is the question of “What’s in it for you?”. I can’t ask so much of you without giving something in return…
We would need to find a suitable cage if you do not already have one, but we don’t need to start with that.

As this is a totally serious ad; please only respond if you are serious as well.

I hope I have given enough information to at least begin the discussion. I’m most interested in finding a situation where everyone’s needs are met.


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