I’d already done time in the , hog chained to the bars of the cage and left with a ball gag attached to a wide to drool onto the floor. Now I was out of the cage and on my knees, my wrists and ankles cuffed and to a ring at the base of the wall in the cupboard. The gag in my mouth pumped up and my Dom was experimenting with the best way to leave the funnel that fed the gag easily accessible and with me unable to interfere with it.

With that done the door was shut, and until that funnel was needed I was left waiting, chained to a wall in my own dark, isolating cell.

For many years it has been my dream to become a full time human . I would have a urinal gag locked on my head so that I would be forced to drink every drop of that my feeds me.

Essentially, it doesn’t matter to me what type of urinal gag my master chooses to use, as long as it locks and I am unable to remove it by myself, it will work well.

If I had one bit of for those people who will be using me as a urinal, it would be to simply think of the funnel as any other urinal in any other . Please simply walk up to my funnel and piss directly into it, just like you would piss into the urinal in a bar or restaurant. It is not necessary to ask my permission, or wait for me to be ready. Just use my funnel like you would any other urinal.

Ultimately, my level of fulfillment will be proportional to the number of people allowing me to serve as their personal urinal. The more people using me, the happier I will be. My ideal scenes can be found in two stories:



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