Some slaves don’t have “bedrooms”, per se, but rather a metal bracket on the wall and a waiting for them at the end of the day.

I for one would like to be one of them.

While I’m laying out on these pages some of the things I HOPE will happen, there is only one requirement that I have (other than what appears on the limits page). If you desire to make me your  for the rest of your life, you will ensure that the  placed around my neck is permanently attached.

While we might not start with a metal on day one, we can make it a top priority to obtain one.

With most non  collars, you could simply cut the lock to remove it, if it’s permanently attached, it can’t be removed, not by me and not by anyone else.  It’s there . Because it’s permanently attached, my mental need to feel that it is there  is satisfied because it truly is.

From the moment the collar is attached to my neck I am literally and figuratively handing over control of my life.

Once a collar has been welded closed around my neck, there is no turning back for me.

Because of the level of commitment involved, my welding the collar closed around my neck is both terrifying, and the moment I look forward to more than any other.

With the collar permanently around my neck, I become the property of my master , no turning back.

Once the collar has been attached, my desires no longer matter. It doesn’t matter if I find the situation fulfilling (although I would hope my master would make an effort to do so on occasion).

I truly look forward to the moment when I can have a collar welded around my neck, making me the lifelong I wish to become.

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