While much of this site talks about me wishing to be permanently  in a , I am well aware that this is probably not a practical situation for long term.

In , I simply wish to be in such a way that it will be impossible for me to escape, and in such a way that my  is .

The first step in securing a  is to lock a  and  on me.

Once attached, these can be welded, or otherwise made . It will be very easy for me to agree to have cuffs attached to my ankles, and once they have been made permanent, they will be a part of my body .

Because I will not have given up complete control to my by this point, if I should decide to walk away at this point, I will still have to spend the rest of my life with cuffs attached to my ankles. I have access to  which are virtually impossible to cut, so these truly would become a permanent part of me once welded or soldered closed.

With permanent ankle and , my master would always have a very convenient way to restrain me. He would simply need a padlock and about 2 seconds to secure me almost anywhere he desired, and he would never have to spend time attaching cuffs to restrain me, as I would have 4 permanent attachment points always available. I could cover by wearing long pants, but  are not as easily hidden, so, once attached, my commitment to a lifetime of service to my master is essentially complete.

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