Sometimes I love the of being a 24/7, live-in but the impracticality is distracting. It’s not just the boredom of living up; it’s also knowing that time in the cage is time not spent doing chores, running errands, or earning your keep for the .

But for others this consideration is irrelevant. If Master chooses to leave its property and isolated for hours, days, weeks or even permanently… you exist to serve… you have no say… you don’t get to choose

While I’m laying out on these pages some of the things I HOPE will happen, there is only one requirement that I have (other than what appears on the limits page). If you desire to make me your slave for the rest of your life, you will ensure that the placed around my neck is permanently attached.

One of my biggest fantasies is to be locked in a cage for the rest of my life.

I’ve always thought it would be a good, practical idea to put wheels on the cage.  That would allow my master to be able to easily transport me to other locations, such as if he wanted to rent me out to serve at a , or loan me to another master for a period of time.

When where’s enough room to stretch, and even ways for you to still fuck me without my being able to say no, then we know it’s a good cage for long term use.

With the right cage, I would look forward to not only having the door locked, but sealed permanently. Welding the door closed will DEFINITELY let me know I’m never leaving, and that’s exactly how I want it.

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