While I only truly ask that my ollar become a permanent attachment to my body, there are a few other things that you may consider doing at some point in the  future. Again, these things are optional, but are things I would truly like you to consider.

Losing Track of Time

One of the things I’m looking forward to most I think can only happen once I’m sure that you have taken control of me in a manner in which I know I will never have any hope of escape is that I will at some point stop worrying about time. Since I’ll know that I will be tied up in some fashion for the rest of my life, I will eventually not worry about whether a particular scene will last 5 more minutes or 5 more days.  I should be able to enjoy the scene and not stress about trivial things like time.

Make Me A Slave

One which has inspired me greatly, perhaps more than any other, is the story where the main character becomes a human urinal and is locked into that role for the rest of his life.

While it may be unfeasible to perfectly recreate every bit of what happens in this story, I would really like to engage in the spirit of the story. If I could ask for one ongoing activity, it would be for you to make me into a urinal, just like the character in the story. This could become a nearly full time job for me, and ultimately you would hook up a recycling tube as well. As you added more into my system, my bladder would fill up faster, and I believe ultimately that there would be an almost steady stream of piss being forced down my throat.  I would be constantly reminded of my status as toilet.

There may even be a market for you to rent out my services to local parties and bars, which would enable me to help with household finances.

Eventually, I’d need to take a break once in a while to bring in clean water to flush my system and I might not be capable of being a urinal as a 24/7/365 arrangement due to health issues, There is no reason that,just like with the main character, the doors on the could not be closed .  The cage doors could be sealed in much the same way that the collar would be sealed around my neck. If the doors were welded closed, I would know that I was locked inside forever. With the appropriate cage, there should be no issues. In the story, the guy forced to become a lifelong urinal discovered he didn’t like it, I’m sure that I’ll experience the same thing, but even knowing that going in, I still would love to do it. I’d rather be forced to do this for the rest of my life and hate it than not have the opportunity to try it at all.

“You Will Never Again”

The final issue is one which MAY be a bad idea, perhaps better left in , but it’s something I’ve fantasized about for well over 25 years.  When you make the decision to make my , with no possible means of escape, I would like you to consider forever taking away my ability to cum at the same time. This can be accomplished by permanently attaching a  in a way it can never be removed, or through simple castration (I have the tools required).  The first keeps me for the rest of my life, the second removes my sex drive. You may have other reasons for NOT fulfilling this request, but forever taking away my ability to come gives you complete control over me physically and mentally.

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