Tied Up and Used As A Human Urinal

“Now for the next part of your training,” my said as we entered the club, handing me my .

As we stood at the , he instructed me to strip. I was naked the time the barman had poured our drinks. My master took my clothes and handed them to the barman. In return, he was handed a bundle of latex.

He unrolled a latex full body suit and helped me climb into it. It was well worn and the smell of body odor from previous occupants was strong. My cock was hard and starting to dribble precum. As I slipped my arms into the sleeves, in the dim light of the club. As he zipped me into the suit, I sight of myself in a mirror… the suit looked so , with three grey stripes down each glossy rubber sleeve. He fastened rubber straps around my wrists and ankles.

“I need a piss,” he said, “follow me.”

My eyes too a while to adjust to the bright light of the toilet, after the dark bar. He was already fastening my ankles to d-rings in the floor between two urinals before I realized that the stripes on the suit which had appeared grey in the bar, were yellow in the bright white light of the toilet.

“No way!” I protested.

“Sit,” he commanded, “or use your safe word if you want out.”

I looked down at my large in the rubber of the suit. Obediently I sat and allowed my arms and collar to be shackled to d-rings on the wall.

The barman arrived holding a funnel gag.

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