Master and Slave

Starting Castration By Placing Castration Bands

My new slave seemed a wonder. He’d been mine for about six months and he seemed just about perfect. When I first got him, he was not in shape, but after two or three months of the strenuous workouts I put him through, he firmed up and started looking really good. One thing I found out: always break a slave in the very first day. With him, after first explaining that he should expect this for disobeying me, I stripped him down, tied him up and gave him a thorough whipping. I whipped him until both my arms were tired, then I squeezed his balls so hard he passed out. When he woke up, I bathed him, rubbed antibiotic ointment into his whip marks and let him get what sleep he could. After that, he was very obedient. Sexually, I treated him as the girl – he was never allowed to do anything but accept my juice as I presented it to him. He was taught to suck and fuck in all positions. Sometimes, I would whip him and then fuck him. Other times, if I felt he hadn’t been quite enthusiastic enough, I would whip him after fucking him. Several times I whipped him thoroughly for allowing his teeth to touch my cock while he was sucking me off. After a few weeks of hard discipline, he knew exactly what was expected of him and performed all his duties eagerly. In fact, before too long, he would occasionally ask to be whipped. From time to time, I would cut off the circulation to his balls by wrapping a cloth around his scrotum and tying a strand of wire around the cloth. The cloth kept the wire from slicing into his skin and allowed me to cut off the blood supply without much pain. At first, I would leave the tourniquet on for fifteen minutes or so, until his sac turned pale blue. Over a few months, I left it on longer and longer, extending the time to three quarters of an hour, after which his sac became numb. The longest I kept him tied off was two hours. The one time I did that, he complained of a headache that lasted the entire next day. These were just play sessions. No harm was done to his balls and they stayed the same size. My slave was very afraid of castration. The few times I mentioned it as a way of making him better adjust to his role he became extremely upset and begged me never to do such a thing to him. Naturally, I told him that his remaining intact depended on how obedient he was. It could never be his decision. After all, I was the master.

We had been living together for a while and I was satisfied with his performance. One Saturday, I went out in the early afternoon to run some errands. I instructed him to clean the apartment and wait for my return that evening. About two hours later I came up in the service elevator and let myself in through the kitchen door, intending to drop off my purchases and finish up my errands. My ears picked up the sounds of active sex from the bedroom down the hall. I walked quickly along the thickly carpeted hallway to the bedroom. In the hall was a toolkit and some coaxial cable. Through the half open door, I saw my slave on the bed with his butt in the air, taking the cable installer’s long black dick up his butt. I could see my slave’s erection jutting out under him. He was wiggling his ass and begging for more. His face was to the wall away from me. The cable installer was hunched over him, fucking him fast and deep. I watched for a short time until my slave’s seed jetted out over the towel he had place under himself on the bed. I walked back into the kitchen. Soon I heard them kissing. Then the hall door opened and closed. My slave went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I unpacked and put away the groceries, allowing my anger to build slowly. Faithless slave! In this age of the plague I had seen him having unprotected sex with a stranger. For this he would be punished. And banished.

While he was showering and douching, I called a slave dealer who was known to take disobedient slaves off masters’ hands for a reasonable fee. How much fee depended on whether the slave was healthy. Healthy slaves’ organs could be sold off. Ill ones, I had been told, were sent to mines in foreign countries where they were worked to death. A brief discussion concluded our dealings. I told him the slave might be ill, but that it was too soon to tell. He offered the lower price, explaining that to keep the slave until it could be tested reliably was excessively expensive. When he asked if the slave were a eunuch, I said “Yes.” Not true at the moment, but soon, very soon. We agreed on a price. I gave the dealer my address and told him at what time that night to come up from the garage in the service elevator to my floor and that I would let him in.

My slave emerged from the bathroom, clean and pink from the hot shower and a brisk toweling off. He seemed delighted to see me. I ordered him into the bedroom. There was no trace of his previous activities. He had cleaned up well. I went to the closet and took out my portable punishment table. “Set up the table,” I ordered. “Master, why? I’ll do anything you ask. I can satisfy you better if I’m not bound up.” “Shut up, slave. Do as I say. Now!” He proceeded to set up the table. It’s solid oak, and once the legs are down and the cross braces in place, it’s sturdy as a solid piece of wood. The main part is for the torso, and there’s a hinged wing with adjustable leg restraints. There are neck, shoulder, wrist, abdomen and hip straps to hold the slave’s upper body in place. There’s hole cut out for his face to go into when the neck strap is tight. His legs go over the hinged wing, which can be adjusted from straight out from the body of the table to down at a right angle pointing toward the floor. The wing has restraints for the thighs, calves and ankles. These can be moved closer to or further from the center of the wing, depending on how far you want the slave’s legs spread during his punishment session. I fastened him to the upper portion of the table with the wrist, neck, and chest straps. Reaching down, I lifted his hips with one hand and tucked his prick up under his pubic hair, then released his hips and cinched the hip restraint tight, imprisoning his prick between the table and his body. His balls hung free. Next, I strapped his legs in, with the restraints far enough apart that his legs made a “V” with his balls hanging down between. Now he was ready.

Like a typically unruly slave, he spoke. “Master, what are you going to do? I can’t move my butt if you fuck me, and I know you like that.” I closed the bedroom door so no sound could escape. “Fuck you?” I asked. He became silent for a moment. “W what are you g going to do?” he stuttered. I walked around and tilted the table up so that I could look at his face. “Subhuman pig,” I began, “You are just an animal for me to do with as I wish. I saw you being fucked earlier. You are not allowed to be fucked without my permission. I certainly would not give you permission to engage in unprotected fucking with a cable installer, pig of a slave!” He looked at me with surprise that gave way to fear. “Slave, you, in this time of plague, decided to endanger your health and, had I not known about it, mine as well! You are a pig and I will castrate you just as a pig is castrated.” He blinked as my words sank in. Whatever words of protest he had died on his lips. I walked around behind him ready to start work. Then he begged and pleaded, crying, swearing he would never do it again, just, please, please one more chance. I said nothing. With a hair dryer, I heated his scrotum until his balls hung as far from his body as possible. By then he was crying, sobbing. After putting on my surgical gloves, I painted his scrotum with disinfectant and warmed it again to keep his balls hanging away from his body. I took a piece of strong wire, rinsed it in disinfectant and tied it around his scrotum as close to his body as possible, then pulled it as tight as I could. He cried out. Next, I took a small scalpel and made two cuts, each from just above one of his balls to just below it, exactly as one castrates a pig. He screamed in pain. I slowly expressed each ball through its cut so that it hung completely outside his sac. Using two clamps, I closed off the cords connecting each ball to his body. As each clamp bit down, he gasped. With the scalpel, I severed the cord connecting his right testicle. It fell to the floor. I listened with amusement to his pleading: “Oh please master, leave me with one ball. I couldn’t stand being a eunuch. Have mercy, master. I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll never do anything like that again.” A quick swipe with the scalpel and the job was complete. He screamed and cried as I cauterized the ends of the cords, removed the clamps, tested for bleeders and glued the cuts in his sac back together. It had taken eight minutes to cleanse him of his maleness. I took his freshly severed balls around and dangled them by their cords in front of his face. At the sight of them he screamed and passed out.

The newly-made eunuch pig was sobbing again when I let the dealer in, so I gagged him. The dealer gave him a shot to knock him out and together we released his unconscious body from the punishment table and put it into a trunk. I took the dealer’s cash and wished him luck as he and the trunk containing my former slave began their descent into the garage and his waiting truck. “Good riddance to bad rubbish,” I thought as I dropped the testicles into the garbage disposal. I resolved to nut my next slave at the very first opportunity.

Afternoon Castration

Placing Castration Bands with Elastrator

Castrated. Damn…hard to believe, but it happened, sure as shit it did, and I’ll never forget that slice of the knife as long as I live. Nope, that is imbedded in my brain like it was yesterday.

It all started over a girl, like a lot of things I suppose. My girl. The boy’s name was Dakota Jennings, and he went after my girl and she fell for the bastard and I don’t know why. But after she dumped me, I was mad as hell, and when you are mad and a horny teenager and missing the senor prom because some jerkwad has stolen your girl then sometimes you do what has to be done.

Now, I wasn’t stupid. I knew enough for example not to try to capture the bastard by myself, because he was one hell of a strong kid and I sure as hell knew enough to know that. He was a swimmer, with that perfect body of a developing adolescent and the real truth was that I envied him. He was a jock, plain and simple, while I was a lanky 130 pound 18 year old with a pencil dick. I had acne too; not too extreme I suppose but still there non-the-less, and I grew my hair long and it covered my ears. Dakota on the other hand had that clean cut short hair all American look that pissed me off, and which the girls seemed to craze. He had perfect blue eyes and a perfect orthodontic smile and a set of six-pac abs, and along with all that he had perfect grades, and I hated him.

He and I had shared a senior gym class, where the jock ruled and I was the laughing stock, and while I hated every minute he seemed to relish it. One thing I knew from that class was that he was hung too, at least in the balls department, and I had seen him in gym enough times to know the kid had a big set of bullocks. Huge would be a better description! God, when he pulled off his jock after sweating through class they literally swung between his legs, like two big plumbs ripe for the picking! I think it was the fact he was so proud of them, and also because of the way they seemed to emphasize his manliness, that I decided to take them. I knew enough to know that once he’d lost is balls his interest in Linda would dry up in a hurry, and from my way of thinking, she’d come back to me once I turned her new boyfriend into a eunuch.

I knew why she had taken a liking to him. Hell, all the girls liked him. And next to Dakota I looked like a boy. For one thing, I was rail thin, and I didn’t have much in the way of the muscle department. I tried to compensate by going over to the EMO look, with my jet black hair and deep brown eyes. I had a tongue piercing, and two earrings in one ear, and I was looking at tats and hoping to get one in the near future. I had been in trouble a few times with the law, did some drugs and got caught at it, and also had ripped off a few homes that only Linda knew about. So, I guess I was a kid going nowhere, while he on the other hand was heading for college and an oh-so-perfect future upper-class life.

It was all so unfair! And, it even went so far as sexual development. At 18 I had two little patches of black hair under each armpit, and another small little patch above my five inch dick, but other than that I was as smooth as a ten year old. My legs were for the most part devoid of hair as well, and there wasn’t even a thin line between my navel and my dick. My chest was totally smooth, and my flat stomach didn’t have a sign of muscle. Shit—to be a senior in high school with a little boy look was embarrassing as hell, and I was certainly humiliated by the way my body was turning out. It didn’t help my balls were small, at least they were next to most of the guys in gym class, and of course I got laughed at regularly. Dakota was a jock, a man in every since of the word, with a big cock and a massive set of nuts and that oh-so-perfect body all guys wish they had. Then, he took my girl, and after that at night I would jerk off my thin cock to the thought of castrating Dakota, and I’d shoot my watery load onto my chest to the fantasy of stealing his nuts. It slowly became an obsession, and I worked out the details, and I was living for the day when I would cut off his nuts and make him envy my balls, as unimpressive as they were.

My plan wasn’t very sophisticated, but from my perspective it didn’t have to be, and I put it in place shortly after the school year had ended. I knew Dakota worked at a burger joint after school, trying to earn money for college, and it didn’t take much to figure out when he worked and more importantly when he got off. I set it up for a Saturday afternoon, as his shift ended, and paid off three guys to get him tied down for me. I didn’t tell them I was gonna castrate the fuckwad, no, I didn’t tell them that. I just told them I wanted to teach him a lesson, to whip his ass with a belt, and I needed him tied down and helpless so I could do it to him. I knew the kids from a YMCA camp my parents had made me go to the previous summer, which had been attended by a few inner city kids that I had gotten to know. They thought it was funny as hell, and for $20 each they grabbed him after he left work and dragged his ass out to the edge of town, at a place we all just called “the pit.” It was next to a catfish pond, and there was a junkyard of sorts there, which included a number of worn out washers, dryers, and even a couple of old refrigerators. The place was abandoned, except on occasion a guy would take his girl there to park, or to smoke some weed. But for the most part nobody went there, and I knew on a Saturday afternoon it would almost certainly be unattended.

After they had kidnapped him, they drove back into town and gave me a call, and I left immediately and drove right out to the spot where they had left him planning to do the deed. When I arrived they had tied the nineteen year old jock over an oven that somebody had tossed in the dump, so his two ankles were tied to the front legs and he was bent over it, his arms tied to the oven door handle on the other side. He was already naked when I got there, his big bullocks, heated by the sun, hanging down towards his knees and swinging as he struggled. To me, they were just hanging there waiting, waiting for me and the knife. I had brought my Gerber just for the purpose, and it was razor sharp and I knew his balls would be no match for the steel. I wore a stocking cap I had, with holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth, and I knew that with it on he would not be able to identify me. As I walked up to him, and he tuned and saw me, initially he started to beg me to untie him. But then he took in the mask I was wearing, and at that point he was smart enough to know that letting him go wasn’t in the plan. I saw his eyes go really wide then and that’s when he went crazy and jerked against every rope that held him.

I looked at his pile of clothes, and decided to go through his pockets. For one thing, taking his cash I figured would perhaps make the authorities think a robbery had been the main intention, but as luck would have it there was less than twenty bucks in his billfold. There was a nice picture of Linda thought, and in his right side pocket of his jeans was a lubricated rubber, and on the package it said: “Ribbed for Her Pleasure.” Right then that’s when I got the idea to fuck him. I had never fucked a guy in my entire life, never wanted to for that matter, but as I saw him bent over and his legs spread, his hole seemed to wink at me. I hadn’t fucked anything but my five-fingered friend for more than two months, ever since my girlfriend had dumped me for the jock now tied before me, and suddenly his hole looked inviting in a way I can’t really describe. I know for certain my dick went rock hard, and I figured it wouldn’t take that long and I’d enjoy nutting him a lot more after I had fucked his hole and shot my wad as I emptied my balls.

I took out the rubber, and when he saw it in my hand he went crazy then, and was jerking and straining so hard every muscle in his perfect body was pulling against the ropes that were spreading him wide and forcing him to open his hole as if he was begging for it. He started screaming for help, and I knew right then it was well past time to shut him up.

I picked up one of his socks, which was in the pile next to his jeans, and stuffed it into his mouth, and then took some duck tape I had brought and finished the gag. While I didn’t mind him grunting, and I actually enjoyed listening to him, I just didn’t’ seem to think that letting him yell out was all that good of an idea, even though I knew that nobody was around that could hear him. Still, once he was gagged, I was a lot happier. After I had him so he couldn’t yell, that’s when I pulled down my own pants to my knees, and then rolled the ribbed condom over my rock hard dick that was jutting up at the sky. I didn’t really need the condom, but I didn’t think it was too wise to leave a load of sperm in his ass that some enterprising police office might trace to me. Anyway, as soon as I had rolled the rubber on my dick, I moved up against him and prepared to mount him like a whore.

He went even more ballistic, and started thrashing back and forth, and I could see his powerful thighs tense up as he struggled to pinch close his hole and to protect the entrance to his bowels. The condom was lubed, but even so I spit on my latex covered dick to add some more, and then I pushed my dick up against his hole, and then, as I felt the lips of his ass accommodate the head of my teenage dick, I pushed forward and leaned into him. With a slight bit of pressure, I went all the way in then, with a single thrust, until my erection was buried to the hilt and my small bag of nuts were up against his ass.

He tossed his head back and grunted in shame, and that’s when I smiled and started to fuck him. Each thrust slammed into his prostate, and that made him grunt, and the ribbed condom really stimulated his hole and I could tell he didn’t like it. I hadn’t said anything to him, nothing at all, and he had no idea who was fucking him, or even why. Still, I fucked him, and I savored every single second I was pounding his hole. He grunted and struggled and jerked and tried to twist, but no matter what he did it made no difference. I loved feeling his struggles, and that only made me increase my thrusting, and soon I was slamming my cock in and out of his ass, and I wanted to laugh as he took it like a woman. His hole was tight, very tight, and his body temperature warmed my pole almost exactly like a woman’s pussy. He was a hot fuck, yes he was, and I fucked him like he was my girlfriend, fast and deep, and soon my balls were churning and I knew I was going to shoot my wad.

I would have loved to fuck him for a long time, but I didn’t want to put off his castration any longer than necessary, and I wasn’t trying to make him feel good either. That said, I did slow down though, just before I shot, long enough to take out my Gerber so he could see what I was gonna use to nut him. I laid the open knife right on top of the oven he was tied over, so he could see it there. As he took in the knife, and the razor sharp blade, I started to thrust my cock deep into him again, slamming into him hard enough to rock the oven he was tied to. He was grunting again, right away, and so was I, and then as my balls started to churn again and I prepared to shoot my wad, I whispered into his ear, working hard to disguise my voice as I did so.

As he stared at my knife I said: “You feel my cock? I’m gonna fill you with my sperm, and then I’m gonna use the knife and castrate you. Get ready, cause you can kiss your big balls goodbye. Here comes my wad, right NOW!”

As I said those words I was probably less than a second from ejaculating, and that’s when the oven door came off.

I never saw it coming. One second I was fucking him and about to cum, and he was struggling and grunting as my cock slammed in and out of his hole, and the next he had literally jerked the old oven door completely off of its frame, tearing out the rusted hinges with the power of his desperation. I suppose that the combination of fear of being castrated, along with the humiliation of being fucked, just joined together to give him the strength necessary to tear that oven door off of those hinges.

What I know for certain was that he jerked that oven door straight up, over his head, and since his wrists were still tied to its handle it was almost like it was an extension of his arms. He tossed the big thing right over his head, and it came down and slammed right into the back of my head, hitting me so hard I almost passed out. I staggered, and fell back and as I did my cock popped out of him, and I landed on my ass on the ground. I had no idea what really had happened. I started to get up, and was up on one knee and about to stand when he swung his torso, slamming the entire oven door sideways this time, so that the big steel door struck me right across the left cheek. There was this blinding pain that shot through my jaw, and I hit the ground, hard, the entire sky spinning as I crumpled from the intensity of the blow.

I do not know exactly what happened next, not precisely anyway, but I remember everything was blurred. He managed to get to the knife that was still laying where I had laid it out, right in front of him, and soon he had cut himself free from the ropes that had tied him. I know I saw him doing that, from a somewhat dazed point of view, and I know that I rolled over on my stomach and tried to crawl away from him. I was bleeding out of my mouth, and I noticed when I spit that a couple of teeth had been knocked out of me. The left side of my face was numb, and it was pretty clear that the oven door had done a number on my face. I was desperate to get away, but he picked up that oven door one more time then and slammed it into me, hitting me with it flat on my back right about where my shoulders were. I crumpled like a rag doll then. Still, I never passed out, but I sure as hell was stunned, and as far as being able to fight him that was never in the cards. From the first hit of the oven door, I was at his mercy.

He jumped on my back then, and pulled my two wrists back, behind me, and then he tied them together, so damn tight I thought he was gonna cut the circulation off. Then, after he had done that, he rolled me over, so I was on my back and looking right up at the sky. My jeans and underpants were still at my knees, where I had pulled them down to fuck him, and my cock was still covered with his condom, although my erection had for the most part disappeared at that point. He sat right on top of me, on my thighs, straddling me, and that’s when he ripped off his gag and spit out the socks I had forced in his mouth. Then, he reached down and pulled my hooded stocking cap off of my face.


I tried to beg him, to tell him I was sorry, but my mouth wasn’t working and as it turned out later my jaw had been broken. I could taste the blood in my mouth, and as I stared at him and he looked at me he suddenly jerked my pants down, and off, and then he pulled my legs apart and lifted me up, by my thighs, so that he was under me, he on his knees and my legs straddling him. I looked down and saw his cock then, and it was up and eager and juttig. A few seconds later I felt it, as he pulled me down onto it. I tried to beg, and tired to move, but the reality was there wasn’t much I could do and I was still in so much shock from getting hit with that oven door that I was definitely not at my best form. The next thing I knew his dick was in me. I had never seen him with a boner before, and his cock was big, really big, and I did not think it was possible to slide his massive erection it into me. But I was wrong. But when he shoved his fat cock into my hole it literally brought tears to my eyes and I felt like it was splitting open my hole. Fuck it hurt! No! Suddenly, the roles had been reversed, and the fuckee was now the fucker, and I was the whore! NO!

There was nothing I could do at that point, nothing at all, but grunt and stare into his eyes as he fucked me. We faced each other, and I felt him impaling me, ramming his huge cock in and out of my ultra tight virgin hole with a vengeance. He used no lube at all, and it hurt like hell, but even so after a while I felt this strange feeling, the way his cock was ramming into my prostate, and my dick went rock hard and was soon jutting, even as he slammed his own cock in and out of my hole. When I got hard he reached down to my dick and pulled off the rubber, so my cock was jutting up at the sky, the big purple end of it round and full, the single eye dripping with precum. My hands were tied tight beneath me, and all I could do was stare at him and my stiff cock as he fucked me like a girl. At some point as hard as it is to believe my nuts started to churn, and I don’t know why, and then a few minutes later I started to shoot my cream and it all came out in white ropes of sperm, squirting in lines up my stomach and onto my flat chest. The first shot of my sperm hit my chin. I came and came and came, and in hindsight it was probably the biggest load of my life. All total, I think I shot about 5 lines of cream, emptying my balls as his cock forced it from me. At some point while I was cumming he too ejaculated, his entire wad of hot seed jetting into my hole, splashing up against my prostate and filling me with his load of seed. I could feel his hot load shooting into me, and it was my worst nightmare, and as I lived through the feeling it was so humiliating it cannot be described.

It was then, after he had cum, and my own wad was splashed on my stomach, that he reached up with my knife in his right hand, and grabbed my balls with his left. He was still rock hard, still imbedded in my hole, and he had a grin on his face then like a schoolboy. I managed to get out a “NO!” as he laid the steel blade up against my own small scrotum, and then for a second he hesitated, and time seemed to stand still. Then, he laughed, and I tried to beg him, but I couldn’t really talk and it didn’t matter anyway. He jerked outward with his left hand, pulling my nuts out from my body and stretching them. At the same time he started to move his right wrist then, moving my knife back and forth, and as he did this tremendous pain shot through my groin and after that for the next few seconds I just lived through my own castration. He sawed my balls off with my own knife, and as it was being done I felt so weak, so humiliated, so ‘bested’ and so beaten it cannot be described. He unmanned me, literally, and it was clear when I had been done and it was over that I was nothing compared to him. The truth at that point was that he owned my girl, and my balls.

As soon as he had nutted me, he laughed, and then he started to thrust his cock in and out of my hole all over again, fucking me with a renewed intensity, almost as if the act of castrating me had reinvigorated him. He was rock hard, and his big rod impaled me, and I cold feel the head of his cock sliding in and out of my hole, each thrust deep and made with a vengeance. He was into it, really enjoying fucking me, and I could see the way he looked at me that he owned me. What was even more surprising I think was that he ejaculated all over again in less that a couple of minutes. The message was clear. He was a real man, a stud, and I was a nothing. Almost to emphasize that point, my own cock shriveled to a worm as he fucked me, and by the time he shot his wad and squirted his seed into me my own pole was small and unimpressive. Limp and nut-less, I felt his DNA shooting into me one more time, and at that point I was beaten and there was nothing left to fight for. As soon as he had squirted his second load of cream and deposited it deep within my ass, he picked up my severed balls and held them right up to my face, making sure I could see what I no longer owned.

That’s when he said: “Pretty small set of balls if you asked me. Well, too bad for you Tanner. You don’t deserve them. I know it. Linda knows it. And so do you.“

Then, with a toss, he threw them over the bank, so that they landed in the catfish pond. I heard them splash, and there was no doubt that my nuts were fish food at that point. That’s when he leaned down to me, his big cock still buried inside of me, and then he said: “You kidnapped me, tied me up, fucked me, and tried to castrate me. Just remember, the police can’t give you your balls back, no matter what. But if you tell the police who did this to you, everyone’s gonna know everything. I swear. Including what Linda has told me about your antics, and those houses you broke into earlier in the summer. So, I suggest you just live with it. You know what you did, and unfortunately for you, it didn’t quite go the way you had planned. Now, you better deal with it—you only have yourself to blame for getting yourself castrated.”

Then he pulled his still hard cock out with a slurping sound, and laughed. He slid on his underpants, and stuffed his big rod inside, and then pulled on his jeans after that. After he put on his shirt he rolled me over and cut the ropes off of my wrists, and then he slid his middle finger up my hole one last time. As he did he said: “Your hole was tight. Almost as tight as a virgin pussy. And one more thing. If you get horny and need a fuck, bring your hole over anytime and I’ll fuck it raw. You’re nothing but a bitch now, so get used to it.”

I wanted to cry. He pulled his finger out with a pop, and then he pocketed my Gerber, as a souvenir I suppose, and then he left me. A few minutes later I heard my truck start up, and after that he was gone. I was in pretty bad shape, but got to the highway and eventually a guy stopped and picked me up and I caught a ride home, and then from there I went to the hospital. My truck was already there, almost as if he knew I’d be going there. Still, for some reason, I didn’t feel like driving it for a while anyway.

Of the things he had said, he was right of course, and so I had to stick to the story that I had no idea who had nutted me. The doctors fixed my jaw, but they couldn’t do much to fix my missing scrotum, and while they could stitch up the cut they didn’t have a magic set of nuts to replace what I had lost. I thought about my options, and in the end I didn’t tell them I had been raped, or what had happened, or what I knew. Consequently, they never took any DNA swaps from my ass, and since I didn’t tell them all that much they didn’t look very hard for who had attacked me. They knew I knew more than I was telling them, but with my prior record and EMO look, I don’t think they really cared.


My middle was once pounding because the airplane taxied to the gate. It wouldn’t be very log till I used to be absolutely at his mercy and the second one ideas had been looming massive in my thoughts.  Now not that I had any selection however to observe thru.  I had no go back price ticket and too little cash to even get out of town at this level.  But even so, he had sufficient humiliating footage of me that will be posted in every single place the web if I attempted to steer clear of the inevitable.  I used to be going to be locked up and below his whole regulate for the following 3 days.

I used to be each excited and scared and I had no method of understanding what was once actually in retailer for me.  Fantasies had been flying round my head as I grabbed by means of small backpack from the overhead bin and walked down the jetway into the terminal.

It was once actual now as my first job was once to hand.  I ended within the first males’s room and headed again to the furthest stall.  I dug into the pack for the small, vinyl pouch and became my mobile phone again on.  I took an image of the plastic lock that held the zipper closed and texted it to him.  He now knew that I used to be within the airport and the clock had began ticking for me.

The lock was once more difficult to damage than I believed, however sooner or later I used to be in a position to get the pouch open.  I already knew what was once inside of – a CB600 quick chastity cage and a lock and not using a key – this a lot he had advised me.  There have been most effective the desired items, no further cock rings or spacers, and one merchandise that I hadn’t been anticipating – the small spiked piece that I’ve noticed known as the gates of intrigue.  The spikes have compatibility into the spacer portion of the cock ring so as to add further safety from pulling out and upload a continuing, uninteresting ache – or so I’ve heard, as I’ve by no means used them earlier than.

He had despatched the pouch with the airline price ticket and the backpack.  He had restricted me to 25 greenbacks in money and my motive force’s license – no pockets or bank cards.  And no different garments than what I used to be dressed in.  The backpack was once as regards to empty, however hadn’t raised any eyebrows on the safety checkpoint.  It have been an extended, dull flight as I used to be allowed not anything to learn, no ipad, or movies to look at – he even had despatched me a pre-paid cell phone to make use of at the go back and forth.  Even though it had a digital camera, it didn’t have any “smartphone” options in any respect and no mp3 capacity.

Fortunately, he had positioned a small, pattern sized tube of lube within the pouch as my dick was once getting exhausting and I used to be suffering to get the cock cage locked on.  My dick was once lovely small and the “quick” model of the CB6000 was once the one chastity cage that stored me from getting exhausting.

The little spikes at the gates of intrigue had been going to be extra uncomfortable than I’d have guessed.  They dug into the bottom of my dick which was once swollen from looking to get erect.  When I used to be limp they most probably wouldn’t be painful, however I’d at all times know they had been there.  Time beyond regulation, then again, I’m positive they’d change into extra painful than I was hoping.

I snapped the lock close at the chastity cage and texted any other image to him appearing it locked in position.  As I used to be pulling up my denims the text-received ping sounded on my telephone.  It was once from him (as I knew it will be).  It was once quick”


“On my own in a bizarre the town, locked up, and utterly fucking screwed – aren’t you?”


The remainder of the message was once directions on which teach to take into town after which which bus line to get closest to his rental.  He had already advised me that I’d be given most effective the naked minimal of data that I would wish.  After I had arrived within the town, I used to be to not keep in touch with him or discuss to him until ordered to take action.  The foundations have been agreed to and there can be penalties for disobeying them.

It was once an extended stroll to the teach and value me $10 of the remainder $20 I had on me.  A bottle of water and a bag of chips had price me $five within the airport as I waited for the airplane.  I used to be too frightened to benefit from the attractions as we clacked alongside into town.  The nearer the teach were given to the station, the extra actual all of it turned into for me.  I had 10 greenbacks left, knew nobody on this town, and had no bank cards to pay for anything else.  I used to be already absolutely dependent upon him and I hadn’t even met him but.

I needed to ask instructions a number of instances earlier than I discovered the correct bus prevent.  The journey was once an extended one and I virtually overlooked the proper prevent.  I used to be day dreaming about what was once to return and the cock-cage and issues of intrigue had been inflicting me quite a lot of discomfort.

I was hoping off the bus simply earlier than the doorways closed and attempted to get my bearings.  I used to be disoriented however in spite of everything noticed the move side road that he lived on.  Now it was once a question of strolling a couple of blocks and discovering his development.  As he advised me to do, I despatched a textual content letting him know the place I used to be and he texted again the development’s cope with.

This was once the primary time that I had a bodily cope with of his location.  It dawned on me that I used to be most probably nuts for doing all of this.  I had by no means met this man in particular person and I most effective knew him from online chats, telephone calls, and Skype chats.  I used to be violating each rule of “secure play,” however this is why it was once so damned thrilling.  Since I had no thought the place he in reality lived within the town till I obtained his remaining textual content, nobody knew the place precisely the place I used to be going to be for the following few days.  If one thing went amiss, there wouldn’t be someone with any thought the place to begin searching for me.  My dick struggled to get exhausting as I considered that truth and I ended in my tracks from the ache of the spikes.  The ones spikes had been going to be way more painful than I had idea.

I discovered the cope with that he had given me.  It was once a pleasing 3 tale brick development on a quiet side road.  Nightfall was once simply beginning to settle at the town and the development was once forged in shadow.  It seemed ominous to me because it was once going to be my jail very quickly.

The mobile phone vibrated and I checked the textual content:


“I’ll buzz you in.”


He should were observing from a window


“Condo B2.  That’s within the decrease degree.  Stairs to the correct facet of the foyer.”


I wasn’t somewhat to the door after I heard the digital lock buzz it open, so I needed to rush to tug it open earlier than it will relock.


“The door to the apt will likely be open.  Come inside of as we’ve got mentioned and get undressed.  The foot locker within the corridor may have the entirety you’re going to be dressed in.  Take the entirety out, the entirety you may have with you within the locker, and lock it.  As soon as you’re dressed in what has been set-out for you, kneel and wait.”


I’ve by no means been in a position to textual content that rapid, however already knew the principles from his earlier directions.  This was once my remaining probability to again out. I’m positive I may get involved with somebody again house that might get me cash so I may get again.  Would have some explaining to do, however a minimum of I’d be house.  Then the photographs popped into my thoughts.  Those he had and was once going to publish if I didn’t do the entirety he ordered me to do.  He had get right of entry to to all of my websites and would have them up in mins and I’d haven’t any strategy to take them down earlier than they had been noticed (and reposted.)

I slowly made my method down the steps and located myself status in entrance of his door.  It was once moderately ajar.  I hesitated just a second then driven my method into the hallway, ultimate the door and attractive the locks.

The footlocker was once in simple sight.  A padlock was once at the ground subsequent to it.  There was once no sense in prolonging the inevitable, so I undressed and folded my garments well at the ground earlier than opening the locker.

The lights within the corridor was once dim, however I noticed the rubber swimsuit in an instant.  It became out to be a complete catsuit, zippers on the shoulders for access, zip from the crotch to the rear, built-in toes and gloves, and (the worst) an hooked up hood.  I wasn’t positive in regards to the rubber hood.  I favored the leather-based ones, evidently, however my enjoy with rubber ones was once restricted.  I imagined them to be sizzling and too confining.  Now not that it mattered now.  I’d be dressed in it in a couple of moments and it will stay on for all of the time I used to be right here.  That have been the agreed deal; anything else I used to be given to put on would no longer come off till I used to be freed after the 3rd day.

There was once no lube within the locker, so I actually needed to combat to get the swimsuit pulled as much as my shoulders.  The tightness across the crotch driven exhausting in opposition to the cock cage and made the spikes dig in even worse.  My dick was once, once more, looking to get erect and that aggregate introduced tears to my eyes.  I used to be in for a number of days of serious discomfort.

The gloves within the swimsuit made the entirety harder.  I pulled the previous few pieces out of the locker and tossed my garments and the backpack inside of earlier than locking it.  Now I had no get right of entry to to both the mobile phone or my ID.  There was once little or no that I may do to get assist if I attempted to go away now.

There have been a couple of small locks, a thick rubber collar, heavy, hinged handcuffs, and a collection of leg irons.  It was once evident that the swimsuit’s shoulder zippers had been made to fasten to the collar which, in flip, can be locked round my neck.  There can be no method out of the swimsuit with out the keys to these locks.  I hesitated, however then resigned myself to my destiny.  The hood was once placing from the entrance of the swimsuit and it was once most effective then that I spotted that it had just a mouth opening and nostril holes.  There have been no eye openings.  I used to be going to be totally blind as soon as the hood was once in position.  That scared me greater than anything else; however, it sounds as if, my dick idea it was once thrilling as I doubled over from its newest try to get exhausting.

I set the locks and collar on most sensible of the footlocker so I may in finding them simply and began to tug the hood up over my head.  As I had suspected it was once tighter than anything else that I had worn earlier than and perceived to shape a vacuum seal by the point it snapped into position round my head.  I may breathe simply sufficient, however I used to be already beginning to sweat and that will most effective worsen.

I fumbled round for the collar and struggled with it for a very long time earlier than I used to be in a position to get it locked in-place.  Getting the small locks onto the zipper pulls after which locked to the collar perceived to take an hour.  The gloves made it exhausting to make the advantageous actions essential, however they, too, had been locked in position.

I paused a second to believe my state of affairs.  I used to be now locked inside a rubber swimsuit and not using a strategy to get out.  It dawned on me that despite the fact that I had the keys, I doubt I may maneuver them with the gloves to unencumber the little padlocks.  What a dumb fuck I’m, I believed.  Right here I’m in an entire stranger’s rental, trapped inside of a rubber jail and blind.  It was once all an excessive amount of and I virtually screamed for assist.  However the one one that would listen me was once the only guy that will by no means let me out till the agreed 3 days had handed.  There was once no secure phrase.  I had agreed to let him regulate each side of my confinement for the following 3 days.

Deflated, I felt round for the leg irons and snapped them on.  I used to be cautious to not over tighten them and I attempted to be all ears to the truth that they weren’t double locked as I moved to a kneeling place.  The hinged cuffs had been tricky to fasten on in the back of my again, however I used to be in a position to sooner or later get them snapped on as smartly.  In order that was once that.  Even supposing I sought after to there was once now no method that I may even get out of his rental.  Any hint of freedom was once now long gone.  I used to be his to do with as he happy.

No less than he didn’t make me wait lengthy.  I used to be startled after I felt the gag press in opposition to my lips.  Without a selection I opened my mouth to a heavy, rubber, tube gag.  He pulled the straps tight and I heard the lock snap close.  It held my tongue down and my jaws open.  Even supposing I sought after to I wouldn’t be capable to do greater than moan.  He then proceeded to double lock the cuffs and and not using a phrase dragged me to my toes and led me additional into the rental.  He driven me to my knees and I may listen him rummaging round however, with out sight, had no thought what he was once doing.

I discovered quickly sufficient, regardless that, as he made me move slowly ahead till I used to be acutely aware of bars.  After some maneuvering I heard the door slam.  I used to be in a cage.  The sound of the padlock locking me in seemed like a gunshot to me.  It had simply long gone from unhealthy to worse.  I used to be trapped in such a lot of ways in which I couldn’t even believe some way out.  I used to be so deep at his mercy that I began to panic.  My respiring was once ragged and I used to be sweating extraordinarily within the swimsuit.  My eyes stung as sweat bumped into them and I began to thrash round and moan into the gag.

He let me combat for somewhat some time earlier than grabbing my hooded head during the bars and, in as few phrases as imaginable, telling me to forestall.  Running myself right into a lather was once most effective going to make it worse for me.  There was once no method I used to be going to be let loose of the cage or the restraints.  If I struggled anymore the 3 days would possibly grow to be 5 or extra.

He driven my head again exhausting and I may listen him stroll away.  It took a while, however I used to be in a position to chill out.  All I may call to mind was once the truth that I had carried out this solely to myself.

I driven him to provide me this chance.  I despatched him essentially the most embarrassing, bare, chastity caged, cock sucking footage that I may believe.  And I made the go back and forth right here below his regulations.  He would possibly grasp the keys, however there was once nobody else in charge however myself.

I spent lots of the subsequent 3 days in that cage.  Foods had been few and most commonly protein shakes.  He was once beneficiant with water, however that most effective supposed I needed to piss so much; one thing that he managed.  It was once exhausting to get used to pissing right into a bottle that he held whilst I used to be sitting within the cage.  He allowed me workout and, even though it felt just right to be out of the cage and in a position to stretch out, he made positive that I used to be driven exhausting.  Take a seat-ups, push-ups, operating in position, till I’d were dripping sweat if it wasn’t all trapped throughout the swimsuit.

I used to be gagged as a rule.  Once in a while with the cruel rubber tube gag, different instances with a small ball gag or a rubber penis gag.  I used to be no longer allowed to talk a phrase for all of the time I used to be locked up.  I knew that if I attempted, he would have put me in a punishment place.  One thing that he did that first day to turn me what would occur if I hesitated to obey.

The cage had a integrated head inventory within the entrance door.  With my head locked in position he used inflexible restraints to tug me legs and arms during the bars of the cage.  Sitting in that place temporarily turned into painful and my joints had been burning by the point I used to be launched.

My dick hardly attempted to get exhausting; the truth of my state of affairs trumped the sexual delusion.  However the spikes from the gates of intrigue endured to do their paintings.  I spent 3 days in expanding agony because the rubber swimsuit endured to push the spikes exhausting in opposition to the bottom of my dick.  In my thoughts’s eye all I may see was once my uncooked, crimson, and mangled dick.  I started to wonder whether it will live to tell the tale intact.

He spoke little except for when ordering me about.  I used to be left and not using a gag or handcuffs to sleep, however there wasn’t sufficient room within the cage to stretch out.  I sooner or later was once so drained that I handed out and woke up scared and perplexed till I remembered the place I used to be.  Time handed glacially sluggish.  I regretted getting myself into this example and I temporarily misplaced observe of time.  Quickly I started to imagine that the 3 days had come and long gone.  Was once he going to stay me as his prisoner without end?

When he had me move slowly out of the cage for the remaining time and I discovered myself kneeling at the hardwood ground of his hallway, I used to be virtually shaking with reduction.  {The handcuffs} had been got rid of, then the leg cuffs, after which he positioned a small key in my hand.


“That’s the important thing to the collar and the locks at the zipper pulls.  You are going to be loose to head once you unencumber them and take away that swimsuit.”


I in an instant panicked.  The locks had been so small that I may hardly ever really feel them during the gloves and my arms had been sore from being locked up.  I knew that I wouldn’t ever be capable to get the ones locks off myself.  I fumbled round with the important thing for a very long time looking to get it into one of the crucial locks.  It slipped out of my hand and I used to be not able to search out it at the ground.  The gloves had been too thick.  I slumped over and I felt him snatch my arm and pull it in the back of my again to reapply the hand cuffs.  I’d have struggled, however I used to be damaged.  He had me and there was once not anything that I may do about it.

He pulled me up and led me again into the rental the place I knew the cage awaited.  We stopped and he temporarily spun me round again into the hallway.  The cuffs had been unlocked and I felt him unencumber and take away the collar.  He pulled the shoulder zips open after which walked a couple of steps away.


“Your garments and the entirety you want to get house are within the footlocker.  Take that swimsuit off, step into the toilet in your left and bathe and blank up, then dress and depart.  Pull the rental door close in the back of you as I’m leaving now.  You are going to no longer see me earlier than you move.”


With that I heard the rental door slam.  I needed to combat to get the hood off and was once in an instant blinded by means of the dim mild.  It felt so just right to get it off!  By way of yanking and pulling on the swimsuit I sooner or later controlled to get the rattling factor off.  I reeked of rubber and sweat, however I used to be loose!  I discovered contemporary garments within the footlocker together with the backpack.  There was once a airplane price ticket, $50, and directions again to the airport.  I had only some hours to get there once I checked the time at the mobile phone within the pack.  As I stepped into the bathe I spotted that the cock cage was once nonetheless locked on, however the water felt so just right I figured I’d unencumber it as soon as I used to be wiped clean up.  The spikes had made visual marks and it was once rattling sore, however there didn’t seem to be any severe harm down there.

After I had dried off, I rummaged thru the entirety that he had left for me however there was once no key to the cock cage.  I did, then again, discover a notice within the pocket of the denims that mentioned that he would mail me the important thing and to experience the previous few days of being cock-locked!  Bastard!

I stepped out into the hallway considering I’d be capable to in finding one thing in his rental to chop it off.  However there was once any other locked door on the finish of the corridor which avoided me from getting access to the remainder of the rental.  Bastard!

I checked the time once more and learned that I had higher get going or I would possibly omit the flight.  Pulling the door close in the back of me I retraced my steps to the teach.  I stuck my breath as I watched the surroundings fly by means of on tips on how to the airport.

Then it hit me.  I felt completely bare with out that 2nd pores and skin of rubber hugging my each curve.  The restrictiveness of that swimsuit was once one thing that I hated in the beginning, however now I overlooked it extraordinarily.  For the primary time in days my dick struggled to lifestyles and I cringed from the ache.  However the ache jogged my memory of him and the way he had given me precisely what I had fantasied about for goodbye.

I by no means noticed him all of the time that he had me locked up.  I by no means uttered a phrase to him all of the time.  However now I owed him a debt of gratitude for containing me prisoner.  For locking me in that swimsuit.

Now I most effective questioned how lengthy it will be earlier than I could possibly do it once more!

Urinal Boy 6: Service With A Smile

I wasn't sure if I should tell Dad or Adam about my new friend Randy. With my father and brother, my role was always to serve them, but with Randy it was different. We were equals. We understood each other. We had fun. Somehow I worried that Dad and Adam wouldn't approve. It might make them really jealous. But then, I knew Randy would want to service them too, and that they might enjoy having another Urinal Boy around. I was thinking about these things when Dad picked me up from school that Friday. "Get up here in front with me, Jaden," my dad instructed me when I was about to get in the back seat, "and keep your clothes on. For now, anyway. Oh, Adam went off with some of his friends this weekend, so it's just you and me." Soon my dad pulled the car into a parking space in front of a convenience store. I knew my dad had something planned for me, just like Adam did at the gas station a few weeks ago. I looked at my dad's crotch. Sure enough, his cock was straining through his jeans. Did he want me to suck him right in the parking lot where everyone could see us? "What are you waiting for, Jaden? Start blowing, you little fuck!" I unbuckled my safety belt and leaned over to unzip my dad's pants. I took his fat dick in my hand and bent my head down to start licking the head. His dick was a little smelly, so I knew he hadn't showered that day. Secretly I was thrilled to think that people were passing by the car to go into the convenience store and probably didn't even notice what we were doing. It seemed to turn my dad on, too. He was harder than usual, and it didn't take too long before he was ready to cum. Every few minutes I'd poke my head up to see if anyone could see us. Dad would just put his hand on my head and guide it back down onto his cock. "Never mind that, Jaden, just keep your mouth on my dick." When he was ready to cum he began to buck in the seat, spearing the back of my throat. I was getting more and more excited when I finally felt the sticky liquid building up around my tonsils. Then my dad grabbed my hair and yanked my head up, his cum squirting all over my face and getting into my left eye. It stung like a bastard, but I knew my dad would be mad if I complained. I looked up and smiled at my dad, squinting out of my left eye and wiping the cum out of it with the back of my hand. I could feel the rest of the cum dripping on my cheeks, nose, lips and chin. "Okay, Jaden," my dad said, handing me a $10. "Go in there and get me a pack of cigarettes. Lucky Strike." "But Dad, you know I'm too young to buy cigarettes! I'll get carded!" I also had no idea that my dad smoked. "Just do it, Jaden! Get in there and don't come out till you get my cigarettes!" I was just about to wipe my dad's cum off my face with my sleeve when he grabbed my arm. "Don't you dare wipe it off! Go in there just like you are!" Aah, so that was the deal! First it was Adam's trick of throwing away my clothes at the gas station to humiliate me, and now this! I couldn't think of anything more challenging than trying to talk the guy behind the counter into selling me a pack of cigarettes, especially with fresh jizz all over my face. Both Dad and Adam were pretty skilled in the art of humiliation. Inside the convenience store there was a lady buying scratch-off lottery tickets. I went to the magazine section and started looking at the sexy boys in Tiger Beat magazine. I decided the safest thing to do was to keep my face hidden in a magazine until the lady left. She seemed to take forever. When she finally left I approached the cash register, hoping no other customers would come in until I was out of there. Hanging my head down, I placed the crumpled-up $10 on the counter. "Pack of Lucky Strikes please" I mumbled. "Gotta see id." "For my dad." "Told ya, kid, I gotta see id. No id, no smokes. There's no way you're eighteen. And look at me when I talk to ya." I looked up at the cashier. He couldn't have been much more than eighteen himself. He was wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, and a hemp necklace. He had short blond hair spiked up with gel and would have been quite handsome if he didn't have very bad acne. Actually, something about the guy's bad complexion really turned me on. It reminded me of some of my brother's friends that I enjoyed servicing, and made him seem kind of raw and sexy. "What the fuck you got all over your face, kid?" I didn't answer him. He looked closer. "Holy shit! Is that what I think it is? Did some dude just shoot a load all over your face? Fuck!" I still didn't answer him. "So you're like a little faggot, right? Like to play the skin flute?" He snickered, then he grabbed his crotch, which was right at the level of the counter. "Bet you'd like to get a piece of this, wouldn't you?" I still didn't answer him. "You want this, don't you? Hey listen, you little homo, if you really want those cigarrettes you gotta come back here give me some real good head! You like that, don't you?" I swallowed hard. I knew what I had to do. "Yeah, I wanna taste your cock!" I told him. "I want you to shoot your load all over my face. Or down my throat. However you like it." "The cigarettes are $7.50 a pack." I handed him the money. He gave me the change, but didn't give me the cigarettes. "Get back here, fag. Come around that way." I was behind the counter and on my knees in a flash. The pimply, hormonal teenager was really turning me on. I loved his smell when I got really close to him. He had a strong body odor coming from his armpits that he tried to cover up with liberal amounts of Axe body spray. The smell of this hot, feral boy mixed with the cheap body spray was really sexy, somehow sexier than either the sweaty pits or the body spray alone. Dad and Adam never wore any sort of cologne or deodorant, so this was a new sensory experience for me. Eagerly I began to rub my face all over his jeans, feeling his bulge pressing against my cheek. At this point things had happened so quickly that I had begun to suspect that my dad had planned this whole thing. Maybe this convenience store guy was one of Adam's friends. When I got his cock out of his jeans, I was a little alarmed at how huge it was. Now don't get me wrong. My dad's cock is pretty big, and I'm usually much happier sucking a fat cock that can gag me than a little weenie, but this thing was unnaturally large for such a skinny kid. But this thing was way too much to handle. "Bet you ain't never seen a cock as big as that, have you?" I hadn't. How big was it? 10 inches, maybe even 11 or 12. "It's huge!" I gasped. So there I was, on my knees behind the counter with all the lottery tickets and Hustler magazines, trying to wrap my hand around this huge, veiny uncut monster cock. I might add that all of the guys in my family, including myself, are circumcised. I know this, of course, because I had been giving Adam and Dad head since I was six years old. But plenty of Adam's friends and Dad's co-workers at the furniture warehouse were uncut, so it wasn't like I hadn't had any experience with an uncut cock before. I usually just slid the foreskin down and licked the cock head like it was an ice cream cone. I tried doing that with this one, but the foreskin was very tight and I couldn't move it at all. I tried a little harder to pull the foreskin down, but it still wouldn't budge. It was stuck there. I gave up because I was afraid that I might hurt the guy. Whenever I'd suck my brother's cock, he'd usually smack me if he felt my teeth or if I sucked his nuts too hard. I didn't feel like getting hit by this guy, so I just decided to go on with the blowjob. So I opened wide and got as much of it as I could in my mouth, which wasn't very much. The guy's cock smelled and tasted great. He wasn't very clean and his cock had a nice, sweaty, pissy flavor. I impaled myself on his cock, but could only get about halfway down. I could smell a strong funk coming from the guy's wiry, reddish pubic hair. I was really digging the smell, so I decided to take his cock out of my mouth and bury my nose in his pubic hair. I worked my nose and tongue down from his pubic hair to his balls, putting the whole sac in my mouth and teasing it with my tongue the way my brother liked. The guy started to moan. I moved my tongue further down between his legs. I could detect the faint smell of shit from his asshole, which I was getting closer to. One thing about my brother Adam, he never wipes his ass really clean. That's why he has all those skid marks on his underwear that I like to sniff and lick when I'm doing the laundry. What always happens with Adam is that he goes around all day after a half-assed ass-wiping and his hole starts to get sticky and itchy. On Friday nights when I rush to greet Adam by crawling naked on my hands and knees and kissing his cock through his crotch, sometimes he'll stop me from worshipping his cock right away. He'll say, "Jaden, give my ass a tongue-wiping first. It's really itchy." I happily lick all the crusty shit and sweat from around his hole until Adam is satisfied. Just from the smell coming from this guy's ass, I knew he had the same problem as Adam. I felt bad for him, having to stand at the cash register all night with an itchy hole and nobody to clean it for him. I put my hands on the guy's hips and tried to get him to turn around for me to access his asshole. "What do you want?" "I wanna lick your ass." "You dig my ass, you filthy little perv?" "I wanna wipe it clean for you with my tongue." He looked irritated. "Okay, fine." He turned around and leaned over on the counter, exposing his ass for me to lick. I spread his cheeks and began working on the slightly hairy hole. I licked from the outside in, sticking my nose in the crack and enjoying the nasty smell. To my disappointment, he got bored with my service to his anus and turned around again. "So far you've been a lousy cocksucker. Can't you do any better than that!" Now I was irritated. I knew I was a good cocksucker. My dad always told me so! I was insulted. I was now determined to show the guy that I really did know how to suck a cock. I licked from his balls, up his shaft to the tip and then opened my mouth wide. I sucked him like a vacuum cleaner. His foreskin still hadn't moved at all by this time, and I was determined to get at his cock head with my tongue. I wrapped my lips around the head and began to wiggle my tongue around the piss slit very slowly. He started to moan, so I kept it up. It took some doing, but I started to wiggle my tonge around between the foreskin and the head. Once I got my tongue in there I was rewarded with a wonderful taste. The flavor was pure, concentrated cock, piss and cum. I was getting a taste of his cock cheese, which had pretty much glued his foreskin to the head. I couldn't get enough of it. I wiggled my tongue in deeper, trying to get as much of it out as I could. It was hard work, but I really wanted to make him cum. He grabbed my head and began to face fuck me. I really love it when a guy does that to me. I was in heaven. Just then a customer came in. Instinctively I pulled away, but the guy held my head on his cock. I realized that probably nobody could see me sucking him off behind the counter, so I just tried to be as quiet as I could, with my lips still around his cock. The customer was some chick who bought some fashion magazines and a scratch-off ticket. She must have been pretty hot, because I felt the guy's dick instantly get harder in my mouth as he flirted with her. I slowly started a rhythm going on his cock, being careful not to make any noise to give us away. I could tell he was enjoying it. He gently started to thrust his hips. I could tell he was also being careful not to give us away. He gave the girl her change and as soon as I heard her leave he began fucking my face wildly. After about 30 seconds I felt his hot cum flooding the back of my throat. He grabbed my hair, pulled my head off his cock and shot his load all over my face. Then he smeared it all over my face with his cock, mixing his cum with my dad's, which had already started to dry on my face. Then he wiped his cock on my hair. I looked up at him. "Here's your smokes, you little turd." He grabbed a pack of Lucky Strikes and threw it at me. I tried to catch it but I fumbled. I picked it up off the floor. I stood up and began to walk through the part of the counter that opened up so the cashier could get in and out. The guy grabbed me by the hood of my sweatshirt. "Where's your fuckin' manners, penis breath?" "Thanks for the cigarettes." He still didn't let go. "That all?" he snarled. I'd had practice with this sort of thing, so I knew what he wanted to hear. Adam and his friends loved to make me say humiliating things after I had sucked their cocks. In fact, Adam and Cole had spent one afternoon making me say the most degrading stuff I could think of into a tape recorder. Adam would usually play the tape whenever his friends came over to get them horny before I had to service them. So it was pretty easy for me to figure out how he wanted to be thanked. "Thank you for letting me lick your ass clean for you. I loved being your toilet paper. Thank you for using me as the dirty cum rag that I am, because I know the only thing I'm good for is to be used as something for a hot guy like you to shoot his load into. Thank you so much for letting me put your beautiful cock in my mouth. I know I don't deserve to service such a fine piece of meat." "Now get the fuck out of here before I kick your ass!" When I got back to the car and gave Dad his cigarettes, he looked at all the cum dripping off my face and said, "I knew I could count on you. You're a good boy, Jaden. You didn't wipe any cum off your face and you even got some more. Now get in the back seat. I want you buck naked by the time we hit Plainfield Road." "Yea, Dad. We're gonna have fun this weekend!" I got into the back seat and Dad opened up his pack of Lucky's. I was curious about when my Dad started smoking, since I had never seen him do it before. He handed the first cigarette to me. "Go ahead, Jaden. You earned it." "But I don't smoke!" I protested. "You do now." He lit my cigarette, and then he lit his own. Then he started the car and pulled back onto the road. "Dad?" "Yes, son?" "Could we stop at that convenience store every time you pick me up for the weekend?" "If you want. I'm sure I can always find something to send you in and get for me."  

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Urinal Boy 8: Randy Sleeps Over

"There’s my dad’s car," I said to Randy as we waited outside the school next Friday afternoon. "Oh God, I’m so nervous!" he gasped. "Especially after that story you told me about what you guys did last week! I don’t think I’m ready to eat anyone’s shit just yet!" "I can’t guarantee they’ll be easy on you, but just keep in mind that whatever they make you do, I’ve had to do for them already." "Okay." My dad pulled up to the curb and Randy and I got in the back seat. "Hi Dad," I said. "This is my friend Randy. The one I told you about. We met in the boys’ restroom." "You like hanging around restrooms like my son, Randy?" "Yes, sir. Jaden and I drink from the urinals at school together sometimes!" Randy exclaimed, eager to make a good impression on my father. "That’s good, because we don’t have a place for you to sleep. You don’t mind sleeping on the cold tile floor in our bathroom, right near the toilet, do you?" "Not at all." As we got onto the highway, I began to strip naked, starting with my shoes and socks. Randy started to follow my lead and strip, too. Then my dad stopped me. "Not yet, Jaden. I need you to run into the convenience store and pick up some cigarettes for Adam. I knew what this meant. I’d have to suck off the teenage guy behind the counter again before he’d sell the cigarettes to me. Not that I minded. I loved it when I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth behind the counter. He’d be selling lottery tickets and Twinkies to customers, and none of them had any idea that I was under the counter going down on him at the same time. I remained dressed while Randy slowly continued to strip down in the back seat next to me. It thrilled me to see someone else do what I had been doing for my dad and brother for several years now. We pulled into the convenience store. Dad gave me the money. Just as I was reaching for the car door, he grabbed me by the arm. "Hold on a second, Jaden." He took out a felt-tip marker and took the cap off of it. With one hand holding my chin, he proceeded to write something on my forehead. "There," he said. "Now you can go in." I had no idea what Dad had written on my face, and I decided I wasn’t going to look in the mirror until I got back in the car. I was going to let it be a surprise. Inside the convenience store, I tried to nonchalantly meander over to the counter, hoping that none of the customers would notice me. A woman on her way out did notice me, and I could see a look of horror on her face as she read what Dad had written on my forehead. The only other person in the convenience store was a middle-aged man. He looked at me with disgust, spat and then walked past me, making a point to bump into me and shove me into a rack of Christian audio books as he stormed out. I made my way to the counter. My favorite sweaty, pimply teenaged cashier was there, as usual. I looked forward to serving him. "Oh, it’s you again. Back for more, I see?" "Yes, please." I saw him squinting as he read what was written on my forehead. "So you’re advertising now. You been walking around with that on you all day?" "No, just now." "Well, I know it’s definitely true." "It must be. My dad wrote it. I don’t even know what it says." "You sure got balls, kid!" "I’d like to lick YOUR balls," I smiled. "You came at just the right time. I was just about to go bust a nut in the john. Hey kid, can you mind the counter for a minute? I got to take a shit before we get started." "Sure. But promise me one thing." "What?" "Just don’t wipe your ass. You know I want to lick you clean." The convenience story guy smiled as I got behind the counter and he made for the rest room." My favorite sexy, pimply, sweaty convenience store clerk took his sweet time in the rest room. He took so long that I had no choice but to help several customers. I had no idea how to use the cash register, and I’m sure I looked like an idiot when I was trying to figure it out. It gave me a tingle of pleasure each time a customer noticed what my dad had written on my forehead. I especially enjoyed the awkwardness and looks of horror it produced. I especially found myself getting hard when a good-looking guy came in and read the message on my forehead. Then a really sexy blond skater boy came in. He leafed through some magazines before he picked up a package of Twinkies and walked up to the counter. Like all my other customers, he stared at my forehead in disbelief. "Are you for real?" he asked. "Yeah." "And nobody beat the shit out of you yet?" "Not yet." "Well, is that what you want? Does it like turn you on if some guy beats the shit out of you? For havin’ somethin’ like that written on your forehead?" "Not particularly." "Then what are you trying to prove?" "I dunno. That I’m not ashamed, I guess." The skater boy seemed to believe me. "Hold on a sec," he said. He walked over to the magazine rack and picked out four glossy teen magazines. They were the kind girls liked, filled with pinups of cute teen boy stars. He placed them on the counter. He was blushing. He looked quite embarrassed, but he gave me a shy smile. "Jerk off material," he said, blushing. I pointed to one of the Jonas Brothers on the cover. "He’s cute, aint he?" The skater boy looked even more embarrassed. "He’s totally fuckin’ hot!" I rang up the boy’s Twinkies and magazines. He paid for them and then started to leave. He hesitated at the door. "Hey, what’s your number?" he asked, pulling out his cell phone. I gave him my number, which he put into his phone. "Thanks," he said. "I might just give you a call sometime." My convenience store clerk came out of the toilet and joined me behind the counter. "Okay, on your knees and start licking my ass. I’m saving toilet paper by using you instead." "Thank you so much!" I undid his belt and slid his pants down, revealing his muscular, pimply butt. I could smell the fresh shit already. I spread his ass cheeks and inspected the brown streaks around his butt crack. I decided to slowly lick from the outside in, starting at the cheek and ending up with my tongue in his puckered hole. I spent a good five minutes using my tongue to dig the shit out of every crease, ridge and pucker of his anus, and wiggled my tongue around his hole a bit for good measure. I wrapped my lips around the pucker and sucked on it for a bit. He seemed to enjoy that, pressing my face further into his ass with his hand. I savored the bittersweet taste of his shit on my tongue. I had to keep swallowing my shitty saliva as I licked. Eventually his hole was clean, and I turned around to suck his cock. "Oh no you don’t," he said. "Not after you’ve been licking my ass!" He grabbed a box of condoms from the shelf behind him. "Here," he said, handing me the box. "Put the rubber on before you start working on my cock. Dutifully, I opened the condom package, took one out and unrolled it onto his cock. It was pre-lubricated. I sniffed it. I didn’t like the rubbery, chemical smell. I had never actually used a condom before. Condoms were forbidden at Dad’s house. I began sucking on the condom-covered cock. I didn’t like it at all. The smell and taste of the rubber made me gag. But still, I went on with it, sucking him as best as I could. I guess he was really horny from my licking his ass. I had only just begun sucking him when he grabbed my head and started face-fucking me violently. I knew that when a guy started doing that to me the only thing I could do was relax my throat and hold on. It wasn’t pleasant to have him ride my throat like that, but I just waited patiently until I heard him moan. Then he thrust his dick as far as it would go down my throat. I felt it pulse and fill the condom with sperm. I carefully took the condom off his cock, being sure not to spill the precious fluid. I wiped his cock head off with a napkin and then drank the contents of the condom, tossing it into the wastebasket afterwards. Once I had done my duty, my convenience store clerk sold me the cigarettes and rudely kicked me out of the store. I joined Dad and Randy in the car. Dad noticed that I was trying to get a look at myself in the rear-view mirror, trying to see what nasty thing he had written on my forehead. "Don’t look now, Jaden," he said. "Let it be a surprise." As we got onto the highway, Randy and I began to undress each other in the backseat. Another fun weekend had begun. I was showing Randy how we did laundry at my dad’s house. "The underwear and the socks are what’s important," I explained to him. "Everything else can just go right in the washing machine. But once we’ve sorted the underwear and socks, they’ve got to be pre-treated." "My mom uses one of those stain sticks to pre-treat the laundry," Randy said. "Okay," I said, holding a badly stained pair of white jockey-shorts up to the light, "this one’s Adam’s. He’s a size 28. Dad’s a size 34. That’s how you can tell. Looks pretty stained, huh?" "I’m getting hard just looking at it!" Randy giggled. I could tell he desperately wanted to sniff the skid mark. "Okay, pre-treating is simple," I continued to explain. "This is all you do," I said, taking the underwear and putting the shit-stained part of it in my mouth. I sucked the shitty skid mark for a few seconds to demonstrate. "Oh fuck," Randy gasped, his eyes wide open. "This is how you do laundry around here?!! I’m gonna pre-treat all my brother’s undies for him when I get home!" I handed Randy the pair that I had already been sucking on. "Here, work on these for a while. I’m gonna start sucking the sweat out of Dad’s socks." Randy and I spent most of the morning sucking the shit and piss stains out of the pile of underwear in the laundry basket. I noticed that Randy especially liked sucking the sweat out of Adam’s dirty socks. Some of Adam’s socks were so filthy they could have stood on end. Since we were naked, we could both see how hard the laundry work was making our cocks. Randy turned to me. "So they don’t let you jack off?" he asked. "When I’m here, it’s my job to serve Dad and Adam. I’m not allowed to please myself in any way." "Gosh, this must drive you nuts! Watching you blow your brother last night was too damn hot! I’m so horned up I can’t stand it! I need some release soon or I’m gonna burst! My balls hurt!" "You get used to it." "Say," Randy said, giving me a sneaky look, "those guys are out of the house right now. Why dontcha blow me? They’d never know." "I dunno. It’s against the rules." "It’s against the rules for you, but not for me," Randy insisted. "I’m just a guest. Come on, blow me why dontcha?" "Trust me, it’s more exciting if you keep yourself horny and frustrated. On Monday we can meet up after school and you’ll be ready to explode." "I’m ready to explode now. So is this really what you do every weekend? You’re like their slave!" "Well, every other weekend." "But I mean, this is the routine, right?" "Yeah, I take off my clothes in the car. No clothes, no shower, no brushing my teeth, no leaving the house. Only eating from my dog bowl and only drinking from the toilet bowl." "Serving their every whim." "Yeah. Cleaning up after them, cooking for them. All that stuff." "Dude, I’m so horny right now. If you don’t blow me I’m gonna jack myself off." "Don’t. They might come in any minute and catch you." "Well, how long are they gonna be gone for? And where did they go?" "They never tell me. They always keep me guessing." "This is torture!" "I know. They are pretty good with their dirty tricks. Like hiding all the mirrors in the house so I still have no idea what Dad wrote on my forehead. I was in that convenience store the whole time not knowing what it said, but it must have been something pretty nasty because it sure freaked people out!" "If you blow me, I’ll tell you what it says," "Nah. I’ll find out when they want me to find out." I picked up another pair of underwear and began to lick at the skid mark. Randy began working on another pair of socks. We were both on the floor, on our knees in front of the laundry basket. I put the underwear on top of the pile of laundry and buried my face in it. Then I smelled the sweaty armpit of one of Adam’s t-shirts, and I buried my nose in the t-shirt, enjoying the heavenly scent. As I did so, I turned so that my butt was facing Randy. I leaned forward into the laundry basket so that my ass was up a little. I knew that Randy was in the perfect position to view my exposed but thole. It didn’t take long before Randy dropped the socks and made his way to my butt, cautiously sniffing and then licking my hole. I was starting to get hard again as I felt his tongue slide in and out like a piston. I continued to sniff and suck at the dirty items in the laundry basket while I let Randy get his pleasure from licking and sucking my ass. I could hear him jacking himself off and when I could tell he was about to cum I pulled my ass away from his face. "Dammit, Jaden! I was just about to shoot!" "I know! That’s why I stopped you." "No fair!" "Save your tongue for the laundry. And besides, your mouth is going to get a workout when Dad and Adam get home." "Now I’m thirsty." "You know where the toilet is. Go get yourself a drink." "Okay." When Dad and Adam got home, they decided to put Randy on toilet paper duty. Since he had to sleep in the bathroom anyway, Randy’s job was to spend most of the weekend in the bathroom sitting on the little rug in front of the toilet. Only I was privileged to suck cock and drink cum. But Randy couldn’t really complain. Randy had to wait and wait until someone had to take a shit, and then he got to lick their but tholes clean for them. And he had plenty of piss to drink. I’ll have to admit that Randy was a good ass kicker, as he cleaned mine a number of times that weekend. Since we couldn’t bathe, shower or brush our teeth for the whole weekend, Randy and I had started to stink pretty badly. Randy’s breath wasn’t the greatest, especially since his tongue had been on toilet paper duty. My own face and ass were smeared with dried cum and piss, as Dad and Adam had used me at both ends several times that weekend. But we did have to scrub ourselves up before Dad brought me to my mom’s house and Randy to his parents’ house. So the two of us took a bath together, taking plenty of time to finger each other’s but tholes and soap each other’s hard-on’s up, stopping right when we were about to cum. Neither of us had had an orgasm the whole weekend, and we couldn’t wait until Monday after school when we would meet each other in the woods and finally get our release. While we were in the middle of our bath, Adam came into the bathroom with a little hand mirror. "I thought you might like to see what Dad wrote on your face before you wash it off," he said, handing the mirror to me. I finally held the mirror up to my face and saw what Dad had written on my forehead — what I had been walking around with for the whole weekend!  

Other Parts of the Urinal Boy Series: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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