The Dice Game

I was attempting to figure out how long a bondage session should last, and I just couldn’t decide on a time.


No matter what number I thought of, it seemed either too short or too long. It was then I got the idea to let FATE decide.



While this particular game was used to determine how long I would be locked in a cage, it could be used to determine how long one would wear a chastity belt, or any number of other scenarios.


The “game” is quite simple, and simply involves rolling a pair of dice to determine how long the bondage session will last…


Odd (2+3 for example) equals weeks


Even (2+4) equals months


Pairs (2+2) equals years


Snake eyes (1+1) throw away the key.


An added twist….


If you want to get super crazy, once the original term has been served, The game can be repeated, but the second time, the stakes are doubled.


Play a third time, and the stakes are tripled. These multiplying affects can get out of hand quickly though. In preparing this post, I ran a test roll to see what 3 rolls could potentially bring:




1 – 3 (4 months)


3 – 5 (8 months doubled = 16 months)


4 – 4 (8 years tripled = 24 years)


Grand total almost 25 years had this been an actual real life game with real life consequences. Of course, I would consider myself pretty lucky to find myself locked in a cage that long.


When can we start?

The Lengthy Denial Section 2

The entire dynamic of the connection between you and James has vastly modified since that night time. For starters James stored the chastity cage on you repeatedly and he began dressed in the important thing, your key, on his necklace like a way accent or a mark of dominance in your lifestyles. With that key now in his ownership he began to stay extending the duration between every liberate to a virtually maddening period of time.

To start with it was once only a 5 day paintings week, with a complete liberate on Friday nights and recaging on Sundays. Then one Friday some a non-public match got here up with you and also you requested, pleaded, to reschedule for Saturday. Which James was once glad to house.The next week, despite the fact that you have been loose for Friday night time, James held you on your now customary Saturday releases.

A couple of weeks later, James was once out of the town for a Friday/Saturday shuttle and your scheduled liberate day changed into Sunday afternoons, simply earlier than you have been recaged for the beginning of the brand new week. Then there have been some weeks the place James would ghost you for all of the Sunday, most effective to answer you that Monday morning.

You, for higher or worse, have began to bodily and mentally adapt to the brand new adjustments along with your lifestyles. Along with your frame slowly forestall getting sore from the consistent pull from the load of the cage and your thoughts for probably the most phase, simply accepting that that is how it’s now. You even stuck your self a couple of instances even forgetting that you simply had your cock and balls helplessly locked away in an unforgiving steel cage.

You had additionally slowly were given keep an eye on of your urges they usually didn’t transform that a lot of a distraction with paintings and your productiveness however all that psychological fortitude is going out the window when James is round. Simply listening to his voice pushes you into overdrive, and doesn’t lend a hand that he has repeatedly began upping this dominance over you by way of swing by way of paintings to discuss with you, flirting with you round your paintings buddies and ever so casually flashing your key on his necklace.

The worst phase was once when James would begin to invite himself on your position after his shift and spend the night time there looking at TV, enjoying in your recreation methods and snacking in your meals, all the time unannounced. Whilst he was once there he would all the time habits himself so playfully and painfully unaware of your rising agony and anticipation, even going so daring as to whip out his personal dick and get started rubbing in proper subsequent to you in your settee. He was once all the time be offering when you sought after to suck if, “when you truly sought after.” he would all the time tag on on the finish with mock sincerity.

Some nights when you went down on him James would liberate you and can help you excitement your self to crowning glory as a ‘particular deal with’. Different nights he would end deep at the back of your mouth, then zip up his pants and proceed the night time striking out in your settee, like not anything ever took place.

This Thursday was once a type of nights and shortly he began to stand up and make his approach against the door with hardly ever a point out or a thank you. You have got discovered to check out to stay your self sane throughout the ones nights you have been locked away on my own at your house, however you have been nonetheless seeking to regulate your self for the disgruntlement of a fruitless night time after he ‘gives’ you to suck him off. It’s been this 3rd week locked in, with the previous two Sunday’s James purposefully ghosting you. With all that mounting force and frustration of being denied an opportunity to climax another time you after all snap, “When are you going to let me fucking Cum!?” you shout at him as he’s about to open the door.

Large mistake.

James stopped mid step in his stride, along with his again to you, you might be undecided if he was once surprised, shocked or indignant at your out of line remark. After a terrifying second of silence from James, he became round and addressed you in an icy chilly remark, “If you wish to cum such a lot. Then you definately’ll get precisely that, day after today”

Nervousness accompanied you for the next paintings day. ‘What did he imply by way of that remark?’ ‘does he have one thing deliberate?’ ‘is he truly going to let me out and cum, simply because i stood as much as him?’ All the ones ideas and extra stored floating on your head as you attempted your very best to concentrate on the day-to-day paintings duties of your activity.

Pondering, borderline hoping that James would now not apply thru along with his promise remaining night time. However because the clock caught remaining time, at the dot, you won a textual content message from James. All it stated was once “Head over. It’s time to unencumber you for the night time.”

You catch your self that specialize in the remaining a part of the message, unlocked for the night time? You haven’t been unlocked for that lengthy in months. Normally James relocks you once you end cleansing up in your Sunday night time releases. Your center begins to race with pleasure, praying that it’s now not a trick.

You hurriedly get into your automobile and race at once to James area however as you stepped from your automobile all that enthusiasm and pleasure was once drowned out by way of dread and hesitation of what’s precisely goes to occur at the different aspect of the entrance door. Weighing your choices of this example of going thru with this or simply ditching his direct invitation, With a pressure out of your cage you recognize that leaving now would reason far more bother for you later. He may even break your key when you stood him up.

You’re taking a deep breath, pass to ring the doorbell

James opened the door right away with a grin and your key in hand. Prior to may just even say a phrase, he grabbed by way of the collar of your paintings blouse and dragged you in the course of the doorway. You get the impact that he was once status at the different aspect of the door, ready as you have been caught in considered your scenario.

He forcefully pulls you in and brings you instantly into the lounge and throws you at the sofa. With James looming over you, staring you down, he after all shall we out the phrases, “So that you don’t love it going see you later with out cumming, isn’t that proper?” You sheepishly attempt to express regret and backpedal earlier than he cuts you off, “No we each heard your little outburst the day gone by. I assume 3 weeks is slightly too lengthy for you,” you blush in embarrassment and solid your eyes downward.

“That’s why I determined this weekend, I’m going to devote all of my time and effort making you cum again and again” You perk up in disbelief, you virtually didn’t consider your eyes as you noticed James knelt on his knees down directly to the ground under you as he began unzipping your pants and peeling off your pants and underpants to show your chastity cage. With the silver key in hand he is going in to unencumber it and you’re feeling absolute reduction as you revel in that jail get got rid of out of your frame and listen to the steel clattering sound of the cage touchdown at the flooring. Your cock rushes to face erect with it’s new discovered freedom as you’re feeling the comfortable contact of Jame’s palms get started massaging your balls with knowledgeable care.

You set free an extended moan as your frame realizes that it’s in fact loose and begins pumping increasingly more blood down against your cock for an extended wanted erection. James therapeutic massage slowly remodeled right into a complete on handjob, and he skillfully runs his palms up and down your whole shaft, as he coos candy phrases of care as he attends to you.

It didn’t take lengthy to your balls to start out pumping out top rate precum, that began swelling up at the tip of your cock and began cascading downwards over James’s repeatedly shifting palms. “Oh you’re truly pent up, aren’t you? I haven’t observed this a lot from you in ages, and that is just the beginning of all of it.” You sigh with settlement as you shut your eyes and throw your head again at the settee, taking in each superb second of this revel in.

It didn’t take lengthy earlier than it was once time so that you can cum. Your muscular tissues begin to twitch whilst you catch James asking the query, “You’re getting shut, aren’t you?” You moan in settlement and also you heard probably the most wonderful reaction “that’s alright, simply let all of it out.” You didn’t wish to be ordered to take action however your frame starts the method of your lengthy awaited climax, you’re feeling the sluggish force that was once construction inside you begins to extend at a fast tempo you shut your eyes close, soak up a deep breath and get ready for the discharge.

Simply because the cum begins to make its approach up and from your cock, you’re feeling one thing icy chilly is pressed proper on the most sensible of your dick, and every other frozen one thing pressed at the candy spot in your taint. You set free a began yelp as your frame instinctively clenches, which led to a complete shutdown of your cumshot. Your eyes spring open as you snap your neck down to look what in fact is going on.

Along with your blurred imaginative and prescient you spot James having a look again up at you, with a smirk on his face and an ice dice in every hand, urgent down arduous in your taint and cock head. You glance in regret as you spot your treasured cumshot get started unfortunately dribbling down your shaft.

In surprise and horror you take a look at James useless within the eyes. All he does is snigger, “You in truth idea you have been going to get a climax, scot-free, after you talked to me like that? Suppose once more” As he will get up, wiping his rainy hand in your pant legs

“Now pay attention,” he says as he plops proper down at the settee, throwing one in all his arm over you. “I’ve each purpose to devote my complete time and effort this weekend making you cum non forestall, That was once true. However I by no means stated that you simply have been going to benefit from the revel in.”

True to his phrase, he was once in your cock from that Friday night time to Sunday night time. Continuously bringing as much as complete mast earlier than discovering a method to destroy your climax. He was once smartly ready too, but even so ice, he has warmth packs, scrubby sponges and thick coarse leather-based gloves to accompany his hand jobs.

Later within the weekend he would handcuff you to the mattress and rotate all the ones strategies whilst you have been blindfolded, you to stay you at nighttime of what would come subsequent. He additionally broke out his personal vibrators to toy with you, to get your cock to face again up however he would both crank the vibration environment to max simply as you started to cum or would abruptly take away all of them on the remaining second, simply whilst you wanted it probably the most. You couldn’t make a decision which one was once the worst revel in

Quickly Sunday night time after all got here, after you probably did extra instances than that you must rely. Drained and spent all you’ll do is simply zone out at the sofa as James was once off making ready, what you hope wasn’t every other try to destroy every other one in all your orgasms.

When he returned he was once retaining your cage. With what it constitute you set free a sigh of reduction realizing that this was once all going to return to an finish, you wordlessly swing your legs open, letting him simple get entry to on your cock and balls.

As you heard the clicking of confinement James delivers you a robust phrase of caution, “Now don’t ever question me when you’ll climax once more, you understand I’m excellent for it. In case you ever snap at me once more, in poor health remember to fuck you so right kind that you simply get your orgasm, whilst nonetheless locked away on your cage. Do i make myself transparent?”

“Sure sir” you answer with renewed servitude

Recon Profile Archive April 2020

I have been very lucky to have a close friend help me explore various scenes, and by far my favorite has been the times he’s kept me locked inside a cage, sometimes for up to two weeks at a time.

I can top as well as bottom so even though this ad is geared toward the slave end, don’t let that stop you from contacting me with other interests. I’m also seeking watersports partners.

I found that even when he would “let me go” I tended to gravitate back into the cage, as that’s where I felt secure and happy. My life circumstances make this a perfect time to explore taking this experience to the next level.

That friend is not able to play any more, and I wish to take this experience to the next level. The hardest part is defining exactly what that level should be, so I devised a “game” which would help determine my next “sentence”. Of course, I also would need to find someone willing to keep me there…


The “game” is quite simple, and simply involves rolling a pair of dice to determine how long I’ll spend locked inside…

Odd (2+3 for example) equals weeks
Even (2+4) equals months
Pairs (2+2) equals years
Snake eyes (1+1) lock the door and throw away the key.

My preference would be a “forever” situation, but that is not a deal breaker. I am free to relocate anywhere in the US. Distance, however equals commitment. Moving 2000 miles for a 3 week stay just isn’t feasible for me.

While I definitely prefer cage bondage, I fully assume that you will have your own ideas and I’m anxious to hear them.

The “scene” isn’t high on the list of important factors. Leather, rubber, uniforms… I am open for anything (almost).

I may be spending the rest of my life in a 3 x 4 x 5 cage (with space between the bars to enable me to stretch of course), Perhaps you have a large basement and you desire to lock a collar and chain around my neck and attach the chain to the wall or ceiling. Circumstances may require multiple locations even.

As long as I am physically prevented from leaving, I will be perfectly content.

While there are multiple reasons for seeking a longer term commitment, I talked a guy in a similar situation who convinced me that long term is best for me. He says that if you know you are under your masters control for a limited time (no matter the length) that there is always a piece of you thinking of what you will do when you have been unlocked. (He has been locked inside a cage for 15 years, and is only released for a couple of hours per month. I was able to chat with him, as he runs a blog from inside).

He said that if, however, you know from the very beginning that the “click” you hear as your master places the final lock in its place which binds you forever is the sweetest sound you’ll ever hear & that the only thing you think about is how to please your master. Serving for the next 10 minutes, days, weeks, or years then going away just isn’t the same.

While I’ve always been interested in a lifetime arrangement, he convinced me it was the right thing for me. That level of commitment, where I literally devote the rest of my life to someone (who ironically has the preserve joy of not letting me leave, even if I wanted to) is why I’m seeking this opportunity.

Again, a lifetime commitment is not a requirement, just a plus.

What will intrigue me and cause me to respond back is the question of “What’s in it for you?”. I can’t ask so much of you without giving something in return…
We would need to find a suitable cage if you do not already have one, but we don’t need to start with that.

As this is a totally serious ad; please only respond if you are serious as well.

I hope I have given enough information to at least begin the discussion. I’m most interested in finding a situation where everyone’s needs are met.


Event Urinal

Piss Slave Ready To Serve As Human Urinal

I already knew today was going to be a rough day, but FUCK i had no idea.  I got to the hotel yesterday before the big event weekend kicked off.  I like to take a little downtime before the chaos starts so that I can settle in, unpack, get my bearings, and ease myself into the weekend.  We had talked about this a little bit ahead of time, but not all the details.  If we had I’m not sure if I would have asked to change anything or not.

He gets to my hotel room at Noon and comes right in, already having a key ahead of time in case he needs it later when i was shall we say incapacitated.  He doesn’t miss any time at all and slams me into the wall shoving his tongue down my throat as I groan in excitement.  His other hand starts slowly digging into and kneading my chest muscles that are already sore from the workout routine that week.  He always knows exactly how to flip my switch and push me into high gear without any ramp up.  I’m melting into him like putty and he knows it.  Just as quickly as he started, he releases me steps back and stares at me.  I see that his eyes are that cold icy glare that means I’m really in trouble.  He has one goal in mind and that is to have fun by making me miserable.  My cock throbs from it.

He orders me on my hands and knees on the bed and he steps behind me and begins inspecting my hole.  Starting with one finger, then two, then three.  Inserting the lubed fingers and worming around while I groan like a bitch in heat.  The more he worked my ass the hornier I got.  I started backing up and groaning until his other hand punched me underhand in the balls.

He picked up the XL long and thick  that was already lubed up and starts sliding it into my ass.  My ass starts to protest and resist, but steady pressure starts to win.

“Good boy” is all I hear and that’s all my brain needs to release the resistance, and I feel the plug slide home.

“FUCKING HELL” I growl through gritted teeth.

“Yeah, get those words out now, you won’t be able to very soon.”  He says with that grin on his face as he stands me up.  He holds open the front of the prelubed black  catsuit and I slide one and then two legs inside.  Feeling the  encase my muscled calves and quads and then sliding over my hips.  He steps behind me and helps guide my arms into the sleeves.  As he pulls the zippers up the front it pulls the ass even tighter shoving that giant monster deeper into my ass.  My cock is rock hard in the front of the catsuit, and he maneuvers the extra zippers so they are right over my crotch.  My lizard brain takes over and my hips press forward trying to get the slightest bit of attention to my aching cock, but he has other plans and immediately moves his hands to start the next stage.  Picking up the thigh high  wader boots he helps guide my legs into them, and then coming down to the floor he adds a locking ankle restraint around each, and adds a small padlock to both.  Now the waders won’t be able to come off without a key…. something tells me those will be there a while.

“Don’t worry, I left them just loose enough so that your feet wont feel left out later, but tight enough that they are stuck.  Now for the rest.”

Next he grabs the rubber fist mitts and guides one onto each of my hands holding them in a tight useless ball.  Then comes the locking wrist restraints for each wrist now successfully holding the fist mitts in place once the padlocks close.

Fuck me – that’s four padlocks now….

Coming in front of me he adds a steel cable  around my neck and as he padlocks it closed he runs the lock through the top zipper holding the catsuit closed.

That’s five…

“How’s that feeling toy?” He asks as he gently presses on the back of my ass causing the plug to invade deeper.

“UGGGHHHHUUUUU – Feels amazing SIR- it wants to be your toy for you to enjoy!  I’d stay this way ALL day if you wanted SIR!”  I respond, mustering all my strength not to collapse in a puddle from the pleasure in my hole.

Without missing a beat the   with built in gag is next.  He slides the gag home which now holds my mouth permanently open, and works the THICK rubber over my head and then pulls the zipper down the back.  This thick rubber  encloses my head completely.  Dark tinted lenses cover the eyes severely reducing my ability to see out or anyone’s ability to see in.  The thick rubber trough on the front of the  makes a perfect place for  or any other liquids to be poured in, and the gag holds the pigs mouth open wide to receive.  I hear the distinctive CLICK from behind me as the SIXTH lock is closed.

“MMMPPPHHHHHHPPPHHHHH” – I gurgle into the gag realizing just then what my very last words had been…

“I warned you that you wouldn’t be able to speak soon…. Did I not?”  He says with a sneer.

Kneeling down in front of me he opens the suits extra zippers that are holding my cock back and i think for one glimmering moment he’s going to finally pay some attention to my dick, but looking down I see the rubber glove on his hand and I get nervous…. That never ends well….  What’s going on my dick that he doesn’t want on his hands…. He slowly strokes my cock with the handful of cream and i start groaning in pleasure through the gag.  Slowly I start to feel less and less of the stroking so I figure he stopped as suddenly as he started….  I look down and he is still stroking my cock but i can’t feel a damn thing.

“MPHPHPHPPPPPPHHMMPP?!?!?!?!”  Is the best i can get out

“Ohhh…. You really didn’t think that this was about you or your cock did you?  It will be several hours before that numbing cream wears off.  Until then you wont feel a damn thing.”  He reaches down and works a condom  over my hard cock, puts my cock back into my suit leaving only the tube from the  exposed

*CLICK* – Padlock seven closes on the suits’ zippers now locking my numb cock inside my suit.

“I don’t want you making a mess while we are out.” He says as he takes the catheter tube and tapes it in place into the trough of the urinal hood.

He pushes me down onto my knees in front of him and pulls his cock out of his sweaty jockstrap and puts his thick meaty cock in front of my face aimed at the trough and let’s loose a strong stream of coffee piss.  I struggle to choke it down knowing that he isn’t going to slow down.  Clearing his throat he spits into the trough as the last of the piss flushes down the drain.

“Now lets make this day a little more fun.  In case you haven’t noticed, you’re stuck and not getting out of any of this on your own.  Time to leave a little bit of your fate to chance.  I’m going to roll three , the number that shows up will be the minimum duration of your sentence in this suit as a public urinal.”

“MMPPPHHHHPPPPPP” I Grunt and try to tell him i can’t go out like this.

He pulls out three dice and shows them to me, standard 6-sided dice.  He shakes them in his hand and then rolls them on the floor in front of me and laughs.  I look down and see a 4, 5, and 3.

“Wow…. 12 eh?  This will be interesting for sure.  Looks like you’re not quiet ready yet though.”  He says standing me up, and swiftly locking chains to the wrist and ankle restraints.  This quickly take the number of padlocks to 11…

He steps behind me and presses hard and rhythmically on the giant plug in my asshole making me groan into the gag.

No… no no no he won’t….

“I’ll bet that’s already feeling pretty rough in there isn’t it pig?”  He says so cold that it sends a shiver through me….  I feel and hear the 12th padlock going thru the suit’s rear zipper locking mechanism and feeling him click it closed.  “Don’t worry, that’s not going anywhere.”


“12 locks….” he says as he holds a hand full of keys in front of my face.  He picks up the time safe and tosses the handful of keys in and spins the time mechanism to 12:00 hrs and presses the button. “12 hours… I’m going to enjoy this.”

I hear the locking mechanism of the time safe seal the keys inside and I start grunting for dear life into the gag.

Your 100 Ultimate Orgasms [dice game]

Extreme Chastity Belt

This could in reality be a long-term enterprise: I most effective did one full-on take a look at run throughout and it principally took Eight years to finish! And it winds down in a quite secure method. My take a look at run went like this:
Orgasms in 12 months 1: 46 (18 complete)
Orgasms in 12 months 2: 10 (7 complete)
Orgasms in 12 months 3: 9 (Three complete)
Orgasms in 12 months 4: 8 (Four complete)
Orgasms in 12 months 5: 8 (1 complete)
Orgasms in 12 months 6: 9 (2 complete)
Orgasms in 12 months 7: 4 (zero complete)
Orgasms in 12 months 8: 4 (zero complete)
This might be tweaked moderately a couple of tactics to make it run shorter, however I assumed I might percentage it right here in case the theory evokes others.
Your 100 Ultimate Orgasms: The Street to Everlasting Chastity

  • You’ve 100 orgasms left, ever. You are going to start through rolling a normal die each day (till you’re instructed to attend to roll once more.)
  • This sport assumes you’re in full-time chastity, unlocked most effective if you end up allowed a ruined or complete orgasm.
  • You get started at Stage 1 and stage up after each 10 orgasms (complete or ruined).
  • Your frequency of orgasms will lower, and in the end, you’ll have none left.
  • With those regulations, it must take about Eight years to have your 100 orgasms.

Rolling regulations:

  • 1, 2, 3, or 4: no orgasm
  • 5: ruined orgasm (if allowed)
  • 6: complete orgasm (if allowed)
  • after achieving the utmost choice of orgasms in a month, wait till one month after the primary orgasm to start out rolling once more.
  • after achieving the utmost choice of complete orgasms in per week or month, rolling a 6 has no impact.
  • after achieving the utmost choice of ruined orgasms in per week or month, rolling a Five has no impact.

Ranges + growth:
Stage 1:
Most complete orgasms a week: 1

Stage 2:
Most orgasms per 30 days: 8
Most complete orgasms a week: 1
Most ruined orgasms a week: 1

Stage 3:
Most orgasms per 30 days: 6
Most complete orgasms per 30 days: 3
Most ruined orgasms per 30 days: 4
Wait 1 week to roll after complete orgasm.

Stage 4:
Most orgasms per 30 days: 4
Most complete orgasms per 30 days: 2
Most ruined orgasms per 30 days: 3
Wait 2 weeks to roll after complete orgasm.
Wait 1 week to roll after ruined orgasm.

Stage 5:
Most orgasms per 30 days: 2
Most complete orgasms: Three each 2 months
Most ruined orgasms per 30 days: 2
Wait Three weeks to roll after complete orgasm.
Wait 2 weeks to roll after ruined orgasm.

Stage 6:
Most orgasms: 2 each Three months
Most ruined orgasm per 30 days: Three each 2 months
Wait 1 month to roll after complete orgasm.
Wait Three weeks to roll after ruined orgasm.

Stage 7:
Most complete orgasms: 2 each Three months
Most ruined orgasm per 30 days: 1
Wait 6 weeks to roll after complete orgasm.
Wait 1 month to roll after ruined orgasm.

Stage 8:
Most orgasms in line with 12 months: 6
Most complete orgasms in line with 12 months: 4
Most ruined orgasms: 2 each Three months
Wait 2 months to roll after complete orgasm.
Wait 6 weeks to roll after ruined orgasm.

Stage 9:
You might be now not required to roll!
Most complete orgasms in line with 12 months: 2 (will have them on every occasion allowed)

  • You should have a ruined orgasm on each 31st of the month that it’s allowed after any ready classes from the former stage finish. (Notice: this implies “any day at the calendar that’s the 31st”, now not a “counting month” as within the earlier ranges.)

Stage 10:
You’ve Nine ruined orgasms left. Have the primary ruined orgasm one month after you’re allowed after any earlier stage limits. Then wait 3 months prior to being allowed to have every other. Proceed with one ruined orgasm each 3 months till you will have one left.

While you get to the final orgasm, turn a coin: if it is heads, you might have a complete orgasm prior to getting into everlasting chastity; if it is tails you forfeit your final orgasm prior to getting into everlasting chastity.


  • it is very important to stay a spreadsheet monitoring your orgasms and if you end up allowed/now not allowed to roll.
  • “wait per week to roll” manner you’ll roll subsequent at the day of the week that it’s now.
  • “wait a month to roll” at all times manner the day with one decrease quantity at the subsequent calendar month. (i.e. “wait a month to roll” after a roll on January 15th manner the following roll is on February 14th. “wait a month to roll” after a roll on February 14th manner the following roll is on March 13th, and so forth.) This identical common sense applies for measuring gaps prior to subsequent allowable orgasms.
  • on leveling up, you should nonetheless entire any previous assigned ready classes or prohibit on orgasms from the former stage.