Slave Permanently Chained To Wall

Slave Permanently Chained To the Wall

I’ve mentioned repeatedly that I wish my enslavement to be permanent.  At a minimum, Being attached to the wall via a collar welded around my neck will serve the purpose of keeping me in my place until my master is ready to use me again.

I hope to spend lots of time locked just like the boy above.

While much of this site talks about me wishing to be permanently locked in a cage, I am well aware that this is probably not a practical situation for long term.

In reality, I simply wish to be locked in such a way that it will be impossible for me to escape, and in such a way that my bondage is permanent.

The first step in securing a slave is to lock a collar and cuffs on me.

Once attached, these can be welded, or otherwise made permanent. It will be very easy for me to agree to have cuffs attached to my ankles, and once they have been made permanent, they will be a part of my body forever.

Because I will not have given up complete control to my master by this point, if I should decide to walk away at this point, I will still have to spend the rest of my life with cuffs attached to my ankles. I have access to ankle cuffs which are virtually impossible to cut, so these truly would become a permanent part of me once welded or soldered closed.

With permanent ankle and wrist cuffs, my master would always have a very convenient way to restrain me. He would simply need a padlock and about 2 seconds to secure me almost anywhere he desired, and he would never have to spend time attaching cuffs to restrain me, as I would have 4 permanent attachment points always available. I could cover ankle cuffs by wearing long pants, but wrist cuffs are not as easily hidden, so, once attached, my commitment to a lifetime of service to my master is essentially complete.

Shackled Slave in Full Chains Gets Used

Enslavement isn’t about sex. It might be involved (especially if the slave and its Master are of the same sexuality) but enslavement is about turning an autonomous and free male into property. Constant reminders of hat it has been transformed into are appropriate.

ACCEPTANCE with what is, what is going to be, and ultimately that IT thought it would be any other way… is how boys come to accept the reality of their existence and learn to submit and accept the choices and decisions of men that deserve their service… the reality is always a difficult one to process.

Sometimes I love the fantasy of being a 24/7, live-in cage slave but the impracticality is distracting. It’s not just the boredom of living locked up; it’s also knowing that time in the cage is time not spent doing chores, running errands, or earning your keep for the master.

But for others this consideration is irrelevant. If Master chooses to leave its property caged and isolated for hours, days, weeks or even permanently… you exist to serve… you have no say… you don’t get to choose

While I’m laying out on these pages some of the things I HOPE will happen, there is only one requirement that I have (other than what appears on the limits page). If you desire to make me your slave for the rest of your life, you will ensure that the collar placed around my neck is permanently attached.

One of my biggest fantasies is to be locked in a cage for the rest of my life.

I’ve always thought it would be a good, practical idea to put wheels on the cage.  That would allow my master to be able to easily transport me to other locations, such as if he wanted to rent me out to serve at a party, or loan me to another master for a period of time.

When where’s enough room to stretch, and even ways for you to still fuck me without my being able to say no, then we know it’s a good cage for long term use.

With the right cage, I would look forward to not only having the door locked, but sealed permanently. Welding the door closed will DEFINITELY let me know I’m never leaving, and that’s exactly how I want it.