You Are Now My Property – Part 14

The next morning, Roy put legs irons on Eric, with a 12-inch chain between the ankles. The leg irons would not be removed until the boy was fully-trained. Roy and his slave soon settled into a routine. Every morning Roy would wake the boy up, and free his arms just long enough to attach them to a ring in the back of the neck of his hood. He would then free the leg irons from the bed frame, and walk the kid over to the toilet. Eric learned to take small steps, since the chain only let him move one ankle 12 inches in front of the other. After Eric had done his business on the toilet, Roy would force him to exercise, both to keep the boy in shape, and to keep his muscles from atrophying due to the long periods of bondage. With his hands clasped behind his neck, and his ankles chained, Eric was made to do sit-ups every morning, upping the count by 5 every few days. Soon the boy was doing 500 every morning. That 6-pack would remain rock-hard. Roy would often spank or beat the kid’s ass first, so it was nice and sore while he did the sit-ups. Eric was then made to do deep-knee bends to keep his legs in shape, then Roy would free the kid’s hands, attach the ring in the hood to a chain in the ceiling, and make Eric do push-ups. Despite his captivity, the boy would remain one fine-looking slave.

After the exercises, Roy would decide what position he wanted the boy in for his morning fuck. Sometimes it would be suspended from the wrists (like the first time), sometimes it would be while Eric was locked into a stock Roy had in one corner, sometimes it was just face-down on the bed. Regardless of the position, it was always brutal, and never with any lubing or foreplay. Roy would then feed Eric a bland, but nutritionally-complete meal, secure the boy to the bed again and go to work. To keep the boy off‑balance, Roy stuck to the timing of his routine even on his days off, so that Eric could never keep track of what day of the week it was.

When he’d return from work, he would put Eric through a lighter set of exercises, feed him again, let him go to the toilet, then give the boy a whipping or torture his nipples. This always relaxed the cop after a hard day at work. He would then secure the boy to the bed again, until it was time for the night session.

Every night, before he’d go to bed, Roy would suspend Eric from his wrists, attach weighted tit-clamps to his nipples, and whip the boy’s back and ass. Roy was always rock-hard and horny at the end of these sessions, and he’d rape the boy even more brutally than he had in the morning. He would then feed the boy, bring him to the toilet one more time, and then fasten him to the bed.

Eric’s body soon began adapting to the routine. It knew just when it was supposed to be hungry, just when it was supposed to piss and shit, and just when to sleep and wake. Initially, the boy often thought of his home and family, and how he might be able to escape, but eventually all those thoughts faded. Eric’s entire existence was pain and rape, and soon that was all that ever filled his mind.

Be Careful What You Dream For

Be Careful What You Dream For

  I never thought I would write story for Eunuch Archive, let alone a mostly true story (characters and events have been condensed). It all happened so fast. I was a middle aged divorced male, white, 5’8’, 165 lbs. I have two wonderful children. I raised them...

Banded by Choice

Banded by Choice

  I’m a 35 year old bodybuilder who abused steroids in my weight training for many years. I achieved the body I wanted, but eventually developed serious problems which required my stopping the injections cold. Deprived of the drug my body had come to count on, my...

Balls Wanted For Torture and Removal

Balls Wanted For Torture and Removal

My ad read:  Balls wanted for torture and removal. At first no replies and then they started to roll in.  My first respondant was waiting for me in his motel room, blindfolded as ordered.  I entered his room and took him by the hand and led him into his bathtub.  I...



A permanent commitment is a very serious one. I need to trust that if you are making such a commitment, that you will be doing everything in your power to ensure that I will never again be a free man. I would hope that, should you become unwilling or unable to keep me...

Master and Slave 2

Master and Slave 2

The night after castrating and sending my former slave off to his fate, I slept well, knowing that I had done the right thing. Now, however, I was without a slave. Good slaves, the kind one keeps, are difficult to find. I resolved to select very carefully this time....

A Story of a Rubber Slave’s Forced Training

A Story of a Rubber Slave’s Forced Training

I followed Alan down the steps into the dungeon. We both wore jeans and t-shirts and I began to feel nervous as I saw the various rubber suits and restraints hanging from the walls, and the cage and sling and rubber bed in the semi-darkness of the room. “This is where...



The door to my room is closed as I lay on my bed, touching my naked body. My chest is hairless, except for a few wisps around my nipples, which are pinker and larger than they used to be. I trail my hand down to my stomach, which has lost most of its definition. My...

Turning Fantasy Into Reality

Turning Fantasy Into Reality

Note: At this stage, this post is purely fantasy, based on an arrangement that almost was… After actively searching for over 5 years, I believe that I may have found the right person, and if all goes as planned, I will become his full time slave within a few weeks....

The Dice Game

The Dice Game

I was attempting to figure out how long a bondage session should last, and I just couldn’t decide on a time.   No matter what number I thought of, it seemed either too short or too long. It was then I got the idea to let FATE decide.     While this...

10 Days in Detention – Part 04

By socalbd

I tried desperately to move various parts of my body, but it seemed limited to my head and wrists, though the wrists could only go up and down slightly since they were padlocked to the back of the cage.

I was getting more of what I wanted and craved. Here I was again left alone, secured in bondage, blindfolded and gagged without any human contact for a few hours of confinement. It was a long time I was being left in the standing cage.


My world was once again brought down to a very small area with not much to do but explore it as best I could. I let my fingers inspect the steel bars and touch and handle the padlock connecting the cuffs to the bars. My toes would wriggle lifting and then making contact again with the steel floor. Every now and again I would try to will my cock to stiffness so it could slap back and forth between the bars on the front of the cage. It was mildly interesting to engage in these antics, knowing full well I was a caged bondage slave that wasn’t going anywhere.

The time passed slowly. It was a long time I was left in there alone. My internal body clock, which is not very accurate at all, was thinking it had been somewhere between three and four hours I had been in the cage, but honestly I had no idea.

At some point I heard the dungeon door open and close again and felt a presence near me. I could hear breathing and assumed John had returned.

My nipples felt light touching. Fingers were being used to rub, massage and otherwise get my nipples some erotic attention, which helped my cock get hard fairly quickly.

After a couple of minutes of nipple foreplay, the fingers stopped and I heard the padlocks being undone on the various parts of the cage door. John must have moved around to the back side of the cage as I felt the padlock being undone that was connecting the cuffs to the rear cage bars. Over the next several minutes the harness around my chest and the leather ankle cuffs were removed. Then I felt the right wrist cuff being undone. When it was free my wrists were pulled around in front of me and the right wrist was cuffed again. John then lifted my arms up and used a padlock to connect my wrists to the top of the cage. This was the only part of my body with restraints on it.

There were a few moments when I wasn’t being touched or otherwise handled. I could hear something going on but couldn’t quite make out what I was hearing. If I listened intently it was like fabric being bunched up. It didn’t take long to understand what was going on.

It started when I felt John’s hands on my chest. He was rubbing my pecs and nipples and then down to my stomach. When he reached up towards my head, his hands went around behind me and he pulled our bodies close together. All I felt was skin. John was naked. I felt his cock make contact with my inner right thigh and he was hard. He felt fantastic against my skin. I tried to lean forward into him and use my legs to wrap around his legs but it was met with a sudden knee to my balls. Apparently I wasn’t to take initiative.

After I recovered from the pain in my balls, John removed the blindfold from me.

“Like what you see?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” I mumbled into my gag. He looked so hot standing in front of me naked.

John leaned in to me and softly spoke in my ear.

“In a moment I’m going to remove the gag. You do not have permission to speak. You are not to utter a sound, not a syllable, not a thank you. You are not to say anything or make any audible noise that could be mistaken for any type of word or language. Shake your head yes if you understand.” I of course shook my head yes.

“After the gag is removed you may take a few moments to work your muscles loose. It’s been quite a while that the gag has been in. I’ll also give you some water when you are ready. But remember, absolutely no speech. Any kind of verbal communication will result in swift and very painful behavior correction that will last a few hours. And you know I’m capable of that, don’t you?” I nodded my head yes since some of what I had gone through so far this weekend I would really not like to repeat any time soon.

John reached around and removed the gag. I took the opportunity to stretch out my mouth and get the blood flowing again. He stepped back and grabbed a bottle of water that was on the floor. He broke open the screw top and held it in front of me. I eventually nodded my head yes and he presented the bottle to my mouth and I slowly took in some water. When I indicated I had had enough he closed the bottle and put it back down again.

John took his hands and placed one on my chest and the other he stroked my hair with it. It felt good to have him show some affection towards me after the last couple of days enduring the punishments he had been inflicting on me. This went on for a while and in the back of my mind I was thinking who is this man that can go back and forth from caring to sadistic and who am I to want to be the recipient of such behavior.

“Look at me,” John said as I had placed my head on his shoulder next to his head.

I looked up at him and into his eyes.

“The weekend is almost over. You can take that any way you want, meaning there are a few hours left, or maybe more than a few hours. What I mean by it is I have one more situation to put you in. On the face of it, you might think it as difficult. And it may not be for you. But I think it’s one more situation you crave to experience and you are going to get your wish. At the same time it is my intention to make it somewhat difficult for you, as I do want you to understand the limits you think you can handle as opposed to the limits you will handle. Remember, I am still in control and will do with you as I wish. And right now I wish to explore your body before I put you away until your release.”

With that he leaned forward and started to kiss me passionately. I did my best to return the sentiment. At one point John’s hands were in the air searching for my hands. Our fingers interlocked, as did our bodies with our legs intertwining as we continued to kiss and make out. It was so hot to feel his naked body against mine and the energy between us.

John pulled away from me and just stood and looked at me. I was still cuffed and secured to the top of the cage. He smiled at me and then his expression changed. His face became kind of stoic, and I sensed he was ready to take me to my next torment. After the previous sessions and the weekend to this point I was beginning to read John’s face and expressions and understand what could be next based on my observations. I was not wrong.

John stepped away, and I heard the clanking of chains. When he came back to me he had heavy shackles, which dropped onto the floor in front of me with a loud bang. I think he purposely did that for effect. He stepped away again and I heard metal being gone through in one of the drawers.

When he returned he knelt down in front of me and grabbed my balls and pulled down. John applied a steel stretcher to my balls locking on what appeared to be a two to three inch solid steel device. From the bottom hung a D ring. It was snug and was not coming off.

After he stood up he unlocked the padlock that secured my wrists to the top of the cage and my wrists fell in front of me.

“Step out,” he barked at me.

I took about three steps forward until I was clear of the cage.

“Remember, you still do not have permission to speak.” I mentally noted the admonishment.

John took hold of the heavy steel shackles that were on the floor and picked them up. A heavy steel collar was applied to my neck and locked on with a chain hanging down behind my back. John undid the cuffs I was wearing pulling my wrists behind my back and locking them into heavy steel wrist restraints that were in turn locked to the chain from my neck. The combination effectively kept my wrists in the small of my back just above the waistline.

John then picked up another set of shackles from the floor and attached them to my ankles. These were heavy ankle shackles and were not in the least bit comfortable.

John stood back and looked at me. “The boy looks good in heavy shackles. He’ll be in them for a good long time.”

While he was inspecting me as I stood there I had another chance to look at him still completely naked. He did take very good care of his body and was a handsome man. It made submitting to him that much easier in my head. Not only was he a dom to me mentally, but he had a far superior body to mine and in some sense that helped to define our roles in my mind.

He walked over to me and took me by the arm and said, “Walk this way.”

He guided me over to the heavy door near the cubed box. It was the only door that had never been opened for me. I was about to find out what was behind it.

John turned the two dead bolts and pulled on the handle. When the door opened what I saw instantly gave me a hard on. It was a cell. There behind the door was an approximately five-foot-by-eight-foot cell with concrete floor and stone walls. John put his hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.”

He gave me a slight nudge, and in I went. As I passed the door I noticed the inside part of the door was solid steel. I wasn’t getting out of this space.

Entering the cell I took note of the space. In what appeared to be the back corner was a drain. A single light bulb encased in a steel mesh was embedded in the ceiling so the ceiling was mesh was flush with the ceiling. Attachment points appeared to be plentiful along the bottoms of the walls, in the corners and even from the ceiling. The ceiling itself was about 10 feet high. Not all that tall, but tall enough.

John guided me to the center of the space, where I saw a heavy chain attached to the center of the floor. He took the end of it and using a padlock attached it to the D ring on the steel ball stretcher. He then guided me to the wall and motioned me to sit with my back against the wall. The concrete floor and wall were cool to the touch as my butt hit the floor and my wrists and back partially leaned against the wall. John didn’t seem satisfied with something and looked at me and then looked back at the chain that was tethering my balls to the floor.

He left the cell for a moment and returned with a set of keys. He unlocked the padlock and shortened up the chain, causing me to move towards the center of the space and not be able to really lean against the wall. He seemed satisfied with this result and tossed the keys out the door and back into the dungeon space.

“Kneel here,” he barked at me pointing to the center of the cell just above the ring in the floor I was tethered to.

“Back straight. Head looking forward.”

I complied as much as I could. Kneeling on the concrete was not comfortable, and the heavy chain connecting the collar to the wrist shackles had me bending my back in an arch.

“Straighten up, boy, and do as I say.” John was clearly not amused by the predicament I was attempting to deal with at that moment.

“You are my bondage slave. You willingly submitted to me and subjected yourself to me as your master. This is your last test for this weekend session. You are going to be locked in this cell until I decide to release you. You are probably thinking this is going to be easy. But fantasy is always better than reality. The concrete floor is real now. The heavy shackles are real now. Time is real. The darkness you will be plunged in to will be real.

“I want you to understand before I close that door exactly what you have become. You will have plenty of time to think about it before the slave is released.”

John leaned in to me and put his cock to my mouth.

“Open, boy.”

I opened my mouth, and John shoved his cock into me. He started to face fuck me and I tried to pleasure him. This was very different than the last time I sucked him. There was a definite coldness to his approach pushing his cock as far in to my throat as he could and making me take it and hold it back there. It was rough. This lasted for several minutes before I started to feel a difference in his cock. This time he didn’t pull out immediately so that part of his cum shot down my throat. When he did pull out he was still mid orgasm and cum landed on my face and chest area.

Once he finished is sort of stood there relaxed. His eyes were sort of rolled into the back of his head. He grabbed his cock with his hand and I could detect a change in his body. Slowly the cock started to dribble and then it came full force. John started to piss and my body was his target. He made sure from my hair down to my waist I was covered in his piss. It smelled something awful.

“Stay there and do not move,” he warned as he stepped out of the cell.

When he came back in he was holding the pecker gag again.

John knelt down in front of me and started to stroke me off. I got hard pretty quickly and once again he used one hand to stroke my cock and the other to tweak a nipple. It was all I could do to try and not cum but to no avail. When John could sense I was about to shoot he stopped tweaking my nipple and picked up the pecker gag and positioned it in front of my cock. As I shot the cum spewed out with most landing on the pecker insert.

“Open wide, slave,” John ordered as he took the pecker gag and placed it in front of my mouth. In it went and I tasted my own cum now mixed with the salty taste left from his cum a few minutes before. John was sure to push the pecker in as far as he could and buckled the gag on tightly.

He stood up and looked down at me kneeling in front of him.

“You are a bondage slave. The slave’s purpose is to accept whatever torments and sexual service I want from the slave. Enjoy the small of my urine over the next few hours and the taste of our cum. Neither will go away. They will be a constant reminder of what you have become and what you are to me in this space. The question is whether you will return for more and continue to go deeper into your desires to serve and experience the punishments you crave.”

With that, John stepped outside the cell door. The door closed and I heard the deadbolts being thrown and locked. I looked around the cell for a few moments still on my knees and considered what I had become. He was right. The smell of urine permeated the space and the salty taste in my mouth extended all the way from the front of my tongue to the back of my throat.

Then the light in the ceiling went out and the cell was plunged into total darkness.


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