Five Permanent Ways To Secure Me… Plus One That’s Almost Permanent

While much of this site talks about me wishing to be permanently locked in a cage, I am well aware that this is probably not a practical situation for long term.

In reality, I simply wish to be locked in such a way that it will be impossible for me to escape, and in such a way that my bondage is permanent.

I think the best way to accomplish this is through the use of metal cuffs, collar, and a locking butt plug.

If I could write the script for my first day, it would begin by attaching these one at a time, and “welding” them onto my body.  Once each is attached, it becomes a part of me for the rest of my life. Additionally, this should be done in such a way that I am making a series of small commitments, rather than a single large commitment.  The end result will be the same, but I know that on my first day, I will be incredibly nervous, and one of my biggest regrets in life is that I once had the opportunity to enter an almost perfect arrangement for me, and I backed out at the last minute because of nerves.  I believe that had we approached things in the manner laid out on this page, that I would be serving in that position today.

First, secure my ankles

I believe we should start with a small commitment, attaching cuffs around my ankles. Once attached, these can be welded, or otherwise made permanent. It will be very easy for me to agree to have cuffs attached to my ankles, and once they have been made permanent, they will be a part of my body forever.

Because I will not have given up complete control to my master by this point, if I should decide to walk away at this point, I will still have to spend the rest of my life with cuffs attached to my ankles. I have access to ankle cuffs which are virtually impossible to cut, so these truly would become a permanent part of me once welded or soldered closed.

Second, it’s time for my wrists

This is the point where things begin to get serious. Just like having cuffs permanently attached to my ankles, the next step would be to secure my wrists.

Since these are also virtually impossible to cut, once attached, they would be a part of me for the rest of my life, and once welded closed, it would be pretty much impossible for me to decide to walk away, as I would now have two very visible and obvious attachments to my body that would generate a lot of questions from “normal” people out in the world.

With permanent ankle and wrist cuffs, my master would always have a very convenient way to restrain me. He would simply need a padlock and about 2 seconds to secure me almost anywhere he desired, and he would never have to spend time attaching cuffs to restrain me, as I would have 4 permanent attachment points always available. I could cover ankle cuffs by wearing long pants, but wrist cuffs are not as easily hidden, so, once attached, my commitment to a lifetime of service to my master is essentially complete.

Making it complete with a collar.

Every slave dreams of the moment when his master attaches a collar around his neck, and this is, for me, the moment of final commitment for me.

Once a collar has been welded closed around my neck, there is no turning back for me.

Because of the level of commitment involved, my master welding the collar closed around my neck is both terrifying, and the moment I look forward to more than any other.

With the collar permanently around my neck, I become the property of my master forever, no turning back.

Once the collar has been attached, my desires no longer matter. It doesn’t matter if I find the situation fulfilling (although I would hope my master would make an effort to do so on occasion).

I truly look forward to the moment when I can have a collar welded around my neck, making me the lifelong slave I wish to become.

There is one other attachment to my body, which, due to logistical reasons can not be permanent, a locking butt plug. This gives master one more way to secure me, and the part of me that needs to be careful what I wish for wishes that this plug would remain inside of me virtually every moment. It would only be removed for bodily functions, and when my master wishes to use my butt hole for other purposes, then it would immediately be locked back in. In this manner, this locking butt plug would effectively become permanent as well.

Slave Eating From A Dog Bowl

Slave Eating From Dog Dish While it is not my desire to serve as a puppy slave, I presume that I will be eating most of my meals out of a dog bowl. It’s my desire to be very low maintenance as a slave, so I will learn to eat leftover table scraps and, of course, dog food. My meals would ideally be dog food mixed with Master’s piss served in a large steel bowl on the floor.

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Rubber Slave Gets His Hole Filled By A Machine

Slave Connected To Fucking Machine Machines like this have always intrigued me.  I wonder how long I’d be able to withstand something like this. I know the “correct” answer is however long I’m required to do so, but seriously… can someone let me know the longest they have been hooked up to a machine like this?

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Rubber Slave Serving As Human Urinal

For many years it has been my dream to become a full time human urinal. I would have a urinal gag locked on my head so that I would be forced to drink every drop of piss that my master feeds me. Essentially, it doesn’t matter to me what type of urinal gag my master chooses to use, as long as it locks and I am unable to remove it by myself, it will work well. If I had one bit of advice for those people who will be using me as a urinal, it wold be to simply think of the funnel as any other urinal in any other bathroom. Please simply walk up to my funnel and piss directly into it, just like you would piss into the urinal in a bar or restaurant. It is not necessary to ask my permission, or wait for me to be ready. Just use my funnel like you would any other urinal. Ultimately, my level of fulfillment will be proportional to the number of people allowing me to serve as their personal urinal. The more people using me, the happier I will be. My ideal fantasy scenes can be found in two stories:  

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Cute Boy Locked In Stocks

Another toy I’ve always wanted to try maleslavetrainer:
Ross had just about had enough. He had gone out Friday night, determined to explore a bit of his fantasy to become the cocksucker for a muscle stud, and he had found one! Tats, hard flat pecs, thick long cock… perfect. The problem? It was now Tuesday. His dick was locked in a cock cage, he was bound up in a bondage frame, last night’s hot wax session was still flaking off of his back, and the stud was now back to fuck him again. Ross needed to get back home! His long weekend was over, and he had to go to work! As he explained this to the stud (he never did get the man’s name), Ross was told to shut up. “I’ve been keeping you here to make sure,” the stud began, “that you were worth enslaving permanently. Two weeks ago, I inherited a lot… a LOT… of money. I’m buying a large estate, and I am outfitting the sub-basement as a dungeon where I will enslave about twenty men. You are the first. So just shut up, and learn to call me “Sir,” or you will regret it.” Ross already did regret it.
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