Urinal Boy 6: Service With A Smile

I wasn’t sure if I should tell Dad or Adam about my new friend Randy. With my father and brother, my role was always to serve them, but with Randy it was different. We were equals. We understood each other. We had fun. Somehow I worried that Dad and Adam wouldn’t approve. It might make them really jealous. But then, I knew Randy would want to service them too, and that they might enjoy having another Urinal Boy around.

I was thinking about these things when Dad picked me up from school that Friday.

“Get up here in front with me, Jaden,” my dad instructed me when I was about to get in the back seat, “and keep your clothes on. For now, anyway. Oh, Adam went off with some of his friends this weekend, so it’s just you and me.”

Soon my dad pulled the car into a parking space in front of a convenience store. I knew my dad had something planned for me, just like Adam did at the gas station a few weeks ago.

I looked at my dad’s crotch. Sure enough, his cock was straining through his jeans. Did he want me to suck him right in the parking lot where everyone could see us?

“What are you waiting for, Jaden? Start blowing, you little fuck!”

I unbuckled my safety belt and leaned over to unzip my dad’s pants. I took his fat dick in my hand and bent my head down to start licking the head. His dick was a little smelly, so I knew he hadn’t showered that day. Secretly I was thrilled to think that people were passing by the car to go into the convenience store and probably didn’t even notice what we were doing.

It seemed to turn my dad on, too. He was harder than usual, and it didn’t take too long before he was ready to cum. Every few minutes I’d poke my head up to see if anyone could see us. Dad would just put his hand on my head and guide it back down onto his cock. “Never mind that, Jaden, just keep your mouth on my dick.”

When he was ready to cum he began to buck in the seat, spearing the back of my throat. I was getting more and more excited when I finally felt the sticky liquid building up around my tonsils. Then my dad grabbed my hair and yanked my head up, his cum squirting all over my face and getting into my left eye. It stung like a bastard, but I knew my dad would be mad if I complained.

I looked up and smiled at my dad, squinting out of my left eye and wiping the cum out of it with the back of my hand. I could feel the rest of the cum dripping on my cheeks, nose, lips and chin.

“Okay, Jaden,” my dad said, handing me a $10. “Go in there and get me a pack of cigarettes. Lucky Strike.”

“But Dad, you know I’m too young to buy cigarettes! I’ll get carded!” I also had no idea that my dad smoked.

“Just do it, Jaden! Get in there and don’t come out till you get my cigarettes!”

I was just about to wipe my dad’s cum off my face with my sleeve when he grabbed my arm. “Don’t you dare wipe it off! Go in there just like you are!”

Aah, so that was the deal! First it was Adam’s trick of throwing away my clothes at the gas station to humiliate me, and now this! I couldn’t think of anything more challenging than trying to talk the guy behind the counter into selling me a pack of cigarettes, especially with fresh jizz all over my face. Both Dad and Adam were pretty skilled in the art of humiliation.

Inside the convenience store there was a lady buying scratch-off lottery tickets. I went to the magazine section and started looking at the sexy boys in Tiger Beat magazine. I decided the safest thing to do was to keep my face hidden in a magazine until the lady left. She seemed to take forever.

When she finally left I approached the cash register, hoping no other customers would come in until I was out of there. Hanging my head down, I placed the crumpled-up $10 on the counter. “Pack of Lucky Strikes please” I mumbled.

“Gotta see id.”

“For my dad.”

“Told ya, kid, I gotta see id. No id, no smokes. There’s no way you’re eighteen. And look at me when I talk to ya.”

I looked up at the cashier. He couldn’t have been much more than eighteen himself. He was wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, and a hemp necklace. He had short blond hair spiked up with gel and would have been quite handsome if he didn’t have very bad acne. Actually, something about the guy’s bad complexion really turned me on. It reminded me of some of my brother’s friends that I enjoyed servicing, and made him seem kind of raw and sexy.

“What the fuck you got all over your face, kid?”

I didn’t answer him. He looked closer.

“Holy shit! Is that what I think it is? Did some dude just shoot a load all over your face? Fuck!”

I still didn’t answer him.

“So you’re like a little faggot, right? Like to play the skin flute?” He snickered, then he grabbed his crotch, which was right at the level of the counter. “Bet you’d like to get a piece of this, wouldn’t you?”

I still didn’t answer him.

“You want this, don’t you? Hey listen, you little homo, if you really want those cigarrettes you gotta come back here give me some real good head! You like that, don’t you?”

I swallowed hard. I knew what I had to do. “Yeah, I wanna taste your cock!” I told him. “I want you to shoot your load all over my face. Or down my throat. However you like it.”

“The cigarettes are $7.50 a pack.”

I handed him the money. He gave me the change, but didn’t give me the cigarettes.

“Get back here, fag. Come around that way.”

I was behind the counter and on my knees in a flash. The pimply, hormonal teenager was really turning me on. I loved his smell when I got really close to him. He had a strong body odor coming from his armpits that he tried to cover up with liberal amounts of Axe body spray. The smell of this hot, feral boy mixed with the cheap body spray was really sexy, somehow sexier than either the sweaty pits or the body spray alone. Dad and Adam never wore any sort of cologne or deodorant, so this was a new sensory experience for me.

Eagerly I began to rub my face all over his jeans, feeling his bulge pressing against my cheek. At this point things had happened so quickly that I had begun to suspect that my dad had planned this whole thing. Maybe this convenience store guy was one of Adam’s friends.

When I got his cock out of his jeans, I was a little alarmed at how huge it was. Now don’t get me wrong. My dad’s cock is pretty big, and I’m usually much happier sucking a fat cock that can gag me than a little weenie, but this thing was unnaturally large for such a skinny kid. But this thing was way too much to handle.

“Bet you ain’t never seen a cock as big as that, have you?”

I hadn’t. How big was it? 10 inches, maybe even 11 or 12. “It’s huge!” I gasped.

So there I was, on my knees behind the counter with all the lottery tickets and Hustler magazines, trying to wrap my hand around this huge, veiny uncut monster cock. I might add that all of the guys in my family, including myself, are circumcised. I know this, of course, because I had been giving Adam and Dad head since I was six years old. But plenty of Adam’s friends and Dad’s co-workers at the furniture warehouse were uncut, so it wasn’t like I hadn’t had any experience with an uncut cock before. I usually just slid the foreskin down and licked the cock head like it was an ice cream cone. I tried doing that with this one, but the foreskin was very tight and I couldn’t move it at all. I tried a little harder to pull the foreskin down, but it still wouldn’t budge. It was stuck there. I gave up because I was afraid that I might hurt the guy. Whenever I’d suck my brother’s cock, he’d usually smack me if he felt my teeth or if I sucked his nuts too hard. I didn’t feel like getting hit by this guy, so I just decided to go on with the blowjob.

So I opened wide and got as much of it as I could in my mouth, which wasn’t very much.

The guy’s cock smelled and tasted great. He wasn’t very clean and his cock had a nice, sweaty, pissy flavor. I impaled myself on his cock, but could only get about halfway down. I could smell a strong funk coming from the guy’s wiry, reddish pubic hair. I was really digging the smell, so I decided to take his cock out of my mouth and bury my nose in his pubic hair.

I worked my nose and tongue down from his pubic hair to his balls, putting the whole sac in my mouth and teasing it with my tongue the way my brother liked. The guy started to moan. I moved my tongue further down between his legs. I could detect the faint smell of shit from his asshole, which I was getting closer to.

One thing about my brother Adam, he never wipes his ass really clean. That’s why he has all those skid marks on his underwear that I like to sniff and lick when I’m doing the laundry. What always happens with Adam is that he goes around all day after a half-assed ass-wiping and his hole starts to get sticky and itchy.

On Friday nights when I rush to greet Adam by crawling naked on my hands and knees and kissing his cock through his crotch, sometimes he’ll stop me from worshipping his cock right away. He’ll say, “Jaden, give my ass a tongue-wiping first. It’s really itchy.” I happily lick all the crusty shit and sweat from around his hole until Adam is satisfied.

Just from the smell coming from this guy’s ass, I knew he had the same problem as Adam. I felt bad for him, having to stand at the cash register all night with an itchy hole and nobody to clean it for him. I put my hands on the guy’s hips and tried to get him to turn around for me to access his asshole.

“What do you want?”

“I wanna lick your ass.”

“You dig my ass, you filthy little perv?”

“I wanna wipe it clean for you with my tongue.”

He looked irritated. “Okay, fine.” He turned around and leaned over on the counter, exposing his ass for me to lick. I spread his cheeks and began working on the slightly hairy hole. I licked from the outside in, sticking my nose in the crack and enjoying the nasty smell. To my disappointment, he got bored with my service to his anus and turned around again.

“So far you’ve been a lousy cocksucker. Can’t you do any better than that!”

Now I was irritated. I knew I was a good cocksucker. My dad always told me so! I was insulted. I was now determined to show the guy that I really did know how to suck a cock. I licked from his balls, up his shaft to the tip and then opened my mouth wide. I sucked him like a vacuum cleaner.

His foreskin still hadn’t moved at all by this time, and I was determined to get at his cock head with my tongue. I wrapped my lips around the head and began to wiggle my tongue around the piss slit very slowly. He started to moan, so I kept it up.

It took some doing, but I started to wiggle my tonge around between the foreskin and the head. Once I got my tongue in there I was rewarded with a wonderful taste. The flavor was pure, concentrated cock, piss and cum. I was getting a taste of his cock cheese, which had pretty much glued his foreskin to the head. I couldn’t get enough of it. I wiggled my tongue in deeper, trying to get as much of it out as I could.

It was hard work, but I really wanted to make him cum. He grabbed my head and began to face fuck me. I really love it when a guy does that to me. I was in heaven.

Just then a customer came in. Instinctively I pulled away, but the guy held my head on his cock. I realized that probably nobody could see me sucking him off behind the counter, so I just tried to be as quiet as I could, with my lips still around his cock.

The customer was some chick who bought some fashion magazines and a scratch-off ticket. She must have been pretty hot, because I felt the guy’s dick instantly get harder in my mouth as he flirted with her. I slowly started a rhythm going on his cock, being careful not to make any noise to give us away. I could tell he was enjoying it. He gently started to thrust his hips. I could tell he was also being careful not to give us away.

He gave the girl her change and as soon as I heard her leave he began fucking my face wildly. After about 30 seconds I felt his hot cum flooding the back of my throat. He grabbed my hair, pulled my head off his cock and shot his load all over my face. Then he smeared it all over my face with his cock, mixing his cum with my dad’s, which had already started to dry on my face. Then he wiped his cock on my hair.

I looked up at him. “Here’s your smokes, you little turd.” He grabbed a pack of Lucky Strikes and threw it at me. I tried to catch it but I fumbled. I picked it up off the floor. I stood up and began to walk through the part of the counter that opened up so the cashier could get in and out.

The guy grabbed me by the hood of my sweatshirt. “Where’s your fuckin’ manners, penis breath?”

“Thanks for the cigarettes.”

He still didn’t let go. “That all?” he snarled.

I’d had practice with this sort of thing, so I knew what he wanted to hear. Adam and his friends loved to make me say humiliating things after I had sucked their cocks. In fact, Adam and Cole had spent one afternoon making me say the most degrading stuff I could think of into a tape recorder. Adam would usually play the tape whenever his friends came over to get them horny before I had to service them. So it was pretty easy for me to figure out how he wanted to be thanked.

“Thank you for letting me lick your ass clean for you. I loved being your toilet paper. Thank you for using me as the dirty cum rag that I am, because I know the only thing I’m good for is to be used as something for a hot guy like you to shoot his load into. Thank you so much for letting me put your beautiful cock in my mouth. I know I don’t deserve to service such a fine piece of meat.”

“Now get the fuck out of here before I kick your ass!”

When I got back to the car and gave Dad his cigarettes, he looked at all the cum dripping off my face and said, “I knew I could count on you. You’re a good boy, Jaden. You didn’t wipe any cum off your face and you even got some more. Now get in the back seat. I want you buck naked by the time we hit Plainfield Road.”

“Yea, Dad. We’re gonna have fun this weekend!” I got into the back seat and Dad opened up his pack of Lucky’s. I was curious about when my Dad started smoking, since I had never seen him do it before.

He handed the first cigarette to me. “Go ahead, Jaden. You earned it.”

“But I don’t smoke!” I protested.

“You do now.” He lit my cigarette, and then he lit his own. Then he started the car and pulled back onto the road.


“Yes, son?”

“Could we stop at that convenience store every time you pick me up for the weekend?”

“If you want. I’m sure I can always find something to send you in and get for me.”


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