Urinal Boy 2: Jaden’s Birthday

Saturday was my birthday, and even though it wasn’t Dad’s week to have me,” I begged my mom to let me go. There was nothing I wanted more than to spend” my birthday with Dad and Adam. They were planning a party for me.

“Jaden, I really don’t understand why you want to spend so much time with” your father and Adam,” my mother complained. “I’m worried that they’re” starting to be a bad influence on you.”

“But Mom, I love Dad, and I love Adam too. I want to be a good son and” brother. What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing’s wrong with that if you want to end up working in the warehouse” of a furniture factory like your father, or a high-school dropout like your” brother.”

After a lot of pleading, I eventually convinced my mother to let me go.

Dad was busy that Friday, so Adam picked me up from school. I put my” backpack in the trunk and got into passenger seat. Unlike Dad, Adam let me” ride shotgun. He also didn’t make me take my clothes off until we were much” closer to home. Adam asked me if I was thirsty.

“Yeah, a little.”

“Drink this.” Adam handed me a water bottle filled with piss. Eagerly I” took the cap off and took a swig. It was tart and refreshing.

“Thanks, Adam. You know I love your piss.”

“It’s not mine.”

“Is it Dad’s?”

“No, it’s my friend Cory’s. I told him I needed to take a drug test and” asked him to fill the bottle for me. I thought you might like to try” different flavors once in a while.”

“Gee, thanks. Any chance of drinking it straight from his cock? It’s really” tasty.”

“Nah. He’d think it was too weird. Oh, by the way, happy birthday, Jaden.”” Adam handed me a small package.

“Ooh, thanks!” I opened it up. It was a dog collar with a little metal tag” with JADEN engraved on it. “I love it!” I put the collar on. “Does this” mean I’m your bitch now?”

“You were always my bitch. You’re Dad’s bitch, too. Only now it’s” official.”

“So if I’m your bitch,” I said, thinking aloud, “That means I can eat all” my food out of a dog bowl on the floor.”


“And,” I smiled happily at the thought of it, “if I’m a bitch, I can’t” drink your soda out of the fridge anymore.”

“That’s right. You’ll have to drink either water or piss out of a dish” too.”

“That’s not exactly what I was thinking, Adam.”

“What were you thinking, Jaden?”

“Well, if I’m really a bitch,” I was enjoying using the word `bitch’, “if” I’m really a bitch you don’t even need to put water down for me. I’ll just” drink out of the toilet bowl.”

“You really are a smart boy, Jaden!” Adam said, patting me on the head. “I” didn’t even think of that!”

The bottle full of Cory’s piss was really salty, and soon I was thirsty” again. I told Adam, hoping he’d have some piss for me. Instead, he pulled” into the first service station we saw. Then he went inside and asked the” attendant for the key to the rest room.

“Okay, Jaden,” Adam said, “remember what you told me. If you’re really” thirsty, you know what you have to do.”

“But Adam!” I protested. “I only meant I’d drink from YOUR toilet! I’m not” drinking out of that nasty gas station toilet!”

“You do it, Jaden, or I’ll turn this car right around and drop you off back” at Mom’s.”

“Oh, okay, I’ll do it.”

Adam led me into the disgusting gas station men’s room. He unlocked the” door and walked me in. The rest room smelled like it hadn’t been cleaned in” years. I gazed at all the drawings of spurting cocks carved into the walls” and started to get horny.

“Get on your knees and drink, Jaden.”

I got on my knees in front of the toilet bowl, which was cracked and” stained and had little pieces of dried shit crusted around the rim. I felt” a little sick. Doing this kind of stuff in my dad’s house was one thing,” but doing it in a public restroom was another thing altogether. Thousands” of men had used that toilet, and the whole thing disgusted me. I could see” my own face grimacing as I peered into the toilet bowl.

“C’mon, Jaden, we aint got all day!” With that, Adam thrust my face into” the water. I had no choice but to lap it up like a dog. I lapped up the” water until I wasn’t thirsty anymore. Then I told Adam I was done.

“Aren’t you gonna thank me for getting you something to drink?”

“Thanks Adam, you’re an awesome brother!”

“Now take off your clothes.”

“Here? Now?”

“Yes, Jaden. You know I can’t let you wear your clothes when you’re with me” and Dad. Keep your dog collar on, though.”

I sat on the toilet seat and began taking my sneakers and socks off. I” couldn’t believe my brother was doing this to me. I handed each item of” clothing to my brother as I removed it. Soon I was standing naked in the” gas station men’s room and my brother had all my clothing in his hands.

“I’ll be in the car, Jaden. Come out whenever you’re ready.”

“But what if someone sees me?”

“That’s your problem, not mine. There’s not a lot of people around. I’m” sure if you’re careful you can make it to the car without anyone seeing” you. I’m going to return this key now.” Then he walked out the door.

I opened the restroom door a crack, peering through to see if it was safe” to walk out to the car. Adam wasn’t parked too far away, and I could do it” without being seen, but there was a station wagon at the gas pump. The man” was pumping gas and his family was milling around the car, eating candy and” drinking soda they bought from inside the gas station.

Go away, I thought to myself, go away. The family seemed to take forever to” leave. I waited and waited. Adam started to honk the horn. Another car was” pulling in. I decided to take a chance and make a run for it. As I bolted” out the door I ran right into a man who was carrying the rest room key and” the wooden block it was attached to.

“What the fuck?”

“P-p-practical joke,” I stuttered. “My brother was playing a joke on” me. He’s a real asshole.”

Adam honked the horn again. I bolted and ran for the car, hopping into the” front seat.

I didn’t say anything to Adam as we drove to Dad’s house. Of course, it was” hard to talk with Adam’s cock in my mouth. He made it clear to me that he” wanted my mouth on his cock for the rest of the drive.

When we got home Dad showed me the guest list for my birthday party. On the” list were eight of my dad’s drinking buddies and co-workers from the” furniture factory, and four of my brother’s friends from his high” school. None of my friends were invited.

I fell into my regular role of cooking dinner for Dad and Adam, bringing” them beers, rubbing their feet and sucking their cocks for them. I also” fell into my new role of being Adam’s bitch.

I wasn’t always in the role of a dog. The only doggy things I really did” were eating my food from my bowl, (usually canned stuff like like beef stew” that looked like dog food, Adam would just open the can and dump it into my” bowl) drinking out of the toilet and having Adam take me for walks when I” needed to relieve myself. The rest of their time I could stand up and walk” around to do my chores, like cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, waiting” on Dad and Adam, and sucking their cocks and drinking their piss whenever” they told me to. I still did sleep in my cage, though. I had a nice pile” of dirty underwear, socks and sweaty t-shirts to sleep on.

Dad bought a lot of beer for my party. I was such a happy boy as I prepared” the food and snacks for the party. Adam had bought a little kiddie pool and” put it in the middle of the living room. He also picked up a few blank” tapes for his camcorder. I was happy to know he’d be taping the festivities” for me.

I sat attentively in the kiddie pool as the guests started to arrive. Even” though it was my birthday party, the guests pretty much ignored me until” they needed to relieve their bladders. They drank beer, chatted, watched” the baseball game on TV and nibbled on the snacks I had prepared for them.

Whenever a guest arrived, my dad encouraged him to help himself to the beer” and snacks, and then he would point to me sitting in the kiddie pool and” say, “and there’s the urinal if you need to use him, if you wanna bust a” nut he’ll take care of that for ya, too.” I’d smile and wave to the guy.

I had already serviced most of the men there before, and the newcomers knew” the deal. My dad’s friends from the furniture warehouse were big men,” mostly Italian, Polish and Puerto Rican. I loved the Puerto Rican cocks” especially; they were big and fat and uncut.

I thanked each guy after receiving his piss. Some guys put their cocks in” my mouth and let loose, some guys liked to spray my face with it. One man” that I had never seen before was already ready for a blowjob.

“So you’re Claude’s little cock whore,” the man said as I unzipped his” pants.

I was offended. “I’m not a whore. Whores do it for money,” I informed the” man. “I do it cuz I love it.”

“You gonna show me how much you love the cock, then?”

“That’s right, sir.”

“You swallow, boy?”


The man’s dick tasted funny. It wasn’t that it was dirty or pissy or” cheesy, I would have liked that. It just tasted, well, funny. Most cocks” taste kind of similar, but everyone’s a little different. I didn’t like the” way this guy’s cock tasted, but since my Dad had worked so hard to plan” this party for me I wasn’t going to ruin it by complaining. I forced myself” to get over his bad tasting cock and soon I began to enjoy it. He finished” by jerking himself off into my mouth.

I sucked all twelve guys that night, some of them multiple times, plus my” dad and Adam. Adam spent most of the night filming me as I serviced those” cocks.

I tasted a lot of cum that night. I definitely had my preferences. Adam’s” friend Cole had the best tasting cum, and one of the Italian guys had the” worst. It was so bitter and acrid it was a chore to swallow it down.

I saw Dad coming back from the kitchen with a beer. “Quick, Dad, come over” here!” I called to him.

“Wassa matter, Jaden?”

“Lemme drink your piss, Dad. Your friend Louie just came in my mouth and it” tastes awful! I need something to wash it down with!”

“Sorry, kid. You already drank all the piss I have. I’ll ask Cole. I think” he might have to take a leak.”

“Thanks, Dad!”

In a few minutes Cole came back over to me. “Hey Jade, I hear you’re” thirsty!” he laughed.

“Yeah, Cole, give it to me, please!” I eagerly began to unzip his fly. I” couldn’t wait to get rid of the bitter taste in my mouth. I was relieved” when Cole began filling my mouth with his piss, which was pretty mild” because he had been drinking a lot of beer. When he was finished I began” licking his balls. “If you want I can suck you off again,” I said, nuzzling” the hair on his balls.

“You know, kid, you’re really wild! I already gave you a load today! I wish” I had a brother like you!”

“Don’t tell Adam, but your cum tastes even better than his! Even better” than Dad’s!”

“Thanks, I guess. I’ll save up for the next time you’re over here.”

All in all, I swallowed sixteen loads of cum, and drank quarts of” piss. When I would have to piss, I would piss on myself in the kiddie” pool. I was a real mess at the end. When the party was over Dad let me” towel myself off with a dirty rag, then I went to sleep in my cage. It was” the best birthday party ever.

On Sunday afternoon, Adam got me ready to go home by taking me outside and” hosing me down. He let me use one of his cum-stained towels (yes, he did” have to jerk himself off during the week when I wasn’t there to service” him) to dry off.

“Okay Jaden, get in the car,” Dad told me.

I turned to Adam. “Where did you put my clothes?” I asked him.


“Adam, where are my clothes? I need my clothes to go back home.”

“Oh, I threw `em all in the garbage can at the gas station. Didn’t feel” like carrying them all the way to the car.”

“You what?”

“Well, you didn’t need them, did you?”

“What am I gonna tell Mom? You threw away my new sneakers, too!”

“I dunno. Tell her you fell in the mud or something.”

“Adam, find something that Jaden can wear so we can dump him off at his” mother’s house” my Dad instructed, getting impatient.

Adam went into the house and came out with his old Boy Scout uniform. “Here” ya go,” he said.

“Thanks, Adam. But what am I going to put on my feet?”

Adam went back into the house and came out with his old pair of totally” trashed Airwalks. “Probably won’t fit, but you can borrow `em.”

I picked up one of Adam’s sneakers and stuck my nose inside. It smelled” kind of mushroomy. I liked mushrooms. I stuck my nose in deeper. The smell” of my brother’s stinky sneakers gave me an instant hard-on. I was in” heaven. I knew I’d enjoy jacking off while sniffing them when I got home.

“What do you say, Jaden?” Adam asked.

“Thank you, Adam.”


“I love you, Adam. You’re the best brother ever.”

My mom was very happy when she saw me. “You joined the Boy Scouts! That’s” wonderful!”

“Yeah, it was Adam’s idea. He even let me wear his old uniform!”

“That was really nice of your brother. You should do something special for” him sometime, too.”

“Oh, I will, Mom. I definitely will!”

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Urinal Boy 8: Randy Sleeps Over

“There’s my dad’s car,” I said to Randy as we waited outside the school next Friday afternoon.

“Oh God, I’m so nervous!” he gasped. “Especially after that story you told me about what you guys did last week! I don’t think I’m ready to eat anyone’s shit just yet!”

“I can’t guarantee they’ll be easy on you, but just keep in mind that whatever they make you do, I’ve had to do for them already.”


My dad pulled up to the curb and Randy and I got in the back seat. “Hi Dad,” I said. “This is my friend Randy. The one I told you about. We met in the boys’ restroom.”

“You like hanging around restrooms like my son, Randy?”

“Yes, sir. Jaden and I drink from the urinals at school together sometimes!” Randy exclaimed, eager to make a good impression on my father.

“That’s good, because we don’t have a place for you to sleep. You don’t mind sleeping on the cold tile floor in our bathroom, right near the toilet, do you?”

“Not at all.”

As we got onto the highway, I began to strip naked, starting with my shoes and socks. Randy started to follow my lead and strip, too. Then my dad stopped me.

“Not yet, Jaden. I need you to run into the convenience store and pick up some cigarettes for Adam.

I knew what this meant. I’d have to suck off the teenage guy behind the counter again before he’d sell the cigarettes to me. Not that I minded. I loved it when I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth behind the counter. He’d be selling lottery tickets and Twinkies to customers, and none of them had any idea that I was under the counter going down on him at the same time.

I remained dressed while Randy slowly continued to strip down in the back seat next to me. It thrilled me to see someone else do what I had been doing for my dad and brother for several years now.

We pulled into the convenience store. Dad gave me the money. Just as I was reaching for the car door, he grabbed me by the arm. “Hold on a second, Jaden.”

He took out a felt-tip marker and took the cap off of it. With one hand holding my chin, he proceeded to write something on my forehead. “There,” he said. “Now you can go in.”

I had no idea what Dad had written on my face, and I decided I wasn’t going to look in the mirror until I got back in the car. I was going to let it be a surprise.

Inside the convenience store, I tried to nonchalantly meander over to the counter, hoping that none of the customers would notice me. A woman on her way out did notice me, and I could see a look of horror on her face as she read what Dad had written on my forehead. The only other person in the convenience store was a middle-aged man. He looked at me with disgust, spat and then walked past me, making a point to bump into me and shove me into a rack of Christian audio books as he stormed out.

I made my way to the counter. My favorite sweaty, pimply teenaged cashier was there, as usual. I looked forward to serving him.

“Oh, it’s you again. Back for more, I see?”

“Yes, please.”

I saw him squinting as he read what was written on my forehead. “So you’re advertising now. You been walking around with that on you all day?”

“No, just now.”

“Well, I know it’s definitely true.”

“It must be. My dad wrote it. I don’t even know what it says.”

“You sure got balls, kid!” “I’d like to lick YOUR balls,” I smiled.

“You came at just the right time. I was just about to go bust a nut in the john. Hey kid, can you mind the counter for a minute? I got to take a shit before we get started.”

“Sure. But promise me one thing.”


“Just don’t wipe your ass. You know I want to lick you clean.”

The convenience story guy smiled as I got behind the counter and he made for the rest room.”

My favorite sexy, pimply, sweaty convenience store clerk took his sweet time in the rest room. He took so long that I had no choice but to help several customers. I had no idea how to use the cash register, and I’m sure I looked like an idiot when I was trying to figure it out. It gave me a tingle of pleasure each time a customer noticed what my dad had written on my forehead. I especially enjoyed the awkwardness and looks of horror it produced. I especially found myself getting hard when a good-looking guy came in and read the message on my forehead.

Then a really sexy blond skater boy came in. He leafed through some magazines before he picked up a package of Twinkies and walked up to the counter. Like all my other customers, he stared at my forehead in disbelief.

“Are you for real?” he asked.


“And nobody beat the shit out of you yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Well, is that what you want? Does it like turn you on if some guy beats the shit out of you? For havin’ somethin’ like that written on your forehead?”

“Not particularly.”

“Then what are you trying to prove?”

“I dunno. That I’m not ashamed, I guess.”

The skater boy seemed to believe me. “Hold on a sec,” he said.

He walked over to the magazine rack and picked out four glossy teen magazines. They were the kind girls liked, filled with pinups of cute teen boy stars. He placed them on the counter. He was blushing. He looked quite embarrassed, but he gave me a shy smile.

“Jerk off material,” he said, blushing.

I pointed to one of the Jonas Brothers on the cover. “He’s cute, aint he?”

The skater boy looked even more embarrassed. “He’s totally fuckin’ hot!”

I rang up the boy’s Twinkies and magazines. He paid for them and then started to leave. He hesitated at the door.

“Hey, what’s your number?” he asked, pulling out his cell phone.

I gave him my number, which he put into his phone. “Thanks,” he said. “I might just give you a call sometime.”

My convenience store clerk came out of the toilet and joined me behind the counter. “Okay, on your knees and start licking my ass. I’m saving toilet paper by using you instead.”

“Thank you so much!”

I undid his belt and slid his pants down, revealing his muscular, pimply butt. I could smell the fresh shit already. I spread his ass cheeks and inspected the brown streaks around his butt crack. I decided to slowly lick from the outside in, starting at the cheek and ending up with my tongue in his puckered hole. I spent a good five minutes using my tongue to dig the shit out of every crease, ridge and pucker of his anus, and wiggled my tongue around his hole a bit for good measure. I wrapped my lips around the pucker and sucked on it for a bit. He seemed to enjoy that, pressing my face further into his ass with his hand.

I savored the bittersweet taste of his shit on my tongue. I had to keep swallowing my shitty saliva as I licked. Eventually his hole was clean, and I turned around to suck his cock.

“Oh no you don’t,” he said. “Not after you’ve been licking my ass!” He grabbed a box of condoms from the shelf behind him. “Here,” he said, handing me the box. “Put the rubber on before you start working on my cock.

Dutifully, I opened the condom package, took one out and unrolled it onto his cock. It was pre-lubricated. I sniffed it. I didn’t like the rubbery, chemical smell. I had never actually used a condom before. Condoms were forbidden at Dad’s house.

I began sucking on the condom-covered cock. I didn’t like it at all. The smell and taste of the rubber made me gag. But still, I went on with it, sucking him as best as I could.

I guess he was really horny from my licking his ass. I had only just begun sucking him when he grabbed my head and started face-fucking me violently. I knew that when a guy started doing that to me the only thing I could do was relax my throat and hold on. It wasn’t pleasant to have him ride my throat like that, but I just waited patiently until I heard him moan. Then he thrust his dick as far as it would go down my throat. I felt it pulse and fill the condom with sperm.

I carefully took the condom off his cock, being sure not to spill the precious fluid. I wiped his cock head off with a napkin and then drank the contents of the condom, tossing it into the wastebasket afterwards.

Once I had done my duty, my convenience store clerk sold me the cigarettes and rudely kicked me out of the store. I joined Dad and Randy in the car.

Dad noticed that I was trying to get a look at myself in the rear-view mirror, trying to see what nasty thing he had written on my forehead. “Don’t look now, Jaden,” he said. “Let it be a surprise.”

As we got onto the highway, Randy and I began to undress each other in the backseat. Another fun weekend had begun.

I was showing Randy how we did laundry at my dad’s house. “The underwear and the socks are what’s important,” I explained to him. “Everything else can just go right in the washing machine. But once we’ve sorted the underwear and socks, they’ve got to be pre-treated.”

“My mom uses one of those stain sticks to pre-treat the laundry,” Randy said.

“Okay,” I said, holding a badly stained pair of white jockey-shorts up to the light, “this one’s Adam’s. He’s a size 28. Dad’s a size 34. That’s how you can tell. Looks pretty stained, huh?”

“I’m getting hard just looking at it!” Randy giggled. I could tell he desperately wanted to sniff the skid mark.

“Okay, pre-treating is simple,” I continued to explain. “This is all you do,” I said, taking the underwear and putting the shit-stained part of it in my mouth. I sucked the shitty skid mark for a few seconds to demonstrate.

“Oh fuck,” Randy gasped, his eyes wide open. “This is how you do laundry around here?!! I’m gonna pre-treat all my brother’s undies for him when I get home!”

I handed Randy the pair that I had already been sucking on. “Here, work on these for a while. I’m gonna start sucking the sweat out of Dad’s socks.”

Randy and I spent most of the morning sucking the shit and piss stains out of the pile of underwear in the laundry basket. I noticed that Randy especially liked sucking the sweat out of Adam’s dirty socks. Some of Adam’s socks were so filthy they could have stood on end. Since we were naked, we could both see how hard the laundry work was making our cocks.

Randy turned to me. “So they don’t let you jack off?” he asked.

“When I’m here, it’s my job to serve Dad and Adam. I’m not allowed to please myself in any way.”

“Gosh, this must drive you nuts! Watching you blow your brother last night was too damn hot! I’m so horned up I can’t stand it! I need some release soon or I’m gonna burst! My balls hurt!”

“You get used to it.”

“Say,” Randy said, giving me a sneaky look, “those guys are out of the house right now. Why dontcha blow me? They’d never know.”

“I dunno. It’s against the rules.”

“It’s against the rules for you, but not for me,” Randy insisted. “I’m just a guest. Come on, blow me why dontcha?”

“Trust me, it’s more exciting if you keep yourself horny and frustrated. On Monday we can meet up after school and you’ll be ready to explode.”

“I’m ready to explode now. So is this really what you do every weekend? You’re like their slave!”

“Well, every other weekend.”

“But I mean, this is the routine, right?”

“Yeah, I take off my clothes in the car. No clothes, no shower, no brushing my teeth, no leaving the house. Only eating from my dog bowl and only drinking from the toilet bowl.”

“Serving their every whim.”

“Yeah. Cleaning up after them, cooking for them. All that stuff.”

“Dude, I’m so horny right now. If you don’t blow me I’m gonna jack myself off.”

“Don’t. They might come in any minute and catch you.”

“Well, how long are they gonna be gone for? And where did they go?” “They never tell me. They always keep me guessing.”

“This is torture!”

“I know. They are pretty good with their dirty tricks. Like hiding all the mirrors in the house so I still have no idea what Dad wrote on my forehead. I was in that convenience store the whole time not knowing what it said, but it must have been something pretty nasty because it sure freaked people out!”

“If you blow me, I’ll tell you what it says,”

“Nah. I’ll find out when they want me to find out.”

I picked up another pair of underwear and began to lick at the skid mark. Randy began working on another pair of socks. We were both on the floor, on our knees in front of the laundry basket. I put the underwear on top of the pile of laundry and buried my face in it. Then I smelled the sweaty armpit of one of Adam’s t-shirts, and I buried my nose in the t-shirt, enjoying the heavenly scent. As I did so, I turned so that my butt was facing Randy. I leaned forward into the laundry basket so that my ass was up a little. I knew that Randy was in the perfect position to view my exposed but thole.

It didn’t take long before Randy dropped the socks and made his way to my butt, cautiously sniffing and then licking my hole. I was starting to get hard again as I felt his tongue slide in and out like a piston. I continued to sniff and suck at the dirty items in the laundry basket while I let Randy get his pleasure from licking and sucking my ass. I could hear him jacking himself off and when I could tell he was about to cum I pulled my ass away from his face.

“Dammit, Jaden! I was just about to shoot!”

“I know! That’s why I stopped you.”

“No fair!”

“Save your tongue for the laundry. And besides, your mouth is going to get a workout when Dad and Adam get home.”

“Now I’m thirsty.”

“You know where the toilet is. Go get yourself a drink.”


When Dad and Adam got home, they decided to put Randy on toilet paper duty. Since he had to sleep in the bathroom anyway, Randy’s job was to spend most of the weekend in the bathroom sitting on the little rug in front of the toilet. Only I was privileged to suck cock and drink cum. But Randy couldn’t really complain. Randy had to wait and wait until someone had to take a shit, and then he got to lick their but tholes clean for them. And he had plenty of piss to drink. I’ll have to admit that Randy was a good ass kicker, as he cleaned mine a number of times that weekend.

Since we couldn’t bathe, shower or brush our teeth for the whole weekend, Randy and I had started to stink pretty badly. Randy’s breath wasn’t the greatest, especially since his tongue had been on toilet paper duty. My own face and ass were smeared with dried cum and piss, as Dad and Adam had used me at both ends several times that weekend. But we did have to scrub ourselves up before Dad brought me to my mom’s house and Randy to his parents’ house. So the two of us took a bath together, taking plenty of time to finger each other’s but tholes and soap each other’s hard-on’s up, stopping right when we were about to cum. Neither of us had had an orgasm the whole weekend, and we couldn’t wait until Monday after school when we would meet each other in the woods and finally get our release.

While we were in the middle of our bath, Adam came into the bathroom with a little hand mirror.

“I thought you might like to see what Dad wrote on your face before you wash it off,” he said, handing the mirror to me.

I finally held the mirror up to my face and saw what Dad had written on my forehead — what I had been walking around with for the whole weekend!


Other Parts of the Urinal Boy Series: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Long Term Life In A Cage

I love small places like cages, locked boxes and trunks, small dark closets and everything else that’s locked bondage.  It’s weird that I sweat in a stall in a public restroom or in my water closet at home.  I keep the door when I’m on the toilet ajar or open because I feel claustrophobic.  We were at Whole Foods today when it was extremely crowded.  So crowded that all the carts were in use. People were cutting other people off, carts were banging together and the general atmosphere was a panicked sense of rudeness that made me feel anxiety that caused me to feel like bolting from the store.  I used the bathroom, because my cock is locked in a chastity belt, I always have to use a toilet rather that urinal.  I usually use the handicap stall because it is larger than regular stalls.  I was forced by urgency to use a small stall.  The anxiety that I already felt combined with being in a small space made me feel as if I was suffocating.  It was a good feeling suffocation like having Master put a plastic bag over my head or covering my mouth and pinching my nostril shut. It was a horrible feeling that felt like death.

I finished in the bathroom then rushed out of the nearest store exit.  I called Master using my cell phone to let him know where and why I was outside. I waited for him on a patch of grass in the middle of the parking lot. He left his cart and came out to rescue me from myself. He talked me back into the store and carefully watched me as we finished our shopping.

So, I wondered how I could be locked in small places and love it but feel anxiety in larger places like bathrooms and toilet stalls. Does anyone have a reason?

Next. I have had times, especially with Master when I am locked in small spaces. I’ve been caged for as long as two weeks.  I mentioned a time when I first met Master when he was using me as an “object”. He locked me in a cage for over seven days without letting me out. My friend Metal wanted me to tell him about it.

Here goes; It was a caging, nothing else. Master, who was not my Master at the time ordered me to crawl into a “puppy” cage. It had a steel floor, heavy metal bars on the sides and top. It was placed in the center of the room over a drain in the floor. He locked the door with a massive lock and told me to enjoy my stay.  He said I would remain caged until he got tired of knowing I was locked in it.  He didn’t give me a time line. He left me in a completely dark space.  The only light was a red beam that emanated from a far off corner that did nothing to light the room.

I felt excited and horny for a while.  I wasn’t restrained so I had access to my genitals and ass. I stimulated myself and almost came but I feared repercussions for doing self stimulation without permission.  Excitement fell away as did the feeling of being horny.  I became bored with the passing of time. It was a mistake for me to think it would be a matter of hours before Master came to release me. I became more bored, to the point of feeling agitated. Then I decided to try to meditate. I climbed through my Chakra but could not reach the top.  I was blocked. I eventually fell asleep with no way of judging how long.  I eventually had to urinate.  I held it until it became urgent and started to call out to be allowed to uses the toilet. My pleas were never answered,  I eventually pissed, trying not to get in the cage.

Master eventually came.  He made his way through the room guided by the light that illuminated it from outside in the hallway. He slide a plastic try and a plastic fork through the slot at the bottom of the door and set a gallon of drinking water inside the cage.  I told my captor that I had to take a shit.  He replied “oh? ok”. and left again, leaving me to try to eat in the pitch blackness of the room.  I eventually reached the point at which I could not keep my bowels from moving.  I yelled for release but it seemed no one heard me.  I relieved myself into the disposable plastic tray and pushed it out of the slot at the bottom of the door. It smelled and filled the space with it’s overwhelming odor, making me feel nauseous.

Master came in to tend to me. He used a hose and cold water to shower me and wet the floor of the cage. He handed me a soapy sponge and told me to clean myself and the floor of the cage.  He rinsed me off with cold water then sprayed the soapy water down the drain.  He slid another tray of now cold food under the slot in the cage door and closed the door to the room, once more leaving me in the dark.

This treatment seemed endless.  My brain cried out for stimulation and sunlight. My body begged for exercise and food. I constantly felt hungry even though I was inactive. The monotony of nothingness and inability to move my body was driving me crazy but I still felt a weird sense of comfort that I can’t explain or understand.

Finally, after days of isolation, Master came to release me. I could finally stand and feebly exercise.  I took a long hot sudsy shower and dried myself with a towel rather that air drying in a chilly room.  Master fed me a meal that I ate sitting in the sunlight that spilled across the kitchen floor. I cleaned the dishes and the went back to the room containing the cage to clean away the stench I left in the cage and the floor around and under it..

Master was not finished using me.