Urinal Boy 4: Cutting Class

Silently, I followed Randy as we snuck out of the school and into the" little wooded area behind the parking lot. I couldn't believe my luck," meeting Randy the way I did. I never in a million years would have" suspected that Randy Marshall and I would soon be out in the woods," drinking each other's piss. Randy was a fairly decent-looking kid, not" really sexy like my brother, but not ugly, either. I just never really" noticed him that much. I certainly never would have suspected that he liked" to do the same things I had been servicing my dad and Adam for almost as long as I could" remember, but I always knew it was something I couldn't tell people" about. I first discovered how much I liked piss after Adam's attempt to" humiliate me by making me serve as a urinal when Dad's friends came over. I" knew that drinking piss was even more perverted than sucking my Dad's and" brother's dicks, so I didn't dare tell anyone. Now finally I had found" someone who would understand. As we entered the woods, Randy reached for my hand and smiled at me. "I" know a place we can go. We follow that path down a ways, then we get to the" old railroad tracks. Follow the tracks for a while, and then we get to that" swampy area behind the mills. There's lots of wood and nobody ever goes" down there." "Sounds good to me." It felt nice to be holding Randy's warm, sweaty hand" as we walked through the woods together. I started to realize that my" newfound feelings for Randy were a lot different than my love for Adam or" Dad. "Oh, shit, somebody's coming!" Randy yelped and let go of my hand. "Hey," it's Danny and Tony!" "Aren't they in tenth grade?" I asked. "I think so. They're total potheads. All they ever do is get high." Danny and Tony looked us over. They were both carrying CVS Pharmacy bags," which I thought was kind of strange. "Hey, don't I know you?" Danny asked. "You two go to Wildcat too, don't" you?" "Uh, yeah," Randy responded nervously. "Shouldn't you guys be in class?" Tony asked. "Shouldn't you?" Randy asked. "Well, it was such a nice day, we though it would be a big waste to stay" inside," Danny explained. "So we figured it would be a perfect day to drink" cough syrup and get our dicks sucked by this hot little seventh grader we" know," he bragged. Randy and I looked at each other. I could tell he was just as skeptical as" I was. "What hot little seventh grader?" I asked. "Who is she?" "It's a secret," Tony said, grinning. "But if you want, she'll suck you," too. She's a total slut." "But you have to wear a blindfold. We're protecting her identity. That way" you'll never know, and you'll never be able to reveal the secret. You guys" in?" Randy and I looked at each other again. I could tell by the look in his" eyes that he wanted me to say no. I didn't want any girl near my dick, and" neither did Randy. "Thanks, but we'll pass," I said. "I'd rather know who I'm having sex" with!" "Suit yourself! But you guys don't know what you're missing!" Danny" shouted. Then he took a swig of cough syrup and they both went off on the" opposite trail. "I'm glad we got out of that," Randy said. "They were totally trying to" play a trick on us. They just wanted to get us blindfolded for some sort of" rotten practical joke. There's no girl sucking their dicks, that's for" sure!" "I wouldn't let a girl even touch me!" I added. "But you know what, Randy?" "What?" "If it were true, imagine how fun it would be to be that girl. Like," imagine if there were a whole bunch of guys with blindfolds who thought" they were getting sucked by some chick, but it was really you and me" sucking them, and they had no idea!" "God, that would be fun!" Randy agreed. I can think of a lot of guys at" school I would like to do that way!" Randy and I were walking hand-in-hand together again. He knew the area" well. We got to the railroad tracks, followed them a bit, and then Randy" took me down another path back into the woods again. Then he stopped. "On your knees, Jaden. I've got some lemonade for you." "Thanks," I said. It didn't take me long to get Randy's cock out of his" pants and aimed towards my mouth. I opened my mouth and let him piss into" it, swallowing whenever my mouth filled up. "Jaden, I think we're gonna be best friends!" Randy laughed. I responded by putting his dick in my mouth and beginning to tease it with" my tongue. "Ooh, you're good!" Randy moaned. "Keep it up!" I felt Randy quickly getting hard in my mouth. I wished it was as big as my" Dad's. Still, I wasn't complaining. I sucked and licked Randy's adorable" pink shaft. Hearing him moan with pleasure got me more excited. My own cock" was making a tent in my jeans. Randy noticed this as he was watching me on my knees as I worshipped his" cock. "Jaden, take it out. I want to see it." Dad and Adam never let me play with myself when I was servicing them. I" always had to wait until I was back in my bed at my mom's house on Sunday" nights before I could jack off wildly to the memories of all the nasty" things my father and brother had made me do. So I was more than happy to" unbuckle my belt, unzip my fly and pull my pecker out and start working on" it as I gave Randy head. "Stand up, Jaden." I stood up. Randy grabbed my cock and I grabbed his. We began a serious," deep, messy tongue kiss while we jerked each other off. I was thrilled to" know that Randy was tasting his own piss on my tongue, as well as whatever" was left of the piss we had been drinking out of the urinals" earlier. Randy's dick was sliding around nicely in my fist, lubricated by" my saliva. Randy got down on his knees and started working on my cock. It was very" strange for me. This was the first time anyone had ever bothered to return" the favor. I was so used to my role as sex slave for Dad and Adam that I" had trouble relaxing and enjoying Randy's blowjob. Still, it was a" wonderful sensation. Then I realized that in all my excitement, I hadn't noticed how full my" bladder had become. I had drunk a lot of piss, and now I needed to relieve" myself. Could I piss with a hardon? I knew Adam could, because he would" often treat me to a slow, jerky trickle of warm piss when I was sucking him" off. "Get up, Randy. I want to try something," I instructed. Randy stood up. "What you got in mind?" "Bend over and touch your toes." "This is going to be a first for me!" Randy exclaimed. "First for me, too." I spat in my hand and lubricated my dick, mixing it" with Randy's saliva. Then I got on my knees and began licking Randy's sweet" little ass. He squealed a little like a girl when I poked my tongue into" his asshole. His sphincter twitched tightly around my tongue. The taste was" heavenly. Randy was fairly clean and his ass tasted mild and slightly" sweet, not all raunchy and shitty like Adam's funky hole. I slid my dick in very very slowly. Randy grunted. "I'm not hurting you, am I?" "I can take it!" "Don't worry, I'll let you fuck me, if you like." "Okay." I didn't actually intend on fucking Randy for long. I had another" idea. Once I had my dick all the way in Randy's ass, I let him stand" up. The two of us were bound together, in the woods, with our pants around" our knees. I put my arms around his waist. I rested my chin on his" shoulder. He looked back at me and smiled. That's when I began to push out, and slowly I felt a small stream of piss" trickle out of my dick and deep into Randy's gut. Randy looked a little panicked. "Did you just cum?" he asked. "Then what…" Randy began to realize what I was doing as he felt my bladder" empty into him. "Oh wow!" he exclaimed. "That's fuckin' amazing!" Then he" kissed me. I carefully pulled out of Randy's asshole. Randy looked a little" worried. "I don't think I can hold it all in there much longer," he said. "I don't want you to. I'm going to drink it out of your hole." Randy was very pleased with the idea. Randy touched his toes again and I" was back on my knees with my face in his ass. It was harder for Randy to" control his piss enema. He would struggle and his hole would pucker up with" no release, and then he would struggle more and I would get sprayed in the" face. Not that I really minded, but we were starting to get messy. I" lovingly licked the piss that trickled out of Randy's hole and down his" leg. I was hard as hell and having the time of my life. That's when I heard the rustling in the bushes.

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