Be Careful What You Dream For


I never thought I would write story for Eunuch Archive, let alone a mostly true story (characters and events have been condensed). It all happened so fast. I was a middle aged divorced male, white, 5’8’, 165 lbs. I have two wonderful children. I raised them alone after my wife left because she decided she didn’t want to be married. Before I was married I had many girlfriends and a few after I was divorced. I though being gay was repulsive.

That suddenly changed within the last eighteen months. It started with the Internet, as many things do today. I was always a fan of porn and the Internet made it readily available. Never went to any web pages that you had to pay for though. I loved to look at pictures but especially loved to read the stories. Cannibalism stories fascinated me, and I read as many as I could find. Somewhere along that time I found the Eunuch Archive. These stories truly turned me on. I fantasized about being a eunuch or nullo. In one bulletin entry I found a reference to the Extreme Genital Modification Page. This was great. I was becoming more and more turned on by looking at men. I was also becoming obsessed with always being naked while at home. I began completely shaving my body except head hair.

I then became so bold as to put pictures of my body on the Extreme web page with a profile that I wished to be a nullo or castrated. Then it started to get serious. I found myself thinking about what it would be like to be screwed my another man, what it would be like to suck another man’s dick and swallow. When I jacked off I often ate my own come. I decided I wasn’t ready to be castrated and became interested in the large balls and dicks the pumpers had modified. I sent messages to several and one responded. This was the beginning.

We switched to meeting online privately. He showed me how to use a web cam and for the first time I was showing my naked body to another man in live action. This led to him leading me through ordering pumping supplies and starting to pump my dick and balls. I was now obsessed with having huge balls and a huge dick and was getting there. My balls were large and I loved it. Something else was happening at this time, he asked me to jack-off for him and I did. I kept jacking off whenever he asked me. He led me to the pumper’s page, where the chat room has a live cam feed. Now I was showing my package to a chat room of total strangers. It was fantastic; I had never felt so turned on.

The conversation started to be more about gay sex. I found my self-asking to be fucked. I wanted my balls to be pumped large and then I wanted to be fucked. I could just feel those big dicks fucking me. He invited me to his town. He said we could pump and he would help with saline injections, which would make my balls really huge. I wanted this and I wanted to put pictures on the web page so others could see me. I was following a path that would change me forever.

My new friend showed me dildo’s he had on hand. He said we could try these. One was shaped like a large dogs dick. This I found very interesting. I looked up bestiality stories on the net and became turned on by the idea. My friend mentioned slave master relationship and having read many stories in the Archives I was turned on with the though of being a slave. Things were escalating. I dreamed of being in a dog collar and leash and nothing else. I dreamed of being fucked and sucking dick. And really strange I dreamed of being held by a large dog and fucked by a dog. These dreams were closer than I could imagine.

My friend invited me to his city and amazingly I accepted. Me the straight stud who never even thought about gay things until the last year. I made arrangements for a suite and took some vacation time. I brought my pumping equipment and lots of rubbers. I was finally going to get fucked. How much and by how many I could not have guessed.

I arrived and we met at a restaurant. We had dinner then we went to his condo. He had a partner who was not home at the time. After some conversation we got down to the nitty gritty. We both had seen each other naked many times on the web cam but this was up close and personal. He was hairy but not too much as compared to my totally smooth look. After we were naked we immediately set our pump session. I was totally hard and could barely fit in the pumping tube. We pumped for a few hours till we were pretty large. It was great to have someone besides myself massage my balls during the breaks.

I was harder than I have ever been. At one point we were very close, as need be, when he leaned over and kissed me. A man had never kissed me before it was frightening but I began to love it. For the first time in my life I was the passive party, I was the bitch. Our tongues intertwined, it was wonderful. The next thing I knew he was pushing me gently down his chest, I licked and sucked his nipples, he groaned as I moved on down. Then it was there, my first dick up close. I licked it, the taste was not gross. I took it in my mouth; it was so smooth and silky. I liked the pre-come and tasted it on my tongue. Finally I sucked it; I took as much as I could in my mouth. I did the things I know I like. I licked the under side right behind the head. Slowly I sucked and licked until, again for the first time, another man came in my mouth. I swallowed it all, it tasted great. I felt this was right for me.

I stood up and we kissed more. His hairy body against mine felt wonderful. We went back to pumping until we were both huge. The rest of the evening we relaxed and talked. He said tomorrow things would get serious. I arrived early the next day. He took me to the living room and said take off all your clothes, which I love to do anyway. After I was naked he walked behind me and placed leather studded dog collar around my neck. This would be all I would wear that day and many other days. A leash was hooked and I was led to the bedroom where we pumped up for the day to come.

It was that afternoon, after we pumped, he hugged and kissed me again and gently led me to the bed. On the nightstand was plenty of lube. He laid me on my back on the bed. He lifted my legs and lubed my ass. I had never had anyone’s fingers up my ass before, it felt good. He placed my legs on his shoulders and his dick at my ass hole. Ever so slowly he entered my ass. It was a little painful at first but it felt so good I quickly became adjusted. Slowly he pumped me, I came on my stomach without being touched. I know this was right for me. He picked up speed as I became more comfortable. We both were moaning as I began to feel his cock swell, when I realized he hadn’t put on a condom. I didn’t care at this point. Then he moaned loudly, thrust hard and he came in me. I was amazed I could feel him coming in me. He stayed in me and held me for a while. I loved the feel of his hairy body on mine.

His partner was coming home that evening and I was in for more new experiences. I was naked all day except for my collar and leash. My friend helped me shave my body, reaching places I could never get to, my back and ass hole. It was a great feeling, I was hard constantly. My huge balls hanging out bouncing against my thighs was so great. I found it very erotic that my friend was dressed while I stayed naked. His partner came home to find me naked and leashed. While he wasn’t as interested in me as my friend, he was very nice. After dinner we went on-line to the Pumpers page with the live cams.

There we showed ourselves and pumped along with others. Many liked my smooth look and when during a pump break some noticed I was semi hard asked me to jerk off. I was too shy but my friend took charge and much to the delight of everyone watching he jerked me off, another first for me. I though my dick would burst it was so hard. We signed off and moved to the bed. My friend again gently pushed me downward, I took the hint and moved to his dick and began to suck. As I was doing this my ass was naturally in the air and soon I felt lube being applied as his partner slowly eased his dick into my ass hole. I was being fucked at both ends and loving it.

They both picked up speed and finally thrust into me and held me tight as they both came in me seconds apart. Again we forgot the condoms but who cared it felt so good. I could feel and taste the come. I spent the next day naked with my collar while we pumped till our dicks and balls were so big we couldn’t have fit them in any of our underwear. In one weekend I went from a heterosexual man with children and some fantasies to a naked, gay, bottom, that had been fucked from both ends and loved it. I couldn’t wait to get back the next weekend. My friend had some new things in store.

Finally the next weekend rolled around and I drove to my friend’s city. I didn’t bother with a hotel room this time. As soon as I entered the door off came my clothes and on went the collar. After dinner he said he had a big surprise for me. We were going out! Since I was naked it might be a problem. My friend had this solved. He put a graduation type gown on me. The collar and leash still showed as he led me to the car. We pulled up in front of a gay bar. My first time in a gay bar and I was basically naked and being led around on a leash. I should have said naked because as soon as we entered the gown came off. I was totally naked in a roomful of gay men. I was also totally erect, almost painful I was so hard. With my pumped up balls I was freakish. I was also very popular. Everyone was touching me as my friend, or should I now say it “Master” led me through the crowd. God I was turned on. We sat a table in the back as my Master talked quietly to many of the patrons. After a while he pulled my leash and we went to a special room in the back. It had a padded table in the middle with some towels and a bottle of lube. I was laid on the table and my Master rubbed me down then lubed my ass.

Then men started entering the room four and five at a time. I was fucked on my back flipped over and fucked on my stomach doggie style (which I liked the best). While I was being fucked dicks were stuck in my mouth and I sucked till my jaw hurt, swallowing loads of come in all flavors. Of the dicks in my ass some had condoms some did not. All I knew was come was running out all over my ass. I came several times by men jerking me off while they fucked me. I have no idea how many men fucked or I sucked that night but I was very sore. My Master, in anticipation, was thoughtful enough to have brought a diaper since I no longer could hold anything in my stretched ass hole. We went back to his house where he cleaned me in the shower gave me a big kiss and put me to bed.

The next day since my ass hole was already stretched my Master tried the dog dildo on me. It was very long but the knot just would not go in, it was too big even for my used ass hole. The length and strange shape did feel good. We pumped again, I can’t get over my huge balls, and I returned home sore but satisfied. I couldn’t wait to get back the next weekend.

The weekend started the same, enter strip, collar. After dinner the gown was put on and in the car we went. This time we drove out into the countryside. We pulled into a long drive leading to a secluded house. This was a friend of my Master, we left the robe in the car and I was led naked to the house. We entered and sat for some small talk. After a while my Master’s friend said let’s get started and I was led into a large den type room where I saw him. Him was a large dog. I don’t think he was a pure bred anything just a large dog like a Rotweiler or something. Buster was his name. I was placed over a small padded bench in the middle of the room, resting on my stomach my ass sticking out. The Master’s friend rubbed something on my balls and ass. As soon as he opened the jar the dog perked up and smelled the air. “Buster” moves to me and began to lick my balls and ass. I was rock hard at the thought of what was going to happen. My master slipped his hand between the dog and me and lubed my ass hole. It was going to happen, after all the stories I read and videos I watched on the Internet that turned me on so much I was about to fucked by a dog.

You cannot imagine how good it feels when the dog lays on your back with his very warm and furry body. It is like a living blanket. My own dick was about to explode when the dog’s owner lined the dog’s dick up with my ass. I want to tell you it is not very easy to be fucked by a dog. Their dick keeps slipping out as they hump very fast. With a little help from the dog’s owner he managed to keep the dog’s dick pumping in me pretty well. It is a fantastic feeling because the dog moves so fast and generates so much heat. My ass hole kept trying to suck the dog dick in me and keep it. Remember I could not take the canine dildo’s knot so I thought no way a real dogs knot would fit. However with the owners pushing and the knot being slightly smaller combined with plenty of lube the knot went in me.

You might not know this but after it enters the bitch it sort of turns sideways to stay in. It didn’t hurt for it to do this but there was no way it would come out without ripping me apart. Just after the knot turned and locked the dog in me, the dog began to come. It was more than I could have dreamed, it thinner that people come, and it just kept squirting. I felt so full. The dog then turned around swiveling his dick in me till we were ass to ass. I had to stay this way for about thirty minutes till the knot turned around and the dog could break lose out of my ass. The dog come then gushed out of my ass for about a minute and a half. I was so satisfied and happy. I hoped to do this again many times. It was especially great when the dog licked my dick and ass clean.

We alternated situations like these for several months, it was great. I had huge balls, was regularly fucked and I loved sucking dicks. But things were about to change and this is why this story is in the Eunuch Archive. It started a few months ago; I was living a regular life in my town and my weekends in my Masters city getting fucked and pumping. I began to feel soreness in my balls. They became very sensitive. I finally had to see an urologist. I chose to find a doctor in another city since my new lifestyle may have factored in to my problem. As luck would have it the doctor turned out to be gay and was very understanding.

The catch was my sore balls had nothing to do with my life style. It was a congenial birth defect something about my cords being tensioned. He said it was amazing that it didn’t bother me before. My balls were not getting enough circulation and constant pain would be the result. It would be like being kicked in the balls all the time. The remedies are heavy use of pain killing drugs with their side effects or double orchiectomy (take out my balls). They could put fake balls back in my sack so I would not look different and I could take testosterone to keep my masculinity. I thought about this and discussed it with my Master. Remember at the beginning of my saga reading about castration was a turn on for me. Now I had to make a choice give up the huge balls I get from pumping or constant pain. I decided to give up my balls.

Now the decision was how, when and where. The doctor was great he understood my dilemma and would help in anyway. The only way he was allowed to operate was thru the abdomen and besides that was the only way to remove my cords which were the real problem anyway. The doctor helped big time in two ways. First, he agreed to save my balls and return them to me even though it is against medical rules. He also contacted a plastic surgeon in the gay community to remove my sack and make me smooth below my dick. It helped that the urologist owned his own clinic with a surgical suite. I scheduled the surgery and took a months vacation and sick leave. Another handy thing was since it was a medical necessity to remove my balls my insurance was paying for it. The doctors agree to manage the plastic surgeons fees in the bill to insurance. My Master agreed to help me recover. My children thought it was hernia surgery.

Now I come to today, two months later. I am officially a eunuch. My stitches are gone and were my balls used to be is a fine little scar with still a little redness. My Master and I decided no hormones. My dick has already shrunk to the size of a big clit, no more fucking for me (like the look however, just a little button at the top of my groin). My hips are rounder and easier for my Master and others (including the dog) to grip. And another part I really, really like is my little breasts. They are so pretty. My nipples have gotten much bigger and I get so turned on when they are sucked. It is much easier to keep hair off my body since it has stopped growing dark and coarse. My whole body seems more sensitive. My weight has dropped to about 140 lbs. If I wear something tight I have the body of a girl.

I still live and go to work in my city. Nobody knows my secret, they think I was sick and lost weight. I wear baggy clothes to work. On the weekends I go to my masters. I am still naked and collared as soon as I enter. He still likes to fuck me and I like to suck him. We go to the gay bar about once a month, where they really like to feel me up. I don’t think as many want to fuck me as before. I must look too much like a girl now. I would like to dress like a girl but my Master pretty much keeps me naked so clothes aren’t necessary. I really love more than ever being fucked by the dog (or dogs I should say there have been more since the first). I do sometimes miss my pumped up dick. I can come rubbing my nubbin dick but it’s not the same. I don’t get that feeling when the come shoots out. But other sensations make up for it.

So that’s my story up to now. I started out being turned on by eunuch stories, moved to pumping and big balls and being fucked. Then in a round about way ended up a real gay eunuch and loving it. I want to get pictures posted on some web page soon so everyone can enjoy me.

Oh by the way, my Master brought my balls home in a jar and prepared them, then sautéed them and I ate one the he ate the other. Tasted good had the consistency of liver but was a delight anyway. I only regret I could only eat them once.

Thanks for sharing my saga.

You Are Now My Property – Part 33

When the men returned to the basement, Ted removed the wires from the boy’s cock and balls, then pulled the metal rod out of his dick. Some piss spurted out and ran down Eric’s leg to the floor. Mike untied the boy from the table and made him lick the piss up off the floor. He then dragged the boy over to a workout bench and tossed him onto it, on his back.

Mike had adapted one of these benches for each of the men. The legs were adjustable, to raise or lower the height of the bench. A solid, padded board was attached to one end, perpendicular to the bench, rising above it. With a slave on his back on the bench, his master could raise or lower the height until it was just the right level for him to straddle it with his asshole right over the boy’s mouth. The master could then lean back against the padded board and relax while his slave rimmed him.

Mike adjusted the height of the bench, threw one beefy leg over it, and moved his ass into position over Eric’s face. Eric had never even thought about anything like this during his four months of captivity. He didn’t even know men did things like this to each other. If he had, he would’ve been sickened by the thought of it. But sometime during this night the last of Eric’s will had been broken, and he no longer thought about what he was doing. As soon as something was presented to his mouth, Eric opened up and prepared to serve it and worship it. His training was complete. He just stuck his tongue out as Mike’s beefy, hairy ass approached, and lifted his head to meet it. He buried his tongue in the musky, hairy crack without even being directed to, and sought out the man’s puckered hole. He jammed his tongue in as far as it would go and started swirling it around and around. Mike closed his eyes and began riding the kid’s tongue with his ass crack– back and forth, making sure the kid licked every inch. He silently thought that he’d have to congratulate Roy on his impressive conditioning of the boy; it was almost as complete an alteration of the psyche as Mike had made to HIS slave. ALMOST… but not quite. Mike smiled, ground his ass against Eric’s face a little harder, and thought about Rex waiting for him in his cage at home.

His name hadn’t always been Rex. It used to be Tony, but that was before. In his former life. When he used to be a man.

Rex tried to stretch; his muscles were cramping, and he was in a lot of discomfort. He did the best he could, but he’d been bad, and his master had left him in the small cage. He couldn’t straighten out his body; he really couldn’t get much out of the fetal position when he laid down, and when he got on all fours he had only a few inches in front of or behind him. And he had to be careful not to spill his food or “water” bowls. His master hated it when he was messy. He had to piss and shit, and was hoping his master would return soon to take him for his walk. Rex stayed curled almost in a ball, gnawed on his rawhide bone, and waited for his master’s return.

Jose had disappeared from the world with barely a ripple. Nobody that missed him was in this country legally; they had nowhere to turn to for help. Jamal had been a different story. The kid was a big‑time football recruit, and his disappearance spurred many headlines and a massive man‑hunt. Nothing ever turned up, of course, but the four men had decided it was not wise to grab anyone again anytime soon. That was one of the reasons Mike and Roy were always available to help train Jamal. Don’t get me wrong, they loved raping and torturing the muscular athlete, but they were also doing it as a favor to Ted, who had a tough time taming the strong young man at first. However, a couple of months of Roy’s brutal whippings, Ted’s fisting and electro‑torture, Mike’s all‑around sadism, and an occasional visit from Dr. Bob and his medical bag had finally done the trick. Jamal was broken and Mike and Roy were needed less and less. They began thinking again of securing their own slaves, but were still leery about attracting attention.

The need to wait was starting to frustrate the two men. Ted suggested a week’s vacation at a cabin he owned in Georgia. They could relax, do some fishing, maybe a little hunting. Roy figured since they’d be out of Florida, maybe they could go on a little manhunt.

Bob had three surgeries planned for that week so he couldn’t go. He volunteered to feed Jamal and put him through his daily exercises. Ted thanked him and told him to have as much fun as he wanted with the boy. Bob smiled and said he intended to. He’d actually been thinking of trying something new, and he wanted to try it out on Jamal, who’d be much more sensitive to it than Jose. Jose still reacted beautifully to everything the doctor did to him, but he was starting to develop a real tolerance for pain, and Bob wanted to try this out on someone who’d REALLY appreciate it.

Be Careful What You Dream For

Be Careful What You Dream For

  I never thought I would write story for Eunuch Archive, let alone a mostly true story (characters and events have been condensed). It all happened so fast. I was a middle aged divorced male, white, 5’8’, 165 lbs. I have two wonderful children. I raised them...

Banded by Choice

Banded by Choice

  I’m a 35 year old bodybuilder who abused steroids in my weight training for many years. I achieved the body I wanted, but eventually developed serious problems which required my stopping the injections cold. Deprived of the drug my body had come to count on, my...

Balls Wanted For Torture and Removal

Balls Wanted For Torture and Removal

My ad read:  Balls wanted for torture and removal. At first no replies and then they started to roll in.  My first respondant was waiting for me in his motel room, blindfolded as ordered.  I entered his room and took him by the hand and led him into his bathtub.  I...



A permanent commitment is a very serious one. I need to trust that if you are making such a commitment, that you will be doing everything in your power to ensure that I will never again be a free man. I would hope that, should you become unwilling or unable to keep me...

Master and Slave 2

Master and Slave 2

The night after castrating and sending my former slave off to his fate, I slept well, knowing that I had done the right thing. Now, however, I was without a slave. Good slaves, the kind one keeps, are difficult to find. I resolved to select very carefully this time....

A Story of a Rubber Slave’s Forced Training

A Story of a Rubber Slave’s Forced Training

I followed Alan down the steps into the dungeon. We both wore jeans and t-shirts and I began to feel nervous as I saw the various rubber suits and restraints hanging from the walls, and the cage and sling and rubber bed in the semi-darkness of the room. “This is where...



The door to my room is closed as I lay on my bed, touching my naked body. My chest is hairless, except for a few wisps around my nipples, which are pinker and larger than they used to be. I trail my hand down to my stomach, which has lost most of its definition. My...

Turning Fantasy Into Reality

Turning Fantasy Into Reality

Note: At this stage, this post is purely fantasy, based on an arrangement that almost was… After actively searching for over 5 years, I believe that I may have found the right person, and if all goes as planned, I will become his full time slave within a few weeks....

The Dice Game

The Dice Game

I was attempting to figure out how long a bondage session should last, and I just couldn’t decide on a time.   No matter what number I thought of, it seemed either too short or too long. It was then I got the idea to let FATE decide.     While this...

My Conversation with Potential Master PF

The following is a conversation I am having with a potential master. Names have been changed to protect this potential master’s identity.

I apologize for taking so long to get back to you.  I wanted to have the time to give a proper response.

If we are to give this proper consideration, we should arrange to meet at some point in the near future to ensure we have the proper chemistry.

It would be nice to have a face to go with a name. If you could send a photo, it would be appreciated.

From the little I have gathered so far, you are a college student at ****. I live in Minneapolis, so we don’t live that far apart.  That gives us the chance to get to know each other to make sure we’re the right fit. What we are proposing here requires a serious commitment from both of us, so we need to make sure that we have a connection, and are on the same page.

I have absolutely no issues becoming a “pet” and would certainly be open for some puppy play, and as for my “holes”, they would most certainly be open to you.  I imagine that when you are not using my ass for your pleasure, that you would lock a butt plug inside of me ( and from time to time, you would hook me up to a fucking machine ( Essentially, my hole would be continuously filled with either your penis, the butt plug, or the fucking machine.

As far as gear, given time, I will be able to provide most, if not all of it. I know that I will require a collar with a diameter of at least 18 inches, and as I am (literally) big boned, I will require larger wrist and ankle cuffs than you probably have.  I believe that is a potential source for these, as well as a cage.

Living my life 24/7 in a cage is probably unrealistic, but having access to one that you can lock me in from time to time will come in handy.

You mentioned that you currently have a housing contract (part of how I assumed you were a college student) and you would need to find appropriate housing. Given that you need to arrange that, plus the fact that I would need to obtain the needed supplies, attempting to meet an artificial deadline of New Years is probably unrealistic.

If I stay at my current job through Jan 1, I will get 2-3 weeks of paid vacation (which equals extra money on my final paycheck) and if I continue through mid February, I will receive a bonus of several thousand dollars (more than enough to pay for the gear we will need) so it makes sense to wait until at least that time. It’s only a few weeks after the New Year, so we would no be delaying too much, and having the funds to purchase the proper gear will make the experience better for both of us.

I am anticipating that once we begin, that I would not have a job, so while you would be responsible for my expenses, if we have all of the gear before we begin, food would be my only expense, and my assumption was always that I would have a diet of primarily canned dog food, so food expenses should be less than $1 per day.

As an interesting side discussion, I have a background in web design, and always considered that it might be interesting to turn this into an opportunity for my master to make money to cover my expenses by turning my current blog into a sort of paid site in which visitors would pay to access live streams of my new life. For a monthly fee, they could witness the real, unedited life of a sex slave.

I hope that gives you enough to continue the conversation.  It would be interesting to hear your thoughts.


On Wed, Oct 2, 2019, 6:40 PM PF wrote:

It’s alright. Take your time and think of one’s you’d like to ask.

On Wed, Oct 2, 2019, 6:39 PM I wrote:

I’m sure I will have many, just haven’t had time to respond properly. Busy week at work

On Wed, Oct 2, 2019, 12:02 PM PF wrote:

Is there any other questions you have for me?

On Tue, Oct 1, 2019, 8:32 AM I wrote:

I will definitely be emailing you more later about this.

There is just something about your proposal that is very intriguing and worth discussing more.
I can tell that you have been on my plug, but I want to make sure that before we get too far into this discussion that you have seen my Facebook page oh, so you know what I look like.
looks will not be 100% important of course, because you can always simply put me in a mask if you do not find my face attractive,
I only bring this up because I have had a number of people be interested and then not attracted to me, and if I do not fit the physical type of what you were looking for, there is no point in us continuing our conversation.

PF Answers to Questions for my potential master

River FallsGear:
A collar, latex suit, a puppy hood. Chastity if you can as well.I want you to take on a new personality when you are with me. You aren’t who you once were if you come with me.

Daily Routine:
Very little. Maybe an occasional glance outside the window. You are my little secret and no one gets to use you besides me.

Contingency Plans:
I would have a key just at arms length for the instance that you have lost your master to matters beyond your control. I will have a contingency plan by talking to other masters so you can have someone take over if something goes wrong.

Requesting This Information:
In my eyes, you’re a different person when if you decide to come with me. I want to ask you, are you open to being more than a piss slave? Will your holes be open?

Master Seeks:
I want you to be happy so I will assist where I can, but I want to have fun as well. Occasional pup play will occur. But I will gladly let you have your role as a piss slave for life.

Starting Time:
Soon. I would love to do your New Years date. Being close by you may be able to take a lease for an apartment I can frequent until I can get out of my housing contract.