Be Careful What You Dream For


I never thought I would write story for Eunuch Archive, let alone a mostly true story (characters and events have been condensed). It all happened so fast. I was a middle aged divorced male, white, 5’8’, 165 lbs. I have two wonderful children. I raised them alone after my wife left because she decided she didn’t want to be married. Before I was married I had many girlfriends and a few after I was divorced. I though being gay was repulsive.

That suddenly changed within the last eighteen months. It started with the Internet, as many things do today. I was always a fan of porn and the Internet made it readily available. Never went to any web pages that you had to pay for though. I loved to look at pictures but especially loved to read the stories. Cannibalism stories fascinated me, and I read as many as I could find. Somewhere along that time I found the Eunuch Archive. These stories truly turned me on. I fantasized about being a eunuch or nullo. In one bulletin entry I found a reference to the Extreme Genital Modification Page. This was great. I was becoming more and more turned on by looking at men. I was also becoming obsessed with always being naked while at home. I began completely shaving my body except head hair.

I then became so bold as to put pictures of my body on the Extreme web page with a profile that I wished to be a nullo or castrated. Then it started to get serious. I found myself thinking about what it would be like to be screwed my another man, what it would be like to suck another man’s dick and swallow. When I jacked off I often ate my own come. I decided I wasn’t ready to be castrated and became interested in the large balls and dicks the pumpers had modified. I sent messages to several and one responded. This was the beginning.

We switched to meeting online privately. He showed me how to use a web cam and for the first time I was showing my naked body to another man in live action. This led to him leading me through ordering pumping supplies and starting to pump my dick and balls. I was now obsessed with having huge balls and a huge dick and was getting there. My balls were large and I loved it. Something else was happening at this time, he asked me to jack-off for him and I did. I kept jacking off whenever he asked me. He led me to the pumper’s page, where the chat room has a live cam feed. Now I was showing my package to a chat room of total strangers. It was fantastic; I had never felt so turned on.

The conversation started to be more about gay sex. I found my self-asking to be fucked. I wanted my balls to be pumped large and then I wanted to be fucked. I could just feel those big dicks fucking me. He invited me to his town. He said we could pump and he would help with saline injections, which would make my balls really huge. I wanted this and I wanted to put pictures on the web page so others could see me. I was following a path that would change me forever.

My new friend showed me dildo’s he had on hand. He said we could try these. One was shaped like a large dogs dick. This I found very interesting. I looked up bestiality stories on the net and became turned on by the idea. My friend mentioned slave master relationship and having read many stories in the Archives I was turned on with the though of being a slave. Things were escalating. I dreamed of being in a dog collar and leash and nothing else. I dreamed of being fucked and sucking dick. And really strange I dreamed of being held by a large dog and fucked by a dog. These dreams were closer than I could imagine.

My friend invited me to his city and amazingly I accepted. Me the straight stud who never even thought about gay things until the last year. I made arrangements for a suite and took some vacation time. I brought my pumping equipment and lots of rubbers. I was finally going to get fucked. How much and by how many I could not have guessed.

I arrived and we met at a restaurant. We had dinner then we went to his condo. He had a partner who was not home at the time. After some conversation we got down to the nitty gritty. We both had seen each other naked many times on the web cam but this was up close and personal. He was hairy but not too much as compared to my totally smooth look. After we were naked we immediately set our pump session. I was totally hard and could barely fit in the pumping tube. We pumped for a few hours till we were pretty large. It was great to have someone besides myself massage my balls during the breaks.

I was harder than I have ever been. At one point we were very close, as need be, when he leaned over and kissed me. A man had never kissed me before it was frightening but I began to love it. For the first time in my life I was the passive party, I was the bitch. Our tongues intertwined, it was wonderful. The next thing I knew he was pushing me gently down his chest, I licked and sucked his nipples, he groaned as I moved on down. Then it was there, my first dick up close. I licked it, the taste was not gross. I took it in my mouth; it was so smooth and silky. I liked the pre-come and tasted it on my tongue. Finally I sucked it; I took as much as I could in my mouth. I did the things I know I like. I licked the under side right behind the head. Slowly I sucked and licked until, again for the first time, another man came in my mouth. I swallowed it all, it tasted great. I felt this was right for me.

I stood up and we kissed more. His hairy body against mine felt wonderful. We went back to pumping until we were both huge. The rest of the evening we relaxed and talked. He said tomorrow things would get serious. I arrived early the next day. He took me to the living room and said take off all your clothes, which I love to do anyway. After I was naked he walked behind me and placed leather studded dog collar around my neck. This would be all I would wear that day and many other days. A leash was hooked and I was led to the bedroom where we pumped up for the day to come.

It was that afternoon, after we pumped, he hugged and kissed me again and gently led me to the bed. On the nightstand was plenty of lube. He laid me on my back on the bed. He lifted my legs and lubed my ass. I had never had anyone’s fingers up my ass before, it felt good. He placed my legs on his shoulders and his dick at my ass hole. Ever so slowly he entered my ass. It was a little painful at first but it felt so good I quickly became adjusted. Slowly he pumped me, I came on my stomach without being touched. I know this was right for me. He picked up speed as I became more comfortable. We both were moaning as I began to feel his cock swell, when I realized he hadn’t put on a condom. I didn’t care at this point. Then he moaned loudly, thrust hard and he came in me. I was amazed I could feel him coming in me. He stayed in me and held me for a while. I loved the feel of his hairy body on mine.

His partner was coming home that evening and I was in for more new experiences. I was naked all day except for my collar and leash. My friend helped me shave my body, reaching places I could never get to, my back and ass hole. It was a great feeling, I was hard constantly. My huge balls hanging out bouncing against my thighs was so great. I found it very erotic that my friend was dressed while I stayed naked. His partner came home to find me naked and leashed. While he wasn’t as interested in me as my friend, he was very nice. After dinner we went on-line to the Pumpers page with the live cams.

There we showed ourselves and pumped along with others. Many liked my smooth look and when during a pump break some noticed I was semi hard asked me to jerk off. I was too shy but my friend took charge and much to the delight of everyone watching he jerked me off, another first for me. I though my dick would burst it was so hard. We signed off and moved to the bed. My friend again gently pushed me downward, I took the hint and moved to his dick and began to suck. As I was doing this my ass was naturally in the air and soon I felt lube being applied as his partner slowly eased his dick into my ass hole. I was being fucked at both ends and loving it.

They both picked up speed and finally thrust into me and held me tight as they both came in me seconds apart. Again we forgot the condoms but who cared it felt so good. I could feel and taste the come. I spent the next day naked with my collar while we pumped till our dicks and balls were so big we couldn’t have fit them in any of our underwear. In one weekend I went from a heterosexual man with children and some fantasies to a naked, gay, bottom, that had been fucked from both ends and loved it. I couldn’t wait to get back the next weekend. My friend had some new things in store.

Finally the next weekend rolled around and I drove to my friend’s city. I didn’t bother with a hotel room this time. As soon as I entered the door off came my clothes and on went the collar. After dinner he said he had a big surprise for me. We were going out! Since I was naked it might be a problem. My friend had this solved. He put a graduation type gown on me. The collar and leash still showed as he led me to the car. We pulled up in front of a gay bar. My first time in a gay bar and I was basically naked and being led around on a leash. I should have said naked because as soon as we entered the gown came off. I was totally naked in a roomful of gay men. I was also totally erect, almost painful I was so hard. With my pumped up balls I was freakish. I was also very popular. Everyone was touching me as my friend, or should I now say it “Master” led me through the crowd. God I was turned on. We sat a table in the back as my Master talked quietly to many of the patrons. After a while he pulled my leash and we went to a special room in the back. It had a padded table in the middle with some towels and a bottle of lube. I was laid on the table and my Master rubbed me down then lubed my ass.

Then men started entering the room four and five at a time. I was fucked on my back flipped over and fucked on my stomach doggie style (which I liked the best). While I was being fucked dicks were stuck in my mouth and I sucked till my jaw hurt, swallowing loads of come in all flavors. Of the dicks in my ass some had condoms some did not. All I knew was come was running out all over my ass. I came several times by men jerking me off while they fucked me. I have no idea how many men fucked or I sucked that night but I was very sore. My Master, in anticipation, was thoughtful enough to have brought a diaper since I no longer could hold anything in my stretched ass hole. We went back to his house where he cleaned me in the shower gave me a big kiss and put me to bed.

The next day since my ass hole was already stretched my Master tried the dog dildo on me. It was very long but the knot just would not go in, it was too big even for my used ass hole. The length and strange shape did feel good. We pumped again, I can’t get over my huge balls, and I returned home sore but satisfied. I couldn’t wait to get back the next weekend.

The weekend started the same, enter strip, collar. After dinner the gown was put on and in the car we went. This time we drove out into the countryside. We pulled into a long drive leading to a secluded house. This was a friend of my Master, we left the robe in the car and I was led naked to the house. We entered and sat for some small talk. After a while my Master’s friend said let’s get started and I was led into a large den type room where I saw him. Him was a large dog. I don’t think he was a pure bred anything just a large dog like a Rotweiler or something. Buster was his name. I was placed over a small padded bench in the middle of the room, resting on my stomach my ass sticking out. The Master’s friend rubbed something on my balls and ass. As soon as he opened the jar the dog perked up and smelled the air. “Buster” moves to me and began to lick my balls and ass. I was rock hard at the thought of what was going to happen. My master slipped his hand between the dog and me and lubed my ass hole. It was going to happen, after all the stories I read and videos I watched on the Internet that turned me on so much I was about to fucked by a dog.

You cannot imagine how good it feels when the dog lays on your back with his very warm and furry body. It is like a living blanket. My own dick was about to explode when the dog’s owner lined the dog’s dick up with my ass. I want to tell you it is not very easy to be fucked by a dog. Their dick keeps slipping out as they hump very fast. With a little help from the dog’s owner he managed to keep the dog’s dick pumping in me pretty well. It is a fantastic feeling because the dog moves so fast and generates so much heat. My ass hole kept trying to suck the dog dick in me and keep it. Remember I could not take the canine dildo’s knot so I thought no way a real dogs knot would fit. However with the owners pushing and the knot being slightly smaller combined with plenty of lube the knot went in me.

You might not know this but after it enters the bitch it sort of turns sideways to stay in. It didn’t hurt for it to do this but there was no way it would come out without ripping me apart. Just after the knot turned and locked the dog in me, the dog began to come. It was more than I could have dreamed, it thinner that people come, and it just kept squirting. I felt so full. The dog then turned around swiveling his dick in me till we were ass to ass. I had to stay this way for about thirty minutes till the knot turned around and the dog could break lose out of my ass. The dog come then gushed out of my ass for about a minute and a half. I was so satisfied and happy. I hoped to do this again many times. It was especially great when the dog licked my dick and ass clean.

We alternated situations like these for several months, it was great. I had huge balls, was regularly fucked and I loved sucking dicks. But things were about to change and this is why this story is in the Eunuch Archive. It started a few months ago; I was living a regular life in my town and my weekends in my Masters city getting fucked and pumping. I began to feel soreness in my balls. They became very sensitive. I finally had to see an urologist. I chose to find a doctor in another city since my new lifestyle may have factored in to my problem. As luck would have it the doctor turned out to be gay and was very understanding.

The catch was my sore balls had nothing to do with my life style. It was a congenial birth defect something about my cords being tensioned. He said it was amazing that it didn’t bother me before. My balls were not getting enough circulation and constant pain would be the result. It would be like being kicked in the balls all the time. The remedies are heavy use of pain killing drugs with their side effects or double orchiectomy (take out my balls). They could put fake balls back in my sack so I would not look different and I could take testosterone to keep my masculinity. I thought about this and discussed it with my Master. Remember at the beginning of my saga reading about castration was a turn on for me. Now I had to make a choice give up the huge balls I get from pumping or constant pain. I decided to give up my balls.

Now the decision was how, when and where. The doctor was great he understood my dilemma and would help in anyway. The only way he was allowed to operate was thru the abdomen and besides that was the only way to remove my cords which were the real problem anyway. The doctor helped big time in two ways. First, he agreed to save my balls and return them to me even though it is against medical rules. He also contacted a plastic surgeon in the gay community to remove my sack and make me smooth below my dick. It helped that the urologist owned his own clinic with a surgical suite. I scheduled the surgery and took a months vacation and sick leave. Another handy thing was since it was a medical necessity to remove my balls my insurance was paying for it. The doctors agree to manage the plastic surgeons fees in the bill to insurance. My Master agreed to help me recover. My children thought it was hernia surgery.

Now I come to today, two months later. I am officially a eunuch. My stitches are gone and were my balls used to be is a fine little scar with still a little redness. My Master and I decided no hormones. My dick has already shrunk to the size of a big clit, no more fucking for me (like the look however, just a little button at the top of my groin). My hips are rounder and easier for my Master and others (including the dog) to grip. And another part I really, really like is my little breasts. They are so pretty. My nipples have gotten much bigger and I get so turned on when they are sucked. It is much easier to keep hair off my body since it has stopped growing dark and coarse. My whole body seems more sensitive. My weight has dropped to about 140 lbs. If I wear something tight I have the body of a girl.

I still live and go to work in my city. Nobody knows my secret, they think I was sick and lost weight. I wear baggy clothes to work. On the weekends I go to my masters. I am still naked and collared as soon as I enter. He still likes to fuck me and I like to suck him. We go to the gay bar about once a month, where they really like to feel me up. I don’t think as many want to fuck me as before. I must look too much like a girl now. I would like to dress like a girl but my Master pretty much keeps me naked so clothes aren’t necessary. I really love more than ever being fucked by the dog (or dogs I should say there have been more since the first). I do sometimes miss my pumped up dick. I can come rubbing my nubbin dick but it’s not the same. I don’t get that feeling when the come shoots out. But other sensations make up for it.

So that’s my story up to now. I started out being turned on by eunuch stories, moved to pumping and big balls and being fucked. Then in a round about way ended up a real gay eunuch and loving it. I want to get pictures posted on some web page soon so everyone can enjoy me.

Oh by the way, my Master brought my balls home in a jar and prepared them, then sautéed them and I ate one the he ate the other. Tasted good had the consistency of liver but was a delight anyway. I only regret I could only eat them once.

Thanks for sharing my saga.

The Auction

Winston Horton II started out that day like he did any other. Out of bed by five, twenty minutes on the Stair Master, shit shower and shave followed by the donning of his power suit, then two cups of coffee and one slice of dry wheat toast, and then an hour on the Internet before driving to his office.

His Internet ritual never varied; Email first, followed by the weather then the latest market listings, news, sports, and finally an online auction site that he monitored daily in search of rare and unique collectibles. He always clicked first on the newly listed items, and on that particular morning nearly shit his pants.

The picture that opened was that of a naked youngish man bent forward at the waist to allow an unobstructed rear view of his scrotum. The young man, or boy, or whatever he was had a small ruler wedged between his smoothly shaved thighs to give a reference to the size of his testicles. Beside it was a front view of the same young man. His legs were again spread and a hand was shown holding his cock up against a neatly trimmed pubic bush. The obvious heat in the room made the young man’s testicles hang luxuriously low and a single drop of perspiration hung like a pearl from a hair on the bottom of his scrotum. There were about a dozen other thumbnails that could be opened to full size pictures, but Winnie, as his few friends called him, ignored them to read the merchandise description.

“This auction is for two healthy disease free testicles that are currently on a nineteen year old adult white Caucasian. The winning bidder will have the privilege of removing or destroying them in whatever manner he chooses, with the stipulation that the removal must take place no farther than fifteen minutes drive from a medical facility. The auction price also includes ten days unrestricted use of the subject’s body, provided of course, that no other permanent injuries or scarring occurs. The minimum bid on this package is five hundred thousand dollars and the auction will run for one week only. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your collection or to experience life’s ultimate power trip.”

Winnie opened a few more of the thumbnails and re-read the offering, and finally shed his Brooks Brothers coat and responded to the stirrings in his crotch. He unhooked his hand tooled leather belt, carefully lowered his sharply creased trousers and pushed his chair back to allow free access to his cock. He stroked slowly at first, taking the time to open another of the thumbnail pictures, them more rapidly as he began to ponder the possibilities, until he finally pumping with a speed and intensity that he’d last done as a teenager. His orgasm was like an explosion of white lava from a volcano, and having no towel or napkin in which to contain it, he abruptly stood up and turned to cast his pent up seed on the Persian carpet. He sagged back into his chair, breathing heavily, and was immediately disgusted by his adolescent act and also slightly pissed off that he was now running late.

He thought about the auction all during the drive to his office and he nearly ass ended the car in front of his before catching himself daydreaming. He could certainly afford to bid in the auction. He’d inherited several million dollars and had doubled that many times more developing and selling real estate. He had spent millions on his rather eclectic art collection and had no regrets in doing so. His wife had died many years ago and his only son had walked out of his life a year ago, right after graduating from High School.

He felt the acid boil in his stomach as he thought about that day. His son had been waiting for him, and as soon as Winnie came in the door Junior introduced him to a huge twenty-two year old black kid and announced that he and Ted were as of now life partners. Winnie’s idea of a good time didn’t include getting fucked in the ass or sucking dick, but he was tolerant of and respected other people’s peculiarities. He’d known for a long time that his son was different, but he’d assumed that the boy had enough sense to stay in the closet, get married, and produce an heir.

Winnie could have accepted a temporary liaison with a classmate but the kid went apeshit and fell in love with and older man, a nigger to boot. The memory of his delicate, fine boned son standing on his tiptoes to passionately kiss the nigger on the lips was still fresh in his mind, and the mere thought of what was probably a massive black cock pumping in and out of the smooth white ass that Winnie had at one time wiped, powdered, and diapered made him physically ill.

Junior also used that opportunity to drop another bombshell; he had no intention of going to any college, let alone the Ivy League school that Winnie had been grooming him for. Instead he and Teddy were moving to the South to ‘immerse themselves in the culture of the noble Afro-Americans by living in their traditional life style,’ whatever the hell that was supposed to mean. Winnie had no intention of leaving his only child completely out in the cold, and he’d prepared a generous stock portfolio that he intended to present to his son for a twenty-first birthday present. He felt certain that by then the boy would be tired of living in squalor and would come to his senses and ditch his nigger boyfriend in favor of a better life.

Winnie thought about the auction for a while before deciding that he’d have his lawyers do some research. He knew some people that had gotten stung by on-line auctions but nobody had ever gotten the best of Winston Horton, II on a  deal.

Several time zones to the East, Winston Horton, III and Teddy were awakened by the strident chirp of their alarm clock. Although it was late in the morning local time, it was their usual time to rise and shine. They smiled at each other, then rolled out of bed and strode naked to the toilet where they spent the next half minute first chasing a spider around the bowl with their  streams, then playfully mingling the streams to form a single splash as they emptied their bladders in what had now became a morning ritual. They finished and then washed and carefully dried their cocks off before returning to bed.

“So, Hortie, you think your old man saw it?” Ted said, spreading his legs slightly.

“Oh yeah, he saw it all right,” Hortie replied, licking the inside of Teddy’s recently shaved thighs and lifting the long black cock out of the way to gain full access to his plump balls. “He probably jacked off as soon as he saw it and blew his wad all over his keyboard.” He paused long enough to retract his partner’s foreskin and run his tongue around the end of the rapidly inflating cock. “I spent eighteen years listening to him talk about ‘getting people by their balls’ and ‘cutting them off at the pockets’, and just looking at that collection of what he calls art almost makes me sick. There’s no way he could ever miss out on something like buying a guy’s balls.”

“You sure he’ll do it?” Teddy was still a little doubtful.

“He’s probably got his lawyers checking it out right now,” Hortie rubbed a generous dab of lubricant along Teddy’s shaft. “ He’ll make sure it’s legal, then he’ll want some more pictures and details,” Hortie said, rising to his knees and bending forward to place his forearms on the bed. “It’s the way he always does business.”

“I sure hope so, Hortie. I sure hope so,” Teddy replied, dragging his cock down the slender white boy’s back and into the crack of the smooth, hairless ass. “I’d sure hate to have him slip the meat to us, you know?”

Winnie’s lawyers got back to him late that day, giving him their opinion that the purchase would probably be legal provided he verified the donor’s age and got a written permission slip authorizing him to perform the . Winnie wasted no time in sending off an email to the auction site requesting more information and also more pictures, preferable of the young man’s face.

“So Hortie, what’s next?” Teddy asked, coming up for air. Hortie was on his back, knees bent and feet in the air. Teddy was crouched in front of him and had been alternating between licking Hortie’s cock, balls, and asshole, sticking his supple tongue as far into the orifice as humanly possible.

“I won’t send him a picture of my face but we’ll watch the bidding and wait.” Hortie answered, now breathing hard. Teddy had been holding him right on the edge or orgasm for over an hour, and when he came it was going to be one of the best ones ever. He’d been with girls and a couple of other guys, but Teddy could excite him in ways that he’d never dreamed were possible.

“What if, you know, someone else wins?” Hortie asked.

“Won’t happen, lover,” Hortie answered, “Once he figures out it’s me, there’s no way he’d let anyone take his only son’s balls.”

“He was mad enough to nut both of us last year.” Teddy commented before sucking both of Hortie’s balls into his wide mouth and slipping his index finger into Hortie’s ass. Hortie’s answer was choked off by his explosive orgasm and it was a full five minutes before he could again speak.

“If Dad doesn’t win the auction,” he murmured, “we just walk away. As long as we don’t take anyone’s money there’s no harm done, right?”

The next day Winnie’s email in-box included mail from the administrator of the auction answering some  Winnie had posed to the young man attached to the testicles that he was bidding on. The young man was in desperate need of money, and being as how he was a dedicated ‘bottom’ in a committed relationship, he had no further use for his balls. He would gladly send more pictures of the merchandise but none of his face, nor would he include any clue to his identity either before or after the purchase and subsequent removal of the gonads. As a side note, the young man added that he’d also received a proposal from an Oil Sheik who had reportably performed many castrations and had a reputation for cruelty. The Sheik was offering a million one hundred thousand to end the auction early.

“Did he go for it?” Teddy asked Hortie later the next day.

“I didn’t set the hook yet,” Hortie replied, showing Teddy the final picture. “Once he gets this he’ll cave though, that’s for certain. He promised Mom he’d never lay a finger on me, and once he figures that it’s me that he’s bidding on he’ll pony up a million and a quarter to keep me out of the Sheik’s evil clutches.”

Winnie’s email the next day included another picture and a message from the owner of the goods to the effect that although he really wanted a million five he would end the auction early if the bidder was an American. Winnie thought about it a long time and then opened the attached picture. It wasn’t very different from the others; just a simple rear view of the boy on his knees with his hand around the neck of his scrotum, tugging the balls downward as if presenting them for inspection. Winnie looked at the picture, caught his breath, and then sent it to his Photoshop program so he could enlarge it. His first impression he had when he saw the hand that was around the scrotum was correct. Prominently displayed on the ring finger was his grandfather’s old class ring. The same ring that Winnie had presented to his son on the day of his high school graduation.

Later that same day Hortie received an email from BsVd8690, his father’s auction identifier. Included was a voucher for a round trip plane ticket from anywhere in the US to Portland, Oregon. It also contained a draft of the contract that Hortie would be required to sign and a list of explicit directions. Hortie was to fly to Portland and check into the Holiday Inn under the assumed name of William Rogers. The room was prepaid and the desk clerk would have a package for waiting for him, which included the contract, a leather hood, padded restraints for his hands and feet, and an account number and verification code for the offshore bank where the funds were on deposit. He would read and sign the contract, put on the hood and restraints, and fasten himself spread-eagle on the bed. The purchaser would then enter at precisely Noon, verify that the contract had been correctly executed, then consummate the deal, after which the purchaser would make the call releasing the money and summon an ambulance, if necessary.

“Jeez, Hortie,” Teddy said as they read the message, “he sounds pretty serious”

“I’ve seen it before,” Hortie answered. “It’s just the way he does business. Dot all of the I’s and cross all the T’s, that sort of thing. Don’t worry, it’ll all work out.”

“I’d just hate to lose these things,” Teddy answered, pulling Hortie’s shorts down and fondling the white boy’s balls, which he considered were as much his as Hortie’s.

Hortie ended the auction, much to the disappointment of the Sheik, and made preparations to travel. The next day he was in Portland, where he checked into the Hotel and went to the room to wait. The door opened exactly at noon and his father confidently strode into the room. “Shit!” I should have known that this would all be one of your schemes!” Winnie said, turning towards the door to leave the room.

“Dad, wait!” His son pleaded. “Yeah, it was kind of rotten, I’ll admit. But we really do need the money. If you won’t give it to me them I’ll just start the auction up again and let the chips fall where they may. Is that what you want?”

Winnie sat on the side of the bed and thought a long time before answering his son. “I promised your mother that I’d never lay a finger on you, and I guess that promise still holds. The money is yours. Take it and may it bring you happiness. There is one thing though.”

“What?” Hortie asked, elated that his plan had worked.

“Sign the contract,” Winnie said, taking the gold plated Parker from his pocket. “You can’t transfer the money unless I present the bank with the signed contract.”

“Okay,” Hortie answered, “Fair enough, I guess.” It always came down that way with his dad. Business first and foremost, everything else could wait.

“Okay, that’s that. I guess, but you could do one other thing for me.” Winnie said.

“What’s that?” Hortie was willing to bend a little, after all. He was now one and a quarter million dollar richer.

“Let me realize at least a little of my ,” Winnie pleaded. “Please, strip down and put on the restraints. Let me see what I missed out on.”

Goddamned old pervert, Hortie thought. And he has the nerve to think that I’m screwed up. Well, I guess he earned it. “Okay,” Hortie replied, shedding his clothing and fastening the manacles around his wrists and ankles. “Anything else.”

“Flop down on the bed, Winston, and let me look at you.” In a matter of seconds Winnie had clipped the restraints into the pre-installed eyebolts on the ends of the bed. He had to admit that his son had a magnificent body. He still had the inherent slimness and fine features of a youth. His flaccid cock drooped lazily over the large testicles that sagged heavily between his hairless thighs. Winnie couldn’t resist reaching out and gently grasping his son’s balls and rolling them around between his fingers and hefting them, as if comparing them to his own. His inspection of his son’s balls was suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Dad!” Hortie said, suddenly embarrassed by his nudity and compromising position. Winnie ignored his son and went to answer the door.

“Good evening, Your Highness,” Winnie said cordially, as the Sheik entered the room. The Sheik merely nodded, then strode to the bed and looked at Hortie for a few minutes before reaching down and roughly squeezing the unprotected balls hard enough to elicit a cry of pain from the boy.

“Very good, Mr. Horton.” The Sheik’s English was impeccable. “The money is in this suit case. One million, five hundred thousand dollars, as agreed. Do you wish to count it?”

“There is no need, Your Highness, we are both men of honor.” Winnie replied, picking up the suitcase and heading for the door. After his son ended the auction Winnie had contacted the Sheik and sold the contact on his son. Subtracting the auction’s commission he’d cleared slightly under two hundred thousand dollars. Not bad for a few hours work. Perhaps his son, once free of the aberrant hormones that ruled his body, would ditch the jungle bunny and return to school and get his degree. Hell, with the kind of money he now had he could even get his Masters.

10 Days in Detention – Part 01

By socalbd


The van started moving and it was hard to keep my balance.  But that was the idea.  I was secured in such a way that keeping my balance would be difficult.  This was predicament bondage, after all.  Wearing only blue jeans, shirtless and barefoot I had surrendered myself to these men within the last few minutes.  They placed me in the van, on my knees, ankles locked in stocks behind me.  I was gagged and hooded with a black sack of some kind that had been cinched around my neck.  A steel collar was then locked on me.

My wrists, having been cuffed behind me earlier, were pulled up to the small of my back by means of a chain attached to the steel collar.  My elbows were forced out away from my body in this position.  Fingers were playing with my nipples, rubbing them, pulling them.  Then I felt the all too sudden pain on my left nipple as a clamp was applied to it.  I took a deep breath and the pain subsided to a dull ache rather quickly.  But then I felt the chain hanging from the clamp moving and no sooner than I could prepare myself mentally did the right nipple feel the same searing pain as had the left one just a moment ago.  Not finished with the application, I felt the chain between the clamps pulled out and up from the front of me as if it had some how been tied to the top of the van.  As the van started to move, I quickly realized what I was in for during the long journey to the detention center.  If I didn’t maintain my posture perfectly my nipples would be in a lot of pain.   And I had asked for this.  I asked for this and a whole lot more.

How did I get into this situation?  Well, I had contracted for it.  It’s something I wanted and asked to have done to me.  But this was just the beginning of what would become ten days in detention.  It all started about two years ago.

My name is Dave.  I’m forty years old, 5’ 7”, 165, average to good build.  I go to the gym regularly but not a gym rat by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, I’m deceptively average except for one thing.  I’ve been into BDSM for about ten years.  As a kid I always wanted to be the robber when we played cops and robbers since I knew I would eventually get caught.  When playing army, I made sure to be captured so I could be taken to the base and interrogated.  I purchased my first set of real handcuffs in college.  Even though I was 30 before I started seeking out guys with similar interests, looking back, I know I had been into bondage since my childhood.  While I can tie up a guy pretty well and have a pretty good selection of gear, I prefer to be the captive when the situation is right.

About two years ago I met John on the bondage web site.  We had been looking at each other’s profiles for a couple of months but neither one of us had ever sent the other a message.  I had been on the site for a few years and had come to know several guys that shared similar bondage interests.  One buddy I had come to know well and he was some what connected in the local bondage community.  I trusted him implicitly having been tied up by him on occasion.  He was very respectful of my limits when we played as well as the discretion I requested.  I asked him about John and he told me that yes, he knew John and he thought John and I had very similar interests.  He encouraged me to contact him.  While he told me John was safe and could be trusted, he also told me to be careful what I wished for.

According to his profile John was 37, athletic, 5’ 10”, about 175.  He listed himself as mostly top but willing to switch every now and again.  He appeared to have a good selection of gear and better yet, a terrific looking play space.   In addition, he met my number one bondage requirement– no sex other than JO.   In his profile he wrote, “The bondage is the sex” and “it’s not bondage until you want out.”  Both of these phrases resonated with me.  I shot him a message.  He soon replied thanking me for the message and mentioned he always liked my profile but usually never made the first approach.  He included his Yahoo IM address and we started a real time conversation.

At one point he asked me what finally made me contact him and I told him we had a mutual buddy who suggested we were very much alike in our interests.  More importantly, our buddy let me know he was safe and a good guy.  That must have sealed the deal because John suggested we meet that Saturday afternoon.  We exchanged face pictures and I have to say he was a good looking guy with a terrific smile.

Saturday arrived and I have to admit I was nervous and excited at the same time.   It was a really nice day, so I felt comfortable dressing pretty casually in khaki cargo shorts, maroon tee shirt and leather treads.  John told me he would be wearing jeans and a black tee shirt.

I arrived at the coffee shop a few minutes early and thought I saw John sitting outside in the far corner.  As I approached a broad grin came across his face and he stood up and motioned me over.  As I got closer I noticed he was wearing flip flops.  I thought, “wow, how cool is that!”   I have a thing for guys in flip flops.

We introduced ourselves to each other and I couldn’t stop thinking what a great smile he had.  John started asking me about my bondage past.  How did I get started?  What appealed to me about it?  We both shared our bondage stories and discovered we had very similar pasts except he was more top and I was more bottom, or as I liked to categorize it, more captive.

I think he could see I was getting very turned on by the conversation and asked if I wanted to see his place.  He had told me when we set up our meet that he was only about two blocks away.  I asked him if I was going to be handcuffed when I entered his space.  He shot back that great smile and told me if that’s what I wanted he would oblige me.  I told him he had a deal.

I followed him the two blocks to his place.  He lived in a very nice subdivision of single family homes.  What was interesting about his side of the street is the houses were built on a small hill with the front of the houses on the top of the hill.  The front part of the homes looked like they were the second floor with additional space below and to the back.  I parked my car on the street while John pulled into his driveway in front of his garage.

We met at his door and he invited me in.  He showed me around a bit and asked if I needed to use the bathroom.  By that point I desperately needed to go as I have a very small bladder.

When I was done I met John in the kitchen.  He asked me if I was ready to see his dungeon.  I said yes.  He instructed me to follow him through a door that let down a set of stairs to the lower level.  At the bottom landing we arrived in what could be best described as a foyer with two doors.  There was also a linen cabinet built into the space.  John stopped and turned around and asked if I was serious about wanting to be handcuffed.  I said yes.  He smiled again.  He asked me to turn around and face away from the door behind him and wait.

I heard the door open and then close.  About two minutes later the door opened again and closed.  John said I could turn around.  He looked at me and said, “OK, Dave, I’ve got the handcuffs.  You need to understand the following.  We’ve just met.  I’m willing to indulge you today with putting you in cuffs and showing you my dungeon.  Understand though you’ll be in restraints while I show you around and then we’ll chat some more.  Very little will happen today in terms of bondage play.  I want to know you better before we do anything more involved than just basic restraint.  And, I want you to know me better before you agree to anything else.”

I thanked him for that and for indulging me.

John opened one of the doors on the linen cabinet and took out a large manila envelope.  He told me to take my wallet, cell phone, car keys and anything else in my pockets and place them in the envelope.  He said he didn’t want to have access to them while I was restrained.  After placing them in the envelope, he asked me to seal the envelope and sign over the seal with a pen he provided.  He then took the envelope back and placed it the linen cabinet.  He then told me to turn around and place my hands behind my head.

John proceeded to pat me down.  When he got to my mid section he felt the hard on that was inside my shorts.  He whispered in my ear, “I like that.  Too bad for you we won’t be taking care of it today.”  He told me to remove my shirt which I did.  He grabbed my wrists and expertly pulled them behind me and handcuffed me.  He then double locked the cuffs.  He bent down behind me and told me to kick off the treads I was wearing.  I then felt cold steel on each of my ankles as he applied legcuffs.

He turned me around to face him.  He looked directly into my eyes and gave me that incredible smile.  Taking his hands he lightly rubbed my nipples.  He said he remembered I told him that my nipples were incredibly sensitive.  My eyes lost contact with his as they rolled up and closed as he continued rubbing.  I was his.

He stopped and took his hands and placed them on either side of my cheeks and said, “Open your eyes and look at me.  Dave, I have to say I like your responsiveness.  Today is a get to know you session for both of us.  In a moment we will enter the dungeon.  Understand that I will not do anything to lose the trust you have placed in me.  Your trust is the most important thing to me.  When we go inside I’ll let you walk around and take a look at the gear and the furniture.  Ask any questions you want.  After a few minutes I will have you sit in the bondage chair.  You’ll be cuffed to it and then we will pick up the conversation from where we left off at the coffee shop.  Understand one more thing.  If you come back in the future, how you are dressed now sets a precedent.  When entering the dungeon you will always be shirtless, barefoot and cuffed.  If I remember correctly from our online conversations, this is how you like it.”  I responded he was correct and I very much appreciated his feeding my fantasies.  He looked at me and said, “Be careful what you wish for.  You might get it some day.”


The dungeon


I had heard that phrase before, “Be careful what you wish for, you might get it some day.”  But let’s be honest, what most of us wish for is fantasy.  It’s safely put away in our minds where we can always handle what ever it is we imagine.  Looking in John’s eyes there was something that told me to he was very capable of indulging what ever bondage fantasy I could come up with in my mind.  Maybe it was his piercing eyes, possibly the tone of his voice, or just the matter of fact way he said it to me.  But I believed it when he said it.

John turned around to the dungeon door and opened it.  He stepped part way through, stopped, turned toward me and said, “Welcome boy.  You may enter.”  He put out his hand to invite me in.  I stepped forward and into the space.

The first thing I noticed was how dark it was in the dungeon.  The walls were black.  Everything was black.  The floor was the type found in gym weight areas – sort of bouncy with some give, dark grey in color, and wall to wall in the space from what I could tell.

The room was larger than I had imagined.  It appeared to be about 15 feet by 25 feet with two doors on the far wall, one just off center to the left and the other in the right corner.  Another door was about mid way down the side wall.  There were no windows.  Track lighting at various spots in the ceiling illuminated the space.  And what a space!

John was definitely not lacking for bondage gear or furniture.  As I walked a little further into the space I went into inspection mode.  I started by stepping to the left.  In the corner was a St. Andrew’s cross finished in black lacquer.  There were more attachment points than I could count.  On the wall next to it hanging from various hooks was a nice selection of floggers and whips.  A sturdy, steel cage was a few feet further down the wall.  I thought this is something I definitely want to be put in for a good long time.

What could only be described as a bondage frame was next.  It was two heavy wooden posts joined across the top by another heavy post.  It was kept about two feet away from the wall by two steel plates that were some how connected to the outer wall and were fastened to the top of the vertical wooden posts.  The bottom of the posts looked like there were sitting in steel brackets that went underneath the floor padding.  I could only assume they were either screwed into the sub floor or somehow connected to keep everything rigid.  Attachment points were spaced at essential spots.

In the corner was a black wooden box.  It looked about three feet cubed.

Turning the corner was the first door.  It was black, solid looking, with two dead bolt style locks.  One was located about three feet off the ground and the other about two feet above that.  A handle was in between the locks to pull the door open.  Just past the door was a wall unit with cabinet doors to the top and drawers in the lower portion.

The door in the corner followed.  It looked like a standard, non-descript bedroom door except it was painted black like everything else.

Turning the next corner I came to a stand up vertical cage.  My cock stirred in my shorts looking at it.  The third door was next.  After that was a spider web of chain weaved between heavy wooden posts.  I’d seen this type of thing in photos, but had never seen one in person.  It was impressive to me in terms of the geometry and mathematics that had to be involved to get it just right.  A bondage chair was pushed against it.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around.  It was John.  I had almost forgotten he was there as I moved around the space looking at his furniture.  It was then I realized I was still wearing the handcuffs and legcuffs.  They were second nature to me as I moved around the dungeon.  But now, for some reason, I actually felt them against my skin.

“You OK?” John said to me.

“Yeah, I’m good,” I responded.  “Actually, I’m more than good.  I’ve never been in a space like this before.  It’s impressive.  Thank you for sharing.”

“I haven’t shared – yet,” John responded, pausing for effect between shared and yet.  I sort of chuckled at that and he along with me.  “You have any questions?” he asked.

“What’s behind the doors?”

“Ah, you’ll have to wait for that.  Suffice to say behind the door in the corner is a bathroom.  The other doors you may learn about in time.”

John reached forward and taking the fingers of each hand he started to lightly massage my nipples.  I immediately responded.   My cock began to grow in my shorts, my eyes slowly closed and my breathing became deeper.  He continued lightly rubbing and touching them.  It felt so good.  I felt him lean into me his head going to the side of mine.  “Are you OK, boy?” he whispered into my ear.

“Yes, sir,” I responded quietly.

“Good boy,” he said.  He leaned back out and then lightly kissed me on the lips.  He simultaneously stopped kissing me and rubbing my nipples.  I opened my eyes to see John standing in front of me with that incredible smile and those piercing blue eyes looking into mine.

John continued to look at me and we just smiled at each other.  There’s a lot to say for non verbal communication.  John broke the silence.  “I appreciate the fact you are willing to call me sir, but it’s not necessary, yet.  I’m assuming you were responding to my calling you, boy.”

“It seemed appropriate, at the time, and natural, sir,” I said with a bit of a chuckle.

John laughed along with me.  “I like your attitude, Dave.  Are you ready to continue our conversation?”

“By all means, please,” I said.

John turned around and pulled the bondage chair away from the chain web and to the center of the space.  He motioned for me to come over.  The chair was like others I had seen in photos.  Built primarily of two by fours, there was no seat to speak of.  Two legs came out at a 45 degree angle from the back.  A small piece of triangular wood created what could be considered a small seat to the rear.  Clearly, though, this was made to keep the legs separated and the crotch accessible.  The back was ladder like, not very wide, but about five feet tall from the bottom of the chair to the top of the back ladder rails.

While I stood by the chair, John went to the cabinet on the back wall and opened a drawer.  I heard him rummage around and then close the drawer.  When he came back to me he had a pair each of leather wrist and ankle cuffs.  He tossed them on the floor in front of me and took a set of keys from his pocket.  He had me turn around and bent down behind me.  John used the keys to unlock and remove the legcuffs.  He then put the leather ankle cuffs on me locking them on with small padlocks he pulled from his other pocket.  Likewise, he stood up, unlocking the handcuffs from me and replacing them with the leather wrist cuffs.  He also locked them on using an additional set of small padlocks.  He moved me into the chair and went behind.

I felt my wrists being pulled together and then heard a padlock being used.  My wrists were locked together.  Next John came around the front and using two additional padlocks he locked each ankle to attachment points on the side of the chair slightly pulling the legs back along the chair’s side.  I tested the restraints.  I wasn’t going any where.  John leaned in to me and said, “Are you ok?”

“Yes,” is all I could get out before he leaned in and lightly kissed me again.


The conversation


After a few moments John stopped kissing and pulled away leaving me looking at him.  And there it was, that great smile looking back at me.  I don’t know why, but for some reason John’s smile really did a number on me.  He’s a good looking guy to begin with.  But when he smiles there’s this terrific personality that comes out and makes me feel like we are really connected.   Pretty amazing if I thought about it considering we just met for the first time earlier.

John pulls up a small stool that was off to the side and sits down directly in front of me so close our knees are almost touching.

“So, I’m thinking you’re enjoying yourself so far,” John says.

“Yeah, I am.  I can’t believe this space you’ve got here and you’ve been very nice in appealing to my fantasies so far just by cuffing me, bringing me in here and now having me cuffed to this bondage chair.  Very cool.  Thanks.”

“No problem,” John responds.  “So here’s the plan.  You like being restrained and that’s how you are at the moment.  I want to learn more about your bondage interests and what gets you going.  I want to learn what your fantasies are, what kinds of internet pictures and videos you look at and wish you could change places with the guys in them.  And I want you to be able to concentrate totally on the conversation and our discussion without any distractions.”  He smiles at me as he says this last line.   “So, since I keep noticing your reaction when I smile at you, and by the way, thanks, I’m going to blindfold you if that’s OK.  Are you OK with that?  It’ll allow you to completely concentrate on what I’m saying and how you are responding.”

“Sure, I’m good with that,” I answer.

“Good,” he says.  “Do you wear contacts?”

“No,” I respond.

“OK, then you’ll be OK with the blindfold I’m going to use.  If at any time you are feeling uncomfortable or not sure about what is happening, tell me.  Your safety and trust in me are at all times important.”

I look at him and respond, “Thanks, I appreciate that.  So, if I’m not feeling right or uncomfortable I should just tell you and you’ll take the blindfold off and release me from the chair,” I ask.

“Yes, just let me know what’s going on and we’ll end it,” John says.

“Well, I don’t mean to stop the conversation,” I respond.

John looks at me and says, “Dave, part of today is about building up trust.  To that end, I want you to go as long as you can in the chair and blindfolded.  The conversation will help with that since you won’t be concentrating on the amount of time you are in the chair and blindfolded.  But, if I release you, we’ll stop for today.”

I take in his words for a minute and think.  This wasn’t exactly what I thought today would be like.  But then again, I’m cuffed to a bondage chair wearing only cargo shorts and I’ve got this really hot guy across from me telling me in so many words he wants to know more about me and my bondage interests.  What’s a guy to do?

“We’re good,” I say to John.

“Cool,” is what I get back in response.  He gets up from the stool and walks back to the cabinet and pulls something out of a drawer.  As he turns around he’s got a blindfold in his hand.

“Seen this before,” he asks me holding up a padded blindfold.

“Yeah, I have.”

“Have you worn one before?”

I smile at him and say, “Well, as a matter of fact, I have one.  It’s one of my limited investments I’ve made in gear over the last couple of years.”

He shakes his head smiling and looks at me saying, “Well, I guess I’ll have to ask about that.”

With that, he steps behind me and carefully places the blindfold over my eyes and around my head.  John then pulls the strap tight sealing the blindfold over my eyes.  It’s completely black.  I can’t see a thing.

John takes one of his hands and pats me on the head and then each hand moves to the side of my head gently touching me.  I start to relax.  John’s hands move down to my shoulders and he lightly massages them.  No words are spoken at all between us for the next few minutes.

Still standing behind me, John’s hands work their way down to my nipples and start lightly massaging them again.  I start to lightly moan and continue to relax.  I feel his head get close to mine.

“How are you doing, boy,” he asks.

“I’m good, Sir,” I respond.

“Sir, again.  You like calling me that, don’t you, boy?”

“Yes, Sir,” I respond.

John asks, “Does the boy want to continue calling me Sir the rest of the day?”

“Yes, Sir,” I respond again noticing my breathing is becoming deeper and more regular as he continues to rub my nipples.  I’ve also got a raging hard-on inside my shorts.

“Good boy, then,” John says.  “Until I release the restraints you are my boy.  Sir thanks the boy for the trust he is placing in Sir.”  As he says that he is moving around to in front of me still trying to maintain contact with my nipples.  Again I feel him leaning into me and once again he starts to lightly kiss me.

“Thank you, Sir,” is all I can get out as we continue to kiss.  It’s making me feel very comfortable with him.  I’m totally his.

John pulls away and stops massaging my nipples.

“I’m going to ask you a lot of open ended questions, boy.  Your job is to answer them to the best of your ability without holding anything back.  As you can tell, I have interest in you and I know you have interest in me.  You’ve been very responsive when I touch you and my guess is that responsiveness will carry to other aspects of play if we get there.  I was watching you when you entered the dungeon and I can tell you are extremely interested in trying some of the items out you were looking at.  Again, today is a get to know you session, and vice versa.  I’ll give you a chance to ask me questions later.  What you have experienced so far and how you are currently restrained is the extent to what will happen to you today.  You are perfectly safe.  Are you ready to answer some questions and tell me more about yourself, boy?”

“Yes, Sir,” I answer.  “Your boy is ready to answer Sir’s questions.”

I hear John chuckle and I can’t exactly figure out why.   “You really are getting into this.  I like it,” he says back.  I’m thinking I like the fact he can see the humor in this, as well as get into the head space when he wants.

“OK, lets’ start,” John says.  “Tell me why you like bondage and what appeals to you most about having another guy tie you up and take control of you.”

For what seems like a couple of hours John asks me all sorts of questions and I tell him a lot about me, about why I like bondage and specific types of bondage that get me going.

John finds out that I’ve been into bondage since I was a kid.  I just didn’t know it.  I guess it’s the same for a lot of us guys.  Playing cops and robbers or army as kids lit a spark in us.  We liked controlling the other kids or being controlled when we played.  For me, I always wanted to be the one that got caught.  As an adult, we’re still playing.  We’ve just got cooler toys and places to play now.

I tell John about the gear I’ve purchased over the last few years as I’ve gotten more involved in the scene.  In terms of steel he learns I’ve got handcuffs, legcuffs, rigid irons, a steel collar along with an assortment of chains and padlocks.  I tell him how much I like steel.   He hears how there’s nothing like cold, hard steel against the skin and the sound of the lock as it closes.  I tell him how much I want to be in heavy steel and locked in the cage he has for a really long time.

I let John know I’ve got some leather restraints, as well.  This includes the padded blindfold, parachute stretcher, a few ball gags and a posture collar.  He also finds out about the nipple clamps and rope I’ve got, too.

I tell John how I have come to want long term, multi hour bondage that becomes increasingly harder as time passes.  I tell him the bondage that appeals to me starts uncomfortable and progresses in pain to a level like a toothache.  I know it’s there.  It really bothers me and it does a number on me not just physically, but mentally, too.  It’s that type of pain a person hates, but you know you can handle it which makes it all the worse.

John also hears how that bondage can be intermixed with overt type pain play and medium SM play.  He asks if I’ve ever been flogged and I tell him no, but it interests me.  He asks if I’m usually naked when I’m tied up and I tell him yes.  We discuss how it appeals to me that my captor is clothed, at least with pants or shorts and when he asks why I let him know it’s about head space with me.  Clothing is one of the defining differences between me as captive and the captor.  He tells me he understands.

We chat about some of my experiences and what I’ve liked so far and what hasn’t worked like mummification.  It just didn’t appeal to me.

It’s a good conversation and he eventually leans in to me and tells me to close my eyes behind the blindfold.  I do so and I feel him reach around and remove the blindfold.  He says, “Open your eyes, slowly.”  As I do so I see his hand in front of my face.  He’s shielding my eyes with his hand and the light is ever slightly coming through.  After about a minute like this he slowly pulls his hand away and my eyes slowly adjust to the light again.

John is smiling at me.  I smile back and he says to me, “Good job.  You did well and I learned a lot.”

“Thanks,” I respond.

John leans in and gently kisses me again and then pulls back.  “I want you to know something,” he starts.  “You were very open with me and very forthcoming.  I appreciate that.  I think we have a lot in common.”

I look at him and say, “Sir, thank you so much for this afternoon. I’ve never had anyone invest time like this just to find out my interests before we really do a session.  I hope it was worth your time.”

“More than you know at the moment,” John says.  “I think it’s time to call it a day.”

I smile back at him and nod my head yes as he said that.  John walks around behind me and I feel him unlocking the ankle restraints.  My feet fall forward one at a time.  Next, it’s the wrists being unlocked.  I pull them around the front and start stretching.

John comes around and stands in front of me.  After a few minutes of stretching I look up and we smile at each other without saying anything.   For whatever reason, instead of standing upright, I get up from the bondage chair and fall to my knees in front of him and pull my wrists behind me back.  My head bows down in front of him.

John reaches towards me and pulls my head into his legs running his hands through my hair.  “Yes, boy, you have done well today.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

He continues to stroke my hair.  “Stand up, boy.”  I stand up and John says to me, “Good job,” and flashes that smile.

John guides me to the dungeon door.  We step out and he hands me my shirt.  I put it on and step into my flip flops.  He opens the linen closet door and pulls out the envelope with my wallet, cell phone and car keys in it.  I break the seal and take it all out handing the envelope back to John.  We head upstairs and he offers me some water which I accept.  We aren’t really saying anything to each other.  At the same time, we don’t need to.  We’re just sort of standing and smiling at each other.  When I’m done drinking I say to John, “Thanks again for today.  It meant a lot to me and I hope we can get together again soon.”

“Definitely, Dave,” John answered.

John reaches towards me and gives me a really nice hug.  When we’re done we head to the front door and he shows me out.  “Until next time,” he says.

“Definitely a next time,” is how I respond.

“Glad to hear it.  Safe drive.”

I go to my car, get in and start to drive home.  It’s been a very good day.


Making First Plans


Needless to say it was difficult falling asleep that night.  Lying in my bed, staring up at the ceiling, all I kept thinking about was the time John and I spent together today.  There seemed to be a real connection between us.  That, and let’s be honest, the dungeon was amazing and I was very much hoping John would invite me back to try out some of the gear and furniture.

I was online a couple of nights later when I saw John’s IM account sign on.  Seconds later John sent me an IM.  “How’s my boy doing tonight?”

I replied back with about four short messages.  “Hey John, it’s good to see you online.  I’m doing well.  Thanks again for Saturday.  I very much appreciated your time and showing me your place.”

“You’re welcome.  I’m looking forward to having you back.  Let me know when it’s good for you.  Soon, I hope.”

Before I knew it, we decided to meet again the next Saturday.

So here it was Tuesday night, and I just committed to spending part of Saturday with John in his dungeon.

I had some thinking to do before we chatted online again in a couple of nights.  Do I just tell him let’s go a couple of hours and make sure it’s all good this first time or do I tell him I don’t really have any plans and he can keep me as long as he wants on Saturday?   I opted for a compromise in my head.  Hopefully he would be OK with it.

I was online again on Thursday night and as I signed on I saw John’s IM account signed on, as well.  After about thirty minutes of reading some news and checking some favorite sites for updates, I thought I’d better connect with him.  He hadn’t sent me a message and I didn’t want to lose the opportunity for Saturday.

“Hey John, how’s it going?”

John replied, “Hey buddy, I’m doing well.  Are we still on for Saturday?”  Great, he was still interested.

“Yeah,” I replied.  “Let’s definitely meet on Saturday.”

“Good.  How long have you got?”

“Well, to be honest I have all day.  But I’m not sure I should go more than a couple of hours the first time.  What do you think?”

John took a couple of minutes before he replied.  “Well, I’d like to have some more time if that’s possible.  I think you and I have a great connection and I’d like the chance to prove it.  I understand your hesitancy though.  Two hours is good if that’s what you want to try.”

I thought for a couple of moments and then replied with the compromise I worked out in my head.  “How about this?  I appreciate your interest and that you seem to have some things you want me to try.  How about two hour intervals?  I’ll set aside most of the day but about every two hours could we do a check-in of sorts and see how I’m doing?”

“I like that idea.  Yes, that would work fine.  It would give me the chance to try something on you.  We see how you do and whether you want to keep going.  Be forewarned though, if you say yes to another two hours at a break, I’m keeping you for those two hours.  No getting released.   We’ll definitely have safe words in use but I get to try some stuff on you until the two hour interval is up.  Sound good?”  John really put it out there.  He was going to be in control.

“Yeah,” I replied.  “I’m good with that.”

“Cool,” John shot back at me.  “What time can you get here and what’s the latest you want to leave?”

“How about I arrive at 10 and I’d like to be home by 10 so leave around 9 at the latest?”

“11 hours.  Are you sure you want that long a day?  I’m just asking,” John types back.  “I think someone’s dick is getting ahead of their brain.  LOL”

“You’re probably right, but I’m good with that.  What else?”

“What time will you leave on Saturday morning to get here?”

“A little after 9 for me to be there by 10.”

“OK, at precisely 9 on Saturday morning, be online and I’ll give you final instructions before you leave.  Sound good?  Any questions?”

“No, that sounds good.  Talk to you on Saturday morning.”

“Good.  Until Saturday, then.”  And with that John signed off.


First Session – instructions and arrival


The alarm went off at 7:30.  Not exactly the hour I wanted to get up at on a Saturday morning.   I continued to lie in bed for a few more minutes before I felt motivated enough to get up and get started.  A shower would definitely wake me up.  But before that breakfast and the paper were calling.  I decided to make myself a large mushroom omelette thinking that I wasn’t at all sure how long the day would be and whether I would be given any food along the way.

By 8:30 I was done with breakfast, the paper and just sitting around.  I turned on the computer and headed to the shower.  The warm water felt good.  After drying off I shaved and finished using the bathroom.  I slipped on a pair of briefs, jeans and a tee shirt and sat at the computer.  It was 8:55.

At exactly 9:00 John signed on to IM.

“Good morning, boy,” he sent to me.

I replied back, “Hey John, morning to you, too.”

John sent another IM.  “Let’s try that again.  Good morning, boy.”  I of course noticed the “boy” was underlined.   Apparently our session had already started.

“Good morning, Sir.”

“That’s better, boy,” John typed back.  “Are you ready for your session today?”

“Yes, Sir,” I responded.

“Good.  Your session starts now.  If you are not already naked, strip!”  I instantly got a hard-on and complied.  This was going to be a good day!

“From this moment until I release you later today, you are my bondage boy.  I intend to respect all of your limits as we previously discussed.  You will refer to me as “Sir” or “Master” when you address me.  Failure to do so will result in punishment.  Per our agreement, when you arrive a two hour clock will start.  At some point prior to the end of the two hours, I will ask you if you intend to continue.  My belief is that you will say yes.  I have a good day planned for you all the way up until 9 tonight.”

I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  He’s hoping I stay all day.  I was still hard from earlier and showing no signs that was going to change at the moment.

“Yes, Sir,” I typed back.

“Here are your instructions.  Follow them to the letter.  You will put on a pair of blue jeans, no underwear, and a white wife beater tank.  You may bring your wallet, cell phone and car keys.  Nothing else.  Understood?  Questions?”

I responded back, “Sir, no flip flops or footwear?”  I was certain he had forgotten but I thought I had better ask.  His answer totally surprised me.

“Boy, you told me how a bondage boy should not be permitted footwear of any type.  That he should be barefoot always.  Therefore, you will drive to my house barefoot.  The only reason you are permitted the jeans and tank is in case you need to stop for some reason and to be able to get from your car to my house.”

“Understood, Sir.”

“When you arrive, you will park out front on the curb.  You will walk to my front door.  There you will find a large envelope just like the one you placed your belongings in last week.  Take your wallet, phone and keys and place them in the envelope.  Remove the wife beater and place it in the envelope also.  Seal the envelope and drop it into the mail slot in the door so it drops inside.  Kneel and wait.  The only thing you better be wearing are your jeans and absolutely nothing in the pockets.  You have 50 minutes to get here.  Do not play the radio during your drive.  I want you focusing completely on the session you are about to have and I don’t want your mind wandering off to other things.  Drive here in silence.  Don’t be late.”

“Yes, Sir.”   As soon as I typed that, he signed off.

I immediately stood up, shut the computer down and put the jeans and wife beater on.  I grabbed my keys, cell and wallet and headed for the door.

The drive was uneventful as far as traffic.  It was a beautiful day out so I had the windows down.   Without the radio on it was tough not to think about where I was driving and what could happen today.  The silence had the exact effect John wanted it to have on me.  And driving barefoot was definitely interesting.  There’s a different feel without anything between the pedals and the bare skin.

I arrived at John’s about five minutes early and parked.  I got out of the car, hit the locks and walked up the front entry.  His door was a little secluded from the street so I wasn’t hesitant about following his instructions.  I found the envelope just as he said.  I pulled the wife beater off of me, put it and the phone, wallet and keys inside.  After sealing it I had to flatten it out some to get it through the mail slot but it dropped through.  I kneeled down, put my wrists behind my back and waited.

After about ten minutes I heard movement on the other side of the door.  A moment later the leather blindfold I had on last week and a pair of handcuffs dropped through the slot and down to the ground.  The handcuffs certainly made a sound when they hit the concrete.

I didn’t need any further instructions to know what to do.  I picked up the handcuffs and engaged one cuff onto my left wrist.  There’s nothing like the sound of a handcuff ratchet clicking close.  I then picked up the blindfold, put it over my eyes and cinched the back tightly to my head.  I pulled my wrists behind my back and closed the other cuff onto my right wrist.

A few moments went by when next I heard the door open.  I could feel someone standing in front of me and then walk around behind me.  I felt hands on my wrists and realized he was double locking the cuffs closed on me.  He then pulled under my arms and I instinctively stood up.  I small push on my back indicated to walk forward.  I knew there was a small threshold to step over so I was sort of careful as I walked in.  After about three steps a hand on my shoulder pulled me to stop.

The door closed behind me.

“Hello boy.”  It was John.

“Hello, Sir.”

“I’m very pleased with you.  You appear to have followed your directions perfectly and you instinctively knew what to do with the items I dropped outside for you.  Good job, boy.”

“Thank you, Sir,” I responded.

“Are you ready to start your first session,” John asked.

“Yes, Sir, I’m ready.  Thank you, Sir.”

“No need to thank me – yet.”  He sort of paused before that last word and then let it hang there as he said it.  He definitely has a way of setting up a scene.

With that he guided me through the house and carefully down the stairs to the dungeon entrance.  When we got there he turned me around facing away from the dungeon door it turns out.  He removed the blindfold and uncuffed my wrists instructing me to place them behind my head and to spread my legs.

John was wearing jeans and a black tank that looked really good on him.  He was in good shape to begin with and the tight tank accentuated his body.

He then began to pat me down.  I thought that was funny since I was only wearing jeans.  But he made sure to go over every inch of my torso with his hands against my bare skin.  When he got to the jeans he took extra notice of my package.  It was still hard under the jeans.

When he was satisfied that I was clean, he cuffed my wrists behind my back again and then had me turn around and face him.  He was smiling from ear to ear.  Gosh that smile was amazing.  He leaned in and kissed me lightly.

“Ready,” he asked.

“Yes, Sir.”

He reached down to my waist and undid the button on my jeans.  Slowly he opened them up and revealed my cock letting it spring out.  He played with it and my balls for a few moments cupping them in his hand.  He then kneeled down in front of me and pulled the jeans down to my ankles.  I stepped out of them and was left standing naked.

Next he pulled a small chain out of his front jeans pocket and a small padlock.  He put it around my neck and closed the padlock.

“This collar is a sign that you are my bondage boy for today.  During your session today you may earn a collar of a different sort.”

“Thank you, Sir,” I responded.

“Good, boy.  You are remembering to demonstrate deference towards me.  Continue to remember that.”

He looked into my eyes and asked, “Do you trust me?”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied.  “I trust you, Sir.  I know that you will take care of me today, Sir.”

“Good, boy.  I intend to push you a little today once I understand a little more about you.  But you will not experience anything you can’t handle.  We’ve talked a lot and I think I know how to provide you with a good first session today.  Your safe word today is red.  If at any time you need to use it, do so.  There will be times when I ask you for a color.  If all is good say green.  If things are somewhat tough but you don’t want to exactly give in yet, say yellow.  Red gets you out today of what is happening at that moment.  It does not end the session today, though.  Understood?

“Yes, Sir.”

John continued.  “Don’t wait for me to ask for a color if you need to red out.”  He then looked into my eyes and smiled.  He retrieved the blindfold and put it back on me.

I heard the dungeon door open.  He guided me in and towards what I think was the center of the space.  I heard the door close and some additional sounds that were like chains being rattled.  A few moments later I felt leg cuffs being applied to my ankles.  Here we go I thought.


First Session – the dungeon


There’s nothing like cold, hard steel restraints against the skin.  There I was standing in the center of the dungeon space with my wrists handcuffed behind my back, ankle cuffs below and a blindfold over the eyes.

I felt John take his fingers and start running them through my hair.  Slowly he moved down to my cheeks and his fingers circled them.  Next, his hands went to my shoulders and finally to my nipples, where he spun circles around them with his finger tips.  I was instantly hard as my cock came to attention.

“On your knees, boy,” he instructed me and down I went.  He pulled my head into the crouch of his jeans pushing my face into the denim.  At the same time he was stroking my hair.   I took in the smell of the denim and could feel his arousal underneath as it moved.  After a few moments he moved away and left me there on my knees.

I could hear him moving around, drawers opening, gear being moved about.  I had no idea what he was taking out or what would happen next.

I felt him come near to me again.  “Stand,” was the command I heard and I obeyed.  He put his hands on me and guided me over to the left side of the dungeon.  He removed the cuffs from my wrists and ankles and replaced them with leather restraints which I felt and heard him lock on.  It’s amazing how you pick up sounds when blindfolded, like small padlocks clicking closed.

He moved around to my left side and pulled the wrist into the air.  A padlock was used to lock it to something keeping it slightly suspended in the air.  Likewise, he went to the other side and repeated the same thing with my right wrist.  Next his hands were on my right ankle and were being attached to something.  As he moved around I felt the rigidity of the spreader bar at my ankle.  He took one of his hands and tapped on my left ankle and then on the right ankle motioning for them to be further apart.  I stretched out thinking I was good, but then felt the tapping again.   Another stretch and then I hear the click of a padlock from the left ankle.  I try to move my legs and realize they are at either end of the spreader bar.

A few moments later I hear the sound of a crank.  My wrists begin to lift and spread.  Within a few moments I am in a tight standing spread eagle, naked and exposed before John.

“Because you want the option of being released every two hours, your torment today will be in two hour increments.”  John was matter of fact in the way he said this.  He took his hands and fondled my body and I reacted with moans of pleasure.  I felt his body very close to mine as he used his hands to explore my exposed body.

I felt John’s head come close to me, and then whispering into my ear he said, “Today you will feel pleasure and pain.  It will be a mixture so I can see how you react.  You have a safe word, but I doubt you will need, or want, to use it.  Enjoy your ride, boy.”

As he pulled back his fingers started to circle around each of my nipples.  I immediately reacted as my breathing pattern changed and my head tilted forward.  I could feel my cock stiffening and coming to attention.  Then I felt the first searing pain as a clamp was attached to my right nipple.  I gasped.  “Breathe deeply and relax,” John whispered.  “Let the pain subside slowly.”  I did as he suggested.  The pain eventually did subside, but was still there and had my attention.  A moment later, I felt the left nipple experience the same sensation.  Again, I tried to breathe in deep and slowly.  I felt a chain against my chest no doubt connecting the two clamps that had just been attached.  John took his hands and massaged my face.  He took one hand and put it behind my head and pulled my head forward into his chest.  “Good boy,” he whispered into my ear and he pulled away.  I was left there, spread tightly, blindfolded and clamps attached to my nipples.

After a few minutes like that, I heard the crank being turned again a few clicks and with it I was pulled tighter.  My wrists were now far enough apart that I was on the balls of my feet in order to keep the pressure off my arms.

“Ah!” I shouted as I felt something impact my left thigh.  He was using a riding crop on me.  I shouted again as the crop hit my right thigh this time.  I feel John’s hand roughly grab my chin and he says, “If you’re going to yell I’ll have to gag you.”  His hand pulls away and another hit to the right thigh.  Again I yelp.  All of a sudden I feel something being pushed into my mouth.  He’s inserting a ball gag.  He pulls the strap tightly around my head and secures it.  “That’s better,” he says.

Over the next few minutes the crop lands on my thighs, calves, butt cheeks, near the clamps and on my stomach.  I try to move around as if I’m going to keep him from hitting me.  It’s useless, of course, as he hits his mark and my movement only causes the chain between the clamps to swing and pull on the nipples.

When he finished with the crop I feel his hands near my nipples and then searing pain as he pulls them off me.  The blood rushes back into the nipples and with it the pain that causes me to yell into the gag.  It only lasts a few seconds but the nipples feel like they are on fire.  I feel John step into towards me and he puts his hands around my back and pulls me into him.  I feel his naked torso against me.  At some point he must have pulled off the tank top.  He tells me to calm down and holds me tight.  I let my head drop into his shoulder as he’s holding me.  He finally lets go and steps away.  I hear the crank again but this time my wrists are being let down slightly and I can stand on both feet flat.  I’m breathing heavy and it takes a few moments for it to get back to a regular state.

John removes the gag from me.  “Good boy,” he says.

“Thank you, Sir,” I respond.

He takes one of his hands and runs his fingers through my hair.  “I’ll give you a few moments before we continue,” he says.  I just hang there thinking how rough that was, but also how much I liked it.  To a certain extent, even how much I needed it.  John was definitely putting me through some limited pain to see how I would react.  But he was also showing his balance making sure to touch me at just the right times and reassure me of his presence and my ability to take what he was dishing out.  It was going to be a long day, but a good day.

After a few minutes the crank begins to sound again but this time my wrists are being lowered to my sides.  I take this opportunity to stretch a little bit.  At the same time, John has come around behind me.  I feel his presence near my back.  He releases my wrist restraints from the ropes at my side and pulls them behind my back using a padlock to secure the leather restraints together.  He pulls in close to me his bare chest against my back, his head on my right shoulder, his hands coming around to my chest and holding me tight.  After a few moments his hands begin to massage my nipples.  Eventually they work their way up to my head and stroke my hair back.

John steps away and relatively quickly is back behind me again.  But this time, he’s pulling a posture collar around my neck.  I hear the snap of a padlock and then a piece of rope being threaded through the back of the collar very close to my neck.  The end of the rope is near my wrists and John begins to knot the rope through the padlock connecting my wrist restraints.   A moment later, the crank starts again and my wrists are pulled up into the small of my back.

John steps around in front of me and attaches a parachute stretcher to my balls.  Once he’s got it in place I feel a tug.  The tension is getting tougher but it has some give.  It’s a bungee cord being used to pull the stretcher down to the spreader bar.  My instinct is to bend my knees to take the pressure off but as I do this, my wrists are pulled up higher into my back.  I immediately realize what is happening.  John is making sure this predicament position has only one option.  I’m going to be hurting some place.  It’s just up to me what I do.

“Do you understand the position you are in right now, boy?” John asks.

“Yes, Sir,” I answer.

“Good.  Just to summarize, your balls are being pulled down by a bungee cord.  If you decide to bend your knees, you will increase the pressure on your shoulders and arms.  In addition, that half squat you do will eventually tax your thighs.  If you decide to stand to relieve the pressure on your shoulders and legs, your balls will take the brunt of that decision.  You still have an hour to go in your first two hours of bondage.  You will remain like this for that hour.  Good luck, boy.  I hope you are entertaining for me.”

I heard John step away and I think I even heard him sit down on the floor.  It was difficult to know exactly where he was in the space but I knew he was still there since I didn’t hear the door open and close.  Every now and again I would hear what sounded like heavy breathing.

For a while I just went back and forth between squatting down and trying to stand.  It was a continuous process for me switching every few minutes.  Evidently this is what he wanted.  He wanted to watch me make choices and then switch.  My legs were starting to get tired and would occasionally begin to shudder when I tried to hold the squat too long.  My breathing pattern noticeably changed, as well, becoming heavier and deeper.

I felt his presence again very close to me.  “You’re doing well boy.  Keep it up.  You undoubtedly feel me next to you and that is all you will feel.  I’m not going to touch you until I release you.  For now it’s just you and the bondage.  Get used to it.  I know this is what you want.  It’s what you crave.  Do not say anything.   I’m not going to gag you because I want you to be able to breathe through your mouth.  But you are not permitted to speak until I tell you after you are released from this position.  I’ll let you figure out how much time you think you have left.  I’m enjoying the show.”  Then I heard him step away from me and sit down again near by.  His words went right through me.  He’s very in tune with my thoughts and fantasies so far.  Damn, this is hot, but it’s also tough.  I’ve got to make the best of it and get through it I think to myself.  He’s challenging me and I like it.

My dance continues but now it’s becoming more frequent.  I’m holding each position less and less time.  My legs are starting to feel like jello as I squat down.  My breathing is now shallow and I’m breathing through my mouth.  I can feel droplets of sweat slowly working their way down my skin.  I have no idea how long I have to go.

John is beside me again.  His body is so close but we’re not touching.  He’s circling me slowly.   Once he’s in front of me he’s using his hand to pull my head forward into his.  The other hand is stroking my hair.  He pulls back.

“Well done, boy.  You’ve done really well,” he says.  I’m still trussed up and continue my dance.  I hear the crank again and my wrists are being let down towards my waist.  It helps but I can’t stand up because of the bungee cord.  “Squat down,” I’m directed.  As I bend my knees I feel the pressure being released from my balls.  He’s unhooked the bungee cord.  A shot of brief pain goes through my balls as I feel the parachute stretcher released and pulled away from my skin.  Next, my ankles are released from the spreader bar.  John takes his hands and puts them under my pits and tells me to stand upright.  He’s helping me to stand as I try to pull my feet together.

He steps around behind me.   The rope is untied from my wrists and then he removes the posture collar after unlocking the padlock.

“Kneel,” he commands.  I slowly go down to my knees.  John takes off the blindfold I’ve been wearing and slowly my eyes adjust to the dim light in the space.  Eventually I look at him standing in front of me.

“You may speak again,” he says.  “How are you doing?”

“Good, Sir,” I respond.  “Thank you, Sir.  That was amazing.”

“You did well.  It’s time for you to decide if you want another two hours, boy.”

“Yes, Sir.  Let’s please continue, Sir,” I answer back.  John

looks down at me and smiles.  “I was hoping you would say that,” he says with a wide smile.  I sort of fall into his waist with my head and he puts his hands behind my head and strokes my hair.  I think to myself this is the beginning – but the beginning of what?

John looks down at me and says, “Stay here for a moment and rest.”  I sort of sit back on my feet and try to stretch out a little which is difficult given my wrists are still cuffed behind me.  I see John go over to the side and pull the bondage chair out from the wall and towards the center of the space pretty close to where he has me kneeling.  It gives me a chance to take a good look at it again.  The last time I was in it I was wearing cargo shorts.  This time I’m completely naked.

John comes over to me and helps me to my feet.  He walks me over to the chair and sets me down.  There’s a different feel this time with my cock and balls hanging loosely given the only support are the two wood legs at a 45 degree angle and that little triangle of a seat that is barely enough for my butt to sit on.

John reaches around behind me and removes the padlock that has kept my wrist restraints together.  There’s a small piece of rope on the floor which he picks up.  “Bring your wrists in front of you,” he says.  I comply.  He takes the rope and weaves it within the D rings on the leather cuffs and pulls the rope tight.  Next he takes the rope and brings it up and over head towards the ladder chair back.  My arms are pulled above my head.  He ties off the rope at the top effectively out of reach of my hands.  Next he bends down and attaches my ankle cuffs to the front of the chair.  At least this time they are not pulled back and up like the last time he had me in this thing.  Next comes rope over the thighs, then rope around the waist and finally rope around each elbow effectively tying me to the chair so I can hardly move.

John takes a look at his handy work and smiles.  I try to struggle a little bit just to test out how he’s got me tied to the chair.  I’m completely exposed.  My cock and balls are hanging freely and my arms are tied above my head exposing my pits and forcing out my chest a little bit.  I smile back at him with approval.  I’m not going any where.

He reaches down with his hand and rolls my balls around.  Then he takes my cock and starts to massage it some and I’m getting harder.  I pre cum a lot and he’s using it to maximum effect.

He looks into my eyes and says, “Pain and pleasure, boy.  It’s time to begin your next two hours.”  I smile back at him and think he’s totally got me, both physically and figuratively.  Physically, I’m completely helpless.  Figuratively, it’s his smile, his being only in jeans, bare chested, barefoot and looking pretty damn good.  I have to remember to ask him how he keeps so athletic looking.  He leans in and kisses me again.  It’s never really deep when he does it.  It’s just light kissing – very tender, very light – just enough to show interest and some level of caring.

What I didn’t see coming was the ball gag again which he shoved into my mouth and quickly strapped on behind my head.  Next he grabbed the riding crop.  I thought it interesting that he didn’t blindfold me.  He obviously wants me to see what is happening at the moment.  He showed me the crop taking the end and slowly pulling it down my chest to my navel.

John then took the crop and started to slap my balls ever so lightly from underneath.  I started to regulate my breathing and get used to the sensation.  Slowly, he began to increase the intensity and with it I started to whimper ever so slightly.  He made direct eye contact with me as if to say, “Take it.”  I nodded my head yes to him and tried my best to hold back any sounds.  Again he increased the intensity but slowed down on the frequency of hits.  Still it hurt like hell.  I kept holding back even to the point of holding my breath a few times thinking that would help.  It didn’t.

John decided I had enough of the ball thumping and started to work on my nipples alternating back and forth every few whacks.  Again he would start lightly and then increase the intensity.   I had to again hold back trying to deal with the pain changing up my breathing to compensate.

When John finally stopped, he leaned in, smiled at me and nodded his approval.  I was glad I was meeting his expectations to this point.  He stepped away and came back holding the blindfold.  Showing it to me it was as if he was asking me if I wanted it.  I nodded yes and he leaned forward and put it on me.

I felt John sort of sit on me straddling my legs with his legs.  His hands started to play with me stroking my hair, lightly touching my arms and pits, then slowly and lightly touching the sides of my torso working his way down to my waist.  He repeated this several times and I appreciated the affection he was showing me knowing full well the crop was going to return.

And return did the crop.  He kept alternating between my nipples, thighs, balls and torso.  I never knew where the next series of hits would be as he was very good at mixing up his targets.  Again and again he would also alternate the intensity.  I have no idea how long he kept this up for but I was dripping beads of sweat when he finally stopped taking his hands and embracing my head.

John stepped away and left me alone for a few moments.  When he came back he took the gag out and said, “Drink,” putting a straw to my lips.  I started sucking and it was water – a very welcome relief.  I took several swigs and then sort of put my head back to indicate I was OK.

John then put the gag back in me.  Again he let me sit for a while without any touching or sensations.

After a few minutes I felt his fingers massaging my nipples.  It wasn’t to last though as the nipple clamps returned.  And so did the parachute stretcher only this time he added weights to pull down on the balls when he was all set.  There I sat with my nipples on fire and my balls being pulled away from me.  I heard John whisper into my ear, “Show me you can take this.  It’s just you and the clamps and the weights now.  I’ll be here.  But it’s just you for the rest of the time.”  And with that I felt him pull away.

I tried to use my breathing again to help get through the painful stimulation.  After a few minutes the clamps and the ball weights were just annoying.  It wasn’t so much pain any longer as it was just a dull ache.  I was able to sit quietly and concentrate.  I could get through this.

Eventually time was up.  John came over to me, removed the clamps, ball weights and parachute stretcher.  I yelped as they came off.  Then off came the blindfold and then the gag.  And there in front of me that wonderful smile.  “You are meeting all my expectations today.  Perhaps I should be tougher on you.”  I smiled back at him and said, “I’m ok with the current intensity, Sir.  Maybe another time to ratchet it up.”  He sort of chuckled.

“I have a deal for you,” John said.  “You’ve been here four hours and it’s only mid day.  I’d like to keep you another four hours.  My proposal is this.  I notice you looking at the cage when ever you get a chance.  I’ll be happy to put you in it for a couple of hours.  Nothing will happen to you while you are in the cage.  Consider it a two hour break.  When that time is up, we’ll do something else for a couple of hours and then we’ll call it a day.  How’s that sound?”  He smiled at me looking directly into my eyes.

How could I pass this up?  “I’m in, Sir,” I said.

“Good.  Let me get you off the chair, then.”

After I was released from the chair, I stood up and stretched a little bit.  At the same time he started to remove the leather restraints from my wrists and ankles.

“Sir, no bondage while in the cage?” I asked.

John answered, “Well, since you are going into a steel cage I thought steel restraints would be appropriate.”

“Yes, SIR,” I smartly replied grinning from ear to ear.

“You should be very careful what you wish for, boy,” John retorted.

John went and got five way heavy irons.  He had me stand there as he put them on me – steel collar, wrist and ankle restraints with connecting chain between them all and wrists secured in front of me.  Everything locked on with a hex screw.  I immediately felt the weight of the restraints and chains.  This was not light weight stuff.  John opened the end of the cage and motioned me in.  The bottom had a soft pad and I scooted in.  Once all the way in, he closed the door and padlocked it closed.  “Enjoy your break, boy,” John said.  He smiled at me then turned around and headed for the dungeon door.  “I’ll be back in a while.”  And with that, he left the dungeon.  I tried to lie down as best I could and discovered that wasn’t necessarily what I wanted to do.  I decided to lean against the far end of the cage and spread out as best I could given the limiting nature of the chains and the size of the cage.  I sat there thinking how cool this all was being invited into a space like this, having a captor as cool as John and getting into some different head spaces.  This was a good day.

When John came back into the dungeon he was still only wearing his jeans.  I liked him bare chested and barefoot and pretty much told him so.  “I’ll have to remember that,” he chuckled.  “There are times I want my prisoners very uncomfortable and times I want them to thoroughly enjoy their time with me.  I think you should experience both in your last couple of hours.”

John continued, “When we’ve talked you mentioned you like endurance positions.”

“Yes, Sir, I think it’s hot to be put into bondage that is difficult but not necessarily painful to start.  It sort of sneaks up on you, Sir,” I added.

“Good, then.  I think I have just the position to put you in.”

With that he opened the door and had me get out and kneel.  He moved the bondage chair back to the wall and out of the way so the center of the floor was clear.  He had me move to the open space and sit down on my butt.  He took the hex wrench out and removed the five ways.  Out came the leather wrist and ankle restraints again and he padlocked them on.  Next he had me bring my wrists behind my back and used a padlock to keep them together.  He had me bring my feet together in front with the soles touching each other and the knees spread apart.  A steel collar was put on me and I saw three lengths of chain and some more padlocks on the floor to the side.  John took a piece of chain and connected to the back of the steel collar and then pulled my wrists up into the small of my back and secured them to the chain.  I could not touch the floor with my wrists.  Next he took two similar lengths of chain and connected them to the front of the collar.  “Lean forward,” he instructed.  As I bent forward he took a padlock and connected one chain to the left ankle restraint and then repeated with the right.  He looked at me and he must have decided it wasn’t tight enough.  He unlocked the right padlock and pulled me down towards my feet another couple of links before securing the padlock again.  He made the left the same as the right.  And there I was.  I was forced to stay in a forward bending position, my wrists yanked up my back.

John ran his hands through my hair and said, “You’re going to be like this for two hours.  It’s going to be tough.  Your back, your legs, your shoulders will all begin to hurt.  If it gets to be too much use the safe word.  I won’t think any less of you and rest assured I will invite you back.  I just want to make sure you understand this is about what you think you can take, not me.  I’ll be here the entire time.  You won’t be blindfolded or gagged.  My job is to help you stay like this as long as you can or for the two hours.  Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” I replied.  “Thank you, Sir.”

“All right then, your two hours starts now,” John finished.  He then brought over a pillow, leaned on it and began to watch me.

Needless to say it was a long two hours.  About 30 minutes into this, I’m guessing, my back started to ache and I began to move around trying to do isometric stretching.  John saw this.  He got up, took the pillow and leaned it against the cage upright.  Then he sort of grabbed me and dragged me over near the cage.  It wasn’t far just a couple of feet to move me.  John leaned against the pillow and then pulled me in between his open legs sort of embracing me.  He leaned into me and I could feel his bare chest against the wrists.  His hands came around my front and he began to massage my nipples.  I got hard instantly.  He whispered in my ear, “You’re doing OK.  You’re a little more than a third of the way through.  Hang in there.”

“Yes, sir,” I responded.

He continued to play with my nipples and eventually was stroking my cock.  It wasn’t enough to get me to the edge but it felt good and at least briefly took my mind off the discomfort that was quickly moving into pain.

After a few minutes he sort of leaned back away from my body and used his hands to lightly touch me.  He ran his hands over my shoulders, down my arms and on either side of my back with the chain in between.  It didn’t really do much for me physically in the sense that he was massaging away any of the joint pain I was experiencing.  It was just good to feel his tender touch on me letting me know he was there.  It’s interesting that we really didn’t talk much at all during the day even when I wasn’t gagged.  His touch and our looks to each other were enough communication between us and all we really needed.  I never felt anything but safe even when he was inflicting a level of pain on me.

I started trying to move around some more.  I was leaning to one way and then the next.  My breathing patterns changing again becoming deeper and more thought out.  The head space was very interesting.  John was next to me.  He was no longer touching me.  But I was all alone at the same time.

John must have sensed I was getting to a breaking point as he took out his keys and undid the padlocks from the collar to the ankles.  “Stay forward.  Don’t try to sit up too quickly,” he warned me.  Before I knew it the wrist chain was unlocked as was the padlock connecting the wrists together.  In another moment the collar was off of me leaving me with the leather restraints on me but nothing connected.  “Lean over onto the floor just as you are,” John instructed.  “Slowly stretch out.  Very slowly.”  I did as he suggested.  It took a while before I could stretch out fully on the floor.

While I was lying on the floor he removed the restraints from my wrists and ankles.  “How long did I stay like that,” I asked.  “It was just over an hour.  You were starting to really get into the head space. I could tell.”

“Why didn’t you leave me longer, then?”

“I was thinking you’ve had a long day and still need to drive home at some point.  I didn’t want you to be in too much pain tomorrow when your muscles start to revolt.  You’ll go longer next time,” he said smiling at me.

“Thanks,” I said.

“You did well today, boy.  I think we’re done.  That position can do a number on you.”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied.

After a few minutes he helped me stand up and walk towards the door.  As we left the dungeon he handed me my jeans and we went upstairs.

We sat on the couch and I slowly got dressed.  “I think you should relax for a bit before you drive home.”

I sort of laughed it off and said, “I think you’re right.”

We stayed and chatted for a while about the session.  I told him how I liked to be touched when he had me spread eagle and how interesting it was when he left me alone in the chair and again on the floor.  It was just me and the bondage at that point and how I had to focus my energy to get through it.  I told him I thought I would still ache tomorrow and he said he knew I would.

After a while I felt good enough to stand up and John had me do some stretches.  When he was satisfied I was OK, he handed me the envelope with my wallet, keys, phone and the tank in it.   I thanked John with a big hug for today and we said our goodbyes.  As I walked out the door John said to me, “I’ll be looking forward to our next time.”  “Yes, Sir.”

It took me about an hour to get home.  I stopped on the way to grab some food as I really hadn’t had anything to eat all day.  I could tell I was going to be sore tomorrow but I chalked it up to a reminder of the day.

When I got home I took the food upstairs thinking I would get online and eat while I was checking email and doing a little surfing.  When I opened email I saw a message from John.  “That was quick,” I thought.

“Hey Dave, it was great having you over today. You make a terrific bondage toy for me to play with and I really enjoy our time together.  You are very open and I appreciate that.  Let me know when you are ready for another session.  Perhaps an over night session may be possible.  Take care and let me know your thoughts.  Best, John.”

Wow, he just invited me for an overnight session.  I guess we really are clicking.  I hit reply on the email and began typing.  “John, thanks for today.  I couldn’t have asked for a better time.   I also want to thank you for your caring approach to the session.  At all times I felt safe and looked after by you, even when you were making sure I was to be uncomfortable and in some pain.  Even at those moments I knew you were taking care of me.  And, yes, another session would be great.  I have a connection with you I haven’t felt with anyone else I’ve met and I think you can take me to places I’ve only fantasized about.  I know fantasy is often not reality.  But it doesn’t mean we can’t try to get close.  I’m open to an overnight session.  Let’s discuss soon.  Thanks again, Dave.”  I hit send and finished eating.

I was definitely feeling the affects of the bondage.  Once I was done eating it didn’t take long to feel the need to head to bed.  I turned off the computer, took the dishes downstairs, and then came back up to get ready for bed.  As I stripped down and climbed into bed, I realized that I never got off today at John’s.  While he kept me horny almost the entire day and played with my cock on and off, not to mention my nipples, he never got me off.  It got me to thinking what an awesome bondage experience I had today and it didn’t involve a climax.  In one way it was kind of cool.  In another way, I was still really horny thinking about it.  Let’s just say I took care of business before my head hit the pillow.


The Weekend Session


John and I caught up with each other online a couple of days later.  He reiterated his suggestion that we get together for an overnight session.  He even suggested that if I were up for it to make it a short weekend session.  His suggestion was to essentially arrive on Friday night and stay through Sunday late morning.  I told him I needed to think about it and we could chat more about it later in the week.  He was fine with that.  We were both busy this next weekend so it wasn’t like we were under any kind of time table to make it happen.

Honestly, I had a great time with John the past Saturday. I felt safe with him and personally I really, really liked him.  The suggestion for a short weekend stay was amazingly appealing to me.  Yet at the same time, it all felt like this was moving really fast.  I entered into our first meeting with the hope and intention of finding an occasional bondage buddy.  Something felt like it was moving beyond that, and quickly.  I decided to try to slow things down a bit.

I knew I was going to do the weekend.  But I decided I would chat with John more to find out what he had in mind rather than just moving headlong into it.  I also wanted to put it off for at least a couple of weekends and find out if after a break we were both still as in to each other as we seemed.

We continued to chat online off and on for the next couple of weeks.  During that time John revealed that he would like to take the intensity up during my next session and that’s why he suggested the weekend stay.  Staying over a couple of nights would afford him the chance to put me through some intense bondage that would only be possible with the gift of time.  The more he told me the more I got hard as we exchanged messages.  We decided on a weekend coming up and set our plans in motion for me to spend it in his dungeon.

John’s expectations were simple.  I was to arrive Friday night at 7 PM and be prepared to stay through Sunday afternoon at 2 PM.  I would be in the dungeon the entire time, naked and always in some sort of restraints.  Also, there would be no safeword this time.   That sort of scared me but I trusted John so I agreed.

I arrived home from work on that Friday around 5:00.  I showered and ate a small meal.  I would need to be on the road just after six to make it in time.  John instructed me to drive to his place wearing only blue jeans – nothing else.  There was no shirt, no shoes, no underwear – nothing but the jeans.  He wanted me to know he controlled me even before I left my own house.

I arrived at John’s house right on time.  I didn’t know really what to expect.  All he told me was he was going to push me and see what I could handle.  The weekend would be about testing limits.

At his front door there was a note for me.  It said to go around the side of the house and down to the lower level outside.  I would see a door with another note.  This note was pretty straight forward.  “Open the door and step inside.  You will find this room is joined to the dungeon through a door on the other side.  Once inside this room you will remove your jeans, fold them and leave them by the door you just entered.  Once naked enter the dungeon through the opposite door.  Go to the bondage frame.  There you will find restraints prepared for you along with a blindfold and gag.  You’ll know what to do.  Lock yourself in facing the wall.  Once you click on the cuffs you are submitting to me for the weekend.”

I opened the door, stepped inside and closed the door behind me.  The room essentially looked like it was being used for storage, except it was storing his extra dungeon furniture from the look of things.  Apparently he had more gear than fit in the play space when being used.

I quickly removed the jeans, folded them and placed them by the outer door.   My cock was already dripping pre cum.

I walked to the door on the opposite side and opened it.  It did indeed lead into the dungeon.  It was the door next to the spider web of chains.  I closed the door behind me as I walked over to the bondage frame.

John had prepared for me.  From the center of the over head beam was a short chain hanging and a pair of darby style handcuffs attached.  Leather ankle cuffs with short chains were attached to the bottoms of the side beams.  A small padlock was next to each ankle cuff.  On the floor in the center between the ankle cuffs were a ball gag and blindfold.  The intention was for me to be secured in an inverted Y position.

I started by putting on the ball gag.  It was enough to fill my mouth but not too big.  Next I put the blindfold on my head but didn’t pull it over the eyes yet.  It took some doing to get my ankles secured in the cuffs and locked in and then to get up into a standing position, but I managed.  I looked up at the handcuffs dangling above my head.  I pulled the blindfold down over my eyes and then reached up.  It wasn’t that hard to get my wrists cuffed in.  And there I was, gagged, blindfolded and stretched out.

After a few minutes I heard one of the doors open and someone enter.  I felt the chains on each ankle being pulled to get me into a tighter position.  Then hands reached up to my head and tightened the ball gag pulling it deeper into my mouth.  Next I felt fingers massaging my nipples and I started to moan.  “How are you doing, boy?”  It was John’s voice.  “I can tell from your cock you like this.  We’ll see how it likes what’s coming next.”

John stepped away from me.  A few moments later I felt the first blow on my back of the flogger.  It took my by surprise.  It wasn’t a full force hit but it stung and I yelped through the gag.  He continued working different parts of my back at that same intensity for a couple of minutes.  Each time I let out a yelp but as the strokes progressed I found I was able to handle them better.  My breathing though became shallow.  After about 15 hits, John stopped.  He came over to me.

“We’re not even close to done yet.  You’re going to take a lot more strokes and a lot more intensity before we’re finished with this.  You can handle it.  Continue to work through it as you are.  I can tell you were able to acclimate after the first few strokes.”  He took his hands and rubbed them over my back.

The strokes started again and he did increase the intensity.  I handled the first few OK but then couldn’t hold back any more and started to scream through the gag.  It hurt like hell.  John took more time between each stroke at that point but he still hit me just as hard.  It was like he was letting me recover between each stroke.  I started to whimper from the gag.  John stopped.

The ball gag was taken off and John moved around in front of me.  He took my head in his hands.  “You’re doing well, boy.  But I want to see how much more you can take.”

I answered, “Please, Sir, no more.”

“Do you trust me, boy?”

“Yes, Sir,” I responded.

“All right then,” John started.  “Think back to our first conversation.  You told me it was your wish to try things that would really test you and ultimately break you.  This flogging is your first test of the weekend and my intent is to break you with it.  But you aren’t even close yet. You can take a lot more and you will.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” I whimpered.  John took the blindfold off.

He was shirtless wearing bdu’s and boots.  He looked so hot!

“Look into my eyes.”  I raised my head so we could lock eyes with one another.  “Good boy.  Remember, I will never harm you.  You are safe.  But remember, also, I said there would be times when I would hurt you to take you where you want to go.  Trust me and I’ll take you there.”

“Yes, Sir.  Thank you, Sir.”

“We’re going to start again but this time no gag and no blindfold.  If you need to scream then scream.  No one can hear you in here so do what you need to do.  However, you will need to buck up.  Only when I can deliver 10 in a row without a whimper from you will I stop.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said with tears welling up in my eyes.

He took his fingers wiped away the tears and then pulled me in and kissed me.  He looked at me and said, “Deep down you need this, don’t you?”

I didn’t answer right away.  I actually took a few moments to think about it before I looked him in the eye and said, “Yes, Sir.  Thank you, Sir.”

John started up again.  I never did keep count.  But it didn’t take long for him to have me screaming and begging for him to stop.  At some point my begging became tears but the strokes didn’t stop.  Eventually my body must have become immune to what was happening.  I found myself hanging by my wrists and listening to the sound of the flogger as it flew through the air before it landed on my back.  But nothing came out of me.  And then there was silence.

John came in front of me, looked me in the eyes and then started passionately kissing me.   It was amazing.  When he stopped, he kneeled down and unclipped the ankle cuffs from the frame.  He helped me to stand upright.  Next he released my wrists from the cuffs overhead and they fell down in front of me.  He told me to kneel.

Behind me he reached around and pulled my left wrist to my back, placed a leather cuff on it and locked it closed.  He repeated with the right cuff and then locked my wrists behind me.  He brought a chair over and sat down in front of me.

“I’ll be honest with you.  The flogging you experienced on the bondage frame is the intensity of what you will experience most of this weekend if you stay.  Now that you understand what that truly means, I want you to have time to consider whether you want to continue.  Do not answer now.  You have one hour to think about it.  At the end of the hour you will make your decision.  Stand up.”  I stood up and John reached around and put the ball gag back in my mouth.  He guided me back over to the bondage frame having me lean my back against one of the uprights and kneel.  He undid the lock on my wrists and pulled the wrists around the upright and secured them again.  Then he padlocked my ankles together.

John walked over to the corner and came back with some sort of black bag in his hand.  He looked at me and said, “One hour to decide.”  Then he took the bag and put it over my head plunging me into darkness.  I heard him leave the dungeon and there I was alone to think about his offer.

The hour must have gone by quickly because I heard John come back into the dungeon.  I felt the lock holding my ankles together being unlocked.  I stayed on my knees.  After a few more moments he removed the black bag from my head.  He was sitting in front of me on a stool.  He had removed the boots he was wearing earlier and was barefoot and still shirtless.

“We’re going to find out what your decision is and just how far you’ve decided you are willing to go.”  John scooted the stool closer to me and unbuttoned the bdu’s he was wearing.  He took out his cock and displayed it in front of me.  “I’m going to remove the gag.  You will not speak.  If you’ve decided to quit, stand up as you are able since your wrists are still cuffed behind you.  If you’ve decided to continue, you know what I expect of you.  Don’t you?”  He said the last part looking at my eyes and then down to his cock.  He had never suggested before that I would have to service him.  But somehow I knew I wanted to.  John reached around and removed the gag.

I looked at him and then leaned forward.  John stood up so his cock was at the same level as my mouth.  I opened up and took it in slowly.  He reached down and stroked my hair while saying, “Good boy.  You’re mine now.”  I continued sucking on him for a couple of minutes.  John was groaning in pleasure.  He pulled out of me.  “Stand up.”  I struggled to get up on my feet with my wrists still cuffed around the post.  John helped me up and then kissed me.  I knew I wanted to be his bondage toy more than anything else.  He was taking me some place I needed to go.

John looked into my eyes and said, “I’m glad you decided to stay.  I promise you won’t be harmed, but you will hurt a lot.”

I looked back at him and said, “Yes, Sir.  Thank you, Sir.”

He took his hands and rubbed them through my hair.  I sort of let my head fall forward and it landed in his chest as he pulled closer to me.  It felt good to have John hold me for those few moments.  As he continued to play with my hair he whispered, “Time for your next torment.”

He pulled away from me and went over to the far side of the room.  There was a flat gym bench that was sitting over there and he picked it up and placed it between the two posts where I was at.   Out of his pocket he took out a parachute stretcher and placed it around my balls.  Next, reaching around behind the post, he unlocked the padlock keeping my wrists together just long enough to pull my arms from around the post and padlock them together again behind my back.  He moved me towards the bench and had me sit down straddling it.

John left me again for a few moments and I heard him over in the corner.  When he came back he had several loops of rope and a few other items.  He took the gag from earlier and re-inserted into my mouth.  The hood went on next.  I felt a rope being tied to the padlock at my wrists and before I knew it my wrists were being pulled up behind me in the air.  I started to lean forward and heard, “Keep you back straight and your arms parallel to the bench.”

I complied.

The ankles were next as they were pulled up off the floor so I was essentially floating on the bench.  Some sort of nipple clamps were applied and I could feel a rope attached to the chain being pulled away from me.  Before I knew it the other end of the rope must have been tied off to the parachute stretcher.  The pull on the balls was in direct proportion to the pull on my nipples.  This was going to be hard.

John said, “Do you understand what is happening to you right now?  Nod your head if you do.”

I nodded my head yes.

“Very well.  This is your next torment.  You will be like this for a while.  Good luck, boy.  I’ll be watching but don’t think you’re getting out any time soon.”  I heard John step away but I never heard the door to the dungeon so I assumed he was still in the space.

This position was difficult.  Any time my arms became tired and I started to lean forward to take some pressure off, my body wanted to pull back on the bench causing the balls to pull on the rope that was connected to my nipples.  My breathing pattern became slow and steady.  It was the only thing I could concentrate on.  To say my shoulders started to ache after a while would be an understatement.

I had no idea how long I had been there when I felt his presence beside me and the hood was pulled off.  It took a moment for my eyes to adjust and John was there standing by me looking at me.  His expression was stoic.  No smile.  No reaction.  He was just looking at me eye to eye.  He took his right hand and ran it through my hair.  It made me feel somewhat safe even though I was hating life at that particular moment.  He removed the gag.

“It’s tough isn’t it, boy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I want you to make me proud.  I have no intention of releasing you yet.  I know you are in pain but you need to continue to work through it.  Understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied.

“Good.  You should know you are barely halfway through the time I want to keep you like this.  This will be a test for you.”  After he said that he leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips.  “Make me proud.”  He took the gag and put it back in and then the hood plunged me back into darkness.

The arms, the shoulders, the quads, the nipples were all in intense pain after a while.  I started to moan and groan into the gag hoping to get some relief.  But there was no sound of movement and no relief.  I started to whimper.  My head told me I was an idiot for allowing myself to be put in this position.  How could I want something like this?  At the same time, my cock was rock hard on the bench.  I told myself you want it because you have to know if you can take it.  I got control of myself and once again concentrated on my breathing.

A short time passed and again I felt his presence next to me.  The hood came off and this time after my eyes adjusted I saw his smile.  “You made me proud boy.”  I tried to smile back through the gag and nod my head yes at him.  I saw him reach down and untie the rope from the parachute stretcher and it lessened the pressure on my nipples.  He sat down on the bench in front of me and placed his hands on the nipples clamps.  With his eyes I could tell he was asking if he should take them off and I nodded yes that I was ready.  I knew what was coming.  As they came off the blood rushed in and I let out a scream through the gag.  The pain was intense.  My breathing became short and rapid.  John immediately got up, loosened the rope that was keeping my ankles off the floor and they were able to drop down.  Next the rope holding my arms up behind me was let loose and they came crashing down behind me.  The blood rushing back into my shoulders produced the same painful intensity my nipples had just gone through and again I let out a scream through the gag.  And again my breathing shortened up and became rapid.

John again sat down on the bench in front of me and pulled closer.  He wrapped his arms around my body and pulled us together.  “It’s OK,” I heard him say as he held me.  “Go ahead, let it out.  I’m here and I’ve got you.”

With that I started to whimper through the gag.

He continued to hold me tight.

When I had calmed down, he pulled back to in front of me and our eyes locked.  He reached around and removed the gag and immediately leaned in and kissed me.

I kissed him back.  “Thank you, Sir,” is what came out of me as we continued to enjoy each other.

“No, thank you.  You met my expectations.  I could tell the stages you were going through.  When you started to whimper I wanted to release you.  But I had to find out if you could gain control of yourself again.  And you did.  You were fighting through it and won.  You understand, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied.  “I do understand.  I’m fighting myself to see what I can handle and to push through.  Thank you, Sir, for the opportunity.”

John looked at me and said, “Trust me, it’s my pleasure.  You’ll have more opportunities to push through this weekend.  It’s just starting.  And that was just two hours.”  I thought to myself that was a long two hours.  But it was only two hours.  There’s a lot of hours left in this weekend.

John looked at me and said, “I think that’s enough for tonight.  We both need some rest.”  And with that, he had me stand up and walk towards the cage.  Lying on the floor was a set of heavy five way chains.  “Can I trust you not to JO tonight,” he said to me.

“Yes, Sir, I promise I won’t play with myself.”

“Good, boy.”  He removed the leather cuffs I was wearing and put the shackles on me.  They were heavy.  The steel collar and chain leading to the wrist and ankle shackles let me know who I belonged to.  He opened the cage door.  Instinctively I got down on my knees and put my head into his crouch.

“Yes, boy?”  It was more a question than a statement.

I looked up at him and said, “Thank you, Sir.  The boy would like to show his appreciation.”  Did that really come out of my mouth, I thought to myself.  But it did.

John looked down and opened up the crouch on his bdu’s and out came his cock.  I took it and began to perform.  It was all I could do to show my appreciation to this man that was taking me on an incredible journey.  After a few minutes of his moaning and groaning I could feel the change in his shaft.  He pulled out of me and spewed all over my chest.  When he was done he looked down at me and said, “Good boy.  Time for bed now.”

I crawled into the cage and he padlocked the door shut.  The cum was still wet on my chest.  I curled up and looked up at him as he looked back at me smiling.  He walked away, got to the door of the dungeon and hit the light switch plunging me into darkness.  The door opened and out he went as I drifted off to sleep.

I’m not sure how long I slept but it was a good sleep.  Even though I was heavily chained I felt amazingly rested when I woke up.  The dungeon was still pitch black and I could hardly make out anything once my eyes fully adjusted from waking up.  I managed to move around in the cage and decided to lean against the back side opposite the door with my legs as stretched out in front of me as they could go.  I kept them apart so I was essentially presenting myself.  I was just waiting for him to return.

After a while the dungeon door opened and in walked John.  He was carrying two dog bowls which he placed just outside the cage.  He was once again wearing his bdu’s but nothing else being shirtless and barefoot.

He leaned down to the front of the cage and said, “Good morning, boy.  Sleep well?”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir,” I responded.

He took keys out of his pocket and unlocked the padlock on the cage and opened it.  “Time for breakfast, boy.”

I crawled out and went to the dog bowls staying on all fours.  As I moved the weight of the chains was definitely felt and they clanged as I crawled along.  In the bowls was oatmeal and water.  I knew better than to use my hands and put my head down into the oatmeal and ate as best I could.  John was stroking my hair as I ate.  I managed not to get too much oatmeal on my face, but it didn’t matter once I got to the water as it sort of washed off as I tried to lap up what I could.

When I had finished everything I got on my knees.

John looked at me and asked, “Enough, boy?”

“Yes, sir, thank you, sir.”

“Stay put and I’ll be right back.”  John picked up the oatmeal bowl and left the dungeon.  He returned after a few minutes, picked up the water bowl and placed it inside the cage.

“Get up boy.  Time to get you cleaned up before we start the day.”  With that he helped me stand up and walked me to the bathroom door.  Like the dungeon space, it was pretty much done in black with a little gray here and there.  Inside there was a toilet, wash basin and stand up shower.  John released me from the shackles so I was essentially free.  He dropped the shackles on the floor inside the main dungeon.

“You have 15 minutes to do your business and take a shower.  I’ll be back once the time is up whether you’re done or not.  Do not play with yourself, boy.  Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” I replied.

He left me alone in the bathroom and I took care of what I needed to do.  The warm water in the shower felt good but I didn’t take too long knowing I was being timed.  I finished up, toweled off and stood in the center of the space, hands behind my back, feet slightly spread and my head bowed waiting for his return.

When John returned he said, “All right boy, go stand in the dungeon by the black box standing just as you are.”

“Yes, sir,” I responded and complied.

The black box was about three feet cubed.  It was solid looking from the outside and had hasps all around to keep the top securely closed.

John came behind me and started to put leather wrist and ankle cuffs on me.  Each of them was padlocked on and then my wrists were padlocked together behind me.  He then took a parachute stretcher and put it around my balls.  Going to the box he unlatched the hasps and pulled the top open.  The inside was painted black as the outside.  There were attachment points at various places around the edges and in the dead center of the floor.

“Step inside,” he said to me.  John held my arm as I stepped over the edge and inside.  “Kneel,” was the next command, which I obeyed.  He reached in and locked my ankle restraints to corner bolts inside the box.  Next he grabbed a hood with a mouth hole and put it on me.  I was in complete darkness.  I felt a collar being put around my neck.

“OK boy it’s time for your next torment.  You said you wanted to experience bondage that caused discomfort all the way up to pain just from the position you would be forced to endure.  I suggest you enjoy this.  In just a moment I will force you to bend over tightly into the box.  You will remain in this compression position for several hours with no break.  I will check on you from time to time but you will not receive any relief until I decide you have endured enough.  If you beg, whine or otherwise ask for adjustment I will make it worse.  Any questions?”

“Yes, sir.  What if I have to go to the bathroom, sir?”

John looked at me, smiled and said, “Then you go.  If you have to piss, then piss.  If you have to shit, then shit.  You’re not getting out until I decide you’ve had enough.  It will be several hours, so you’d better figure out how you are going to cope.”

And with that, I felt a tug on the parachute stretcher.  He pulled me down until he was able to connect the stretcher to the bolt in the bottom center of the box effectively keeping me down.  Next I felt a piece of chain being attached to the collar.  “Bend over, boy,” he barked and I bent forward.  He pulled me down into the box and I heard a click.  When I tried to pull my head up I could feel the tug of the chain to the floor.  Here I was with ankles connected to the back corners of the box, balls pulled down in the center preventing me from rising up, and my head pulled down forward causing me to completely compress my body.

“Good luck, boy.  You’re going to need it,” I heard John say just before he closed the lid on me.  I heard the hasps being used to secure the lid locked.  It wasn’t long before I realized how tough this position was going to be.  Was John serious about keeping me in here for hours?  I decided he was probably was serious and I was screwed.

I have no idea how long I’d been in the box when the lid opened.  All I knew was how much my back and shoulders ached and that it sucked kneeling in my own piss not being able to hold it long ago and just letting it go.  The smell of urine filled the box.

I could feel his presence over me.  “Well, I see and smell that you had to go.  Too bad for you.  I bet this is tougher than you thought.”

“Yes, Sir,” I answered in a low voice, and then continued, “Permission to speak, Sir?”

“No. You’re in there to see what you can take and stay there you will until I decide you are done.  I don’t care what you have to say at this point,” he answered with absolute authority in his voice.  I heard the lid close and the locks engaged again.

After what I have to think was a couple of more hours I couldn’t take it any more.  The pain and stress were getting to me.  I could feel a panic attack coming on.  I started to throw my body against the sides of the box.  I yelled out for him but there was no response.  It was more than I could take and I started to cry and then yell some more.  My emotions were taking over.  Still, though, there was no response from outside the box.

I’m not sure when or how but I heard quiet.  I realized I wasn’t crying any more but was just coping again with the situation.  The urine smell was now a part of me and the constant pain in my shoulders, back and arms was going to kill me I thought.

I heard the sound of locks being opened and the whoosh of air when the lid was lifted.  I felt his hand in front of my face and the tension on my neck being released.  “Slowly lift your head,” was the command.  I tried to pull up but the pain in my back as I tried to kneel upright was amazing.  It took me a few moments to get upright.  Soon after the parachute stretcher was removed and my ankles were unlocked from the corners.

“When you are ready, stand up and I will help you,” he said.  I did the best I could and felt his hands under my arms helping to lift me up.  I was finally standing still in the box when he removed the hood.  The room was barely lit so my eyes didn’t have too bad a time adjusting.  I looked into his eyes and the emotions suddenly came back and I started crying again uncontrollably.  He pulled me towards him and held my head tight against his chest.  He whispered in my ear, “It’s all right, boy.  You survived.  You did well.”

I started to mumble through the tears, “I’m sorry, Sir.  I can’t do this. I can’t take any more. This isn’t for me. I’m so sorry.”

He let me finish and get control of myself.  John then helped me to step out of the box wrists still cuffed behind me.  He guided me a few steps away and had me sit kneel on the floor.  He pulled a chair over and sat in front of me.  He took his hands and ran them through my hair trying to comfort me.

I looked up at him and asked, “How long was I in there?”

“Six hours,” he answered.

“Sir, why did you leave me in there so long?  I lost it and couldn’t take any more.  I was hitting the side of the box and crying out but you weren’t there to help me. How could you leave me alone?  I trusted you.”

“Yes, boy you did trust me, and you still will trust me.  I never left you alone.  I was here the entire time and I know what was happening in there.  Others have reacted the same way, including me once.  You were safe.”

I looked at him square in the eyes and said, “Sir, I can’t do this.  Please let me go.”

He looked back at me.  “No.  No chance.  You wanted this.  You need this and you will go through with it.  You wanted to be broken.  You wanted to be put in a situation that would take you to this place.  You trusted me.  And I won’t break that trust by breaking our agreement.  If I let you go you will always wonder whether you could have kept going through this weekend.  You will always want to try again.  I’m not letting you out of our agreement.  You are safe.  You can trust me.  Look at you now.  Are you safe?”

“Yes, Sir.  But the pain I was in and the break down I had. I don’t know if I can handle this any more.”  I put my head down into my chest as I said this as much disappointed in myself for being a wimp as I thought he was disappointed in me, most likely.  “I’m sorry I didn’t meet your standards, Sir.”

“Look at me,” he commanded with his tone of voice changing.  “Don’t ever say anything like that again.  You are doing very well.  Do you really think anyone could do six hours in that box like that without going through some of what you went through?  Really?  Are you that dumb, boy?  You had to experience what you went through.  It’s part of who you are and who you want to be.  I’m giving you what you asked for and you are taking it.  Buck up and be proud that you came out the other side.  And no more talk of ending early.  You are here for the rest of the weekend.  I own you until we’re done.  I will continue to subject you to tortures.  And you will continue to take it and survive.  And you will ask for more when we are done.  I know you and others like you.  You need this,” he said emphasizing “need” when he said it.

Deep down I knew he was right.  He was feeding a need only he could with his experience and his equipment.

“Thank you, Sir. You are right.  I promise I will get through this.  I’m sorry, Sir,” I said.

“The next time you say, ‘I’m sorry,’ you will be,” he answered.  “Look at me.  I am here to help you.  That sounds strange, but it’s the truth.  You wanted a specific journey in your life and I’m taking you there.  Let me do that for you.  Trust me.”

“Yes, Sir.  Thank you, Sir.”

With that he suggested some time for me to rest, as well as him.  He led me to the bathroom and removed all the cuffs.  I was able to take a quick shower and get rid of the urine smell.  He put me back in heavy chains and took me to the cage.  I crawled in and was locked in.  I curled up and realized I had a lot to think about.  It wasn’t long before I was sound asleep.


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10 Days in Detention – Part 07

My head was spinning. Here I was tied naked to the bondage chair, gagged, blindfolded and completely vulnerable. I had just confessed to John that I wanted to be a bondage slave for 10 days. He in return told me to think about if this is really what I wanted, as I would have to prepare myself to experience it.


I sat there and thought. In the back of my head I admitted this is the jack-off fantasy I’ve had for a few years. I never thought it could actually happen, so verbalizing it didn’t seem like it would have any consequences. Yet, the realization that possibly it could come true was humbling. Could I actually have the opportunity to experience something like what I imagined? Could I trust the guys I would surrender to? Could I physically and mentally get through it?

I heard the door to the dungeon open and then close again. I felt John’s presence near me as I heard his breathing.

He put his hands on my shoulders and started to rub them lightly. His touch felt good and calming. In some respects it made me feel safe. Slowly his hands moved down to my arms and then back up again towards my head as he lightly ran his fingers through my hair and behind my neck. I loved when he touched the base of my neck in the back.

I felt his hands on the blindfold and it loosened. As it was taken away a hand was over my eyes, shielding the light from directly hitting them and allowing my eyes to adjust. The hand slowly moved away and John was sitting in front of me on the other chair, still shirtless and in the bdu’s. He stared at me and finally cracked a half smile.

“Your cock has a wild imagination, Dave,” John said. “I thought you might have a fantasy about multiple-day bondage — but not to the extent that you just confessed to me. I’m going to remove your gag and we’re going to chat some more.”

John leaned in and took the gag off. I worked my mouth some to loosen up the muscles.

“Thank you, Sir,” I said.

“You’re welcome. I took the blindfold off because you and I need to continue this discussion while looking each other eye to eye.”

“Yes, Sir.”

John took a moment and then asked, “Are you really wanting to be taken prisoner as a bondage slave and used for 10 days without any way out?”

I didn’t answer right away, and John didn’t press. We just looked at each other, and I think he could tell I was mentally processing my thoughts. When I was ready I answered.

I said, “Yes, Sir. It is what I want to experience. I’ll be honest and say I don’t know if I’m ready for something like this, but I trust you and I know if it is you I am submitting to, I will be safe. It’s been a fantasy, and I know fantasy and reality are two different things. But I think I need to discover something about myself that I can only experience through this type of surrender.”

John took in what I was saying. It took a few moments for him to respond.

“Make sure you understand what you are asking for. You just finished a weekend, really two nights, that you found incredibly difficult and sometimes almost too much for you. Yet, you are now asking for a 10-day session that will be at least as difficult if not more so than what you just did. You realize this, right?”

“Yes, Sir, I do. And I know I’m in no shape or readiness to try anything like this now.”

“I’m glad you are aware of your limitations,” John said. “If you really want to do something like this, you are going to need to prepare your body and your mind. It’s getting to be dinner time. Are you up for going out to eat something and we can continue our discussion?”

“Yes, Sir, I’d like that,” I responded.

John started undoing the ropes and releasing me from the bondage chair. When I was free, I stood up and started stretching, since I had been in the chair for a few hours by this time. I started to walk forward a bit when John put his hand on my chest and said, “Stop.” This caught me off guard.

He looked at me and added, “Where are you going? I may have released you from the chair, but did you forget your place while in this setting?”

I realized what he was saying and felt bad for not remembering my place when in the dungeon. I knelt down, placed my hands behind my back and tilted my head down saying, “I’m sorry, Sir.” He ran his hands through my hair and told me to stand up and turn around. He cuffed my wrists using the handcuffs again and motioned for me to face him once they were on.

“I think I told you in the past that there would be consequences to pay for forgetting your place with me while in the dungeon. We’ll figure that out another time, but rest assured I won’t forget and you will be punished. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir, as it should be, Sir.” Great, now I get to think about how I’m going to be punished the next time I’m in the dungeon.

We walked toward the dungeon door and out into the stair landing area. He closed the door behind me and removed the cuffs. John handed me my jock strap and I put it on. I turned to face him and put my hands behind my back and lifted my head slightly.

John looked at me and said, “Yes, are you wanting something?”

I responded, “Sir, are you going to remove the collar?”

“I’d like you to wear it to dinner. Is that OK?”

I thought about it and the idea was appealing. The collar represented my submission to John, and I liked that. Then I remembered I had worn a tank top to his place, so the collar would be completely visible, padlock and all.

“Sir, the collar will be visible to everyone since I wore a tank top here. Will that be OK?” The question was more for my benefit than John’s. He sort of smiled at me.

“Dave, if you are apprehensive about wearing the collar in public I’ll take it off. I don’t want to embarrass you. We aren’t going any place fancy. I was thinking of the taco place not too far from here. So yes, some people will see you with the collar, but do you know them? Is it really that out of place or strange when you think of how some people dress these days?”

When he put it that way, I think he was right. Wearing the collar would not be all that intrusive to anyone. And I really didn’t think I would run in to anyone that I knew.

“I’d like to keep it on,” I said as I smiled at John. He leaned forward and kissed me.

We made our way upstairs and I got dressed putting on my shorts, tank top and flip-flops. John put on a black wife beater, which accentuated his chest. He was still wearing the bdu’s and had a pair of black boots by the door that he put on. He looked so hot.

As we headed to the door, John stopped me and lifted his hand up and curled his index finger around the collar. He tugged on it and said, “Are you sure about leaving this on?”

I smiled and nodded my head yes to him. He smiled, kissed me, and out the door we went to dinner.

We got into John’s car and he started driving.

“I have a surprise for you when we get there, by the way,” John said.

I looked over at John and responded, “What kind of surprise, Sir?”

John had reached a traffic signal and stopped for the red light. He turned to talk to me and said, “I took the liberty of inviting someone to meet us for dinner while you were alone on the chair. I anticipated your answer of moving forward, and he’s someone who can help us with this fantasy of yours. I thought it would be good for the three of us to chat together. And he can help me punish you later for that mistake you made in the dungeon.”

I had a few thoughts on this. He knows me well enough to invite a guy along with us that is going to help keep me a bondage slave for 10 days. The guy is going to help punish me later tonight. Two-on-one sort of scared me, but I was asking for 10 days with these guys, so I had better be able to take whatever punishment John had in mind with just two of them for a few hours.

I told John, “Thank you for inviting your friend along, Sir. I didn’t realize we would start so soon on getting ready for something like this.”

“A good deal of preparation will be needed to make your fantasy a reality, if we are able to make it a reality. We might as well start the process now and find out. And since we are no longer in the dungeon and out in public, it’s not necessary to continue to call me Sir.” He smiled as he said that.

“Understood. Thank you, John,” I said and smiled. We had a good chuckle as John started driving again.

When we reached the taco place there was an amazingly handsome guy standing out front. John said, “There he is waiting for us.” We pulled in and got out. I was about to meet the second guy that I would submit to as a bondage slave.

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10 Days in Detention – Part 08

When we reached the taco place there was an amazingly handsome guy standing out front. John said, “There he is waiting for us.” We pulled in and got out. I was about to meet the second guy that I would submit to as a bondage slave.

As I walked up to him he put out his hand and said, “Hi, I’m Dan. You must be Dave.”


I smiled and replied, “Yes, I’m Dave. It’s nice to meet you, Dan.” His handshake was strong. It was just one of the indicators of how in shape Dan is and he clearly worked out. Dan was about the same height as John being, 5’10”, but definitely a little buffer. He was wearing jeans and a grey wife beater tank top that really accentuated his pecs. His waist was thin and he had a great V shape about him and his abs slightly showed through the fabric of the tank top. He was clearly a good-looking guy. My eyes went down to his feet and he was wearing flip flops.

Dan noticed me checking him out and sort of chuckled and said, “John said you had a thing for flip flops. You like a seeing a guy’s naked feet, don’t you, Dave?” I could feel myself blushing and smiling at the same time.

Dan leaned into the side of my head and said quietly, “If you’re a good boy you might see more of what’s under the jeans and tank. It will be interesting to see how you handle a different approach to your submission.”

I got instantly hard. Dan reached across with his hand on my shoulder and smiled as if to reassure me that he could be trusted.

I could see John out of the corner of my eye smiling and clearly enjoying the exchange that was happening in front of him. He stepped over to us and said, “Well maybe that could be tonight. Dave has some punishment coming to him and perhaps Dan should be the one to dispense it. It could be an initial test to see if you like how the boy responds under duress.”

I could tell Dan was thinking for a moment. He was looking back and forth between John and me before saying, “I think that could be arranged as along as none of us have plans for the rest of the evening into tomorrow. Do you Dave?”

“No, Sir, no plans,” I responded.

“How compliant you are, boy. I’m thinking that collar around your neck is not just for show but it does have meaning for you. Let’s discuss this some more.”

The three of us moved inside, ordered some food and found a table outside in a corner that was out of the way where we could talk openly but quietly.

Over the next couple of hours we discussed my interest in bondage, limits and my fantasy to spend ten days in detention as the bondage and BDSM slave to a few guys that I trusted. There was a good deal of conversation around my health and ability to undergo what would certainly be a physically intense experience in addition to the mental challenges that would be faced.

John and Dan were both up front with me about two things. The first item was that I needed to be in better physical condition to attempt something along the lines of what we were discussing. John elaborated a bit on my weekend experience and his thoughts on what I could handle at this time and for how long. It was apparent from how John skipped over certain details but Dan seemed to understand that the two of them must have talked about me before tonight.   The conversation was tailored for me to understand how I needed to change and get more physically fit than it was about the two of them discussing my current state.

We agreed on a physical fitness plan that would require me to meet certain goals within nine months. A combination of diet, exercise and regular bondage sessions would ensure that I achieved my goals. In addition, at around six months I needed to demonstrate enough progress to submit to Dan at his place for a weekend session that would last three to four days. It was going to be a trial run to really see if I could make the ten day session I was dreaming about.

The second item was crystal clear even before we discussed it in detail. These two men, and a third dominant they were friends with, were capable of taking me through the ten day experience I desired and to do it at a facility that would meet most of my requirements. Given the weather would be changing soon as we moved into fall and then winter, nine months from now would put us in summer and a good time to be a captive for this type of experience. Spending the long weekend with Dan in six months would be spring and the weather would be a crap shoot. However, Dan said he could make it work regardless, to ensure I was properly tested at that time.

I agreed to the plan the two presented. In the back of my mind I was thinking this is nuts as to what I am asking for. I also realized it wasn’t happening yet so I could always decline later if I had second thoughts.

John changed the conversation when he said, “Well, now that we’ve outlined what your future looks like for the next few months it’s probably time to bring you back to the present. You have some punishment to endure, Dave. I think it’s time we deal with that.”

Dan interjected, “Dave, we just met. I understand if you are apprehensive about me putting you through a session so soon. You said you could stay through some time tomorrow. My intention, since John is suggesting I put you through your punishment, is to use this to find out about you. In reality I want to find out how your body responds to certain stimuli. I also intend to carry out some sort of punishment per John’s direction on how severe it should be. I’ll leave it to you whether you are OK with me fulfilling that role tonight or if I should leave it to you and John to be alone this evening.”

“I’m good with being subject to you, tonight,” I said to Dan. “At some point I’m going to have to submit to you and let you at me. It might as well start tonight. And, yes, I can stay through tomorrow late afternoon if that’s what the two of you want.”

“Well, I guess that’s decided then,” John said. “We’ll go back to my place and you will spend until tomorrow afternoon as Dan’s sub. From this moment on you will demonstrate the same respect for Dan as you do for me or face additional consequences. Is that understood?”

I responded, “Yes, Sir.”

“Good,” John said. “Dan, anything you want to tell Dave before we head back to my place and start. I’m going to leave the two of you alone so it will just be Dan using you in the dungeon as he sees fit until tomorrow, Dave.”

“Just one last thing so you understand what my intention is, Dave,” Dan said. He continued, “Once we are in the dungeon I’m going explore your body for a while. Once I’m satisfied with that I’m going to start hurting you through difficult bondage and the use of some implements on your body. I fully intend to go for several hours to see how you do. You may get little to no sleep. I intend to push you hard. Do you still want to submit to me?”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied.

“Very well, then,” Dan said. “Stand up. Take your wallet, keys, phone and anything else out of your pockets and hand them over to John. You will be going in my car back to John’s and you will be restrained for the trip.”

I handed everything I had to John and the three of us got up and walked out to the parking lot. I followed Dan to his car. When we got there he unlocked the car and opened the back passenger side door. He instructed me to remove the tank top I was wearing and get in the back seat. He motioned for me turn my back to him and he pulled my wrists behind my back and locked on handcuffs. He pushed me back into the seat and put the seat belt over me. He produced a ball gag from the seat pocket and put it in my mouth. It was strapped tightly on. Next a black transport hood was pulled out and pulled over my head and cinched around the neck.

I felt Dan’s head next to mine very close and through the hood he started talking to me. “John has told me much about you. I think your interests and mine will align nicely. But make no mistake, I do intent to push you and find out for myself what you are about. If you want a ten day detention session you are going to work for it and that process starts now.”

The next thing I heard was the car door shutting. A moment later the front driver door opened and closed and the car started. We were off. I started to think about what I had just done. I so easily turned myself over to Dan. John had all of my personal effects. I had nothing on me. I was trusting Dan that he was really driving back to John’s place and his dungeon. Ten days in detention would require a great deal of trust on my part to these two men. If anything, this weekend was a continuation of the building of trust between John and me with Dan now an active player in that scenario. Something inside me said this was going to be a long night ahead of me.


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