That was then…

You HAD choices,
You HAD options,
You HAD a promising future…

“As I told you in the beginning… NO WAY OUT.”

This is Day One of ITs captivity. You can tell because IT still has ITs on, and IT has an “angry” look in ITs eyes.

Last night, IT had agreed to follow this , hot “Top” to His place, after the closed for a night cap. The young, hot “Top” was actually the Alpha for ITs Owner to attract new slaves to His . Once His new guest was in the house, IT was given enough “sleeping drug” to make IT weak, but still able to respond to orders.

IT was stripped almost naked, and in the cell. The young, hot Alpha Slave preys on young, hot visitors to the bar. The newly chained slave is far from , having been visiting the city and bar, while on a trip. No one knows where IT is; no one knows where to begin to look for IT; IT simply “disappeared” last night, never to be seen again.

IT will spend the next 20 to 25 years, chained on ITs knees, or in other much more painful, stressful positions, as ITs family “wonders and waits” to receive any news of ITs whereabouts.  Of course, there will be NO news; IT has NO options; NO choice, now that IT is chained and in the cell; and NO chance of escape.

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