Slave Locked in Cage


Right here I’m, sitting in a metal cage, an extended penis gag in my mouth with my wrists and ankles locked right into a inflexible bondage bar. It’s been an hour and I’m beginning to get very sore fingers and my again is beginning to spasm.
How the fuck do I am getting into those scenarios?

A couple of hours previous I were wandering although Soho at a free finish and on the lookout for a bit of of amusing. As I handed one of the most stores I browsed the window and used to be passed a flier for a party in one of the most golf equipment. They have got a dungeon bar of their cellar and this night it used to be open for amusing. There used to be a strict access get dressed requirement – -based best…
Smartly that used to be OK; I used to be in leather-based denims and my with a black polo blouse. Will have to be wonderful.

The man at the door used to be a tall, muscle-bound hunk in a decent black T blouse and Denims who gave a glance over and waved me on via so I headed off down the steps following the sound of the tune and the babble of many guys chatting and having amusing.
As I stepped into the gap I noticed that I used to be rather early, nonetheless flooring and bar house loose however rather a couple of guys in each more or less leather-based from bikers to a couple of in leather-based jocks and harness. Some nice our bodies on display too….

Additionally I noticed there have been 3 cages, all recently empty, in a line down the center of the bar.

I stuck the attention of the barman, a tender man in bondage and a harness, and ordered a lager. When he introduced it I requested concerning the cages. He defined that they had been open to someone however that there have been prerequisites. He pointed on the first of them the place a skinhead used to be being led over by way of any other barman additionally in shorts and harness.

It used to be a tall status cage. Putting from the highest used to be a metal head cage and there have been restraints already locked able.
The skinhead used to be in black boots and Bleachers. He had a difficult taking a look frame, muscle and with some tattoos throughout his taut stomach and shoulders.
He used to be subsidized into the cage and the barman buckled up and tightened the restraints on his boots, spreading his legs so far as the slim cage would permit after which pulled his wrists to the again at each and every facet, buckling them in too.
The man used to be clearly getting very exhausting.
Then the top cage used to be opened. It hinged on one facet. The outside’s head used to be driven again so his neck used to be within the tight . At that time I spotted that the entrance had a in-built gag. An extended rubber dildo; will have to were 120mm lengthy. Because the entrance of the cage used to be driven close it compelled it’s means into his mouth pushing his chin down so the cage would best simply shut. I may just see his Adam’s apple coming up and down as he fought the gag reflex and swallowed again and again.
A padlock used to be clicked in position locking the top cage. The man’s cock were given even more difficult and he struggled a bit of to check out the bondage – he may just hardly ever transfer a muscle!
The barman close the entrance of the cage clicking on 3 padlocks at the sections of the door. The entrance driven in opposition to the Skinheads chest; it used to be no longer a lot house in any respect!
He flipped a card signal from ‘Vacant’ to ‘Engaged’.

I became again to the man at the back of the bar and requested what had been the prerequisites. ‘Smartly that one is that it’s a must to keep locked in all night time and you’ve got to take any tit-clamps or pegs that anybody desires to use. He’s going to harm so much and be very sore within the morning!’ used to be the solution.

I regarded on the different two cages. One used to be a puppy cage with a neck on one finish and restraints in each and every nook for wrists and ankles. Subsequent to it used to be a rubber hood with a big funnel hooked up, the hose working into an extended rubber gag. It used to be obtrusive what that one used to be for! Poking into the again used to be a fuck device. That one could be an intense night time!

The 3rd cage used to be a bit of upper and mendacity within had been a inflexible double wrist ankle bar, a gag and a cock chastity cage.
‘What’s the deal there?’ I requested.
‘You keep all night time within the cage locked into the bar with the gag in. There is also a bit of electro if it takes guys fancy; in reality generally does. If you happen to ask to get out then it’s a must to put on the chastity cage all week and return into the cage subsequent weekend for any other pass.’ used to be the solution. The barman grinned at me. ‘You difficult sufficient?’ he requested. Via this time I used to be exhausting and feeling very attractive. It were months since I had a excellent bondage consultation and my hormones had been racing…
I became and regarded him within the eye and stated ‘Hell sure however provided that it’s you who places me into it and you set the chastity cage on now’.

His grin were given even wider and he got here out from at the back of the bar and stuck me by way of the again of the neck.

So right here I’m. I watched the bar refill. I watched a leather-based biker man get locked into the 3rd cage; the zip behind his leathers pulled down and the fuck device offered to his . It’s been  punching away for roughly an hour now. He’s proper in entrance of me so I do know he’s cum no less than two times. Each so frequently my barman comes over and places some lube onto the dildo after which grins at me. He gave some guys a median dual pinwheel connected to an estim field and pointed them in my course. Fuck that harm after they ran it over my titties. Then they went off to have a piss; into the funnel in fact.

I must have discovered this position years in the past however fuck, my again and fingers harm. Most likely if I give in and need out simply ahead of closing-time they are going to make me come again subsequent week; now there’s a idea…

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