Steel Collar and Butt Plug

He announced “Today is the day!”

He walked across the room where i was already secured to a bondage post and directed me to bow my head near a small black heavy-looking, drum-shaped metal object. A huge metal mallet lay near it. He positioned me with the metal object behind me and close to my neck, and pulled a heavy iron slowly from the satchel. He put it down on the floor at my nose and said “Look at it carefully, you will never see it again!”

The sinisterness of what He had just said bore down heavily upon me! i would not see it, but i would feel it, ever-present, around my slave neck!

It clanked slightly as He closed it. He was fumbling with something behind me that i assumed was a huge lock. It was not until He picked up the mallet and began to bang away at the small anvil behind me that i realized it wouldn’t be a lock, but a metal rivet. He had said “It WILL be , but little did i know just how permanent he meant!

Master released me from the bondage post, but made sure my steel shackles remained securing my hands and arms behind me and as i stood up the gravity of my collar hit me. It would take much getting used to… i followed him out of the to another much smaller room carrying the small but heavy little satchel with my teeth.

The other room had a very heavy looking steel door with security lock that required a key i had never seen before and only a small slot to view through. i would guess it was 10 foot x 10 foot square. It was completely bare with nothing on the walls. The floor was bare concrete with only drain holes near the corners of the room. It appeared that it had been freshly constructed and intentionally designed for a purpose. There was only a single light in the ceiling and i noticed the switch was on the outside of the room. This room had a very ominous feel to it and i had much apprehension about what Master had planned for me.

Master pushed some cardboard aside, revealing a round hole cut into the floor. It was about eight inches in diameter and approximately six inches deep. my knees buckled under my load as i mentally pieced together His plan. Master took the attached to my collar and pulled it from the satchel. At the other end of what seemed to be about a three foot chain, there was a small, iron anchor. His intentions were clear.

The anchor was roughly the size of the hole. He placed the anchor into the hole and poured liquid epoxy into cover it. i laid there on the floor and watched as He smoothed the epoxy. He placed a small metal frame over the hole which would hold the attached chain up off of the epoxy until it fired and set. The epoxy was set in 15 minutes.

i was in utter shock as Master began to explain. “Today, your years of service as MY slave have come to an end. I have already secured your replacement with a younger boy ready to be trained in your place. Under the terms of that service you were told you would NEVER be released. As such you are NOW an object, you exist now only for pain and this room is your torture chamber.”

“As an object you will kept be head to toe, whipped, fucked, beaten, raped, , kept in isolation, and always in a chastity device, 24/7/365… nothing is out of bounds. this is a no limits situation. Pleas for Rights, Fairness, Sympathy, Compassion or Dignity are the pointless whining of an object about to experience true .”

“As you can tell, from your chain you will NEVER stand again. your Chastity device has been similarly made permanent and you will never again either. In short, you will spend the rest of your days here. As I said to you in the beginning, NO WAY OUT.”

With that, Master turned and left the room, closed the steel door and turned out the light as well. The last thing i heard was the lock in the door being turned. Then nothing.

Master was absolutely right, He had told me i would NEVER again be free. i had been replaced by another younger boy, probably just as i had done 15 years before. Master would never about his previous slave. he was gone, just as i am now.

And NOW i will never again see anything outside this room.

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