Bryan Marshall was only on his fourth beer, but Chip and Ronnie were pretty much wasted at that point. They were all sitting on the hood of a beat-up, abandoned Gremlin by the side of the railroad tracks, smoking, drinking and having a good time for themselves.

Ronnie was leaning over on Bryan’s shoulder, and kept drunkenly repeating the same question over and over. “Yeah, Marshall, but what did she smell like?”

“What the fuck do you think she smelled like? She smelled like pussy! Aint you ever smelled a pussy?” Bryan was starting to get a little irritated at his inebriated .

“Course, I smelled lotsa pussy, but what I wanna know is what this particular pussy smelled like!”

“Smelled like a fuckin’ pussy, you retard! I bet you never smelled one. Hell, Ronnie, I bet you never even SEEN one!”

“Now I really gotta take a leak!” Chip exclaimed, jumping off the hood of the car. He landed wrong and twisted his ankle. “Oh fuck!” he moaned.

“Have another beer and you won’t feel a thing!” Bryan laughed.

“Yeah, I’ll have another fuckin’, uh, whatever the hell this godawful piss beer is!” Chip limped off into the bushes to take a leak. They all had been pissing in pretty much the same spot in the bushes the whole time, and all the leaves on those bushes were wet with piss. Chip drunkenly aimed a heavy spray at some mountain laurel bushes and then staggered back to the railroad tracks where Bryan and Ronnie were still arguing about what a pussy smelled like.

What Chip was too drunk to notice was how close he came to spraying the excited faces of two young boys who were hiding in that same mountain laurel bush.


Nervously, we ducked into one of the mountain laurel bushes to avoid being seen. Who was there? Did they see us? Randy and I clung to each other, breathless, our hearts beating in sync. The fear, our warm bodies meshed together, the desire to protect each other. I think I fell in love with him then.

We didn’t realize until it was too late what a stupid idea it was to hide in that bush. An older boy, about my brother’s age, came crashing through the bushes. When he came to our bush he stopped. Randy and I were terrified. Had he seen what we had just been doing a few minutes ago?

Then I realized that the guy was drunk, so drunk he didn’t even see us hiding in the bush two feet in front of him. Then he started to unzip his fly. Things were really starting to get interesting for me and Randy.

Our tongues were out and ready. He sprayed the leaves and it spattered all over our faces. We both tried to angle our faces to take turns getting as close to the piss stream as we could. It didn’t really matter, we could lick the piss off each other’s faces once the boy left.

Then the boy stopped pissing. Shit, I thought. He saw us! How were we going to explain this one?

Randy looked up in horror at the older boy. The older boy staggered a bit and then tried to focus his eyes on Randy. It was obvious to me that the two of them knew each other.

Then the older boy looked over his shoulder to the abandoned car near the train tracks where his friends were drinking. “Hey Marshall, guess what?”

“What? You pissed your brains out?”

“No dude. This is like so random! I just pissed all over your little brother!”

“What? What the fuck are you talking about? Randy’s in school. Shut your pie hole. You’re fuckin’ drunk.”

“No, I’m serious, Marshall. I just your brother! I was taking a leak in the bush and pissed all over him. He was hiding. And he’s got a little friend in here, too. Come over here and see!”

Then we heard someone else come crashing through the brush. It was Randy’s brother. He looked at Randy. He looked at me. He looked at his friend.

“Hi Bryan.” Randy said nervously.

“I guess you’re right, Chip,” Bryan shrugged. “You did piss on my brother. Knowing him, he probably enjoyed it. He’s weird like that.”

Chip was perplexed. “Whaddya mean, `he’s weird like that’?”

“I dunno. He’s just always tryin’ to suck my dick, but I won’t let him. I caught him sniffin’ my dirty underwear once. He always does that kinda weird shit. We’re all pretty sure he’s gonna turn into a fag, if he hasn’t already.”

“Wait a second, Marsh,” Chip said. “I’m pretty wasted right now, so maybe I really have no idea what the fuck is going on. Please explain this to me. Do you mean to tell me that you sleep in the same room with a cock sucking little faggot? The one I just pissed on?”

“Watch it, Chip! He may be a cock sucking faggot, but he’s still my little brother, and I love him! Don’t you ever say anything bad about Randy again!”

“No, no, I’m sorry, Marshall. I guess that came out wrong. What I meant to say was, like, um, dude, you had this cocksucker in your bedroom every night, and you like never once let him go down on you? Hot damn! If I had a little brother who was queer for my cock, I’d be bustin’ a nut in his mouth every chance I got! Course, a little sister would be better, but beggars can’t be choosers. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but holy fuck! Dude, if he wants to blow you so bad, why don’t you just let him have it?”

Randy and I were still squatting in the bushes, covered in Chip’s piss. We had no idea what was about to happen. Actually, that’s not true. We had a pretty good idea of exactly what was going to happen next.

Bryan Marshall looked at the two of us still crouched in the bushes. “Why don’t you two guys come out of there? Yeah, it’s okay. Randy, who’s your friend?”

“Uh, this is my friend Jaden. From class.”

“Hi,” I said shyly.

“Hey kid. So you two cut class and decided to get freaky with each other in the woods, is that right?”

Randy and I nodded.

“So are you guys like, all done?”

Randy was confused. “Whaddya mean, all done?”

“You know. Did you guys finish what you started?”

“Uh, no,” Randy admitted.

“We kinda got interrupted,” I explained.

“Dude, this is awesome!” Chip exclaimed. “Marshall, we got two cocksuckers for the price of one. And three cocks that gotta be sucked. See what I’m sayin’?” Then he looked at us. “You two will go down on us, won’t you?”

Randy looked nervously at his brother. “Uh, Bryan? Please? Can we?”

“Sure, Randy, what the hell? I’ll let ya do it just this once. I know you’ve been wanting it so bad. Now I don’t need to get you nothin’ for your birthday,” he said as he began rubbing his crotch, “cuz I got your present right here.”

Randy approached his brother and gingerly reached for his crotch.

“No, Randy, I’m taking you guys back to the tracks where we were hanging out. Gonna let Ronnie the virgin use you first. He ain’t never had anyone play with his dick, so it’s gonna be a real treat for him.”

We marched over to the railroad tracks where the abandoned car was. Ronnie was passed out in the back seat, his legs hanging out of the passenger side, which was missing a door.

“Wake up, Ron,” Chip said, trying to rouse his friend out of his stupor. “We got some nice pussy for you. You’re gonna get your dick sucked now.”

“I know what pussy smells like, I smell it all the time,” Ronnie moaned drunkenly.

“That’s right, Ronnie. Stay where you are. Just relax and enjoy your blowjob.”

“I can smell that pussy right now.”

“You sure gotta nose for pussy, Ronnie. Okay, now this chick’s gonna take you someplace you never been before. She’s gonna give you the best blowjob of your life!”

Chip sort of grabbed Randy by the scruff of his neck and pushed him down towards Ronnie’s crotch. “I’m sure you know what to do, kid.”

Randy got on his knees on the hard gravel that lined the train tracks and began to unzip Ronnie’s fly. Chip, Bryan and I watched curiously as Randy obediently took Ronnie’s soft cock out of his jeans and began to gently lick it to erection. I was getting again, and I know everyone else was, too.

Ronnie’s cock had an interesting shape. Since I had sucked plenty of my dad’s friends’ cocks, I had pretty much seen every kind of cock there was. The kind Ronnie had was one I rarely encountered but especially loved. It was short and really fat, with a very tiny, uncircumcised head. The shape was almost conical. I was sure Randy wouldn’t mind if I tried to get in a few licks.

It was as if Randy could read my mind. “Jaden, come here!” he motioned eagerly. I knelt down beside him. He pulled down the foreskin of that , fat cock to show me. “Look at that!” he grinned. There was quite a large accumulation of cock cheese under that head. “Have some,” he urged me.

I bent my head down into Ronnie’s crotch and licked a big gob of cheese off of the head. Instantly, my mouth filled with the wonderful taste of pure, unwashed boy. Randy began licking the cheese off of the other side, and then our tongues met in the middle. It was a very special moment.

Just then, I felt one of the guys pulling me away.

“Hey! Ronnie can’t have all the fun!” Chip yelled.

“Sorry,” I apologized. Chip was leaning against the side of the car, waiting for me to get on my knees and service him. I eagerly got into position, unzipping his jeans and taking out his medium-sized cock, which was already hard from all the excitement. I didn’t even bother with any preliminary licking. I took it as far down my as I could and held it there for a minute. I reached my hands around and put them on his cheeks, loving the feel of the warm denim of his jeans in my hands. I gently pulled him towards me, hinting that I wanted him to fuck my face, and fuck it hard.

Chip got the message. He shifted from the position of leaning against the car to a standing position, and began to start fucking my face.

I hate to admit it, but I was a little bored. I guess after years of servicing my father and brother, drinking their piss and serving at their depraved little slut, an ordinary blowjob was boring to me. But who was I to complain? My job was to satisfy any man who wanted to use me. So I continued with the blowjob.

Then something interesting happened. I could hear Chip clearing his throat, but I wasn’t paying much attention. Then he tried to hock a big, thick loogie on the ground. Only he missed the ground, and I felt the slimy loogie sliding down my cheek. Instantly I got hard again. My brother always liked to on me, and it always really turned me on.

“Oh shit! Sorry, kid. Didn’t mean to do that.” Chip reached into his pocket and tried to carefully pull out a handkerchief without letting his dick slip from my mouth.

Instead, I did take his dick out of my mouth. Before he had a chance to wipe the loogie off my cheek, I wiped it onto my finger and put it in my mouth. I then smiled at him, said “More!”, closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

“You’re fuckin’ gross, kid! That’s nasty!”

“Please?” I begged.

I still had my eyes closed and my mouth open. I didn’t know whether he would do it to me or not. Soon, I felt a slimy gob of mucus on my tongue, sliding back towards my throat. I could taste the cigarettes he had been smoking mixed in with the taste of his mucus. I was pleased.

“Thank you!” I said, and then happily went back to sucking him off.

While I was sucking him, Chip called to Randy’s brother. “Hey Marshall, check this out!”

Bryan had been watching his brother suck off his passed-out friend. He came over to where I was working on Chip.

“Watch this, Marshall. Hey kid, open up!”

I stopped sucking Chip’s cock and opened my mouth again. Chip hocked another loogie into my mouth. I swallowed and smiled.

“Shit! He’s even nastier than my brother!”

I snaked my hand up to tease the bulge in Bryan’s jeans. “I can handle two at once, you know.”

“Fuck, this is crazy!” Bryan said, shaking his head. “What the fuck am I going to think when I sober up?” Still, he made no effort to stop me from unzipping his fly and pulling out his massive cock. I now had one cock in each hand. Gently, I licked Bryan’s cock. Already half hard, it sprung to attention at the touch of my tongue. I guided the two older guys closer so I could get both heads into my mouth at once.

I stretched my mouth to accommodate both cocks, rubbing them against each other to increase the friction. Then I felt something land on my hair. Chip was spitting on me again. I revved up my sucking.

“See, I told you he digs it. Go ahead, spit on him. It turns him on!”

Then I felt a gob of spit from Bryan hit the side of my face. It felt so good to have those guys spitting on me. Every few minutes I would take their cocks out of my mouth so they could replenish my spit with theirs. Bryan spat on his cock right before it went back in my mouth.

Randy came over to see what I was up to. “Hey, get back to work on Ronnie over there!” Bryan scolded him.

Randy shrugged his shoulders. “That guy already came. I think he’s unconscious now. Looks like all the action’s over here!”

Without saying a word, Bryan reached over and pinched Randy’s nose, causing him to involuntarily open his mouth to breathe. Bryan bent over and hocked a loogie into his little brother’s mouth.

“Thanks, bro. How did you know I always wanted you to do that to me?”

“Well, your little friend here seems to really dig it, so I figured you would, too.”

I let go of Bryan’s dick and offered it to Randy. As Randy got on his knees to suck off his big brother, I knew that his lifelong dream had come true. I’ve never seen a boy so happy as Randy at that moment.

Many gobs of spit later, Randy was treated to his first taste of his brother’s cum and I was treated to Chip’s. Once it was all over, the two guys woke Ronnie up and tried to get him . That left me and Randy to go and wash up by a nearby stream.

“You know, at 1:30 today, I went to the boys’ room to secretly taste some piss. I thought I was a freak. I couldn’t tell anyone my secret,” Randy said. “Little did I know I was going to meet you, and that my life would change in an instant. This has been a very special day for me, Jaden. Thank you.” And then he kissed me. His mouth tasted of everything we had shared: piss, spit and cum. “Things are never gonna be the same between me and my brother, that’s for sure!”

“You know, Randy, I feel the same way as you. For years, I never had anyone to talk to about the things I do with my dad and my brother Adam.”

Randy was aghast. “You mean you’ve done your brother before? And your dad?! Omigod! Fuck! I’m so jealous! I had no idea!”

“I guess I’ve got a lot to tell you, Randy. It’s a long story. Why don’t you ask your if you can sleep over tonight and I’ll tell you everything.”

“Great idea. You know, after all that, neither of us had a chance to get off yet. I’ll come over and we’ll finish each other off in your bed.”

“Sounds good to me.”

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