I still hadn’t told Dad and Adam about Randy. I was excited to have another my age that I could get nasty with. Being with Randy was a lot different than being with my dad and brother.

With Dad and Adam, I was subservient to them and I always had to obey. It was a total thrill to service and be humiliated by them. With Randy it was a lot less intense, but a lot more fun. Although we did spend a lot of time blowing his brother Bryan, we usually went to my house when my mom was out so we could play in the bathtub. We’d get naked and spend the afternoon in the bathtub, pissing and spitting on each other. We even started playing with shit. One day Randy took a dump on my chest and we had fun smearing it all over each other. That was a real mess, and it took forever to clean up. I’m sure glad my mom didn’t come home early and catch us.

I knew I had to bring up the subject of my new friend to Dad and Adam. If I could get Randy to spend a weekend with us I knew we could have so much fun!

But meanwhile, things were even getting kinkier with Dad and Adam.

I had a lot of fun with Dad that weekend that we were alone together. That was the time I sucked him off in the convenience parking lot and he made me get a pack of cigarettes at the convenience store with his cum all over my .

One thing I really enjoyed that weekend was giving Dad a blowjob while he was on the taking a shit. In the morning, after I served him his breakfast and coffee, I would go into the bathroom and sit on the floor by the toilet, waiting for him. I knew that he’d have to take a shit soon after he had his coffee, so I didn’t have to wait long.

I pulled his underwear down for him and took his cock in his mouth as soon as he sat on the toilet. His would be soft and he’d start pissing down my throat. I’d swallow it all, and let his dick grow hard in my mouth. On lazy Sundays I’d take my time blowing Dad, polishing his head with my tongue, licking it from top to bottom and covering every inch of his dick with gentle kisses.

When I heard Dad straining to take a shit, I’d take his cock all the way down until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. He groaned with pleasure and soon my nostrils filled with the scent of his warm shit and I heard a log splash into the water. At this point I’d start bobbing up and down on his prong like , eager to receive a of Dad’s hot spunk.

But this time Dad wouldn’t let me. Just as I felt him tensing up to cum, he grabbed my hair and pulled me off his dick. He shot his load all over the place. Sticky gobs of cum landed on the floor, the toilet seat between Dad’s legs, his , pubic hair and cock.

“Now clean that mess up, Jaden.”

“Yes, Dad,” I began licking the cum off the bathroom floor, working my way up to the toilet seat, Dad’s hairy left leg, his balls, bush and leaking cock. As much as I enjoyed Dad shooting his load down my throat, it was really fun to lap up the cum because I could slowly savor the taste. When I was done I looked up at my father and smiled happily.

“Okay, Jaden. How would you like to be Daddy’s little asswipe?”

“I’d love for you to wipe your ass on my face, Daddy!”

That’s just what Dad did. He got up and bent over so I could position my face right in his hairy ass crack. I eagerly began licking the shit off his puckered hole when Dad reached around, grabbed my hair and began rubbing my head up and down between his ass crack. He was really using me like a piece of toilet paper. I got shit all over my nose and chin. Then he pushed my head down and began wiping his ass on my hair. It was strange to feel Dad’s ass cheeks of my head as he rubbed my hair into his hole.

For the rest of the weekend I walked around the house with my face and hair smeared with Dad’s shit. It became a regular thing. The next week, when Adam saw that, he wanted to do the same thing to me. So we went through basically the same procedure, but Adam came up with an added twist. Adam didn’t flush the toilet after he finished wiping his ass on my face and hair. He held me by the back of my neck and pushed my face into the toilet bowl. Unlike Dad, who shit huge long soft logs, Adam had shit a lot of smaller, harder nuggets that were floating around into the bowl.

“Ever play bobbing for apples, Jaden?”


“Then you know what to do. Call me when you’re done.”

It was fun to eat Adam’s shit out of the toilet, but a bit messy. It was hard to pick up the turds with my teeth, I kept dropping them and had to stick my head in the toilet over and over to get them. I could have easily just reached into the toilet, picked up the turds and eaten them, but I wanted to do it the right way, the way my brother wanted me to. Once I got a turd in my mouth I’d mash it around with my tongue, and it would stick to the roof of my mouth. I didn’t mind the taste because I’d been wiping their asses with my tongue for some time now. I’d wash each turd down with a gulp of toilet water. When I was finished, I called Adam into the bathroom to show him that I had eaten every piece of shit in the bowl. I was quite proud of myself.

“Now why did you eat my turds, Jaden?”

“Because you’re my brother and I love you, Adam.”

“Very good, Jaden. You just saved me the trouble of having to give you your breakfast.”

Adam and I really enjoyed the bobbing for turds routine. One Friday night when Dad was out drinking with his buddies, Adam babysat me. He wanted to show his friends Cole and Skyler my new trick, so he invited them over to watch a movie and drink beer.

As usual, I was the servant, taking their jackets when they came in, serving them beers and snacks, taking their sneakers and socks off and giving their sweaty, smelly feet nice foot rubs. I also liked to give each boy a pedicure, trimming his toenails with my teeth, sucking out the dirt from underneath the toenails, and scraping down any calluses with my teeth. I ate all the dirt, bits of toenail, dead skin and debris. This was something I did for Adam all the time.

Just as I had finished nibbling off a little dead skin from the ball of Skylar’s foot, Adam had a suggestion. “You know, Jaden,” Adam said, his feet resting on the ottoman that he liked to fuck me on, “Our guests don’t have any place to put their feet up. Why don’t you offer yourself as a footrest?”

“Cole, Skylar, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable if you rested your feet on my back while you watched the movie?”

“Okay, kid. Whatever you say” Skylar answered.

“Jaden doesn’t like to be called `kid’,” Adam informed Skylar. “He likes to be called things like `little cocksucking faggot’ or `cum eating brat’.”

“Okay, sissy faggot slave, come over here so I can rest my feet on your back!”

“Yeah, dickwad, let me put my feet on you, too!”

“That’s better,” I said as I crawled over on my hands and knees, turning myself into a little table for them to rest their feet on. “Oh, and thank you, Cole and Skylar, for letting me rub your feet and chew your toenails tonight.” I kissed their feet to show my appreciation before getting into position.

So I had to remain crouched on my hands and knees with the boys’ feet resting on my back during the whole movie. It was very uncomfortable for me, but I was more concerned about their comfort than mine. They were nice enough to let me chew their toenails, so I was glad to let them use me as a footrest in return.

After the movie was over, Adam asked his friends if either of them had to take a shit. To my disappointment, neither of them did. “You know what always works for me,” Cole said. “If I have one or two cups of nice, hot coffee, I always have to take a shit soon after.”

“Me too” said Skylar.

“Jaden, go and brew a pot of coffee for me and my friends.”

“Yes, Adam.” I went to brew the pot of coffee and Adam and his friends moved into the dining room, waiting for me to serve them. I was very careful to ask them how they liked their coffee and made sure I got it right.

When I brought Adam his coffee, he took one sip, spat out the mouthful on the floor, and handed me the cup. “Too much sugar, fuckwad. I would have thought you’d know how I like my coffee by now. Now clean up that mess and bring me another cup!”

“Yes, Adam.” I cleaned up the coffee Adam had spat on the floor and brought him a new cup. This time he approved. When the guys had finished their coffee, we all went into the bathroom.

“Tell everyone what you like to do when I have to take a shit, Jaden” Adam instructed me.

“I like to play bobbing for turds.”

“And that’s what we’re going to play tonight. Jaden, pull down my pants.”

“Yes, Adam.”

As Adam sat on the toilet and took a dump, he explained that he wanted everyone to contribute. When Adam finished taking a shit, I demonstrated my ass licking technique.

“We don’t use toilet paper when Jaden’s around” Adam explained.

Cole also added a few turds to the toilet, and I made sure I licked him extra good, hoping that he’d come back and ask for me to do it again. Skyler did not have to shit just then, which disappointed me.

Then Adam brought out a pair of handcuffs. “Hands behind your back, Jaden” he instructed. Then he cuffed me.

“This is to make sure he doesn’t cheat and use his hands” Adam explained. “Okay, toilet boy, get to it.”

With my hands cuffed behind my back, I got on my knees in front of the toilet. Cole had left a few drops of piss on the seat. I licked them up before I got down to business.

I started with Cole’s turds first, since they were smaller and harder, and easier to pick up with my teeth. When I brought one up I showed it to the guys before I chewed and swallowed it. Adam’s shit was a bit more difficult, it was a long, yellowish-brown snake that kept breaking up whenever I got my teeth around one end of it. And it really stunk, too!

I had a large piece of Adam’s shit in my mouth, and I tilted my head back, trying to swallow it all. I started to gag. It was too much for me. I wasn’t going to let myself puke. I tried to relax my throat muscles and breathe slowly through my nose. The strong smell of shit wasn’t helping much. After a few minutes, I was able to finally swallow it all. When the last piece slid down my throat, I was surprised to find myself shooting involuntarily. I was amazed! I couldn’t jack myself off because of the handcuffs. I had had a stiffy during the whole thing, but this was the first time I ever came without touching myself!

I was quite proud. I smiled at Adam, Cole and Skylar. My face and hair were wet from the toilet water, and I knew my face and chest were somewhat smeared with shit.

“Good boy, Jaden.”

I figured there was no better time to tell Adam about Randy. “Hey Adam,” I said.


“Well, I got this friend, and”

Adam interrupted me. “Who the fuck would want to be your friend, you skanky little shit eater?”

“His name is Randy. I think you might like to meet him. Would it be okay with you and Dad if he spent the weekend with us some time?”


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