One of the biggest things that people ask my about is my “fascination” with life long, inescapable slavery. There’s a fine line between reality and , and sometimes, taking things literally can be a mistake as well.  I’m ultimately seeking a who can abide by the “spirit” of what I’m seeking, as well as a master who’s one needs might be fulfilled by fulfilling some of the needs I have. It’s tough to understand why i would want, or even consider a situation where I was into a for the rest of my life, or similar situations. It’s a good question, and I wanted to take time to (try) to explain this. I look forward to reading the comments I get on the subject. There are several  factors contributing to this desire, and it’s tough to pick what is the most important, so I’m listing there here in no particular order.

  1. Fulfilling The Fantasy. This one has a different angles. Primary on being that I’ve always wanted to know how it would “feel” to be away forever. The longest continuous stretch of bondage I’ve ever done was a two week stretch. It’s logical to try longer periods of time, but let’s use the example of a month’s commitment.  Afterwards, I would understand how it felt to be locked up for a month.  No matter what period of time I serve as , the only way to know how that “feels” is to actually do it. Admittedly, on it’s surface, this one is a bit “silly” but there;s truth there as well.
  2. It’s about totally committing to serve my master. Inherent in any “temporary” commitment (day, week, month, year, ten years, etc) is an undeniable fact.  At some point, I will be “set free” and will return to my current life. It will be essentially impossible for at least a part of me to avoid thoughts of that moment. What will I do to support myself? What arrangements do I need to make today to ensure my “return to society” is successful, etc.
  3. I’m a bit “selfish”. A bad summary I admit.  I’m not actually selfish, but what I’m trying to say here is that I’m making a huge commitment to my potential future master by agreeing to give up my current life and life in his service. During this time, I am willing and able to contribute whatever is required, whether that be financially, sexually, or simply “earning my keep”. In doing this, I’m (willingly) putting myself, my resources, and my future “on the ”, and offing those to the one I will be serving. Those things come at a price, however, and although I’m more than willing to negotiate that price, my starting point is that a master would ensure that I would serve him for the rest of my life.
  4. It’s all about giving up control. One thing I know for certain, no matter what arrangement I make with a potential master.  There are going to be times and situations in which I will be required to participate in activities which I might not necessarily enjoy, or situations where I am pushed a bit beyond my current comfort zone. The way I see it, any thing short of total, lifetime commitment puts at least some of that “control” back in my hands. At that point, it becomes a “slippery slope”. If I am allowed to determine how long I will serve, it’s not that big a leap to expect  that I could determine other things. Ultimately, these types of things would undermine the entire “point” of the arrangement in the first place.

Finally, it is important to point out that when the right master comes along, he and I will of course take the time to figure out how to ensure that all ’s needs are met. Some of the things I lay out on this blog are not always meant in a literal sense, and the understanding of making things “safe, sane, and consensual” should always be most important. I have no intention of entering an unsafe situation which would place either myself or a potential master in harms way. I hope I’ve made things clear, but am always willing to answer any questions you might have. i look forward to hearing from those reading this, and it’s only through discussion that we can truly understand each other.

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